Scam letter(s) from Teresa W. Williams to Roderick (Scotland)

Letter 1
Hello ,
I am Teresa by name , i am new to the internet and i am just searching through the profile and i come accross your pics , you are looking good and that's why i use this opportunity to send you message , i am a simple woman with a good and honest heart , single and searching for the right and loving man for me , if you are interested you can email me on ( I am really new here and if you send me a message then i can surely reply with my pics I will look forward reading from you in my email ..
Letter 2
Hello Rod,
I am glad to read back from you and i will love to see your pics as mine is attached for you , i never knew why you do not have someone already well maybe we are destined to meet anyway let's get to know each other more better . As you know i am Teresa 34 years originally from South africa but and distance is nothing to me and it is not a problem cos i am ready to relocate with the right and loving man for me wherever he might be in the world , i joined the internet yesterday and i met you this makes me happy that i find someone .
I have been let down and been hurt so bad in my past and i have been all alone for 2 years now without a man because i do not want a player or someone who will play head games with me and hurt me at last , i am one man woman and i want one man and i want to be happy with him , i want someone which we can plan for our lives together and i am a kind of woman who can show my love in public like kissing and holding each other in arms , i hope you can cope , tell me what you do for a living ? for me i am working in an Manufacturing company of clothes here in South africa and i am in the sales department .I also belief in 50/50 when it comes to a relationship cos i am an hard working woman and ready to work so hard with my man and then we can pay the bills and take care of the family together .
I would love to ask you this question tell me about your past relationship? and have you ever been married with kids? Are you a type of person who keep friends ? and what do you like to do in your spare time ? and tell me more about what you do for a living , do you enjoy doing it? tell me what do you really want in life with a woman ? Do you belief in 50/50 when it comes to a relationship ? What are your goals and plan for the future with the right woman for you , Do you like surprises ??? I am a woman who like surprises and i have always in my life dreamed to be one and i think right now that we found each other emailing each other then who knows it might work but anyway i want be a surprise to my man and his friends and family when we meet so i would not like you to tell anyone about me until we really meet for real if this really works out then i can be the big surprise i have been dreaming of..All i wanted from a relationship is HAPPINESS ,CARING , 100% LOVE FROM MY MAN WHICH I AM READY TO GIVE BACK , CUDDLING , SHOWING OUR LOVE ANYWHERE WE FIND OURSELF AND BEING THERE FOR EACH OTHER ANYTIME ..
I'll look forward reading from you again ..
Teresa xxxxxxxxx
Letter 3
Hello Rod ,
How are you doing and it's so nice to read from you , and thanks so much for your comment about my pictures and yes i haven't find the true man yet because i was hurt in my past which make me stay alone for 3 years without a man in my life but right now i am looking for a man who will love me again and make me happy forever and i still belief there's a man out there for me . I hope the distance is not a problem with you cos as for me the right one for us might be anywhere in the world and i am ready to relocate with the right man for me wherever he might be in the world , i am looking for an old matured man that will love me and we can spend the rest of our lives together , i am not looking for a young man because i was hurt by my young ex caught him with another woman so now i really want someone older and matured at heart to love me forever till death do us apart and i am one man woman so i want one woman man . I am so sorry to hear about your wife that's sad , in my spare time i love reading and also sitting at the park watch people moving up and down and i love going to the cinema but it's not really good going all alone so i stopped already maybe we could go together someday holding each other in arms and not letting go , i love to show my love in public and express my feelings in public like kissing and holding hands to have a nice walk together .. I have been dreaming to be a great surprise someday and i said to myself when i find my man i would not like him to tell anyone about us until we are finally together then i can be a great surprise to people around him and family . Yes Rod you have answered my questions which is so nice of you but you have to tell me in details more about the kind of woman you want maybe we have the same thing in common well reading my email you would have know the kind of man that i am looking for . Will look forward reading from you again . Teresa **
Letter 4

Hello Rod, Thank you for your message and its nice to read from you and yes you are older than me but age is not a problem with me but a number but the most important thing i seek for is real love that will last forever and ever and moreoever i have been hurt alot by young guys and dont want that to happen to me again and all i want right now is to meet the man that we can both be serious with each other and about the distance, I think long distance make us to know each other and see if we can both work things out and if we do then we meet for real and i have been to UK before and can come anytime and i dont want you to think i am seeking for a rich man cos i am someone who believe in working to support my man in all way of life cos i believe in couples supporting each other in all way of life...I hope you understand me and am telling you that i am not young at all cos i am matured... Teresa ** x
Letter 5
Hello Rod ,
How are you doing , and thanks for writing me again and no replying you from work is not a problem cos i do that in my free time at work . My eyes color are brown and i stay in a Bachelor house just me alone so boring and i am working and living in Pretoria South africa .
It's not a problem you can ask me anything that you need to know more about me .. Actually i prefer replying my email to you from work because my computer at home is an old computer and the only thing i can do is check and reply my email from it . Thanks so much for your compliment and i am flattered , for now i do not have more pictures due to work which has always been making me busy . I like your pic you look cool and gentle to me and my pics i sent to you are recent and also i belief i am getting older and really need a man to spend the rest of my life with .
I am on my way home from work , will check my email when im home and reply again ..
Teresa **
Letter 6
Hello Rod,
I am glad to read from you this morning ,i have been having headache all night and alot is going on my mind at the moment .Today was suppose to be the day i got all the Document for my inheritance but the Government asked me to pay for Documentation which i haven't got , this is really worrying my life and affecting my life right now .. I would have just live the inheritance with the Government but this was why i lost my parent when it was seize from them and that's what lead to their death and i promised them i will get it back from the Government and it's a inheritance worth 3million pounds . Last night i was really thinking in my heart if i should see anyone who could help me out and stand by me then i am going to compensate such person with at least 400,000 pounds .
The Documentation fee i was suppose to pay is 7000 pounds , is there anyway you can help me with this cos even before i come to the Uk to you i still have to finish this processing ...This is my life and i don't want you to doubt me on this Rod , if you think you can't help me just tell me rather than calling me names cos i have thought of everything that you might call me names which are not mine but i just have to be opened with you and if you can see my reply in my email .
Teresa xxxx .
Letter 7
Hello Rod ,
It was so nice to read from you , and also dear i really need this help from the debt of my heart and if you can think about this and help me i will be so glad and i am ready to offer a compensation because it really worth it , i just need the money to get the document from the Government .
Teresa xxxx
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