Scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Ulrich (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello darling this is the photos you i promise to send you and i hope you will like it as well anyway darling i will like to help my mummy and i will be with you when you came back from work darling and i will be happy to be with you in realy so that we can make very in real i love you well darling pls try your best and send me the money so that i can buy the airtime on my internet card so that we can chat very day...i hope to hear from you soon i love you have a good sleep....i love you....byee
Letter 2
Hello Venne this the photos i promise to sent you and i hope you willl try your best and send the money for my food stuff that i can buy them tomorrow okay plsss do this for me darling am serious okay the infor to send me the money....full name...Mavis Tetteh
code......0233 Osu20
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