Name: Linda Robbert
Age: 30
Name: Alla Dergach
Age: 34
Name: Cindy Musser
Age: 28
Name: Lubov Chikmeneva
Age: 27
Name: Tammy Yakaba
Age: 23
Name: Natalia Saveleva
Age: 30
Name: Ksenia Vshivtseva
Age: 28
Name: Julia Mihalyowa
Age: 30
Name: Natalia Krasulya
Age: 28
Name: Aizhan
Age: 28
Name: Joy
Age: 28
Name: Natalia Toisheva
Age: 26
Name: Marta
Age: 36
Name: Daria
Age: 30
Name: Diana Thomas
Age: 27

Scam letter(s) from Kathleen Irene Love to GJ (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Darling, Good morning and I'm glad you like the pictures. I'm really missing you and cant wait to talk to you. I'm at work now and really dont have much to do at the moment. Kathleen.
Letter 2
I'm having a problem with the connection at work, but the engineer are working on it and should be back on a a few
Letter 3
Hello baby,
I will be going to bed shortly, Just want to give you the details you asked for. The hotel info is Deira palace hotel and suites, I really dont know the address of any western union close to the hotel, So I'll just have to use any location to pick up the funds. Baby, I told you I lost some vitals documents in my bag today and its so sad your bringing it up again. I will get the hotel front desk number for you in the mornijng. You really have nothing to scare about, As I'll always be here and I'll prove to you its worth it.
I will wait a little while before heading to bed, I'm having a slight headache cos I cried so much today. I really don't want to see myself in that position again. Love you and we will both smile at the end. Kathleen.
Letter 4

Here is the details for the transfer Account name: Jon P. Whipple
Account holder address: 2700 11th St N , St Petersburg , Florida 33704 .
Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Bank Address: 9655 4th street north, St Petersburg ,Florida 33702
Bank phone number: 727-892-7409
Account Number: 5816641384
Routing number: 121000248
Letter 5
Okay dear, pls once you check and its there, Kindly do the transfer at once then you scan me the slip. I believe you still got the info for the transfer if not, I will send it to your work and home email so you can have it. Thanks. ACCOUNT NAME: MOON WAVE CARGO LLC
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 101 44494964
IBAN NO: AE600260001014449496401
BANK ADDRESS: Jumeira Road
P.O. Box 777
Dubai, UAE
BANK PHONE NUMBER: +971 800456
Letter 6
Guy, How are you. This is really unfair what you are doing. I haven't heard from you and you know I have things to take are of here with the funds, It wont take you anything to write me a message to let me know what is going on. Pls get back to me soon and I need my funds to take care of bills. Thanks
Letter 7
Well, Thats good to know that my funds are available. But dont you think I also deserve to ask you all this before I trusted you with my funds, I just believe you think you can hold on to my funds and suffer me here. And now you are telling me all this stories, Well this is what you want, SSN :205-44-275X and pls I need my funds to be transfered first thing in the morning. And thanks for everything you have done and for all the delays, But I will be honest with you, I really can't see you. Hope to hear from you soon.
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