Scam letter(s) from Lizzy George to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1
Good day mr peter. Am really decipointed in you, i other bank manager ihenacho to call you and woman is picking up your call and now lizzy is seriously crying because of you why must you do that.
Barriester kenedy
Letter 2
Mr peter.
To be honest speaking i regret of flying down to Nigeria, and the reason why am here is because of you and lizzy and now i have wasted my money by booking flight to hobart, no problem if this how God want it to be that, for i my self i have tried my possible best to make things work out fine, for me to live Alaska to Nigeria just to make sure that lizzy is with, and i even chatted with mr ihenacho and the president yesterday and they assure me that the 22million dollars will be transfer into your account including my secretary i felt so pain
Letter 3
Dear Mr Peter
I call you yesterday to come online so that we can finalize issue concerning Lizzy taking her flight to Hobart, I know you don't like me or neither believe me but have in mind that one good turn deserve another, Barriester Kenedy will be in Nigeria by the special grace of God to control the transfer because he is a well honour barrister know all over the world, the reason why I am telling you this is because the more time Lizzy remain at the airport the more the fees get increase try and understand with me, Lizzy is not going to miss her flight again because everything is in control, all i need from you now $100 why I will support with $50 to make it up $150 because my advice for you is that I will probably want Lizzy to take her flight before barrister Kennedy arrive at Nigeria because it will be nice to see Lizzy at Kingston why the transfer comment but have that confident in me that once barrister Kennedy is here nothing is stopping the transfer because he the barrister of Alaska and he is Lizzy barrister who is in control of Lizzy wealth, I know you love Lizzy not because of her money but because you have true love and you cherish her alot as your wife, please lets support Lizzy for all of our benefit because I trust you with my life that as soon as the 22million is being transfer you will definately send something for me and Mr Evans including Mr Hilton because we all have been there from the beginning.
Have a wonderful day and I will be looking forward reading from you.
Letter 4

Good day mr peter.
Thanks for the message, i trully understand that it is not your fault and you are right for every action you are taking, lizzy is falling sick seriously because of this hole issue and it make me feel so bad, today she sold her little Gold for $100 just to make sure she is with, for we all sake mr peter can you send down $200 or $150 so that mr ihenacho can add it and with that she can conduct the test, mr peter please i know it is very difficult for you to believe us due to the past but i will assure you that once we are with you my secretary is transferring the money to your account right away the sum of 50,000 dollars and we all will drive down to western union to prove to them that we are real, i have talk with the president and he has assure me that mr ihenacho will transfer the 22million dollars into your account, please listen and have confident in me, we will all be happy at the end of the day mr peter, my secreatary mrs Amanda will be expecting us..hope some one else have not paid for the house at kingston beach?i just have two days to spend in Nigeria mr peter and it will really be nice meeting you in person.
barriester Kenedy
Letter 5
Good day mr peter.
I am highly seriously angry after i told you that lizzy is not feeling and you did not care about her health, it will be so painful to hear sudenly bad news, for lizzy to sell her little Gold chain for $100 that is to show she really want to be without, mr ihenacho has also contribute, and he says that is what he have, you talking about your mother money when much money will still be place in your account, if you dont trust then who are you going, i have look like a baby in front of you, people over there are deceiving you making you follow wrong step, you are online and am chatting with you but you did not correspond, i want to ask you my last question because if i did not get a good result probably by tommorrow am taking my flight back to Alaska. How much can you afford to send from now till tommorrow morning? Even if western union banned you, you can probably send some else to western union and this is the last money you are ever sending, you playing with our life mr peter, before comming down to Nigeria i told you and explain and now you are making me feel like a fool, atleast my secretary has assure you that she sending $50000 into your account or via western union immediately he confirm the western union page, i dont have much to say until when next i read from you.
Regards from barriester kenedy
Letter 6
Good day Mr. Peter How are you thanks for the money you sent I really appreciate and I will make sure that we fly early to Hobart international airport , please note that I have to contact the secretary before any transaction, my peter please try as much as possible so that we can chat tonight ok. Have a wonderful day and remain blessed Barrister Kennedy
Letter 7
Mr peter.
Lizzy is seriously sick and she cant take her flight for now mr peter, please try and listen ok
Letter 8
Good day mr peter Mr peter please make use of josh computer it seems your computer is having problem mr peter lizzy is not feeling too well
Letter 9
Mr peter i got your message but i want to let you know that this time around is not an incident, lizzy is not that too feeling she is having headache and fever, Mr Amanda would have transfer the money as she promise but the problem is because we have not raise all the money we have gotten $300 and they need the balance of $50 before lizzy can consult the test, mr peter please try and listen to me, what are we going to do please advice me because am so confused now, would you be able to send down 50$ right now i promise you as soon as lizzy get the medical certificate we will scan and send to you including her flight information.pls get back on me soom mr peter.
Letter 10
Amanda is online now and she is waiting to got the medical test certificate from lizzy now and she is with the 50,000 as soon as she got the medical certificate she transfer it right away so pls try and send 50$ right now and the money will be transfer to you now mr peter
Letter 11
Mr peter forget about mr ihenacho they are not useful to us am trying to sell lizzy diamond ring and am scared because lizzy love and cherish that ring alot, cant you lend from some one else, am also tired but i cant give up because i have already started mr peter, put your self in my shoe, am trying my best, please check in your account and tell me how much you will be able to send now pls mr peter i need to fly lizzy to hobart now, how much can you afford now get back on me now pls
Letter 12
Mr peter.
Dont blame lizzy that much she is so confuse and they are using her to make money, mr peter i know is not easy but dont worry you will get a big suprise from me and my secretary at the end of the day, can you go right now and send the $30 i will try and sell my watch i just want us to live Nigeria because am so tired of Nigeria is not a country to live, dont worry about starving ok once we eventually get to hobart you will see how wonderful we are, so mr peter please try and see what you can do before lizzy collaps she really want to meet you in person mr peter ok.
I will be waiting to hear a positive news mr peter
Letter 13
Mr peter to rescue lizzy life you have to go right now and send the 30$ am still looking for buyer but i believe i will sell it, both of us have to take sacrifice together mr peter, Amanda is still online once i send her the medical test she will transfer the money right away because that is the only source of living when we are at hobart i cant starve you mr peter because i have concience, so mr peter pls go and send the money right now i will be waiting ok
Letter 14
Mr peter it seems you are not getting me right i need to fly lizzy out from here because she really need to be at hobart why cant you try your possible to send the 30$ am sick and tired of this place mr peter, if i eventual live lizzy here she may die bcos she is no longer confortable, and same time with me too mr pls try your possible best i know is not easy mr peter
Letter 15
I have already book my flight and as soon as lizzy finish with her medical Amanda will transfer the money into your account with that we can use that and feed for a while before 22millon dollars will be transfer and after buying the house at kingston beach three of us will visit alaska, pls to safe if there is any way you can send the 30$ pls do am waiting ok
Letter 16
Why are you comparing me with them am not a Nigeria am here to rescue lizzy because i know how she feel and the stress she is passing through, am scared and am seriously praying for lizzy mr peter
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