Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Maklakova to Brad (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend.
I got your letter today. Thank you for your answer. My name Anastasya. Together with the letter I send you my photos.
I want to ask you to be honest. Now online dating is popular in the whole world. It does not matter what distance separates the us.
We can talk here and get to know each other. Do you agree? Please send me your photos. I am sure that you have a beautiful smile.
View your pictures will help me get to know you and your life.
My first time writing a letter to the man ... Do not laugh at me. I am sociable girl, but I'm used to communicate the reality.
I like to see the human face during a conversation and see emotions. I hope that now, smile on your face and you have a good mood.
I have a college education. I'm working. My work gives me a good income.
I have never been married. I am one. Certainly in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
My last relationship ended with a man two years ago. Now I have a feeling of loneliness. A lot of my friends already have families.
I also dream of a family.
I hope you read my letter. Tomorrow I'm waiting for your new letter. Ask me questions and I will answer you. Ok?
I live in Russia. Anastasya

Letter 2

Good afternoon Brad,
How are you? You have a good mood? I waited today to see your letter. Last night, I wanted to see a letter from you, but I do not have internet at home.
Now I'm at work. I prefer to write letters to their jobs.
Brad, I think I should continue telling you about their lives. I have never been married. I have no children, but I love kids and kids love me! I am 31 years old.
I was born on January 20, 1980. When's your birthday? Although the difference in our age can not be a problem for our communication. Friendship can combine any age.
I am an independent girl and I live separately from their parents. I do not smoke. I only drink wine during the celebration.
I am not against smoking, everyone makes their own choices. I do not have much free time because I work a lot.
When I have free time I spend it diversely. In my city Kirov lot of fun. Have you seen the Kirov city on the Internet? You know the city of
Moscow? Distance from the city of Kirov to Moscow 900 kilometers. You were in Russia? Russia - a vast country.
Russia has a rich history. I will not tell you about it now. I have a college education. Brad, what kind of education you have?
I work for a biologist at the school. My job requires me to seriousness, attentiveness, diligence, hard work. Because I have been raising children. To me there are those qualities.
I like to work with children. Every day I start work at 9:00 in the morning. I finish work at 17:00 at night. On Sunday I rest.
My work gives me a stable good income. I get the moral satisfaction from their work. I do not live to work. As for the English language ... I teach English language is already one year.
I study English on their own. I try to write you a letter on their own, but sometimes use a translator. I'm sorry for the mistakes in my letters.
I hope that our dialogue will enable me to improve my English.Now I am pleased that we communicate with you.
Brad, please, tell me about your country. I'm curious to know your life ... How do you spend each day? in the country you have met people from Russia? Do you have hobbies?
I send you my pictures, I hope they will let you know more about me.
I must continue to work now. Thank you for your attention. I hope that my letter was not boring for you. Anastasya

Letter 3

Hello Brad,
I like our communication with you. I am waiting for your letters every day!
Thank you for what you give me time. I feel your attention, and of course it's nice for me. Please do not leave my questions unanswered.
I try and answer all your questions. How is your day?
Today I woke up at 7:00 in the morning. Now I'm back at work. I have a bit of work today.
Brad, in my last letter I asked you about the hobby ... I have a hobby. I love to watch ballet, it's very beautiful.
I also love to cook. My mother taught me to cook many different dishes. Are you familiar with Russian cuisine?
My parents live in a village near the city of Kirov. In the village, less developed Infraestructura, so I chose to live in the city.
I rent an apartment. I like the apartment that I rent. I have a friendly relationship with his landlady.
I often come to my parents. My mom and dad already elderly. My mom 54 years. My dad 56 years. I have an older brother.
My brother was 32 years old. My brother has his own family, and he lives in the city of Voronezh.
My brother works in the prosecutor's office, he has the position of the investigator. My brother has a daughter, she was 4 years old.
This is my niece. I love my family!
Brad, when I'm writing you a letter, I want to tell you everything. It is a pity that the distance between us.
If we lived nearby, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly. I sincerely hope that you support my dreams.
I hope that someday our dream will come true with you.
I am waiting for your letter. Write to me soon ...

