Scam letter(s) from Angelina Kosenko to William (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Billy,
I really like your way of life and your daily habits and hobbies, As for my daily habits i never start a day without breakfast because this is the most important meal in a day and it gives energy for the whole day, I look after my figure but I never refuse myself in eating something sweet and tasty, I adore sweets))) i used to morning gymnastics every day and I sleep ***** at night, I like when my bodyis free under the blanket)
Last night I saw you in my dream... I know this is because I thought about you all the evening, because i wait for your letters every day, and i don't understand why such a short period of our acquaintance made me so close to you. I haven't even seen you. But I feel inside that our friendship is going to be something much more serious... I saw you as in real life so close and so dear.. we had our first kiss, it was so sweet and so tender that when i woke up i felt it on my lips. I was so sad to wake up... because in reality I have you only by letters.
Now I dream how much passion and love I could give you if you were near me. I know may be I am looking ****** now, but I don't want to imagine any other guy near me. You awoken in me all my female sensations and if you and I, every thing between us are only a dream or my fantasy, i really don't want this reality, where I am all alone. i know you are from different country, and still we need a lot of time to understand and know each other but my desperate soul is eager to be only with you... i am not a princess and i am not ideal like everybody in this world, but for you i can do even impossible, I can be your dream woman...
Your Angelina.
Letter 2
Hello dear Billy ,
Nice to hear from you again. Today I have a lovely mood and this is really a pleasure to share it with you. When i woke up in the morning I felt something special in my heart and something whispered me that i am not alone any more. I have a wonderful friend, and I am happy that you appeared in my life. I don't know where this relations willl ead us but at the moment I feel delight in my soul and I really hope that you have the same feeling. I adore your smile!
That's really great that you have children) This is a deed of a real man to take care about a children no matter whether you live with their mother or not. I uphold this idea of yours and I will never mind of you taking care about your children. You act like a real man! I want you to know everything about me. My friends consider me very funny. They always say that one will never get bored with me as I like to tell jokes and funny stories when we gather together. And they also say that I have good organization skills. When we meet we organize different parties, for example last month we had Latina party. Or sometimes we have karaoke tournaments. But don't think that I am a party girl. I don't like noisy night clubs with smoking and alcohol. I lead a healthy way of life and i consider it's better organize something interesting at home with friends or going on picnic and enjoy nature.
I adore cooking and always treat my friends with something tasty. I also adore belly dancing, but here there isn't too many possibilities to go in for this kind of dances professionally. So this is my life, of course even having many friends I dream to change my life. To be an exemplary wife, who cares about her husband making special breakfasts for him in the morning, meeting him after work with hot supper, giving him all my tenderness, passion and sexuality at night.
I know that nobody is perfect and I know for sure that looking for disadvantages in person you will never build firm relations. I think that people should take each other the way they are, sometimes be ready for some compromises. I think the task of every woman is to keep harmony in relations and keep the fire of love and passion. She should be a good support and home front for her husband. i totally agree with famous saying: Behind every great man there's a great woman.)
Dear Billy , i tried to describe you not only my character but also my inner world because I want you to know what kind of person I am, to feel me and understand my soul)
Your Angelina
Letter 3
Dear Mr. William,
This is a notification to let you know that the lady Angelina Kosenko is not in the condition to cover her translation fees. Your last letter can not be translated to her but it will be automatically saved in her mail box and will be translated to her when her translating account is refreshed. Miss Angelina apologizes that she had no possibility to inform you about this situation.
If you wish to assist your lady in covering the translation fees you are welcome to our service. We can send you our price list and the ways of payment.
Miss Angelina has true interest in you and does not want to stop communication with you and she truly hopes that you will care about her, as she really believes in the seriousness of your relations.
Sincerely yours,
Chief managerTopTrans company,
Anna Wolfowich.
Letter 4

Dear Mr. William,
Thank you for your letter. Here are the conditions of our service: you can refresh the account with any sum you can and it will be used according to our price terms.
Each letter translation costs 5 USD. If you want include pictures scanning a photo costs 2 USD and printing a photo costs 3 USD.
At your disposal there are also some packages for more comfortable communication with your lady.. According to these packages you can use any amount of letters and pictures during the period of the package you choose.
100 USD for 2 weeks of translations
200 USD for a month of translations
Methods of payment:
the money can be sent through Western Union and Money gram transfer systems. For this you should know full name and address of your lady:
Angelina Kosenko, 72000, Ukraine, Zaporozhye region , Mihailovka town, Lenina street, 8.
The payment through Western Union can also be done on-line:
After the transfer you should send us the reference number in order Miss Angelina can get the money. After she puts money on her account our service will be available for her and we will translate your letters.
Sincerely yours,
Chief manager
TopTrans company,
Anna Wolfowich
Address: 72002, Ukraine, Zaporozhye region , Mihailovka town, Leninastreet, 21.Tel: +380957154062.
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