Scam letter(s) from Mirabel Kumah to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello Dear my name is Precious. I'm tall and nice looking girl i saw your profile today, then i decided to drop you some words just to say hello and how is your days, i will like to know more about you, and also i will like to tell you about me,also Sheree pictures together, my email id is ( waiting for your reply in my email, thanks yours Precious., (
Letter 2
Hi dearest one, How you are today together with your work, hope fine. I am more than happy in your reply to my mail. I believe this is a good beginning of a long term friendship, well I thank God for keeping me till this moment here in Senegal. My name is Precious Yaya, 23 yrs old young girl from Republic of Ivory Coast in West Africa, and presently I am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was faught in my country, please don't be discouraged for hearing this. My late father Dr. Donald Yaya was one of the high officer in my country, and he was unlucky to be among those that were killed by the rebel, on that fateful day I was just like a person whose life has finished on this earth seeing my father and pregnant mother being killed in a minute. In fact, I don't like telling this story because it causes me a lot of pain and sorrow all the day. It was only me who is alive now and I managed to make out my way to a nearby country Senegal where I am living now. I have much to tell you. However I want to know if you can help me smile again. To help me become somebody in the society, to give me a better life, something has been bothering me and I have kept it to myself because I am afraid to disclose it to anyone. I am afraid of betrayal. I am afraid someone might take advantage of me. I have been praying to God to give me someone who will not betray my trust and confidence, someone who will not cheat and deceive me, I am very much afraid. hope you will promise me that you will stand for me as a friend indeed, a good samaritan. Meanwhile, I would like to know more about you, your likes and dislikes, hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about me in my next mail. Attached here are my picture, I will also like to see yours.Thanks. I hope to hear from you soonest. Yours truly
Letter 3
Good Morning my dearest lovely one, I am so much happy to read from you. Thank you so much for your mail of consoling. Meanwhile, how are you doing over there, including your business? hope everything is moving well. As for me i am fine and very happy to hear from you. But honestly dear, life has been so tough for me over here in the camp. I have been under pains and sorrow and i pray that God will see me out from here very soon and i believed that you are the one whom he have sent to wipe away my tears. In this camp people are dying out of hunger, sickness and over thinking, we don't see food to eat, i grow hunger every day, i don't even have cloth to put on as a woman, please i need your help for survival, help me with some food if you really cares. Darling, i have suffered so much in this refugee camp and i will be very much happy if you can help me to come over to your country to meet you, i am very much ready and willing to come if you can help me, But my problem is that i don't have any international passport, i did not come to this place with any passport due to the ongoing war in my country, I was brought here by the help of the United Nation Peace Keeping when i was running for my dear life. Please darling help me, i am ready to share my love with you and i will love to see you face to face. I want to declare for now and for ever more that i am deeply and passionately in love with you, you are the light in my life and the only star in my personal love life. Let's be together forever. I have suffered so much and i want to have my freedom please help me and i will show you my forever love. Thank you my dear love. and i pray that as you help an orphan and a helpless girl like me, God will definitely reward you in abundance and make a way where there is no way for you and your entire home. I will stop here to wait for your positive and good responds. Yours in love
Letter 4

Good evening darling, It's my pleasure to received your response, I'm glad you wrote back. Meanwhile, Here i am fine with all happiness hope to be meeting with you soon for a better life together. I was able to inquire from the Rev father here regarding my traveling documents to your country. I shall get my international passport from here and other needful documents, and the estimated cost is (US$270). Please darling i will appreciate if you help me with this money so that i can get all my needful traveling document to your country soon, and once i get these,i n less than one week according to Rev father, i shall be there with you, and there is one thing i will always promise you, i will never let you down, i will love you for ever and be submissive to you all my life. Honey i need you in my life and i want to live the rest of my life with you. I will do everything at my reach to love you always. in you i rest my hope upon now and every hope is lost without you, how can i live to remain in this type of situation please help me in any possible way to send this money for my traveling documents. God will surely reward and Provide for you as you help an orphan like me.
The Rev father gave me his name here below which you will use in sending the money over to me today through western union money transfer. Name:.............Rev. Christ Mark
Address: ........No 35 yorf Dakar Senegal
Country:.........Dakar Senegal
Question:........For what?
Answer:..........For feeding Please inform me as you make the payment with the payment details, so that the Rev will go and pick the money for me at the western union agency here and i will go with him at the immigration office to pay the charge so that they will start processing my passport and other needful documents for my soon coming over to meet with you. Please i will be waiting your positive response as you make the payment today. Thank you and may God richly bless you, have a nice and wonderful week
Your truly in love
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