Scam letter(s) from Kristina Zhurova to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear! How are you? Thanks for the letter and photo. I like it. I am glad to know that you want to know me better. Actually it is not easy to tell people about yourself. You know that for a woman it is very important to know that she is a mystery, she is appreciated, loved and that she can feel happy. I understand that between two people should be no secrets and i think that it is quite right, so you can see a person from different sides. My sometimes women need to have our small things in order to be all the time attractive for men.
I want to tell you some common things about me. So my full name is Kristina Zhurova. I am 28 and i live in Zbarazh (Ternopol' region). It is a small town, but i like it, because it is the town where I spent all my life and it causes lots of feelings for me. I think that it will be always in my heart, because it is the piece of it. My parents live here. Of course maybe i will need to leave it one day, it is not a problem for me, but i think i will remember this place all the time. The most important for me is to be at the place i like and the person i love. You se that i want only serious relations and maybe you want to know if i will be able to live abroad, then i answer you that on the first place for me is my future family and i will be always do everything to be happy with my family and it will always feel happy at any place where i will be with my beloved man.
I am a hairdresser and work in the salon. I like my profession and i always try to look good so I also like to make people look pretty. So I think that I have everything in my life: parents, relatives, friends, job, but the only problem is that i don't have my beloved man, my soul mate. So i can't say that I am completely happy. I wish to have my family.
What are your wishes? What is your attitude to the family and how do you see your happy family? What woman are you looking for?
I have a lot of interests. In my free time I like to meet with my friends, usually for spending great time together in cafes, I rather often go to the theatres, I like ballet very much, on weekends I like to go to the museums, cinemas, walking in the beautiful parks. I love travelling very much, I have visited many places In Ukraine, but there are still many places to discover. Also my favourite sport activities are swimming, tennis and dance.
So i think that it is enough to tell about me. I hope to get your soon answer. I send you my photos and also wait yours.
Have a good day
Letter 2
Hi my new friend! Thanks for your letter. I am glad that you decide to continue our communication. I think that it is possible to meet your love but each love starts from friendship. What do you think is it possible to find love through friendship? You know that it is not easy sometimes to explain the love because it can't be explained or predicted. I really want to love and hope that i will be loved too. You see that it is quite difficult to find a really nice person. I saw the true love. My parents are still in love with each other. I feel how they love each other, take care about each other. I dream about such relations and will do everything in order to succeed in getting it.
I have forgotten to tell you that I am writing you from the Internet cafe next to my job, I do not have a computer. About two months ago our neighbors flooded our flat, so the water got my computer and it was expensive to repair it, it would be much better to buy a new one. I know, it is very inconvenient, but it is all right, I try used to it.
I would like to tell you about my family so it’s not large to my regret. There are four of us: father, mother, sister and me. Though we have many relatives, who live in the nearest town. We often gather together for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. We like to spend time together. I really enjoy it because we talk about everything new happened in our lives and laugh a lot.
My parents are very nice and sociable people. That’s why they often invite a lot of guests. We have a tradition in our family: when the weather is warm, our family and friends go to the nearest forest for a picnic. We have our “family” place there. We make the fire and cook barbecue. My sister turns on the radio and we have a good time. So I think I am very lucky to have such a friendly family.
My parents are teachers at school: my mum is a teacher of Geography and my dad is a teacher of Ukrainian language. They want me to become a teacher too, but I think it’s not for me. They want me to be happy, to find my beloved man, but you know it’s not an easy task. You see there is much betrayal and lie around us, so it’s really hard to find a faithful, loving and caring person, whom you can devote your life to.
Do you believe in true love till the end of the life? How can you imagine your life? What are you ready to do for your beloved woman?
So i will end my letter and hope to get your answer soon.
Take care
Letter 3
Hi my darling! How are you?
So nice to get your letter. You know that i like to get your e-mails, so I think that every time they help us to understand each other better. I am pleasant to discover you and tell about me. So you remember I told you that I like to dance, to do sports. So I study many types of dances: ballroom, contemporary and sport dances. For me life is a dance. I cannot imagine myself without it. Every movement, swing, turn, makes the world brighter.
I have been dancing since I was 5. And it is passion of my life. At first, I danced ballroom dancers. It is very beautiful and elegant. Dress, heels, hair – what could be more beautiful? Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and shows to all that you are capable. And exit. Crowds of people are watching your every movement, a smile. And it is a true happiness. But I didn't tell you that i am a cheer-leader. So I go to the dancing school and when we have special events concerning sport in my town my group with our teacher tape part in it like cheer-leaders. So I should say that I can't explain how cool it is! You see that I like to travel and when our teams win we travel with them to another town where they have the game. It is so interesting. You know that I like to dance: it is not only my hobby, it is my life, it is also an important part of my life. I promise you to send photos from our dancing, I hope you like them. Actually you know that when you dance you explain your emotions, feelings. It makes you happy and free. Dance can tell much more then simply words.
You see I can be different and I am sure that during our communication, i hope it will be long :) you will know more and more about me. I think you agree with me that if two people try to know each other better and maybe something will be between them they need know almost everything about the partner in order to feel is it your one or not. I don't want to hide something so if you have the questions to me you may ask me because i will always answer you honestly and tell my opinion. You see that when there is no communication honestly, there can't be relations, because I know lots of cases of divorce because couples couldn't speak with each other openly and tell what they want from the partner or what is wrong. If not only to listen to a partner but also to hear him or her there will be never such problem in the relations. Because two people are a couple when they everything do together and support each other. Am I right? What do you think about this?
So i think that i want to tell so many things that all together it is too much for now. I end my e-mail for today but i think that it is not the end of our communication, so we have time to discuss it later :)
I will wait your letter with impatience and hope i will not need to wait for a long time :)
Have a nice day
Letter 4