Letter 4

Hello Brad,
You wait for my letters? Every day I'm in a hurry to work, to see your letter. I read your letter in the morning, and I have a good mood all day.
Now I have free time, and I'm writing you a letter.
Our communication with you in any case does not interfere with my work. I have time to do all that is required of me at work.
Brad, how did you spend last night? what plans you have for this evening?
Yesterday I wanted to go to the ballet. I do not like going to the ballet one. I called my girlfriend with me, but she refused.
My friend has had much to do yesterday. We agreed that we will go to ballet today. Now I do not know what kind of statement we will look ...
I write to you about it tomorrow.
Do you like to visit the theater or do you prefer to watch movies? You like to dance? I well dance. As a child I attended a school dance.
Also I like to dance a slow dance. Already long time since I danced a slow dance.
Dear Brad, do you think about our relationship as a friendship? I want to know it. I am very trusting girl. My heart was broken in the past!
I do not want to experience unsuccessful relationships was repeated to me.
I like you. I will make thee my feelings now. Sometimes I think about you during the day ... I can imagine what you are doing at any given time.
Please be sincere with me. Now I'm blonde, but six months ago I was a brunette. And what color hair do you like? What would you like to see me?
I do not have time to continue to write a letter to you. Together with the letter today, I am sending you a photo where you can see me brunette.
I am waiting for your letter!
Your friend from Russia, Anastasiya.

Letter 5

My friend Brad,
I'm tired today at work. Early in the morning I was summoned by the director and asked to sum up for the second academic quarter.
I have just finished all the necessary things. Later, I'll go to the director and surrender statement.
Your letter has given me a smile. Brad, I want now to look into your eyes and guess your mood.
You know that look can say more than a million words? My eyes sparkle with joy when I check email and see your letter.
Thank you for the happiness you bring to me.
You're someone said about our communication with you? I did not tell anyone about that, now I have a friend in another country.
I promise that I will not speak with you about our fellowship. Some people are very jealous, and I really do not like it.
Our communication, it is our joy with you.
Last night I went with a friend at ballet. We watched the ballet "Sleeping Beauty". I liked the ballet "Sleeping Beauty".
Please tell me what holiday do you prefer? do you like noisy companies in discos or you prefer a quiet holiday? As for me, before I was very fond of noisy companies.
I loved to have fun, and was the soul of the company. Now there were some changes in my life, perhaps it is because I became an adult.
I now have a much more pleasant holiday in a small group of my friends in a cozy cafe. I dream of a romantic evening with your beloved man.
Brad, you romantic? You like to surprise a girl? I like romance ... I like to watch the stars, I like to have dinner by candlelight.
I also like dance dance to slow music ... However, for a long time I did not have it all.
Today, I am sending you pictures of everyday life. I hope that you are not afraid of my everyday look.
Now I'll go to the director to take the statement, prepared today.
my kisses for you ... Anastasiya.

Letter 6

dear Brad,
Today in my city, nice weather. Now all the fuss, everyone wants to do on New Year's gifts to each other. I like the Christmas chores.
Yesterday I went to choose gifts for their loved ones. I love giving presents, I like to see people happy.
I would love would make you a present, if you would be next.
I think a lot about you during the day.
Remember that in my last letter I told you that I went to take my statement the director? The director took my report.
I took the opportunity and asked the director about when I will have a vacation this year?
Every year, my vacation early in the New Year. Last year, my vacation was in January. The director said that he could not give exact dates of my vacation now.
The director has promised that as soon as the chart the dates of my vacation just tell me.
You will have a vacation soon? Brad now I have no plans for the upcoming holidays. It will be good if we could have a vacation at the same time!
I'm interested to learn about education in your country. In Russia, every child goes to school at the age of 7 years.
Basic education is 9 years. Then, each as desired may continue to attend school or go to college or technical school.
After 11 classes, each student can go to college. Brad, when I studied, education is absolutely free. However, now the Institute of Education is paid.
Education costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford to teach their children to college.
I think it's wrong. In your country, higher education pay?
Today at lunch I visited the cafe with his colleague. We ate and talked. The name of my colleague Tanya. Tanya told me that she noticed changes in me recently.
I started earlier than usual to come to work. I spend a lot of time on the computer.
Also, my colleague told me that lately I look very happy ... I did not expect to hear about it.
Brad, I have not told my colleague about our fellowship. But I thought, and realized that indeed my life has changed after the start of our communication.
I come to work earlier than others, so in a peaceful atmosphere to read your letter.
When I read your letters. I dive into another world. I'm trying to imagine that we're together and talk. Please do not laugh at me ...
I trust you, and so I tell you this.
I will finish my letter to you now. I wish you a nice day! Remember that you have a friend in Russia.

