Scam letter(s) from Julia White to Kenny (UK)

Letter 1
Hi again Kenny,
How are you doing at the moment? I trust that you are doing great and thanks for sharing little about yourself I want you to know a heart has a million stories and i will be happy if you can be my last and final sound more mature and responsible,let see where this will lead to and i will know if you may be the right person for me in future,i know you would be a lot curious about our distance but i will be back home next weekend..more over, if someone really want something serious,nothing is impossible: so on the end I would like tell you that distance is nothing, love is what counts. i want to tell you that all that matters a lot in life,in every relationship is trust, kindness, loving, caring, honest,understanding,self control,patience,easygoing and truth fullness.that is what that matters a lot in life age is just a number and to me distance make relationship strong and help in long way for both parties to get to know them self more better before meeting in person.. I think i should also let you know more about myself, i like all sort of music expect rap ( i do listen to Rap but little ) I love Reading books ,writing, singing ( like doing it when in bathroom ) , dancing, cooking, swimming, watching TV, playing TV games to keep my company when im less busy and watching movies
Letter 2
Hello again Kenny,

How do you do today? trust that you are doing great and im so pleased with your message and i think you are very interesting person to get to know. am beginning to look toward meeting and knowing you,probably before next weekend so that i can get to learn more about you, well, i think i should tell you that i absolutely like the way you think and say things and i want you to know that a mutual relationship is not 50/50 or some other percentage.It is 2 people working together toward similar goals.It would be nice if you are the one I could trust and cherish as I miss the companionship the most. But i have some questions for you cos i believe this will help us know more of one another and i hope to get your true honesty in the answers.

What do u like in a lady ?

Are u a player?

Whats your favorite vacation spot?

Whats your favorite color?

More about what do u do for living?

Do you believe in prolonging youth or aging gracefully?

Whats your favorite scent?

How many hours a day do you work?

Do you like the beach?

Do you prefer warm or cooler weather?

Do you like formal dress or casual wear?

Whats your best attribute?

Do you ride a bike?

Do u drive cars?

What type of car?

Do you do Yoga?

Do like movies?

Do you like fire places?

Do you like to soak in a hot tub?

Do you have house plants?

What color of roses do you like?

How do you treat your woman.? Do you treat her right ?

