Scam letter(s) from Diana Moskvina to Mark (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Mark, I'm glad you can help me with registration necessary for me documents and tickets. You have no idea how I now easy on the soul of the fact that I do not will have to borrow money or to borrow on credit in the bank! I am very grateful for it. Today I found out a long time and all went in different instances, in order to have everything understandable for me and for you my darling Mark. I've never fussed and not run on different offices to accurately know everything. My favorite Mark my first step on the way to you will be - a medical examination. This is a mandatory procedure. I will not be released from country without a medical examination. All tests and passing doctors - are paid. For medical inspection will take approximately 4000 rubles (48$), filling in a questionnaire and a visa - 2 660 rubles (98$). Also, compulsory insurance - 7200 rubles (266$), foreign Passport - 5700 rubles (211$). And I found out that the total for all documents - 19 560 rubles (723$) My dear forty execution of all documents 5-8 days. And if I order my documents and be able to pay for them, then we'll be together very soon. And I think in 12-16 days later I'll be with you. Mark, I beg you to give me complete your address, full name. Also I need to know the closest international airport to your house. Or even a few international airport.
This information I need for my trip. In the passport office to me will choose the cheapest ticket. I was told that the must-return tickets. I was told that the pre-ticket will cost 540 $, the ticket of economy class. Here such figures ending number, my trip to you (1263 $). Me it is very disturbing , Because for me it's rather big amount of money! I think that you are not scared to death of this number ? Just today I went to the post office. And I was told that there are international money transfer - "Money Gram" and "Western Union". My dear you can send your money through them. I explained everything in detail. I shall give you my data: name - Diana surname - Moskvina country - Russia. city - Pavlovo Nizhny Novgorod region postal code - 606 106 Gagarin Street, Building 1 apartment 9 My dear this is my correct information. This is my address. My dear, I must know your data: Your full name, home address, the exact amount of money that you send, the city origin (in which city you sent the money) and a secret code. I think that it is easier and fastest way to get your money. My dear you'll know I'm tired of all today this, from the fuss and standing in queues. At the moment I'm sitting and I do not have enough oxygen to breathe freely and move my spirit! I am writing you this letter and I shaking hands with the thought that I'll be with you soon Mark. I'll wait for you to prompt response to my letter and I hope that you will not be shocked by these values ??in our country and do not change your mind, help me! Know that I love you and wait for our Mark the meeting. Your Diana
Letter 2
Hi my love Mark! Today I went to a travel agency to find out what necessary for me that I was able to come to you, I learned that I should have the necessary travel documents: a passport, visa, and payment of taxes and fees certificate of medical examination and after obtaining a visa card. Ticket prices are different, and it all depends on what airline I use to come to you. All I I can do now is just to pay for the paperwork, but I can not pay for the whole trip for you. This is a very expensive trip for me. I understand that I promised you that I I'll come to you, and I will try to do it. I will do everything in my power to come to you, but I do not know how to pay for the entire trip and come to you. But I will do everything best to you and I were together. I understand that this news is upsetting you, and I ask you do not leave me, please do not stop writing to me. Mark you are a person who stayed with me and whom I love very much and I want to be with you. I am ready to do anything to be with you I will use every effort, and I'll do it, if you support me in this difficult situation. I ask you Mark, just do not stop to write me warm and tender letter, I very much need them. I hope you understand me, and I'll write ... I want you to have left me and stayed with me, and if we are together we can make our dream a reality. I love you Mark! I love you and I'm not afraid of these feelings! I would have done everything that we were with you forever together and be happy. You are my prince. Mark you are my dream and I want to live in this world with you! I can not imagine how to live without you. Sorry Mark..... Your Diana
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