Letter(s) from Khadijat Mahmood to Omar (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Im happy to write you here and to tell you about my self. thanks for your responce my Name is sgt (nurse khadijat mahmood) i was born in the year 1984, im a military nurse,i joy military about 5 years ago.my parents were late, they both died in 2001. Im God fearing, humble and cool, i like sincerity and trustworthy,i like being straight forward. i wanna meet a man of my choice who is God fearing and sincere,a man who gonna have real love for me. I want to full my life with honest and sincere relationships where there will be trust and respect! I believe in true love and hope that will happen to me one day! Once and for ever! I am sure he will be the best for me and I know how to make him believe that he is not an ordinary one, but special one. i will really like to now more about you if you wont mind Please kindly e-mail me and tell me much about you and send me some of your pictures . my e mail is khadijat_mahmood@yahoo.com i cant wait to read from you. and lets see what the future hold for us.i really like your profiles, here attached is my photos. yours sincerely Sgt (nurse) khadijat mahmood

Letter 2

My name is mr ......... , I am Sgt Nurse Khadijat Mahmood fiance from qatar,I am inquiring about some leave time for her, We are engaged to be married but have not had the ample time to achieve this goal...I would like to schedule our wedding and put it on the calendar I have missed her very much, and I am not feeling good here at all without her.
Please kindly grant her his yearly one month leave, so that he can be able to come and spend some time with me here to enable us plan for our relationship and wedding.
I will be very glad if my fiance's leave is granted as early as possible. I can not wait to read from your welfare department to know if Sgt Nurse khadijat mahmood's leave is granted. Hoping on your kind consideration.
Thank you very much.
yours sincerely