Letter 7

Hi dear, I want to tell you. What I can not write to you on January 4. Because as I told you earlier, I use the internet at work.
But the school where I work will be closed from 31 December to 4 January.
I could write to you from Internet cafe, but unfortunately it will also be closed for New Year celebrations in Russia.
I can only write to you 4 - January. I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2012! I wish you all the best!
I promise to write you a letter at the earliest opportunity. Kisses Anastasiya.

Letter 8

Thoughts of you bring me a good mood. When I can not see your letters, I think of you and me, and I get a good mood. I just read your letter ...
Brad, our friendship with you is very pleasant to me. Before. I've had a sense of curiosity. Now I have a sense of sympathy for you.
I am waiting for your letters like a child who is waiting for Christmas. Your letters are the most important part of my life.
Very long time since I felt a feeling that there is in my heart now. I have feelings for you ...
I'm afraid to talk to you about this, but my feelings for you are greater than sympathy. I'm waiting with great impatience your letters.
I go to bed and think about you and me. Previously, I could not imagine that the feelings can occur when dealing in e-mail. Now we see it.
Brad, what do you feel? I am sincere with you and tell you just how I feel. From the very beginning of our conversation we agreed on sincerity, and I trust you now.
I have a feeling that we're familiar with for a lifetime. I have no secrets from you. I always try to answer your questions.
Please repeat your question for me when I forget to answer your questions. Good?
Dear Brad, today I want to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I understand you. You write letters to other girls?
You're the only man to whom I write my letters. I have no profile on the internet, because I'm not interested in socializing with other men.
Tell me please how you view your future? What do you want in the future and whether you want me to be part of your future?
Would you like to your future wife was the rest of your life? I want to marry only once and be happy.
You can travel to Russia? I have a passport that allows me to travel
around the world. I travel in Thailand and Egypt. I am sending you pictures from my last vacation.
In the letters difficult to talk about feelings. I want to look into your eyes and listen to you. The look can convey much more than words.
Do you agree with me? Our meeting will help us get to know each other. Yes, I seriously think about our meeting.
Please do not forget to answer my questions. I very much appreciate our communication with you. Brad, I'm afraid of some day to check email and do not see your letter.
Please do not leave me without your letters.
Today I had to go to work. My mother promised to come tomorrow afternoon in town to visit the shops. Perhaps in the evening my mother would come to visit me.
I look forward to your new message.
Kisses ...

Letter 9

Hello Brad,
Thank you for your new letter. Last night I caught myself thinking that I miss you ...
I was visiting my parents. Brad, my dad has approved our communication with you. Dad said I should be careful.
I said that there is trust between us, and already we communicate a lot of time. My parents saw that I was happy.
My mom and dad are very happy for you and me.
Now we have the blessing of my parents. We can begin to plan our meeting with you.
By the way, today I spoke with the director of the upcoming holidays. The director said that I could be on vacation for 40 days.
This is good news for us with you! I'm very happy! The Director said that my vacation will start in mid-January.
Now I need to finish some things, and I can be on vacation. I guess after 3 days to start my vacation. Are you glad to know this?
Brad, I'm thinking about how to travel to your country for the holidays.
During our communication with you, we became good friends and I have a great desire to meet you.
Do you want to meet me? I've never been in your country ...
Could you meet me? I do not know anyone in your country but you. I wish you could meet me at the airport. I would love to spend time with you.
The time we spend together will help us get to know each other.
Of course, I understand that you have a personal life. I understand that you will have to work or meet friends.
I do not want to be a burden to you, and willing to patiently wait for our meeting with you every day. We can hold together weekend. Thou agree with me?
Between us a lot in common. During the time of our conversation, my life changed. I have no feelings of loneliness now. Brad, confident that when we meet.
Our feelings are with you even more.
I think that the nearest international airport from my home town, located in Moscow. This is the airport "Sheremetyevo". Next to your house has an international airport?
In which airport I would come to our meeting? I told you that I have a passport that allows me to travel the whole world. I think I will need to arrange a visa for travel to your country.
In the next few days I plan to visit a travel agency in town to learn more about the journey to your country. I promise that I will tell you any news that I will.
I am waiting for your letter tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow I can tell you some information about my journey.

