Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
nice to hear from you, i want you send me some picture of you and this is about me too
My name is anina, I was born in denmark and raised in the denmark. I am single with no kids. I am a graduate student in business and marketing.. but now i am willing to start a new life with an intelligent man, I am new at that datingsite and I am looking for a serious man to start something serious with. I am 29 years old and looking for a older man than me because i have been lied and cheat on by man of my age and they only care after material things and not the real love i am looking for. I hate cheaters and liers.
I am attractive, sensual,****, faithful and honest, intelligent,well-educated, serious and caring. I have never been married and have no children, but have a strong desire to have them with a right man. I am looking for a true, serious, honest, intelligent, loving, ****,man who is tired of loneliness and wishes to have a happy and real family.
am anina thanks
Letter 2
Hey beautiful, I really like your pictures. My God are you beautiful and that school girl look is very ****. You really are smoking hot. That little video clip was pretty cool too. I liked your **** foreign language and the mountains in the background were pretty awesome too. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam Denmark since my teens, mostly because marijuana is legal there not that I smoke it anymore. I'm sorry to hear about your luck with guys, I to have been cheated on by my wife, so I know how you feel. I don't know how any guy could ever cheat on someone as amazing as you. I'm a honest faithful man, I've never cheated on a women ever. I sent you couple pictures of me with my boxer pup, sorry none of them are very good. I don't really have any good recent pictures. So what do you do for fun? Tell me more about yourself and what makes you happy. Feel free to ask me what ever you wish. Thank you for them beautiful pictures.
Letter 3
nice to hear from you and i wish to talk to you tonight in msn you can addme to your messerger so that will can talk better
wating for your reply
anina ottosen
Letter 4

Thanks for the pictures you really looking good, am in game center now to play game I will talk to you online tonight when I arrive to house,hope you is only me you still talking with?see you tonight and I will send you some picture too
Anina ottosen
Letter 5
hey ken
nice to hear from you,am very sorry that i dont come online last night,i go to bed fast last night because am really tired..i play alot of game in game center that is why am really tired and i hope you will come online and wating for me ?really missing talking to you
anina ottosen
Letter 6
Hello ken
My dearest one's, how are you today? i can see that you really want me in your life and that's really make me i will like you to tell me your full name? my full name is anina ottosen and i want you to know that you mean the world to me. I can hardly believe that we have only known each for just a day. The more we talk the more I get to know the real you. You take my breath away with the feelings you have for me and I have for you. I look forward to seeing you in real very soon hope you will like that? I know that our feelings will only grow with each passing day. I hope that no matter what happens to us, that you will be happy. That would mean more to me than anything. Your happiness makes me feel happy too. I need to know that you are okay. I know our life will only get better once we meet. just been thinking that if you are not going to dissapoint and cheat me like my ex boy friend do to me , because i have been having strong feelings for you now...... hope to hear from you back
Love always,
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