Scam letter(s) from Inna Kurochka to Bertrand (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my Dear! I am Yana!
I am here to find somebody with whom I could walk hand in hand through the life,sharing all joys and difficulties.
If you are still alone and looking for your soul mate, looking for your special woman, i am ready to become your beloved one and make you happy.
I am not looking for fun here, I want to find the man for long-lasting stable relationships. I will be waiting for your message on my e-mail address: Will wait!
Letter 2
Hello Bertrand! Nice to meet you here and thank you for your message! Hope that it is the start of our friendship and further communication on more developed levels! ))) So, I will tell you a bit about myself that you have an imagination what a person I am and what I'm doing here! I'm from Ukraine, from little town Antracit, maybe you have heard?! I'm 27 years old now and I want to tell you at once that I do not care about the age difference at all! I think that for being happy age is not a problem,especially now when nobody pay attention any more on couples with big difference like it was in the past, the most important that two people feel themselves comfort with each other,right? I finished the Pedagogical University and by my profession I'm a logopedist and work in the kindergarten! The profession is not well-paid and I need to tell you very difficult, but I adore children and the understanding that I help them to become grown up is satisfied me very much! You know, usually people who do not know me at all do not believe that I'm really working with children because of my appearance but appearance is not the most important in any person and I'm sure in this! I just think that every woman must stay woman in any situation!))))) I think that you have a question now why I decided to put my profile on the dating site and moreover on the dating site for foreigners,yes?
Well, I know that men abroad have another value of life then our men!
There are a lot of pretty women in Ukraine and Russia so men here forgot what does mean to be a man, they do not afraid to stay alone and do not care a lot about their relations and I want to have another life! I want to love and be loved and moreover I want that my man respect me and be very happy that I'm near him! I hope that it will work! I heard a lot of stories when man and woman from two different countries meet and then live happily till the end of their lifes! I believe in this! What else I can tell you about myself, I'm very positive person! I like to smile and make presents for my parents and friends and see their happy eyes! I adore spend time on the open air and have active rest! I'm very open and honest person and hope to find someone like me! Bertrand, as for your questions, I have never been married and I do not have children! As for your address, I found it on one of the dating site but to tell you the truth, I will not remember now where exactly as I put my profile on some different sites! As for the questions, whether I want to come to Belgium, why not one day! Ok, I think that I need to end here! Hope to hear from you soon!
Take care!
Letter 3
Hello Bertrand! Thank you very much for your answer! You was very quick with it, I even did not except that it would be so fast! I'm so sorry that I made you wait a bit for my answer! Bertrand, by the way, I wrote in my previous letter that I'm living in Ukraine and not in Russia so why you all the time writing about Russia? Russian is not Ukraine! Bertrand, I want to tell you more about myself and everything what is happening in my life! I'm already 27 years old so of course, I had relations before but they just did not work! When I studied I gave all myself to the study so I did not have time for serious datings and so on, when I finished the University, I met a man and we started date and then we tried to live together and I thought that I found my second half but after some time I knew that he is still married and have children and I understood that I can not be the reason of his divorce! I just ended all relations at once because I did not want that his children hate me for the end of their life and blame me that it was me who destroyed their family! After this I was very cautious when I met new men and maybe this also prevented me to meet the man with whom I will be able to create a real family so that is why I still alone! Nowadays a lot of people get acquainted in the Internet so I decided that I also can try this,why not?! Maybe I'm still alone because my man is waiting for me outside of my country, who knows! Bertrand,I want to tell you that I do not use any translator as I can speak English pretty well! I studied English in University and it is just like my hobby to learn foreign languages! Bertrand, I also want to tell you that I can be late a bit with my answerers as I just do not have computer at home still and use computer at work so that is why it is not every day possible for me to open my e-mail box! I hope that this will not be a big problem,yes?!As for communication in chats, I do not have computer at home, I use it at work when I have free time so for me it is practically impossible to sit in chats! I have Skype account but I also open it very rare as just really do not have such possibility to spend a lot of time in the Internet, whether it is a problem for you? I will be able to give you my mobile number if you want to communicate more privately and oftener, do you want? Ok, dear Bertrand, I will end here and will wait new letters from you!
Have nice day and take care!