Hi my interesting man! How are you? I can't describe my feelings now. My friend is a tailor and she is going to show her new collection. She is a beginner in it, so she doesn't have good job and hopes that she will be able to find it, so she decided to make this fashion show. Her name is Vika, so she wants me to take part in this show like the model and show the clothes. Firstly i thought that maybe it will be not so good, but I think that the most important is friendship and if she need the help I must help her. So today I help her to organize this holiday and also chose the clothes I will demonstrate so i promise you to show the photos, of course if you are interested in them. Maybe you think that I am crazy but you know all women like clothes so I am glad, but i am much more happier to know that you don't forget me and wrote me the e-mail. I have already get used to get them. You know that when I talk with you I feel that we both are involve in our communication, so I usually find time for writing to you. I can speak with you about everything, I feel free in telling you about me and asking you what I want. I think that it is really nice. I wanted to ask you what do you think about me? What would you like to change in me?
People tell that they want to have the ideal partner, I think that there are no ideal people, so in some cases they want to find the person who will supplement each other. I think it is true, because it is no coincidence there is the saying that extremes meet. What do you think about this. Is it almost important to find the person exactly as you are or different? I think that if the person is a little different it is nice, because then you are more interesting for each other and this will influence the time of being together. Am I right?
So it is as usually very pleasant to speak with you, but i need run to help my friend. Hope I don't bother you with my thoughts :)
I wish you wonderful day and of course don't forget me :)
Take care
Letter 5
Hello my sweetie! How are you my dear? I am so happy to get your letter and I wanted to tell you that every day I miss you more and more and I think that I am falling in love with you... I am crazy but it is because of you... i hope you can feel the same to me, because you know that you are the man I would like to be with and you know that it is so strange for me because i didn't think that it is possible to meet the person via Internet and have such feelings to him...
Today I am a little bit busy because my friend has the birthday and i need to but the present for her. I don't like to choose presents because all the time it is so difficult to do, more simple to find the present for your man :) It is important to but something what will give the happiness for the eyes when they will look at this think and in the same time it will be for giving as a keepsake. Maybe you can suggest me something? :)
I will run to the store now but I wanted to tell you that I so much miss to and I would like us to have the meeting which will tell us what really we feel to each other and will be give the prove for 100 percent.Hope you agree with me... :)
I send you my kisses and what you to know that in Ukraine there is a lady who like you and think about you a lot :)

