Scam letter(s) from Petra Kent to Glenn (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Gleen,
Good morning from here, I woke up lately and have to rush and prepare for Parade but I will be back home shortly and hope to see your email and chat with you when am back.
I thought of you so much last night also and I think we are both on the same chemistry, I am comfortable with that? really yes, Thinking about someone I just met. its really crazy but okay...I love what am feeling about you...
Letter 2
Hi Gleen,
Its nice to read from you again, am just back from parade for lunch and it amazes me that everytime I open my email now I see an email from you.
I think we need time to talk to each other and get to know much more about each other,We have to be so sure and certain of ourselves about making sure that this relationship is what we want out in life,( or if i may ask, what do you want from me), maybe you dont even want a relationship....but if you want a relationship with me, then we have to be sure and certain of ourselves that this relationship is our future and everything.. Everything in life happen for a reason, my being lonely for a very long time makes me want a companion and a man to share my feelings with, I'm in search of a soul mate to spend the rest of our life's together.I hope you know Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end No one is perfect and we could only give it a trial. Though it is right for us to learn from our mistakes.Which makes you resisting and having hard time trusting a woman again in your life. A relationship is all about TRUST, SINCERITY and HONESTY, all this paramount fact must exist in a relationship before anything can work out of it. I'm a woman of my word and will always stand by my word. I'm a caring and loving woman, Open minded and Upfront in every aspect of a relationship. so let me know what you want from me and what you think about this?
Letter 3
I just see myself keep searching for your email and believe me i am getting so acquainted to you.
Am still home for what do you eat for dinner?
Letter 4

Since the first time that I viewed your profile, I have felt a great impulsion on me and ever since then I have been thinking about you, I thought you might be an end to my search or to say a realization of my dreams because you are just what I am looking for, when keep reading from you, I can feel it that my dream is becoming a reality.this is what I have been searching for and I would not trade this for anything in the whole world, So I want to see where this go and being for you alone, I will give this a total chance and I am sure it would take me where I want . So can you do the same for me and move away from the RSVP site for us to have some more concentration?
Letter 5
I told you i am bored already here, so i want to leave the army and start my life but i don't want to leave until i have found the right man for me. So now that we are seems to be on the same level of wanting to establish a one-way communication, Then we can make plan for me to move to OZ when you think we are good enough to go.
I am not planning to stay in the force.
I want to have a happy family outside here and start a good business when am out of here.
Letter 6
I have an SSB call to be in the Field for Patrol right now, Please I will be back in just some few mins Gleen.
It hurts I have to leave now as i am enjoying my conversation with you but I will be back here shortly
Letter 7
am back here Glenn, hope you are still there???? You said I should have fun??? wedont really have fun here dont you know???lolzz,
and yes I want to meet you first and then we can both agree on going to the UK if we have to...
Letter 8
Ok, You are really making me happy so fast and I hope this will last forever.
if you feel comfortable enough that its time for us to meet, just let me know and i can meet our captain to ask him how you will go about it because the request for the compassionate leave have to come from you as we soldiers can not do it by our self.
have you discuss about us with anyone?
Today during breakfast, a topic came up about judging others and it turned up into a very huge argument in the dinning tents. i had my own opinion and iw ill love to hear yours too.. when you judge someone, what do you base your assessment on?doyo get angry easily and often? and when you do, how do you cool off? do you always think your opinion is the best as the man? and how do you take in constructive criticism?
Letter 9
do you want me to go and find out from the admin what process I will take to apply for leave here now?
Letter 10
G|ood morning Gleen,
Wow, you really woke up so early.... well, its 6am here and have to rush down and shower after checking and writing you back this email.
I will go to the Admin after coming back from Parade and will tell you what infomation I got from there.
I am feeling the same about you and I really cant believe that this can ever work out so soon but am okay and feel comfortable with it.
I hope you are having a good day there and wants to tell you I am thinking so much about you here as well.

