Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Stepanova to Patrick (Australia)
Letter 1
Hi!!! My name is Tatiana. I was interested by your profil. I want a message with you correspondence. I search for the man for the serious relations. My electronic address:
Letter 2
Hi Patrick.
I am happy, that you again to answer to me. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn (find out) about me. I live with together with the mum. At us with the mum the very good attitudes (relations) and she (it) my best friend, assistant. She (it) the most dear (expensive) man for me. I very much to love and to respect her (it). We always with it (her) can find general (common) language. I to think that you are good to understand it. My mother still to not know yet, that we to write each other. I for the present to not know its (her) reaction to all this. But I to think, that she (it) to understand me. I to think, that it (she) all the same should tell all.
Today I to tell it (her) about it. At me is not present from my mum of any secrets. My daddy has thrown my mum when to me there were 6 years. It is very heavy to me about it to recollect. I would give back all, if only the daddy was a number(line). I to not have the computer of a house, therefore I to write to you from a computer class at university. There to work my best girlfriend. I to know her (it) from the childhood. We with it (her) together to grow. I to come to it (her) and there to use the Internet. It is very convenient for me.
At me is much hobbi. In free from work time I to love to carry out (spend) time with the friends. I to love to listen to classical music. Me to like Bethoven and Chaykovski. What music to listen you to? To me to like simply good modern music, which to lift mood. I very much to love be on a nature.
I to love be in a wood and on lake. Me very much to like camping. I to love to float. Each Sunday together with the girlfriend I to go in pool. You to love to float? I very much. I very much to love animals.
By the way I am very good to prepare. My favourite dish is a pie with apples.
It (him) to love all mine native and friends. They speak, that better me nobody can prepare it (him). You are very a pity, that to me can not it (him) try and estimate. I to think, that you it (he) too to like. I very much to love Russian kitchen. I to want to know what dishes to love you? And than you to love to be engaged in free time? What kinds of sports to love you? To me to like to look the large tennis. I to want to learn (find out) more about you. You can to me tell about the life. I shall finish the letter. If you can, send to me still photo. I to hope soon to receive your letter.
Bye Bye Tatiana.
Letter 3
Hi my Patrick! I very much pleasure to your letter. I to want to speak more about myself!
I work in children's polyclinic. My post. The children's doctor, Pediatric. I have finished the Kazan state medical institute by him(it).
S.V.Kurashova, Pediatric faculty.I began the work as the medical sister. But the time goes, and I became the skilled doctor. I sit in the study. We conduct reception of children together.
I and Irina Genadievna. I have worked 5 years by the medical sister and floor of year by the Doctor. Now I the doctor. How many at you the doctor earns of money? I very much to love my work. I sent you a photo. It was accepted in cafe. I want to inform you. Why I search for the man from behind border.
Half a year ago I had a boy-friend. But we interrupted our relations. The reason is alcohol. At the beginning everything was wonderful. But then he began to drink alcohol. If he did it only at holidays I would not be against.
But he drank constantly. I don't know as for your country but in our country the problem of alcoholism is a great problem. At first I thought that only I had such problems with a boy-friend. But I talked with my girl- friends and they told me that they had the same problems. That's why I want to find a friend not from Russia. I don't want to spend my life with an alcoholic.
May be you think that I want an easy life. No, I don't want an easy life. I am not afraid of work. All my short life I work hard. Even when I studied at school I tried to earn the money (smile). During holidays I worked at the post-office and carried post. I don't hesitate of work. The only thing I want is to have a near me a beloved and strong man. WOW I have written. It is very a pity. But I do not have telephone. In Russia not each family in a condition to establish the telephone in an apartment. It is very expensive.
I do not know. As we can speak on the phone. At home at me is present Dog. Its (her) name Palkan. It is the large dog, but very kind. When I To play on the piano she (it) to sing under music. I to play different music. To me To like music of the composers, such as Bah, Shopen, Mocart and Others. My favourite food is sea products, and, also various Fruit salads, but I also can prepare and other dishes. I very much The good cook. In mine free from work time I to go walk in a wood Or on lake, when warm weather. In winter evenings I love laying in Beds to read the romantic books, and also to do (make) of a wool of the ram Sweater and scarfs. I also very much love sports. I to be engaged By gymnastics. Also I to look on Tv football, hockey, basketball. I Is very happy, that I to find you on a site of acquaintances. I always To wait for your new photos and pictures. My city small it (he) to be Near cities Moscow, and still it (he) in 150 kilometers from cities Kazan. I today to go on walk in park. I hope, That you not against. What you will do (make) today? Me interests Each your step. Well? I shall write to you tomorrow. Very much, very much To wait for your letters! It is a lot of, much, kiss also embraces much. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 4
Hello Patrick!
