Scam letter(s) from Julia Platunova to Joerg (Germany)

Letter 1

hello ,my gentile friend ,I very pleased to get your letter . forgive;pardon me please that long not to write you , since I have plenty of occupations and many lecture and not to can absolutely to write you . presently when I find the free minute I immediately come to internet cafe to write you. you seriously ask me on cause of my arrival to me? after all this for me much it is important and seriously , since this very resolute step in my lifes . on my we not much well hear each other to meet though you probably comply with me that no 100000 letters not to change meeting , when we will look to each other in eye and tenderly kiss each other and then all will understandable ,what beside us with you feeling , understand , my nice arrive to you me to be needed the enormous amount of the money , since I student and my parents me not iaaia?eaaou and I live on its scholarship . I certainly can without problems to prepare all documents and arrive to you , but I think that if you want to see me beside naau , you help me to pay my trip to you? that you think about this? after all me it is necessary to do my passport ,do visa to you and buy ticket there about back to you , but this plenty of for me if I have an earnings , then I can without problems to arrive to you and pay for my journey to you itself , but I only learn and soon wake;arise write defensive diploma . so if you seriously solve to invite me to itself , then write me in its following letter answer to my question , I shall much wait , litter I pray for you , have a beautiful day and write me much soon , sincerely marina
Letter 2

hello my dear friend . Thank you very much for your responding to my soul's call. You know, I have never communicated through the Internet, it is my first experience in this way. There was a dilemma in front of myself, like in Shakespeare's tragedy: "Be or not to be. That is the question." I decided to try and I didn't make a mistake. I also know that it is only the first step in a long term (I hope so) relationship. In a word, the attitudes are very important for me, I don't play people's feelings and lifes. As far as I am concerned, the strong friendship and real love is a pledge of all my life. We know each other not much time, but I think that two hearts which are looking for the real affairs can find each other in this lost world... The sun is shining and a bright ray is touching my heart. After a long solitude, it begins again to furnish wonderful and deep feelings and emotions. I think that the serious attitudes are the main things in this life. I want to find very much a strong man's shoulder, which I had not. My soul and my heart are too tired to be in loneliness and emptiness. I hope you will help me to disperse the clouds over my head. As for the qualities of human being, I appreciate the honesty, sincerity, kindness. All these qualities are glimmering in my heart and I want to give them to that man who would value it, hope it will be you. I want to tell you about myself. Not to bit about the bush I'll start by saying that I was born in a perfect family. All the members of my family are my dearest and nearest they will help me in different difficult situations. My family is rather small than big. There are four of us: my father, brother, mum and I. My mum is a teacher in the college. My father is a taxi driver. My brother studies in the school. We spend together a lot of our free time, of course, if we have it. My family is very friendly. But my family is not so ideal as you think. You see every family has its own problems and my family as well. I am not a little girl already that's why I want to build my own family. I wish you were a person whom I need. I think that the most important thing in relationship is mutual understanding and friendship. That's why I hope that you share my opinion. Volgsk is my native town. I was born and have been living here all my life. It is situated on the banks of river Volgsk that's why the city has such name. I can tell that it is not very big but rather attractive with charming streets and parks, museums and theatre, monuments and memorials. When I walk along these parks and streets I can't help imagining how we would walk along with a holding hands, you would hear pulsation of my heart. You see it's only my dream but everything in your hands. And who knows may be soon my dream come true. I think we will have a good time as we have each other and we will have no time for boring. As every person I have my own interests. One of the most favorite is sport. I am fond of running and doing special exercises in the morning. I like it because it doesn't take much time and also it helps me to be in a good form. Thank to this kind of sport I am in high spirits all day long. It's not my only interest. I enjoy reading interesting books. I can spend hours reading poetry. Sometime I go to the disco-clubs. I prefer the House, Rock, Pop music. If you are still reading, then I hope that you are interesting in me as a woman and friend. In the next letters you can ask me whatever you wish, I will tell you everything you want. I want to ask you to tell me about yourself, about your habits, interests, life. We need to know each other better for the building of a strong attitudes. Please, send me your another photo, I want to see your wonderful eyes, to enjoy your smile. I give you my photo to have an opportunity to feel my presence near you. I want to continue our lettering very much and burn a light in our hearts. I am waiting for your letter impatiently. Sincerely yours, Marina
Letter 3

Greetings my friend. I to want to be sorry what for a long time to not write to you, it to occur to that I to pass now last examinations, and to be very much borrowed , I shall be very glad if you to write to me once again and to tell about yourself more more in detail. I shall wait your mail, write to me soon. Marina
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