Letter(s) from Valentina Mihaylova to Ari (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my LOVE Ari! I am so happy to feel you! Everyday when I have free time I get on mail to read your letters! I know that we are far from each other but I am real feel you! You are important for me! And I don’t want to loose you! If say real I am worry about this real! Because we are real far from each other and I don’t wan to loose you my love! Everyday I start my day thinking about you! I amaze you near me! I amaze how we will stay all day in the bad just looking for each other and kissing each other! And of course more but I think talk about this here is not good better will be if we will just show what we can!
It is so cold outside that I don’t wan to do anything! I wake up at 7 o’clock and I understand that I must go at work and I don’t want do this! My word day start at 9 o’clock everyday and end at 20 00! I work many hours a day and I feel that life just go without me! My life really very boring without some fun I think. Sometimes I meet my friends and we just see together maybe for one hour maybe for two. Then we are going at home because everyone have they love and all of them are marriage! I feel so hurt about this. Of course I am happy that they have their love and they are happy but I feel hurt because I am alone! I am so tired to be alone! I cook for myself and for my parents. I clean my house and stay in my bad looking for new movies. I want to spend this time with my man! I know that we will have very exciting days!
When I read your letters I feel something! I think that it mean something! I think that I am not mistake in you! I know that you can love and you can not hurt me! I think that your hurt is big and I am in your hurt too! Am I right?
My work Is really busy now! I work many hours in a day! I work 11 hours in a day! I feel that I will be crazy in time! I think that I need vocation! Do you also want to have some free time without work? Maybe we will spend our vocation together? Everyday I think about our meeting but we are not meet yet! So lets not stay on the first level and go to the another! Lets meet? I ask you this many times but we are not discuss it yet! Tell me please when you will be able to have your vocation and tell me please are you still want to meet me? So lets go to the another level and meet each other!!!!?? I wish that you will think about this more and then you will tell me when you will be only for me! Dear please remember that I LOVE YOU! I am now only yours and I don’t need another man! If I meet man who can love care who is interesting open kind and smart I will not search for another! So I am just now yours! Are you too just my or you have some another woman with whom you are talking? I will wait for your letter with a big attention as always! I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU! Yours and only yours Valentina!

Letter 2

Hello my husband! I so miss you and do you know what I do now? I play with my hair and I play with my lips! Cant wait that time when you will play with me dear! Cant wait the time when you will kiss me and touch me! You make me crazy and moments when I think about you all of the time turn me!) I want to be near you right now my man! Yesterday when I came home and when I was in my bad I was amazing you near me! I amazing that moments when you will see me in my underwear and I amaze how you will look on me!) I will give you first sexy dance in a very sexy underwear and I will stop you when you will try to touch me and only just when I will see that you are so hot and you can not wait anymore you will do what you want! Sounds very very hot and I must really finish now because I am too hot with you dear.

Dear i am very happy that you want to send me a present! I told you when we were speaking about company whick get your presents call me adn give me them! Do you know tis company? For example UPS or FEDEX or DHL? dear i work 11 hours in a day and i dont have time to come to the Post Office! Can you please send me present through this companie? They will call me and ask me where i am and they will come in that place and give me a present! Please dear i want to get it!)) Because as you know i like presents so much!!!!

I know that we will be together soon! I know that it is very hard to be alone there so I will send you my hot photos! You will amaze me near you and you will be so hot!) Do you like this idea? Also I will send you some photos with my mother! I look like her! We are the same I can say!) Because I want that you know my family! Also I will send you photo when I am with my brother and my mother together!) You will see my life!)

My love I want as quickly as possible prepare passport and come to you! My heart is full of love! It is so warm and it beat so quick! Do you feel this? Is your heart beat so fast too? I wish that now you are so crazy like me! You really change my life! I can imagine things that I didn’t imagine some years ago! I am happy with you and this feelings inside me so strong! My head stop working and now my heart tell me what to do! It says that I must come to you quickly and kiss you! My heart also says that I will be happy with you! Dear don’t hurt me please! I give you everything! And the most important that I gave you it is my heart! Sorry that I can repeat this many times but I am really little worry! I know that I can believe you but some things do so that I worry little! I want to meet you and after this I will not worry again dear!) And yes I know that it will be soon! That’s why I am smiling now! I want that you see my smile! And I want to see your! When I will look in your eyes just then I will understand how I am important with you! Because I think eyes the reflection of the soul! Do you agree with me?
Dear I will work now but I can not stop myself thinking about you! Remember that I love you and I need you! I give you my hot kiss dear! Yours Valentina!