Today at me by target (day off) and I have decided (solved) to you to write. I liked a picture of your new house. He very beautiful. I can speak in English. But to write to me it is difficult. I use a translation program. She to be in the computer.
Yes. I write you the letters from a class at university. I have medical degree. I the Children's doctor. Pediatric. I know. That you are more senior than me. But it not a problem. The man should be more senior the woman. Today we with the mum we shall go to the grandmother. She lives in 50 kilometers from our city in a village. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. There at it (her) a perfect nature and circle of one wood. She will prepare pies which are done (made) in the furnace. They very tasty (delicious) and fragrant. You probably such did not try. Mine the feelings with each letter to you become stronger and more strongly. I talked to the mum concerning ours with you of the attitudes (relations). I spoke her some phrases from your letter and she spoke that you probably honour man and your feelings sincerely under the attitude (relation) to me, but you should not hurry up with acceptance the serious decision, you should understand the feelings. We with you as two climbers which rise in a mountain, only I on the one hand, and you with another and final point is top on which we owe will meet. We should advance to top not looking on obstacles which can will meet on our way, and then at us will be very well with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Whole also Kiss Tatiana.
Letter 5
Hi my Patrick.
I am very glad to receive news from you again and again. I spoke with the grandmother concerning you. My grandmother passes you hi. She is glad for me. That I have met the man of my dream. Àíãëèéñêèÿ language I studied at school. Then at university. At university I was trained 5 years. I sent you a photo. It was accepted at me at home. At me no in the computer of a photo of my mum. I very much love to prepare various tasty meal. I shall prepare to you the most tasty dishes at ours with you meeting. I much to our regret do not have of the brothers. I only have cousin Vika. I very much like to read yours of the letter and they deliver to me a lot of pleasures. With each your letter I begin understand that at us with you can that that will turn out. I already more reflect on ours with you the attitudes (relations) more seriously. My opinion is those, I consider (count) that most important between the man and woman this complete trust, I hate when the people deceive each other. As I consider (count) in what that the moment we of life to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see it too is the important part of the attitude (relation) between the man and woman. You probably think that I the very serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and liking man. At the given moment my feelings to YOU already that more than friendly. to your words I begin to understand that you the honour man. Your words which you write me warm my soul and heart. It so is wonderful when there is in this world a man to which I is not indifferent. It is pleasant to me so to receive from you the letters and feelings which I thus test to not pass by words. I saw Australia on Tv. And I studied Australia at school. Probably on it I shall finish and with the large impatience. I shall wait for your next letter.
Strong I embrace also kiss. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 6
Hi my Patrick!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. It is very a pity. At me no camera. And I do not know. How to send you a photo. I shall find out. That is required to you for trip in Russia. My liked artist Vernatskyiy.
Today to rise early and to do various fruit salads. I to not have a lot of food, I to watch (keep up) the figure and constantly to do not the large jogs after work. I shall be very glad to receive still new your photos. Mine the mum too very much loves to read your letters. I to do their translation on Russian and we together with my mum to read.
I was never married, but very much it to want. It is very pleasant to me to learn (find out) that we by mutual understanding each other, you see it is the very important fact in ours with you the attitudes (relations). If we want to create strong union, we should trust and understand each other in all I feel fine, concerning me can not worry with me that's all right. Today I have received from us at job wages. To you probably will be ridiculous but she has made seventy dollars. Well good we shall not speak about problems which rise on our way. Write to me as it is possible more often, I very much like to read your letters, they install in me any pleasure in life, to believe in that at me somewhere away there is liked a man, the mood at once raises, it would be desirable to live and to believe in that that we when be we shall meet. I shall wait for your answer today. Many times you a kiss and from the bottom of the heart I embrace. You in my heart each minute. On all rest of life yours Tatiana.
My Home address.
Republic Mari-El
City Yoshkar-Ola
Prospekt Lenina street
house 50
Apartment 76
Zaharova Tatiana
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