Letter(s) from Anna Kolombina to Brian (Denmark)

Letter 1

I am glad to see your mail and nice photos today! I hope you have a nice day today?
I see that you are really a very good person and our relationship should be developed further.
With every new day I learn more about you, your life and your dreams. And this seems to me wonderful.

I told you earlier that I was married.
Our marriage proceeded within 3 years and then we have divorced.
It's a very sad story, but today I want to tell it to you.
At first I was very happy when we got married with Vladimir.
My former husband's name was Vladimir.
I thought I'll be always happy and we could live together long and joyful life.
We made plans together and we wanted to have children in the future.

But once I began to notice that Vladimir came late from his work and sometimes he even didn't appear at home for night. When I asked him he explained that he had to stay longer at work or spent time with his friends.

I didn't like it and because of that we argued fiercely every day. I understood that it couldn't be continued for a long time and soon our marriage will be destroyed.
I asked him to think about it, but he was not interested in me anymore.
My friends told me that Vladimir cheated me with other women. At first I couldn't believe that, but then I understood that he had other women. I realized that he didn’t love me and he was interested only in sex.

I suffered much about it, but I couldn't do anything. Once I have told him that I gave up on him and I didn't want to live with him anymore. I wanted to divorce from him.
At first he didn't want that, but then we have spoken about it and understood that divorce is the best solution for us and we cannot live together anymore.

I understood that he needed only sex and he has only one desire to find a new girl for that.

I was very angry with him and I had a long deep depression after that.

But now I have a good life and I think little about him.

I don't want to end my life in loneliness and that's why I want to find good relationship.
Perhaps our relations are a good beginning for that...
I don't know... Time will show what will happen with us in the future.

I hope that this history was not boring for you.
Already late here, and it is necessary for me to finish this letter.
I hope, that you will understand my feelings because your words now play very big role for me.
You my good friend, and me are pleasant to know your opinion on me.

I'll wait for your fast reply.