Letter 3

Hello dear Ari! I am happy to receive your letter! I miss you too dear! Look love i told you that better will be if we will forget about this present! BEcasue i told you many times that i dont have time to go to the post office and i aksed you many times to send me present through the UPS! But you did not understand me! Thats why i think that better will be if we will forget about this present ok?
I am really worry about you now because you told that you are sick! Dear please stay at home use medicaments and drink hot tea ok? And will you go to the doctorBEcasue it can be very serious please go to the doctor and i wish that all will be ok with you! I so want to be near you and to care about you! I am really sad that it is impossible now! But i know that it will happen! And i wait this moment with a big attention! I wish that you are too!) Also i wil lwait your letter my dear and i wish that everything will be ok with you! i kiss you! Yours Valentina

Letter 4

Hello my husband! I love you very much! I am thinking about you all of the time !You are very importna man in my life dear! Sorry again for my phone! Sometimes it make me crazy! But what ca i do? I dont have now money to by new phone dear and it is not importnat for me now! The most importnatour meeting and i will do the best for it!) I LOVE YOU! And we will be together soon!!!!

Sorry that i will start this letter in this way but i think that now it is very importnat situation for us! And we must solve this problem . So look in the morning I have been at the travel agency and i had there a very serious talk, because i have a little problem now, which we must settle in the nearest time, because as i understand this is very serious! So the travel agent called me and i came to the travel firm today,they wanted to speak with me about one question.
Travel cheques!!!! Do you know, what it mean - travel cheque? So there is such a situation, they sent all the information about me to the embassy to open visa, all the papers and information about me is confirmed, all is ok, but there is just one problem, embassy wants to be assured with my financial security! And you see, the travel agent told me that they received the message from Embassy and the embassy will issue my visa only when I get travel checks. people from agency explained me what travel checks are. I need to buy them for the sum of 1200$.the Embassy requires this, to make sure that I will have the money with which I will have within my travel to you. Embassy always ask about these cheques, because it is the strict rule, when a person goes abroad he or she must have at least minimum money for living there for period which she or he stays there. So that is why i must have travel cheques at least 1200$.As i understood for coming to 30 days to you i need to have minimum 40$ for day.that means 1200$.So everything is ok and all papers are ready! Just one thing it is finanical security if we will solve this problem in some days i will come to you on the 18th of january! But there is a good news! So i will buy these travel cheques at any international bank and when i come to you we can go to the bank and you will receive all your money back!!! So i need these cheques just for embassy to prove them that i will have enough money for this trip and stying in your country, but when i come to you at the same time we can go to the bank and cash money! So you will not lose this money, and everything will be given back to you! So do not worry about this point! Travel agent asked me about this point before, he asked me if i am financially secured for this trip, and i told him that yes, i am secured! but i did not know that he asked me about these cheques, but from now i know about this rule. And maybe you know about these cheques also, as you travel more than me.

Dear sorry that i start this letter with such thing but i think that it is the most importnat for us now. I want to be with you and i dont want to be many hours in travel agency in the police department and so on! I am tired and i want to be with you! I love you and nothing can not stop me! I am happy that you are in my life! I know that you love me and this feeling is really serious. I am happy that you want to build new life togehter. With wedding kids. I see that you are serious man! And please dont think that something can happen so that i will go from you. It will happen never. I found the man who love me who want me in his life and who want that i will become his wife and the future mother of his kids. Dear today is 13th of January if everything will be ok i will be with you in 5 days!!!!!!!!)) Are you happy???? ) I feel something exciting inside me and of course little nervous! I am worry that i can be lost in the airport! I want that you will meet me there. I am also worry about plane. All of the time when i watch TV all planes are crash. I am really worry about this also becuase i have never fly before. Dear do you think everything will be ok?

I am happy that you understand that you are ready for make family. To make kids to have wife and to built new life together. It seems that you are strong man who know what he want from his life. And this is really very importnat for me! I am ready to move to your country! I was thinking about this many times and it is really hard for me! I understand this and when i met you i was thinking about if you will be my future husband what i will do? Move to your country? Or how we will make this relations real. Really very very hard. But in time i fell in love with you and it is no matter how hard it will be for me to your country i will do this! I will make for our rleations lof of! I want to become mother of your kids dear. I really want kids. And you know when woman have good man near her and healthy kids what can be better? She become the happiest in this world. I want to feel this too. I think for the first we need to give each other time just to see how we will live together and how everything will going on. And after little time i want that we plan kids.