Letter 11
Hi Gleen,
I just got home from Parade and will go to the admin now.
I have this in my mind to ask you so as to know you more again.
What's are your favorite things? cars, sports etc
I enjoy classic and country from the 80s &90s also do R&B music,
My three favorite movies Sound of Music, As Good As It Gets, The Lake House, My favorite actor is Bruce Willis, I also like Sean Cornery but he's retired so I stick with Willis i guess, favorite actress Julia Roberts, My favorite singer Barry Manilow,
Please what I will ask from you to give me for life is your True Love when am there with you cause I am sure the leave request will be granted as I have never made one before and I will not want to regret coming to you baby.
I hate unfaithfulness but I am not jealous.
I will go to the Admin now and should be back in less than 30 mins and I expect to see your email as to my questions.
Thanks Glenn for making me happy.
Letter 12
Hi Glenn,
I like what you said about yourself. its really interesting.
I am late to come back, yes I have to wait and now I have all the infomation.
I was told that you will have to request for leave on my behalf as soldiers on Peace Keeping mission are not allowed to make such request.
you will write a letter and send it to the CO stating our intention and our conclution as to the leave request.
I have his email address here which is
His name is Major Gen AJ Bradshaw.
here is my details you will need:
Name: Petra Kent
Rank: Sergeant
Area Deployed : Afghanistan (Camp Bastion)
Tag Number : W24
You can send the leave request letter now and hopefully it will be approved.
Am really feeling happy about us coming together.
Letter 13
Glenn I was explained to that this is a new way of going for leave as it is a means of ensuring the safely of lives of the British Soldiers due to incidents that happen most time we go on leave.
Thats the correct procedure Glenn.
Letter 14
Tell them you are request for a leave on behalf of me to come to you and give them my details.
Letter 15
I guess you are sleeping already Glenn, Have a very wonderful night rest and always be good. I feel so positive about us.
I got you this picture of mine to wake up and look at before you go for work tomorrow.
Thinking about you too baby.
Letter 16
Hi Glenn,
Its 3:00am here and am just getting home from Patrol. I am feeling weak and tired now and I think I need to shower and sleep.
I hope you'll have a very good day at work today.
I will have to wake up early tomorrow and go for Parade but I will look to email you before I go
Have you sent the email?
Please tell me when you have a response from him.
Thinking of you.
Letter 17
am happy someone cares and think about me now. am thinking about you too.
Letter 18
Hi Glenn,
I am just getting back from Parade and will leave for Patrol in just some mins.
This is my ISAF Identification Number requested for by the Commandant ,
ISAF Identification Number: W3F906/BA002765AFG .It stand for International Security Assistance Force and it is an identity given to all Soldiers to differentiate them.
Kindly send it to him and lets do hope to hear back from him soon.
I am getting excited more as I know our dream of conquering loneliness will come true very soon. Be stress free at work and i do hope you are getting excited also, I will be willing to read from you soonest the dear.
I will be back here for lunch.
where is the picture i asked you to send and you did not tell me if you get mine that I sent to you yesterday.
Letter 19
Ok dear,
I can wait to be with you too, I just hope my leave will be approved.
you are all I think about now all the time.
I cant wait to hold you.
How has been your day at work today?
did you have fun?
how are the kids doing?have you eaten your lunch? what time is it there?
no I didnt get your picture and will like to have it so i will print it out again.
I printed the one you sent out and always look at it in the, but its too far away and I cant really get to see your face well.
I will like to have a bold one to see you so well dear.
Letter 20
Hi Glenn,
I guess you must have been sleeping by now... Just checking you out.
Have a sweet dreams tonight
Thinking about you.
Letter 21
Suddenly, I found myself smiling almost all the time and the more I learnt about you the more astounded I felt at just how perfect you were for me.
Have fun at work.
Letter 22
I am waiting to see your email baby as I am online now.
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