p.s I promised you to send the photos from the show, it was brilliant, hope you like them.
Letter 6
Hello my dear! How are you? You know I do like all the time to say hello to you, to see your letter, to speak with you.
So last time I didn't wrote you much because of my friend's birthday. It was nice party. We sang, danced, had joy and also watched a movie. It was a romantic one. I thought about love many times but have never known that it can be like in the film. I am proud of people who can bring their love through all life and love each other even more after 30-40 years of their marriage. I think that if it is your person you will love him or her forever. Love till the death.... I heard this saying a lot but people don't believe it, they just tell these words and even don't think over them. But they can be true words. I know several couples who love each other for so many years and can't imagine their lives without each other. Sometimes after death of one of them another also can not live because he or she is like not complete one, has only a part of soul, heart, mind... You know that all the time i read one legend that at the beginning of the human life there were androgynes, creatures, which unite in itself both male and female natures. They had four legs and arms and a round body, that's why they could move, roll like a wheel. Eventually the androgynes wanted to ascend Olympus and overthrow Gods from there. Then Zeus decided to weaken people, at the same time having increased their number in order to have more good for Gods and divided the androgynes into two halves. The separated halves began to throw themselves to each other and intertwine into arms, passionately craving for coalescing again. Since that time all over the world people have been looking for the missing half and if they happen to meet them they will have striking like nothing on earth feeling nearness and passion. Very nice myth. What do you think? If is the love a gift from God? Can each person love? What is love for you?
My dear I need to end my letter but i want to remind you that i am thinking about you all the time and miss you a lot :)
Kisses bye-bye honey
Letter 7
Hello my dear! How are you? Oh sweetie i was so much waiting your letter, you know i had the problems with writing you because you know that it is cold here and because of this i can't every day write you, the Internet cafe is closed so it is terrible. I want to talk to you every minute and because of the problems with it i can't do this. I miss you and yes you are right it would be nice if we meet and we will be able to communicate all the time together :)
Letter 8
Hello my sweetie. How are you my angel? I so much miss you here. You know that I was waiting for today in order to write you. You know that the weekends i was with my grandparents in a village and i couldn't write you, but i was thinking about you all the time. I miss you every day more and more and i can tell you that you i fall in love with you and i want to tell you that you steal my heart. I feel such a feeling to you that i have never had before and so happy because of this. You know that I fly in the sky now and don't want to land now. I can tell you that i have so strong feeling to you that you are so important for me, you mean a lot for me.
I dream about our meeting constantly and so happy that we will meet, you know that i so much appreciate your care and the fact that you want to help me, no not me us because it is very important for both you and me. I love you and can't wait the time i will be with you : )
My dear you know that in general i am not against this, but you know that you will need to come to me, but i live not alone and here it is very cold, so for me and you it would be better if we meet at another place because it is not a nice idea to get acquaintance with my parents because we need to know each other first. Do you agree : ) So you know that here it is so cold that we will not be able to go outside so it would be better if we meet at another place, so i don't want you to feel uncomfortable :)
Love you a lot. Kisses my angel
Letter 9
Hello my love! I miss you here. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!

V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A… for I will Always be yours
L… for Love at its most extreme
E… for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N… for Never-ending love
T… for we will Always be Together forever
I… for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I love you to
E… for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .

My angel, i am thinking about you and want to be with you for the rest of my life.
You make my world a beautiful place to live in ,
And I want to thank you for coming into my life…
For you are the most precious gift that God has given to me…
And I will love you for now and forever…