Letter 4

Hello dear Bertrand! How are you doing today? I hope that you are fine and everything is ok with you! How is the weather there? Here is not so cold like last days, just snowing all the time and it is every difficult already to go along the streets! Bertrand, thank you very much for your letter and everything what you wrote me about yourself! Thank you very much for your photos, I hope that you will continue to send me them,ok? I'd try to tell you what I like in this life and maybe it will open me for you from some other side! I like white chocolate, soft toys like teddy bears,all flowers! I prefer black tea to all other hot drinks! I like to wake up early when everybody is sleeping and make a breakfast, I adore to watch up the dawn of the sun, I like nice spring wind and warm rain in summer, I like to sit with my friends and just chatting about different things, I like to play with the kinds and hope that I will have mine one day! I do not like when people laying and pretending, I think that better bitter truth then sugary lie,I do not like to be in a hurry, I hate to be late and I do not like untidy women, I think that woman all the time must be woman in any case! I hope that this information will help you to understand me more, what a person I am! I do no know what else to tell you because you did not ask me anything! Now your turn, try to tell me yourself what makes you to be happy, to smile and what makes you feels sad! What is happiness for you and how do you see yourself in 5 years? Ok? Bertrand, thank you very much for your mobile number! My mobile number is - +380957179678! Will be very happy to hear your voice! I will not be able to call you because it is too expensive for me but I will be very happy if you call me! I at once want to tell you when it will be possible for me to speak with you without any problems! I'm working from 9 A.M. till 6 P.M.! Then I need about 30 minutes to come home after work by bus! On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to gym and my trainings start at 8 P.M. and end at 9 P.M. and I'm at home at 9:30 P.M.! So you can see that when I'm in bus and when I'm in the gym, it will be impossible for me to speak with you and during all another time I will be very happy to hear you and speak with you! I go to bed around 11 P.M.! And please, do not forget about the time difference between our countries,ok?! I have never been married and I do not have children! As for my family, well, I have very simple family! I have father and younger sister, I'm still living with them! My sister is studying now and my father works on the factory! You see, nothing special! Ok,dear Bertrand, I need to end here and hope to hear from you soon!
Have nice day and take care! Yana
Letter 5
Hello dear Bertrand! How are you doing? How is everything with you? I hope that you are fine and everything is ok with you there! Thank you very much for your letter and for your photos! Bertrand,can I also ask you to send me some your photos where you are with your friends, with colleagues, your family? Just want to see how you are living there and how is everything in your country! Of course, I can see the pictures of your country and your city in the Internet but it is not the same like if I look in your photos,ok?! Bertrand, I'm so sorry that I again made you wait for my letter but you know my problem with the Internet and with the absence of the computer at home! Hope that you do not offend on me because of this! As for me, everything is ok and I feel myself fine! The weather here is improving now but according to the weather forecast, it will be cold again in some days! Now snow is melting and if tomorrow will be a frost again then our town will be like one big skating-rink! Bertrand, I gave you correct number and I saw your missed call! I'm so sorry that I missed them, I just was in the kitchen, I was cooking and just did not hear my phone but I promise you that I will be more attentive next time and will take my phone all the time with me,ok? Bertrand, you asked me about my other hobbies but to tell you the truth, I just do not have a lot of spare time for doing something so right now I just go to the gym 2-3 times per week and also I wrote you that I'm studying foreign languages like my hobby and now I'm trying to learn French! Bertrand, thank you very much for your honesty and I appreciate this very much! Bertrand, I want to tell you that it is not a problem and we will overcome this,so do not worry about this at all and do not think that because of this I decide to stop our communication,ok? I need to end here and hope to hear from you soon!
Kiss you and take care!
Letter 6
Hello Bertrand! Thank you very much for your next letter! How are you doing now? How is everything with you there? I hope that you are fine and everything is ok! How is the weather there now? Here is still cold and I think that spring just forgot about us! Bertrand, thank you that you told me more about your family and your past! I appreciate this very much! Honey, you are writing about such feelings from your side but honey, whether it is possible after some letters and some photos? Moreover that I have only three of you? Honey,I understand that you do not have a lot of photos like all men but honey, we are communicating with you via letters and you do not send me any your photos then how we will develop in our communication? I'm a bit astonished with everything what you wrote to me, do you want me invite to come to your country or what? I just a bit did not understand! Ok, dear, I have a lot of work today so I'm ending here my letter and will wait for your answer! Yana
Letter 7
Hello dear Bertrand! How are you doing today? I hope that you have a wonderful morning and that all your day will be bright and pleasant! Of course, if I'm with you, I wake up earlier and prepare for you wonderful coffee, like I make something to my father, I'm sure that you will like it! I hope that I will have such possibility soon! Thank you very much for all your compliments in every your letter! You even don't know what a pleasure for me to read your letter and tender words about being together! I see that even the distance is not a problem for us! We have never met with you in reality but I know that you are very kind and honest man! I feel that we have a lot of common with you,that's why it's so easy for me to write to you and to communicate with you! I feel that we met in our previous lifes and maybe we were even close friends because when I write letter to you I think that I even know what you will answer me!It's very interesting, isn't it? I think that it's great when you have such feeling! Tell me, do you have the same feeling about me? Honey, you are very interesting man and it's just a pleasure to speak with you and discuss different themes! Honey, I think that you are a very romantic person, am I right? You know, I just feel this! All women have the 6 feeling and we are feel romantic in everything! You maybe start to laugh reading this my letter but it's my thoughts and it's what I feel reading you letters! Ok, Bertrand, I understand you, you are already ready to organize out meeting and see how everything will go after this, right? So you invited me, right? Ok, I understand and I can know everything about coming to your country and what I need to do,right? Today is Saturday so I will try to receive some information next week,ok? Thank you very much for your new photos, even if you do not understand for what I need them! Have nice weekend and take care,dear!
