Scam letter(s) from Larisa to Nael (Turkey)

Letter 1
Darling Nael!
My working week is over and tomorrow the holiday is waiting for me. I do not know what I will be doing on holiday. And you, my dear Nael, have you decided yet how are you going to spend your weekend? It would be great if we could spend it together, right, but now this is our dream. We both want our dream to come true and we to be very happy together with each other, right?
My boss was sleeping today at the working table and we were smiling at him, he had his wife celebrations and he was drinking much *****, as we think. He was snoring like the behemoth. it was very funny. My colleague told: Let the sleeping dog lie. We had so much fun at him.
My dear Nael, I had you in my mind all the day and you are not like our men, you are much better, and I am really lucky that I met you.
Dear Nael, if you could send me 600$, I would book the flight to you, Nael, I hug you as always very affectionately, I want you to have so good weekend and me in your thoughts,
Yours Lara
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