Scam letter(s) from Julia Averbyh to Nikola (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Nikola,
you know, someone said that life is like a Zebra, meaning the interchange of "black" and "white" times in life like they interchange on zebra's skin.
But I do not agree! Life is not a zebra, for me it is more like a chessboard: here everything deepens on your move. The other things is that your each move is already predefined by the destiny... You can call me a fatalist, but I deeply believe in that, Nikola!
It was a destiny wish for me to meet the person, who told me about the way to meet people over the internet. It was a miracle that I got a feeling that
I simply must do it for to look for my second half here. Few months ago I was about to give up hoping. The whole world around seemed to loose its colors and aromas. And I even was about to think that it is a bad luck, probably I belong to the type of people, who should live without love.
The decission came to me like the move on the chessboard. I realized that if I don't make a step forward, I would regret about it the rest of my life.
What if my man is here, on the site?! What if he is the same lonely as I am, Nikola?
What if he is also about to give up in his search? The meeting of two people is always a miracle. But miracles happen rare, so, I don't want to take such a risk and to waste my chance.
You know, my dear... I can not make all people in the world to be happy... But I can try to make one man happy! And now it deepens on you only if it would be you...Would you allow me to start Nikola?
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