Dear please think about this letter ok? Becuase i love you very much and i am really upset now about this situation with travel cheques!) I love you very much and i want that we will solve this problem! Becuase without you and your love my life is nothing! I am waiting for your letter with a big attention and i wish that everything will be ok!) I give you my kiss! Yours wife Valentina

Letter 5

Hello dear. I am very upset now. Because you are leaving me now with this problems alone. You must understand if i will not solve this problem with visa and if they will close me visa i will not have chance to come to you for about 10 years. Of course it will be very good if you will come to me but you must understand that we must solve this problems in one week or they will close me visa! And i will not come to you there becuase it is rule! Dear how you can do this with me? I love you so much and i though that you are serious man who love me with all his heart and who will help me in different life moments because it is my man but you live me now alone with this problem. I feel very heart. And i dont know what to do. I called to my friends anf they can not hekp me. You must aslo understand that this money you will receive after i wil come to you becuase we will go in bak and cash it! it is money not for me it is money for the Embassy they need to know that i am financial securite!!!!!!!!! And please dont leave me/ find somewhere money dear. I can not live without you here.....When we started relations we promise each other to be strong and to solve all problems together. But now i feel that you think that i want money for myself. Please understand that this money i will pick on the bank account and when i will come you will receive it back.How you can say now that i am playing with you? I love you and i wantto be with you! Dont say that i am playing with you!It is not true. Sorry dear but i am now crying. I dont want to be alone without you..sorry i need to gave up. I love youuu....

Letter 6

Hello my love! Dear i miss you very much! And of course i am upset! Becuae i did not know about this travel cheques before and now i need to pay money for this. But my love i am real dont have this money. I am not playing with you games! I love you very much and i want to be with you! I want to make you happy! Please understand that this money not for me this money are for Embassy they need to know that i am finanical security! I willl go in band pay money and have this travel cheques in my hands. But when i will come to you we will go in bank and cash it so all 1200$ will be bakc for you! Dear i dont know what to do now! Only what i found now it is 200$ and no one another can not find me! Please love try to find 1000$ for this travel cheques! I want to come to you! Please understand this! I love you with all my heart and if we start everything lets continue! Lets meet each other! Lets be happy! I want this very much! And i can not understand how i can wait you more and more! It is unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were planning that we will be together in this month! So love try to d something! try to borrow money! Please think what can you do! I LOVE YOUUU! Can you call me today in the evening? Oh yes sorry for the phone i was feeling very bad when you was calling me thats why i did not answer you love. Today i will answer call me please ok?) I love you dear! Yours wife Valentina

Letter 7


Letter 8

HEllo my husband! WHne you called me? I did not see any your calls! I thought you forget about me! Because you did not write me anything and did not call me! And as you remember you leave me in a hard situation what made me also very upset! How are you there? How is your new home and how is your work in a shop? DO you love me? I will wait for your letter with a big attention! I still love you! You need to know this ok? Kiss you! Yours wife Valentina

Letter 9

Hello ! I am really shoked now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When we will in a one step for meeting and when i was face to face with a problem you said to me that you do not have money to help me! But i told you amny times that this money you will have back! And now you said to me that you bought a new car for you! Are you crazy???? And this is all love for me? You told me many times that you love me and that you want to be with me but when i have problem you can not help me! And you think you are strong man? I dont think that man who love will do like you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said that you did not have money but i was in a one step for our meeting! And now you bought new car! I am so upset! I think that you even did not love me! THat youjst playes with me and with my feeling and while we were together you talked to many another women! You even send me photos of this women! I am hurt! I am very hurt! And now i can not understand how i give you my hurt to you? You just playes with me! I wish you good luck! I do not know what to day you more! Because you have money and time for everything but not for me and this mean that you do not love me soo much how i thought! Valentina

Letter 10

Hello dear! I am again very upset about your letter! You even not believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How you can say me this words????????? How???? Are you crazy????? I told you that Embassy will not let me go to your country without travel cheques! But you leave me in a very hard situation! Is normal man will do this?????????? Is man who love will do this for his woman? Man who love his woman will do for her evrything just to be with her! but you did not do anything! You spend money for evrything but you did not help me with other costs! I told you that this money i will give you back when i will come to you! ANd this money are nto for me! NOT FOR ME!!!!! FOR EMBASSY! How you can not understand this? ?? ANd also how you can ask me about if i pay for passport and visa???????????? HOW?????????????? I told yu many times that i paid for it and that last thing what we need to do show Embassy that i am financial secured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not understnad! I can sedn to you copy of passport but you must to understand that i need to show to the Embassy travel cheques!!!!!!!!!!! And this money is not for me!!!!!! This money is for EMBASY!!!!!!!! CAN you understand this?????????? If you love me i will be with you but i think that you do not love me! You are caring about your money only! You think that i lie to you all of the time and you even do not understand that i love you very much and that i want to be with you! I think that you will miss your love because i do not want to be patience anymore! I thik that we need stop communicate! You do not love me and you do not care about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that you will find for yourself normal woman who will not ask you for money! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you must to know that you miss your love!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!