Scam letter(s) from Olesya Glyakova to Nikola (USA)

Letter 1
It is is my chance to win your attention, Nikola... And I want to make the confession…
I will find HIM no matter how far HE lives, or how long I have to look…I will know who HE is because HIS strength and love will bring a sense to my life that will motivate me and fill me full of my own strength. HE will not be able to hold anger or bad feelings because I will not let us go to sleep feeling that. From the look in HIS eyes, I will be powerless not to love and adore HIM every moment. HIS heart is strong and HE knows what HE wants in this life. HE does not need me to survive, yet HE has a genuine need to give love. I need HIM to tell me his opinion and never just what HE thinks I want to hear. I want to always know what is really in HIS heart. HE will be my best friend. With me, HE will have someone that will always be willing to listen and to try to make life better. No matter what problem we would face, I would never believe anything was too hard or difficult to overcome. It is not in me to quit or to give up. With me, HE will be always happy to come back home, where hot supper and my hot heart is always waiting for HIM. I could make HIM the happiest man in the world… If HE touches me and opens himself to me, if HE gives his love and heart to me, I will never walk away from HIM no matter what HE does or says. I am a person that is lead by my heart. I’m looking for my one and only true love and soul mate, who is able to smile even on the dullest of days, a man who enjoys life, wants to travel across the world, love his woman for who she is, in return HE will receive the same.
ARE YOU READY FOR THIS LEVEL OF LOVE IN YOUR LIFE Nikola? If you are, I'm waiting for your reply with patience. Your admirer Alesya.
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