Hope to hear back from you soonest

Talk to you soon, Regards
Letter 3
Dear Kenny, How are you today? I enjoyed reading your letter and I thought long and hard about sending you this email and I went ahead and decided to send it to you anyways. Like I told you before I'm a very open and honest person who doesn't like to play games or waste my time or others time. So, I'm sending you this email that will give a better insight into me this is how I view myself as well as most of my friends. This way after reading it you can decide if you really want to get to know me more and hopefully become more than friends. ...Oh did I mention this is going to be very very very long. I warn you now it is very long ok. I'm a clearly compassionate person; I believe that I should do unto others as I would have them do unto me, and I know that friends help their friends. But with me compassion is just one side of the coin; the other being a side that also expects others to hold up their end of the bargain. So I help others but it is with the expectation that others don't take advantage of me or try to put one over on me. In short, I expect others to treat me as I treat them. And for those people who do ask for help when they should have taken responsibility for themselves? This is the time when my more hard-edged side comes out. I am skeptical of people when they expect others to bail them out of trouble; if they got themselves into the bind, they should work their way out of the trouble. If it's an emergency, or if it's a friend who has been there for me when I have had hard times, I'm there in a quick minute. But I'm a discerning person and to me there is a big difference between an emergency and a self-inflicted wound. I just look at the facts: how the situation developed, how serious the situation, and how they can or cannot get through things on their own. The history I have with the person and with similar situations will inform me whether this is or is not a time for me to get involved. I also have some limits when it comes to being with people. Sure some people need to be with others all the time and seem to get recharged by helping out most anyone else. But that's not me. I know that I do best if I spend a fair amount of time on my own. Not that I'm are a loner, just that time spent by myself is not wasted at all with me. I've come to understand that if I don't take good care of myself, eventually I'll be no good to anyone, including myself or others. So my compassion is tempered by realism. My sympathy for people in trouble is balanced by a critical evaluation of how they got themselves to the place they are. And I've learned to take good care of myself, so I have something to give to my friends or others truly in need. I'm a very creative and imaginative person who is especially open to new ideas or new ways of thinking about old problems. I love to approach a conventional idea or a traditional way of doing things by walking around to the other side and explore it from a novel perspective. What's new is what interests me. Like an artist looking for a new way to see, I focus my imagination on envisioning ideas, events or problems in completely original ways. I'm intellectually progressive, which means I like to think and feel my way into unexplored landscapes where I let my sense of intellectual adventure romp freely. Because I'm so curious I can also be very teachable. I learn from personal and interpersonal experiences as well as from classrooms and textbooks. I crave new information, and toss and turn it in your vivid imagination. When I come across an idea from someone else or a thought in my own head that is particularly provocative or original, I light up. With wit and wisdom, Dr. Seuss describes me like this: "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!" Each one of us encounters some hard times; we get caught off guard, or feel a sudden swell of emotion, whether from fear, joy, anger or sadness. Life is just like this sometimes. I know that because I'm a very emotional person. Some people go to great lengths to keep their emotions under wraps, to keep a stiff upper lip, to not let others know what emotions they are feeling. But that is not me. I embrace all of life's emotions, both the joys and the turmoil that life brings our way. When I'm having fun with a group of friends I don't even try to contain my pleasure; I laugh hard and feel every moment of the conversation because of the joy that comes from the experience. I make very intense friendships; ones where all of the depth of emotions that I feel can be shared. Emotions are such an essential part of my everyday life. I may cry at intense movies or when watching a sad story on the evening news. I get angry, at others or at myself, and I do not stifle it. Emotions drive my personality and my relationships - I simply am what I feel. I experience both the highs and the lows more profoundly than most. And I usually relish the intensity of my emotions. For sure I enjoy the positive times. There are those times, though, when my feelings get the best of me and I wonder how I will manage the moment. But because I'm so in tune with all of my emotions I will experience something very pleasant and will be able to engage with that positive feeling to again enjoy the wonderful intensity that life brings me. I'm the type of person everyone knows they can count on to do what I promise to do, be where I say I'll be "on time" and finish what I start. If I say I'll chair the committee, I'll come with an agenda and a clear outline of the tasks to be accomplished, give everyone a chance to speak their