Kisses to you my angel :)
Letter 10
Hello my love !!!How are you?
I am good my love.
I am satisfied to learn that you are good.
You are my lifem you are everything for me.
I worried about you.Your message gives me the strength and the hope that I have a man who loves me and who thinks as I.
Every evening and everything in daytime I pray so that we are together, I look forward to holding you in my arms my love.
And before sleeping I says to you good night my angel and I send you a kiss.
My life without you na nobody feel no gout, I cannot live without you.
It is the truth Jim I love you of the bottom of the heart, I love you with all my strengths.
A man as you has not many, you are a love an angel.
my love I feels me alone without you, me feels me lost.
I believe in you and I believe in your love.
I am proud of you and proud to have you in my life.
I love you my, I love you more that everything on this planet.
As usual with impatience I wait for your answer.
takes care of you my sweetheart.
Think that you have Kristina who loves you with all my heart. I am
sure that in March we will meet. I think that i will have
vocations sooner so we will meet. I want it very much. My dear I think
it would be nice if i come to you :)
I miss you my angel
kisses and kisses just for you.
I love you so much my
Letter 11
Hello my! How are you? I should say that I am missing you very very much! I hope that you too ; )
My love you are so close to me through this e-mail and I so much want to feel you close to me in the reality. I love you and our love is like the flower and it becomes stronger with each day more and more:) I love, love like I have never loved before. You are my everything.
I would like to say that I feel lucky to have been loved by you. You are everything to me!
May you stay with me forever, take my hand and let’s be together and show everyone we are in love. May you live long and happy always!
I love you and want to carry this love through all our life together. I want to meet you, so much want to kiss you, caress you and hug you in the reality. We are adult people and we understand that it is not possible to be alone here without your soul mate.
My love I hope you will not be angry but I wanted to make a surprise for you and I asked about our meeting, how it is possible. I found the information about the documents what I need to come to you. I want you to tell me what do you think about this ?

I have been to the travel agency, the the guys consulted me about all the things that I need! They told me that I need such kind of documents like the International passport, visa and tickets to come to you and they told me also how to make all of them in details!
They suggested me to make the tourist visa, because in case I will be applying for a visitors one it will take too much time and energy from your side because you will have to send me the invitational letter. Also they told me that mostly when people apply for such type of visa they get a refusal from the embassy, you can even read about that in the Internet, I also heard a lot about it. So, the best variant will be the tourists visa! It will be done in about 5-7 days after we applied for it. So, also If I am going to do it with the help of the travel company I will not have to go to Kiev, they will do all for me and that is a great advantage. So, the cost of all the documents for visa will be like 310 dollars that includes making the visa, consular contribution, medical insurance and all the other needed documents!

