Letter(s) from Galina Kolosha to Andy (USA)

Letter 1

Are you kidding on me or what? Are you serious? I am speechless because you continue to write about your tender feelings to me but you asked for refund! The translator really helps me. You know, a kind lady sits here and translates everything you write for me. And what is more scandalous she will have to give back the money she received for translation! She spends her precious time and she is a real professional in what she does. Guess what! I do not even imagine how you want me to look in her eyes now, why do you cause so many problems to me? Do you want me to feel as an idiot?
You wrote: :Rejoice sweetest joy in my heart that I will EVER know...agency retrived all of your letters and I read them even now...” Are you laughing at me?
I feel so sorry that the interpreter must suffer now because of me. She is so kind and polite and she was saying how lucky I am to find such a wonderful man in your face...And what will be now? You even can not imagine what you did. Because of you I will have to work extra hours and borrow money. Frankly speaking, I really do not know where from I will get such great sum of money. What I am to do? It is cosmic money for me.

Letter 2

Andy, I was honest with you in all my letters, I answered every question you asked me and now you tell me that I am false, fake...Are you laughing at me when telling me that I have to post a picture holding a piece of paper with your name???? Do you understand what you ask??? I opened you my heart actually and you spit upon me! You know, I am shocked because you were not honest with me and how can you claim about something you do not know! I wanted to know you because I was truly interested in you. You know what? I am really offended by your letters since you were not honest with me. All you wrote was a lie. Your letter which you wrote yesterday:
I will never know anything like your love...I still ask God every day to guide us and bring us to each other--I want to hold you forever...we will be so happy...nothing will stop this joining of two hearts that have been alone for so long... I will protect you with every ounce that is in me---I will be so proud to just stand near your guiding light...I am not worthy of what you have shown me is inside of your loving heart.
This letter is also a lie!!!!!!! You disappointed me really! And yes, you are not worthy of what I have shown you inside of my heart!!!
I am completely destroyed by you. I even got in hospital at night because I was too nervous and I really had time to think and you know what? I do not believe your letters and words! This site is for serious people who want to build family. And you came here to have some fun. I don’t need problems because of you. So, you need to make something up and cover the damage you made for the interpreter.
It is hard for me but I have never been fooled and played like this. You really killed me with your previous letter:
by the way a Demand for the money refunded is next if you don't send me lots of pictures---make sure you put some from your wedding pictures in there also....and a recent picture of you and one with my name next to your face... and the scan of the passport...let's not forget about that----you won't get a couple of days to make that up...all my love dear .
Love????? Which love are you talking about?
You are blackmailing me!!! Please, do not make this fairy tales about your love and tender feeling s to me, you wrote what you meant and well, I guess I deserve it, since I did not have to believe in fairy tale for us.
What have I done to deserve such attitude from your side and now plus you put me in a really terrible situation with the translators. You broke me completely now. I really don’t know where I can get this enormous sum of money to pay the translator because you took all money for her work back. Is it her fault that you came on this site with unserious intentions??? Is it her fault that you are player?
I think you must correct your mistakes. I hope it will not take you much time. I am tired of having problems with administration of this site, translators because of you and your silly game.