minds, and then call for a vote on each issue, schedule the next meeting, hand out assignments and adjourn at the appointed time. I like order and discipline, and use these to methodically accomplish whatever goals I have set for myself and for others. And I have a strong sense of obligation if I accept responsibility, I'm proactive; I take it on with a single-minded commitment, as if I've pledged my allegiance to the assigned task. People know that they can depend on me. My personal life is also one of order and discipline. I'm likely to have a pretty firm schedule, and to stick to it. I make time for my friends, but not at the expense of my work duties. I can be talkative and funny in social situations, but seldom out of control. In fact, I'm pretty careful; I seldom, if ever, cross the line into impulsive behavior, and I'm even careful to control how much of my inner world I disclose, even to my close friends. I keep myself in check because I don't want whatever mess might be inside of me to leak out into conversation or make a mess of a relationship. There are things to accomplish in life, both at work and in my social world, and I don't want to let unnecessary clutter hamper my drive to get all of it done, and done well. I enjoy my own company as much as I enjoy the company of others. I'm a great conversationalist and thrive in the wonderful kinds of connections I know how to have with my family and friends. I also equally enjoy my own company, whether sitting in a favorite chair with my book and soft music playing or meandering in the woods by myself. I like staying home with my family or boyfriend or husband whatever the situation may be; but if no one is home, I find quiet, solitary time to be just as pleasurable. I feel it's a great combination to enjoy being outgoing and to be just as comfortable being reserved. I believe because I'm so amiable and relaxed, I'm comfortable with almost any group of family or friends. Whether they are pumped up and lively or calm and subdued, I remain at ease. If someone needs to take over the conversation, I'm comfortable taking the lead; I can also lay back and let someone else be in charge. If the conversation gets rowdy, my moderate demeanor will often draw it down to a more temperate level. If someone in the group loses their cool, I will most likely maintain my poise, and if they get nasty I know how to keep a civil tongue (sometimes). I may find myself out of balance on occasion. If I'm alone too much, I may need to get in touch with someone. If I spend too much time with my family and friends, I may need to sneak off for a day by myself, to putter and read and clear my head of the noise of too much conversation. When I'm at my best, I live with a rhythm of time with others, time alone, time with others, time alone It's a satisfying, comfortable balance for me. Also, I know that what I just spoke about has its negative affects on some and this is how I feel they respond to how I am as a person. Some people may see my practical style as lacking compassion. When my compassion is tempered, as it is at times by my discerning questions and careful consideration, it may seem to some like I have too much head and too little heart. And when I use time and energy to take care of myself there will inevitably be some who see me as selfish and uncaring. But my approach is neither heady nor selfish. It is me. And unless my approach is causing me consistent problems in important relationships, there is really no reason to change. My distinctive manner of having clear expectations for the relationships in which I will exert my energy is true to the core of me. Not everyone will be thrilled by my adventurous mind. Many people are content with the ideas that have served them and their culture well, and with visions they've grown accustomed to of what is and is not true. They're not lit up at the prospect of moving out of their comfort zone. Others are afraid of new ways of thinking and creative ways of solving problems because they are somewhat fragile in the sense that they have trouble maintaining serenity in their current worlds and don't want someone, like me, for instance, pushing out the edges of their intellectual and cultural cosmos. So I'm surprised that my unconventional ideas sometimes get me criticized, or if some people walk away from the explorations of new territories of the mind that I find so exhilarating. If someone were to ask me what negative reactions may result from my approach to my emotions, it would likely be that some people find it hard to deal with my strong feelings. They might think of me as emotionally "over the top," and wish I would be more like those who are always emotionally composed and less prone to fully engage their emotions. I believe that most sense that beneath that single-minded and orderly demeanor of mine is a complex and sometimes complicated person whom they'd like to know, not so they can make fun of me but so they can share their perplexed humanity with me and get me to share my complexity with them. They might wish I were less cautious, and therefore, more accessible to their friendship. I also believe that the person I am has a very positive affect on others as well as it does a negative affect. Well, I actually tired of writing and I'm sure your tired of reading if you actually read the entire thing. Well, like I said in the beginning of this email I wanted to write you this email so you could have an actually insight of the person known as Julie White. I hope that you respond back to me even if you don't like what I said in my email..... Take care always, Julie.
Letter 4