So only the tourist agency can help me and make all the necessary documents, concerning it.
But any way first of all I should make the International passport as soon as I do not have this passport for traveling abroad I must do it as soon as possible. The process of its making lasts about three months and it costs 110 dollars, but it is possible to get it during 7-8 days if to pay 270 dollars, so surely it would be much better to do it sooner because I really do not want to wait for such a long time but on the other hand I realize that it is really expensive but in our country it is only like that unfortunately, if you want to get some document you have to pay for it and you will get it with out any problems.
So what do you think about it my love? I really hope that everything is gonna be all right! You know that it will be the fist time I go somewhere, so surely I am a bit nervous but on the other hand very excited! I really can't wait to be with you, I am more then impatient to see you at the airport to run to you, to kiss you and I don't care that other people look at us. I just want to be with you my man! I hope that you want the same, so we have to act now, right?
I really hope to hear from you sooner!
Kisses to you my darling!
Letter 12
Hello my lovely. Sweetheart i feel so bad here without you and want to be soon with you there. You are everything for me. You are my sunshine who shine to me and make me happy. I Love you like I have never did before. I so much want to be with you and you see how i love you. I know that we have a little problem with the money. I really don't have this sum for the documents, but i think we are together and we can overcome this together. You are my love, you know that I so much appreciate that you want to help me, from one side i feel not so nice that i need to ask you for help but I would really appreciate if you help me. But i don't know if it is possible to help me, you are so far from me. Do you know some ways how to do this? I don't know how you can help me from there. I love you so much you are my life, my heart and soul.
Letter 13
Hello my lovely. How are you my sweetheart. Oh I am so sorry to hear that you work so hard my lovely.. I so much would like to come to you as soon as possible in order to take care of you and give you the massage after a very long working day, so you will be able to rest. I love you and it is so hard for me to be here without you. I love you, love you from the bottom of my heart and it hurts me when I think that you are so far from me. I need you near me, with me.
My lovely I think it would be better if you discuss this with the travel agency and I will also ask them how you can help me. I will ask about their e-mail address and the possibility to do and how to pay.
I miss you here and count the days I will be with you there. I love you :)
Your Kristina
Letter 14
Hello my angel. How are you there. My sweetheart you didn't write to me, you told nothing about the fact that we will meet. I told you that soon i have the vocations but I don't know if we meet or not. I told you what documents I need but you tell me nothing. I can't manage myself to do the documents myself because it is very expensive for me...
I love you and want to meet you very much.
Letter 15
Hello my love!
How are you? I'm completely in love with you my love! Your letter to me is the most beautiful thing I've ever received. Your powerful emotions just jump from the screen and ****** me and shake every single cell in my body and it is overflowing feeling of pure love for you my love, the only man that I've ever felt true love – you, my only one, from now and for ever! I know that it is the only true, you and me together, as we are made for each other my love. You fill my life with joy and happiness. I love you so much! You have a woman who loves you true love from the bottom of my heart and soul. I know it. My body knows it. It's clear like the sun. Now I know everything I had in the past, all my frustrations all that pain, all those disappointments were nothing compare to this pure love I feel for you my love. Everything was worth for this love for you my love! Your precious emotions for me has been transferred to me and made me feel overwhelming love for you my love. I've never experience such a powerful love for someone as for you my love, my only one ever, my precious love. You have a woman who loves you and think like you and we feel the same for each other and our hearts become one my love!
As I got to know you, all my past as forgotten and I don't care about anything that happened to me in the past, all of those mistakes just vanished in the thin air, and everything I've had led me to you my dear love! Everything was exactly as it should be, because you are everything for me, my present and my future.
I know everything will be great for us and that we will get married and rise a happy family. I've never been as sure about anything in my life as I am for our love and our future. Here you have a woman that is waiting for you to be happy with you and make you happy, as it is my biggest wish to make you happy my love! And I knew that I want it as your first letter came to me. I just knew it and knew that I want you from the very beginning. I knew that I want to be the lucky woman who will make you happy my dear love!, I feel for you so much love till I can't imagine my life without you, and it gives me the strength to do just about anything to make it happen. No body can stop between lion and lioness when they need each other, as we are my love. Our love is flourishing and will continue to grow and we will be happy together forever my love!
My sweetheart I had a talk with the travel agency that you can transfer the money to them to their account and the transferring will take 7-8 days or you can do this faster with such electronic system as Money Gram or Western Union. So my dear you can get all the details about this e-mailing them at
I love you and i want to be with you.
I kiss you
Letter 16
Hello Mr.!
You are welcome in the travel company ' WORLD TRAVEL'
I am a manager of this company Victoria Vlasenko and I am going to consult you about the tour from Ukraine to Dallas Texas, the USA..
The documents that the citizen of Ukraine must have in order to go to abroad are :

- The International passport
- The tour package
- Medical insurance

The International passport : it can be done in 4-7 days. The price is 270 USD in 90 days . The price is 110 USD
The passport valid 10 years.
The form of the visa to USA is DS-160, We would make a tourists visa that will be valid 30 days.
The cost of the visa is 310 USD that includes ( the consular contribution, medical insurance, DS-160 form )
Double way tickets. The cost of the tickets is 960 - 1320 USD.

As for the way you are going to pay. It would be better if you pay step by step for each item, starting with the International passport and visa. Do not worry, you will be informed about all the stages of our work, we will be sending you the copies of all the documents we do, so you will be absolutely informed!

The methods of payment from abroad.
We usually work with Ukrainian citizens only, that is why we do accept cash funds mostly. But if you want to pay from abroad we deal with such Electronic money transfer systems like Western union and Money Gram. The funds can be transferred to the name of the manager and the address of the travel company. The necessary information is following below.
You can also transfer the funds to our bank account but it will take 7-8 days. If you have got any other questions you are welcome to ask! We are here for you! We are happy to cooperate with you!
Our address in Zbarazh town is :Grushevskogo Street. 11.
The full address is Ukraine, Ternopol region, Zbarazh town, Grushevskogo Street. 11
Tel. phone number : +380957157938
The name of the manager is Victoria Vlasenko
If you have got any questions you are welcome to ask!
We will help you with a great pleasure.
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