Scam Letter(s) from Elena Bugakova to Shakeel (Mauritius)

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Letter 1

My dear Shakeel !!!!!!!!!
My favorite !!!!!!!!
Sorry I could not write to you before .... Sunday I did not work, but yesterday was a lot of work, now flooded with year-end-play.
I very much miss you, I'm really bad without you ...
I do not quite understand what you wrote me letters in the past ....
I learned to make a passport for $ 300, so expensive because of my work I can not run more than a month to gather all the information, I just pay the money and then I will call when the passport is ready.
$ 100 is a passport which will make about 2 months if I keep going to run everywhere to gather information, on a duty to stand in queues and the like ... but unfortunately no one will ever let me go to work, I can simply dismiss: (((and for any money then I'll live if I have $ 300 for a passport can not now be identified: (((
If you help me with a passport, I'll be very grateful to you:)))
I hope you have not changed my mind about me:)))
I hope you love me like I love you !!!!!!
Gently kiss ever your Elena



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