Scam Letter(s) from Nicole Williams to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Michael, the truth is that this is me, first I used my real pictures to make it there and had all chances not working thence used the pic of Brandi just to conceal myself, I have tried all means to make it work.. I was listed on that site stop and I had to use Brandi pic as I knew u might find my pics on there... Now I am being truthful to you.. That's me.. And I can't do anything about it.. Hold me just like I am and help me.. No matter what I am still me and one day one who care much about me will have me.. I am glad you know me now.. The. Devil you know is better than the angel you don't know me.. You know me now.. Am not going to waste your funds please accept me whoever I am

Letter 2

All these troubles are what I have got to myself its not you.. It's me.. I have always wasted my time.. I feel so bad losing you and same time knowing I owe u.. So bad



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