Letter 10

dear Brad,
It is now evening. My working day is over, but I stayed at work to write you a letter. Today I had a difficult day, I want to finish the job faster, to go on vacation.
How's your day today?
Today I have not even had lunch. Lunch break today, I used to visit a travel agency. I found some information that is needed for a visit to your country.
In Kirov no embassy in your country. I can not arrange a visa in your area. For some time I have used the services of a travel agency.
In the past, I traveled to Thailand and Egypt. Entry of Russia in Thailand and Egypt made freely. I just received a visa, when arrived at the airport.
Today I was told that the travel agency has no authority to issue visas to European countries. Employee of the travel agency told me that I should visit to Moscow to arrange a visa.
In Moscow, is the closest city to my embassy in your country.
Brad, I am pleased to know that you love the thought of our meeting with you.
In the travel agent told me today. that not everyone can get a visa to your country. I said that I will be traveling to tourism and recreation.
Together with the employee travel agency, we decided that the best type of visa for my trip - this visa "Tourist".
According to the tourist visa, I can in your own country, as well as to move freely on the territory of your country, within 90 days.I'm going to spend with you 30 days.
I was told the visa period is 10-12 days. During this time,I had better live in the city of Moscow, because at any moment.
I might be invited to the Embassy for an interview. Already I have taken the questionnaire that I will need to fill out and submit to the embassy in St. Petersburg.
I have a few questions for you now. Brad, what things should I take to feel comfortable in your country?
I'll have to live in a hotel or rent an apartment? Will you help me find accommodation? Please do not leave my questions unanswered.
By the way, can you tell me your home address? My parents want to know your address. Please do not think that my mom and dad do not trust you.
Just my parents are worried now. I look forward to your home address in my next letter. Good?
I can not believe that soon we'll be able to be together. We will be able to refuse letters, and talk endlessly into reality. Tomorrow will tell how it went.

Letter 11

Hi, my Brad,
Thank you for what you answer to my questions. I am very glad to receive your letter today. Brad, I look forward to our meeting with you with great
impatience. You're waiting for our meeting? Today, I have important news. Please be careful. Yesterday I called the Visa Center, which is located in Moscow.
Now I know all the information that I need to travel to in your country. First of all, I was told that I should personally visit the Visa Application Centre in Moscow to begin the process of obtaining a visa.
I said that this is not a problem. Tomorrow will start my vacation, and any time I can start a visa. They told me all the documents that I should have to get a visa.
I must show a certificate of marital status, help with work, a declaration for payment of all taxes, as well as passport and photos.
Today I'll try to get all the documents. Another told me that I should offer two tickets (the ticket to arrive in your country and for
return to Russia). Brad, I was told that the invitation to be optional for me. If the need arises in the invitation, I'll tell you about it.
I decided I would live in a hotel or rent a room. I will choose the cheaper option when arrive in Moscow. Also today I found out about the cost of a visa.
To begin the visa, I must pay 70 euros. Also I will need to pay the visa fee and additional fees for registration forms. To enable me to travel to your country, I must have medical insurance.
In general, the cost of obtaining a visa is 400 euros. This amount includes the cost of health insurance.
I asked about the cost of tickets, but the girl at the center of the visa could not answer my question. When I am in Moscow, I will visit
airport "Sheremetyevo", to find out the price. I have savings. I have $ 1,000 to spend a vacation.
Brad, I do not know whether enough of my money to buy tickets. The fact is that I'll have to live in
Moscow. Visa processing will take 10-12 days. Today, after a conversation with a girl from visa center, I've thought a lot about
how we can meet. Between us there is friendship, and I am confident that our friendship with you will grow. I want to know what our feelings with you
reciprocal. Brad, I need to be confident that you will meet me at the airport. Can you help me with buying tickets?
I am waiting for you just like I want our meeting with you. I know this is important, and so I ask you for help.
I do not have much money, and I'm not from a wealthy family. However, I do not mind the money for our meeting with you.
I have a feeling of joy that appeared on the first day of our acquaintance. Of my life lost a sense of loneliness, and I am pleased to know that the world is a person who
thinks of me. Our meeting with you - this is a big step in our relationship with you. I listen to my heart and my heart says that together we will
happy. Please tell me your thoughts. I'll wait for your letter. I should know the answers to my questions. I do not
I want to lose a single day of my vacation. I miss you ... Now I go to the director to get all the information that will be
I need to get a visa. Your Anastasiya.