Hello again Kenny,

Thanks so much for your interest in this email exchange and I'm very very sorry for my late response too..I've just been very busy here at work, LOVING working with Dr. Ogorighuzor Godwin at the vet clinic. i couldn't be happier and love both his and his staff. i've seen a variety of procedures so far and am already perfecting my stitching technique. Dr Godwin has been arranging for me to travel around to a few other vet clinics too, which has been great. I've met loads of people here and am having a fabulous time! I went to a few places you can find here on this soil. I've always wanted to get an internship in Dubai focusing on cheetah health and conservation but it is really expensive to do something like that because it required lots of money and your looking at at least 2-2.5 grand for a flight. Plus, most of the places that you volunteer at cost something (it's how they pay to keep on running, and pay for your lodging, food, etc) so depending on where you go and for how long that ranges. Then, when you get there i'm sure you'll want to sightsee, go on trips w/fellow volunteers on "off" days, etc, etc. It is expensive but it is worth every penny! ...although, i spent my first 3 weeks here in this town working with a pet therapy organization as my master's thesis, but one of those days we went instead to a cheetah conservation place.. the village where i lost my Sony camera during the researching, I believe it was called Spier or something like that. Anyway, when I went there they offered unpaid internships but provided room and board, but you had to commit to like 3 months minimum or so, longer than what I could have loved to do. It was a really awesome village though, they were very big into working with farmers on living amicably with the cheetahs, and also had some kind of training program with Anatolian Shepherds as guard dogs for the farmers too. well, this summer experience was so amazing and would love to come back next time but maybe try something a little going for wadi-bashing or watch the camel races too...
Well, i have to get back to work now and check later for your mails.

