Scam Letter(s) from Julia Britwina to Paul (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello paul! I am glad, that you have become interested. My name is Anna... To me of 35 years.
I do not have man, I the free woman. I wish to meet love... I love sport,skating, ski, a swimming...
The most favourite my hobby it to be on kitchen and to cook food. As I like to visit cinemas, theatres.
I very much like to read. I like to walk on a city. I do not love a boring life. I always aspire to the best.
As I do not like to sit at home all week end. I necessarily somewhere go. I yet was not for the husband. And I do not have children.
But I do not despair. I will be well assured that at me all. That I will meet the destiny! And you have children? You were ever married?
Send as, me your photos. I will wait for your news. Sincerely Anna!

Letter 2

Hello paul! I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that we're continuing our conversation.
I was glad to see your pictures. You're an attractive man.
I live in Russia, in city Sudzha. But, as I'll explain to you later. Ok?
You're probably surprised that I decided to get acquainted with you! Just to simply in the future I suggest to visit your country for my vacation!
So, I decided to get acquainted with you. Because in the future, we could meet.
I want to tell you about myself, about my character. I am very gentle girl, loyal, I am very calm and romantic.
I am very attentive and cautious. As well I have a sense of humor, I love to make fun of, and just accept everything a joke with humor.
I smile very often, I like to laugh, and fun. I do not like to live a boring life! I work in a beauty salon. I the manager! where you work ?
I want you to tell about himself, about his life. But certainly not all at once but gradually!
In Russia, I can not find the man of my dreams. I am acquainted with many Russian men, but they wanted me to only one, it is - s e x.
But I have other plans for the future. I think you're not? You're not looking for just s e x? I hope you are looking for a serious relationship?
I want you to tell me about yourself and your life! Of course, not once, but gradually ...
I'm looking for an honest and sincere love. I send you my photos. As send me your photos.
I'll wait for your news. Sincerely Anna!

Letter 3

Hello paul! How you? How your mood? I'm fine, today remarkable day because I have received your letter.
I waited for your letter with the big impatience. I very much like to communicate with you. You the interesting person, with you are interesting to communicate.
If I now feel pleasant dialogue with you. I represent what you in reality. You likely very kind, tender, polite man. not so whether ?
I like to contact to you. You really very interesting men.
I talked yesterday to mum. I have told to mum, that I have got acquainted with you. I have shown to mum, your photos.
My mum has reacted to ours with you dialogue yours faithfully, she has told that you beautiful. Certainly she does not know about what I with you I correspond.
But I am glad that my mum has reacted to ours with you dialogue normally. I have not dared to tell to mum that you live not in Russia.
I do not know why. I have not told to mum about it. I think that it yet it is not necessary to speak. How you consider I have made correctly?
Certainly in the future I necessarily to it will tell that you live not in Russia. But I think it is necessary to wait a little.
I hope that you agree with me. I would like for you to write in day several letters. But, unfortunately, I can not do it!
I can not write you a few emails a day, because I have a lot of work ! But I hope that soon I will not be heavily loaded with my work, and I can write you a few emails a day!
I hope that you understand me and support me. If you have any questions, you ask them to me.
I will be very pleased to answer you your questions. convey greetings to you. in my little video :) I will wait for yours the letter.
As do not forget to send me your photos. To me it will be very pleasant. Yours faithfully Anna!

Letter 4

In the previous letter I have asked for you your phone number. Why you have not given me it? It is not serious from your party. I wish to speak on the phone with you. Therefore give me your phone number. Well?



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