Letter 12

Hi Brad,
It is now evening ... I am very tired today. I moved out of my city at 06:00 this morning. Already at 16:00 in the morning I was in Moscow.
I rented a room in the apartment. One day rental will cost me 50 dollar. Landlady is a very good woman. Her name is Svetlana.
Brad, today I visited the embassy and the airport. The embassy,I wrote an application for a visa. I liked that the visa center has friendly people.
Helped me throughout. I gave all the necessary documents. I also took photos for a visa.
The embassy told me that I should buy 2 tickets. Flights are required to process visas.
The fact that the embassy staff have to be exactly sure of the exact dates of my departure and return back to Russia.
Today I visited the airport "Sheremetyevo", and considered the price of airline tickets.
The choice of tickets is very high. The main criterion for me was the ticket price. I had to find cheap flights.
Employee of the airport has helped me in choosing. I took tickets at the end of November and early December.
The cost of one ticket is 550 of dollars. I need to have 1100 dollars, so I could buy tickets.
Brad, I have already told you that I will need your help. Now I have no money to buy tickets.
I paid for at the embassy visa and medical insurance.
Also, I pay for my stay in the room. I have now left 300 dollar, but the money necessary for me to live in Moscow.
Can you help me to buy tickets? I have already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia.
Today I also visited the bank. I had to learn how I can get from your money. Never before have I come across this.
The bank explained to me that in the world there are many systems for transferring money.
We can use Western Union, that you gave money from his country to Russia, and I bought tickets.
Now I will tell you the information you need to you so that you can give me help.

Name Anastasiya
Surname Efimova
The country Russia, Moscow,
Street Komsomol prospectus, 32

Once I pass them assistance, an employee of the bank will inform you MTCN. You'll have to tell me MTCN, so I could get your help.
I hope you understand me. When can I get your help? Visa processing complex process. Not every girl can issue a visa to arrive at the border.
But my visa is already in the process of registration. I am glad that I managed to start the visa application process. I hope that very soon we'll be together.
I am very tired today. I'll go to sleep now. I am writing from an internet cafe. Moscow is a big city. Please do not leave me without your letters.
I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day. I love you! I have no pictures right now to send to you. All my pictures have stayed at home.
I am waiting for your letter tomorrow.
Your, Anastasiya

Letter 13

Good day Brad!
I missed you ... This past weekend, I thought a lot about you. In my dreams for the future is always prisutstvuesh you. I love you. How did you spend last weekend? Have you thought about me?
how do you imagine our meeting with you?
Last weekend, were very long for me. Every day now seems like an eternity to me, because we are far from each other. I'm really looking forward to our meeting. On Sunday, the
I visited the bookstore. I bought the magazine "Cosmopolitan". I planned to read a magazine while waiting to. But I could not concentrate on reading, because I thought about you.
Did you get my letter back? I wrote you in my last letter on airfare. I also told you about how I could get your help.
Why do not you answer the questions from my last letter?
I again visited the embassy today. I spoke with the Consul. Our conversation with the consul lasted very long. I explained all the requirements that
I have to do to travel. I asked when I will be able to buy tickets? I was not able to answer this question ... In your letter,
I have not found an answer. The consul told me that tickets are needed to further visa. Embassy staff should make sure
in the dates of my arrival in your country, and return to Russia This is important! I look forward to your answers to my questions! Consul also said that
If I do not buy tickets this week, the documentary process will be stopped. I am afraid that I have a problem.
I need your support.
We decided to be together, and our happiness in the future depends on us. I am doing all that is required of me now. You promised to help our meeting.
hope you're honest with me.
I miss you ... Now in Moscow cloudy weather. In the morning there was snow. I have a dream that we were close now, and I could warm up
in your arms. day of our meeting will be a great day. I love you.
I'm tired today ... I spent much time at the embassy. Now I'll go to the apartment to rest. Please write me a letter. Please
do not keep your letter to me. Now I'm all alone. I need your love and your support.
My kisses to you .. Your, Tatyana

I feel lonely ... I look forward to our meeting!



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