I hope to read from you in soonest time.

Letter 5
Dear Kenny, I just wanted to write you and let you know how much i do care about the possibilities of meeting and knowing you more in person because of how close we became in such a short period of time. We may not have known each other that long but our commitment is strong and it means everything to me. You are the one who always makes me feel better about myself and makes me smile each time that i read from u that no one understands but us. Now, i will like us to talk about our favorite foods and Gems and Zodiac signs... This time around i will go first because I like to eat, and I love talking about food. Let me say We "Humans" are natural plant-eaters and some say humans are not physically created to eat meat. Probably the first thing that people think of when they think of being vegetarian is giving up hamburgers, but there are actually a lot of commercial veggie burgers you can get in grocery stores by companies like Morning star Farms, Yves, Boca Burger, and Garden Burger, and most of them come in about five different flavors. You know with meat pretty much the only flavor you get is, hamburger. Even Burger King has a veggie burger on their menu now, and so do lots of restaurants. Now personally I don't really buy veggie burgers unless I'm eating out, but sometimes I make them myself from scratch with things like lentils, rice, and oats. A meat alternative I like better is the veggie barbecue that they have in the regular grocery stores now. Of course there are also a gazillion varieties of meatless hot dogs but I never really missed hot dogs very much. For ethnic food my favorite variety is Indian, dishes like aloo gobhi, allo paratha, Bombay pav bhaji, chana masala, dahl, gobhi muslam, and tandoori casserole. Those are things like spiced cauliflower and potatoes, potato-filled flat bread, curried vegetables, spiced chickpeas, and thick stews made from yellow split peas. After that I'd go for Mexican food -- enchiladas, tacos, and burritos, filled with potatoes, onions, and beans like black beans, red beans, and kidney beans. There's also tamales, tamale pie, and fajitas made with a wheat roast called seitan. I also like Mediterranean food, things like spanikopita which is a spinach pie, tabbouleh which is a grain dish made from bulgur wheat, and falafel, which is a sandwich made from fried chickpeas, though I don't eat that too much because I try to avoid fried foods. And I guess everyone likes Chinese food -- chop suey, chow mein, dim sum, mu shu vegetables, stir-fried eggplant, spring rolls, won ton soup, and other Asian foods like Pad Thai and sushi without fish. I don't eat just exotic stuff, though. I also like traditional foods like baked beans, chili without meat, casseroles, mashed potatoes, and sloppy joes made from lentils or tofu. Oh, I almost forgot Italian -- eggplant casserole, lasagna with meat & dairy substitutes, pasta like linguine, fettuccine, and spaghetti, and of course pizza. I like making my own pizza because nothing impresses someone like making pizza from scratch, including the crust. It's also fun to be creative -- once I made pizza at a hostel and they didn't have a rolling pin, so I used a tomato sauce can to roll out the dough. When I'm cooking for myself I also make thick stews based on whatever vegetables and beans I have lying around, usually potatoes, onions, eggplant, carrots, garlic, and greens like spinach or chard. This goes really well with brown rice, which I usually make separately but sometimes I cook it right along in the stew. Sometimes I'll just make a *** of nothing but potatoes, spiced with soy sauce or spike. I especially like boiling a whole bunch of sweet potatoes. If I'm cooking for someone else I'll generally make pizza, veggie burgers, Chinese stir-fry, or a casserole like baked lentils or eggplant. For the holidays I make a fake turkey out of brown rice and pecans. When I'm running low on food I usually have some rice or oatmeal lying around that I can make in a pinch. I tend to eat a lot of fruit just by itself, especially for breakfast or lunch -- apricots, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, dates, figs, grapefruit, kiwis, oranges, pears, nectarines, mangoes, peaches, pears, plums, pineapple, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, tangerines watermelon, and apples. I prefer golden delicious and red delicious apples, I don't like granny smith because they're too ****, or McIntosh because they're too soft. For snacks besides fruit I like popcorn and rice cakes. I guess other vegans are more likely to eat cookies, crackers, pretzels, chips, pickles, or nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, filberts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, or walnuts, but I try to keep away from junk food and high-*** foods. I eat too many bagels since I get them for free when the bakery throws them away at the end of the day, but otherwise I make whole wheat bread with my bread machine. I could buy it, but it's cheaper to make it and there's nothing like fresh-baked bread. I don't eat a lot of sandwiches any more but my favorite fillings are hummus, black bean spread, homemade veggie burgers, and peanut butter. and you what do you like to eat?

