Scam letter(s) from Nana Buabeny to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello JB it has been like two days now and still have not recieved any email from you....well i hope that all s well and i am encountring some little problems down here.The thing is that my dear beloved mother mother is seriously ill and i am trying real hard to make some money to take care of her and that is one of the reasons why i am not frequently online and that second thing is that i hope that u reply to me this email when u receive it........................Good bye JB hoping to talk to u soon
Letter 2
Thank u for being so understanding JB and i am also praying hard for here and she is sufering from a very terrible illness and i am really working hard to find some money for the doctor s to their job................They asked me to bring some amount of money which i am working reall *******.........Thank u very much JB.....pls try to help me save my mom and also pray for us.
Letter 3
Thank u for being so understanding JB..........but at this stage prayer can not help they are asking for money and i do not have that amount of money to help she is also suffering form cancer and i hope that u were in my shoes to understand what i am talking of.Money is what they demand right now and that is my only worry where to get the money from.........HELP WITH ALL U CAN JB AND THE LORD WILL REPAY................FROM ME ANNA
Letter 4

Here goes JB the hospital is demanding for an amount of a $1000 which i have been able to raise $700 and now i am left with $300 which i am finding hard to to and do anything u can JB i am always in tears and i really do not know what to do no relative to go to help me JB............FROM ME ANNA...............ALWAYS REMEMBER JB THAT LIFE IS PRECIOUS
Letter 5
Hello JB this are the iformations
Name.Nurudeen Yusifu
Zipe Code.00233
Question.Best colour
Answer.White Am hoping to hear from you soon...Email the mtcn when you finish sending the money.Thanks for your help,May God reachly bless you for your suport..hope to hear from you after you finished sending the money bye...
Letter 6
Hello JB u really should not be bothered my the name NURUDEEN that is my dad's name and just send the money and i shall have it........
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