Kiss you,
Letter 8
Hello dear Bertrand! How are you doing right now,dear? I hope that you are fine and everything is ok with you! How is the weather right now there? I hope that it is not cold any more! Here it is still winter and I think that weather will not changed till April! Usually March is cold every year! Bertrand, thank you very much for all your compliments and everything what you wrote about me and about us! It is very pleasant to read such sentences! I hope that you really feel all this! Bertrand, you wrote so many sweet and warm words about me, about us! When I read your letter, I all the time smiled as the letter is so bright and positive that I just could not hide my smile! Thank you for this! I see that you are very open with me and I appreciate this a lot! You showed me your feelings and what you have in your heart and your soul so I want to follow your example and do the same! Bertrand, I like you very much and I like everything in you so this also makes me a bit afraid! It is not possible that person will be ideal or ideally suits you and this makes my my thoughts work in wrong way! I'm a bit afraid that maybe you are writing in such a way to a lot of other women and I'm not just a special person for you! It happens sometimes and I know this so when I read your letter I was very happy but in the same time, a bit suspicious! I all the time think that maybe it is just a trick?! I will fall in love and then it appears that everything is not so bright and wonderful like I painted for myself! I'm really afraid of this very much! I told you about my past and I thought that I know the person very good but the time showed me that I was completely wrong in everything so I'm really afraid about this right now! I'm starting to feel to you something very special and this scares me a lot! I know that I need to live and do not turn around all the time to the past but my past experience tells me that this time I need to be very careful and I hope that you will understand this! I really hope that you are not playing! Honey, as for the trip, I was in the travel agency and asked what I need to do for coming to Belgium! I was told that I need to open a visa to your country! Girl in the travel agency told me, that is not difficult if I go to your country like simple tourist and it will be not any problems if I just buy the travel trip to your country and they will open for me touristic visa! Honey, I asked how much all this cots and when she told me approximate price, I became a bit sad! I have savings but it will be not enough for everything so right now I need to ask you, it will be ok for you to help me a bit with this trip? Bertrand, I wrote you everything what is important for us now and want to thank you for new photos and for the song which you wrote for me! I was astonished that you wrote this yourself! None in my life writes music for me! Thank you very mush, I like very much and I appreciate this very much! I need to end here and continue my work!
Have nice day!
Kiss you,
Letter 9
Hello Bertrand! Honey, what have happened with you? Dear, I do not understand what I wrote wrong that you started to think in such a way about me? Honey, I just decided to tell you what I have in my head and to share with you my fears, whether this mean that I do not want to communicate with you any more? I wrote you that I like you but because of sad past, I became cautious and I know that it is not your problem at all but I thought that you appreciate that I told you everything! Honey, we have never seen each other and we know each other not so long time, so honey, why it is strange that I'm a bit scared to let new love come in to my heart? Bertrand, I understood all your problems with having children and I react on this normally and I told you that it is very good that you are so open with me and that I appreciate this very much so why now when I told you what I have in my head, you took everything so negatively? In what way I broke your heart? We even have never met with you yet so how can I break your heart? For what you sent me these copies of Western Union? How this is connected with me? Bertrand, honey, I do not understand anything! I tried to tell you that right now I started to feel to you something more then simple friendship and you answered in such a way to me? For what? What I have done that you became so cruel? Yana
Letter 10
Hello Bertrand! Dear, can you tell me, when I ask you to send me money? When I wrote you about the trip and when I told you that I have savings but it will be not enough for everything, I thought that maybe you will suggest to book tickets for me or something like that, I did not mean that you need to send me any more! I know that you have very sad past in the Internet and I also have sad experience with the men before but I'm not comparing you with them! I did not ask you for any money and I do not need any penny from you! It is very sad that you have at once such thoughts in your head! I wrote that I will pay for the trip myself and I was waiting that maybe you would tell me that you will help me with the hotel or something like this and you even did not ask me, at once decide that I'm like all women in the Internet! Thank you very much for your comparison! Yana
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