Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Martinova to John (Israel)

Letter 1
My darling, my sweetheart, I am very sorry for my not answering the phone yesterday. Silly me, I forgot it at work, so I was without phone yesterday. But my love, why are you not calling me through the daytime? It makes me sad that you call only late in the evening( I missed your voice so much already, missed you terribly, and want to talk to you.
yossi, sweetheart, I got the money yesterday. Yes, now I do have 900 dollars as a travel check. Thank you very much for your support, for your doing things so that I didn't worry. My love, yes, some time ago it was not a problem not to have money or to have just a little of money with you when you travel, but these days the situation in our country very is very difficult, people are escaping, people are relocating, and moving to other countries to work, to stay. You don't understand, Yossi, how serious it is. If the travel agency tells to do this or that, then it might be important, don't you think so, my love? I can't stop worrying, darling! I am coming to your side for three weeks, and there is an exact sum needed for spending one week on your side, 500 dollars, travel agency told you? So I do have to have 1500 dollars with me. It is a formality, ****** formality, I know, but it takes a place and is needed. If in the airport on the registration they tell me "Sorry, you have not enough funds to stay for 3 weeks" then I will not be able to fly, and we will lose my ticket and money of that ticket, which is unrefundable. My love, yossi, it is the first time I am traveling, and of course I am worried, of course I think about all the details and want everything to be fine. My love, yossi, I can't stop these worries( I even was talking to my parents, hoping to find the rest of sum to have a full sum with me required, but all they can help me is 100 dollars( And I realize that I still need to reach Kiev. I realize that it would be wonderful if I had at least 50 extra dollars. My darling, I know that I ask for much, but I do need your help once again, I want everything to go right, not to have any not needed troubles in the airport. Now I have parents' 100 dollars, and I do need 500 more to have the full needed sum with me. Please, my love, let's make it. And you know, I will bring all the sum together with me to Israel, and you will get it back.
Sweetheart, I am a little sad now, and feel so uncomfortable each time to talk about money, to talk about all these arrangements. I do want to talk about romance, about love, about you and me. I can't wait till all these preparations are finished, till I see you for the first time in that airport, kiss you for the first time, be in your arms, my yossi. I love you, and I know for sure, that you are that one for me, my man. I need only you, and am sure in my feelings to you, hope you feel the same.
Please, my darling, write or call to me soon, tell me what to do, because I do hope for your support, so that I could go to Kiev with the calmness and happiness in my heart. I love you. Love you!!) And my soul is smiling nicely, because you are in it, and in my heart, thoughts all the time) Soon we will be together)
Your Katia)
Letter 2
Dear Mr yossi,
Hello again, and again sorry for a small delay. We see your request. We are not able to send you a receipt for the booking of tickets or making the passport, but will now contact with Ekaterina and will descuss the date of her flight and will book the tickets. After this we will definitely send you the copy of the tickets booked and also the copy of Ekaterina's International passport. Is it ok for you? And also, according to the travel check, Mr Yossi. Don't think that this travel check is needed for us. We have nothing to do with this. It is needed as a formality for Ekaterina to travel without problems. We will send you the copies as soon as we can.
Sincerely, Viktoriya Manova

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