As for my Birthstone... Emeralds are truly gorgeous! emeralds are beautiful, as well as the dark blue sapphire, it is so deep and rich in just a small piece, like it commands your eyes to look at it ^^D. See, my birthstone by culture of times are traditional birthstones are Diamond/Sapphire. but my favorite modern birthstone is Diamond/Bloodstone(Aries) and its hard to find one that looks anything remotely beautiful.. however onyx is nice too, so dark and endless. i love Ruby,Opal,and Agate as well. My Zodiac sign is Aries and i will like to know same thing about you.
I'm still here looking forward to receive your next mail hopefully in soonest time. Yours Always, Julie.
Letter 6
Hello again Kenny, My excitement for reading from you knows no bounds and I am delight to receive an other email from you. I hope your doing well today and wondered what do you do with your Sunday's? well, it's been a lot of great fun writing and reading from you and as i 've noticed it's becoming my favorite activity. However, I will like us to talk about the beautiful seaside towns we've been to, when we were that little it was always a big treat going to the Seaside. Great Lens brought back many happy memories... and what about the "Southend" it is just famous for its long pier which has a small railway along its length to take people to the end if they don't want to walk. There are theaters and music venues in the town as well as amusement arcades right along the seafront.when i lived in London i would go to Southend for the day, taking about ?20 in change between the two of us(Me and my ex boyfriend). We would walk along the seafront going in and out of the amusement arcades and play the machines. When our ?20 ran out, that was it - we stopped. we only ever did this once or twice a month and we always felt we had had an inexpensive, fun day out doing something we would never normally do. Just like today, there was a great diversity in the places catering for holidays. There was the hectic fun of Blackpool or the more sedate charms of Brighton or Bournemouth both towns have livened up a lot over the intervening years and have an almost endless range of entertainment on offer. Then there were the very quiet seaside towns whose main attraction was the peace and quiet with uncrowded beaches and charming country walks. and some of these still exist today. When i was a child, we went to English seaside towns for our summer holidays. Then only the very wealthy went out of the UK for holidays (vacations). After the schools closed for the summer at the end of June, families prepared for their annual migration to the coast in either July or August. From the age of 7 to 11, I attended a school that was close to the West Cliff. This was a boarding and day school, and daily the whole school had to go on a walk at lunchtime, often along the West Cliff and sometimes if we were lucky, down to the promenade below. It was fun walking down the zig-zag path, but walking back up was a different matter. I am sure that anyone who has had to do this while loaded up with beach gear having spent a day at the beach will know what I am talking about. and do you know anything about Scarborough? i haven't visited Scarborough yet... no doubt I will in the near future. Please let me know if you would like to go there with me when i get back to England (or not). Because I'm ready for a vacation now. I will be hoping to hear your own experience about Seaside towns Yours Always,
Letter 7
Hi Kenny, Good to read from you today with smiles..I really admired that poem. did u compose it by yourself? i've just been really busy at work being that im so desperate to get my job done as to be able to get back home asap.
However,i wish we get into few discussions as we move ahead i think most couples argues and fight on this things when keeping relationships
How are your habits of spending money? do you establish priorities and live by them or just spend in what is required when the need arise? do you believe in having joint bank accounts? or should each person have her/his bank account and share expenses?
What importance do you think *** has in a relationship? Do you enjoy *** as a pleasure? or should *** be just a mean to procreate? How much *** are you willing to have and how often? Do you think that a couple should discuss about what they like and what they don't intimately? If your partner has a high *** drive and you don't how much are you willing to commit in order to balance the situation? If your partner has a low *** drive and you have a high one, what are you willing to give up to make the relationship work?according to what I think in these matters. I would love to read what you believe in these areas. Much love Julie
Letter 8
Dear Kenny How have you been doing? I trust that everything is working to plan..I've just attached two pics of me,hope you will like my look and write back to tell me your own opinion on those matters asked in the last mail. Hope to read form u soon,
Letter 9
Dear Kenny, How are you doing over there? infact,i've enjoyed reading from you so much... sometimes I get so worried for not hearing from u...Now,am so happy to have known you in a while back and the fact remains that I never thought I could meet someone like you... well,as for me I think we have know much things about each other and we match our self and we are looking for the same things in life I think we should call it a New Relationship and i believe it will lead us to a very good place.
Cuz,in life, we do receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. and i believe our opportunity has just come in at the moment. mind you, love comes in many forms. You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning.So,I want to tell you that the love I have for my man is undying and i will love my man to be very bold and affectionate. hmm oh u are my new man now i guess? coz i think i have know much more about you now but still need to meet each other,for me my love is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything. You are everything to me.coz every time i read from you it makes me feel a'm already involve with you but the only thing left is that we need to meet and start from there.
You are everything I do. You see and bring out the best in me. coz i never thought i could be telling a man or emailing a man i never met about my feelings or things about me but u bring out the best in me and make me believe in this online thing and now a'm giving you a try and You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart feel full. You are such a source of inspiration for me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life. So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love in it for the rest of my life....
Sitting here and thinking back as to how you have made my life so much better, I could never begin to tell you what your love means to me. You have shown me countless times how you care and how you believe in me, how you have given me the strength to give up something that has had a hold of my life for a very long time, without you I don't think I could be following my dreams, much less having someone like you standing beside me.I believe people tell you all the time how amazing you are, and Sweet, you ARE! To me you're an incredible Man; there is nothing I believe you can't do. The way you make me feel is like nothing I've ever felt before. I know I'm a very impatient person and I'm trying like **** to do the right thing, but the more time I spend with you and the more time we talk and do things together makes me realize that this is our life's plan, this is how our path of forever is suppose to happen, and sometimes I know it's hard for us to deal with but in the end, we'll be stronger and able to handle just about anything that comes our way...
Never mind the distance and age difference, cos i don't think there is something that may stop me for liking you just because so many times i thought life is so unfair. and now i know there are reasons why we are so far away but i know we are together in heart. Reasons that God only knows, but this will not be the reason for me to forget you. you really know how much I like you and care for you but only God knows if there is nothing I can do more. Even though as we're apart, this will not be the end of our commitment. You are the best thing that ever happened in my whole, entire, **** life.

Just always remember that I really treasure your love and cares for me. and I really like you so much. As for my number;(07888936598) but you can only reach me when im back home bcos I dont own a phone here as yet no need for one as I will be back in the next 3-4 days.

Love always,

Letter 10
Dear Kenny

How are you doing at the moment and how is your weather over there too? I send my love to you with a wish to meet you in soonest time, so that we can spend a long over due moments of Life together and forever. Well, I don't think there is something that may stop me from liking you just because so many times I thought life is so unfair and now I know there are some reasons why we are so far away but I also know we are together at heart. Reasons that God only knows, but this will not be the reason for me to forget you. maybe you dont really know how much I like you and care for you but only God knows if there is nothing I can do more. Even though as we're apart, this will not be the end of our commitment. You are the best thing that ever happened in my whole, entire, **** life. for us finding each other, chatting online, confessing our feelings, and then it happening so fast and we really need to come closer now. The feelings that I’ve felt for you when I first saw your profile began to resurface. Only this time, I am free to act on them without fear of upsetting anyone. Thank you Kenny or what more can a woman say to the man who opened his heart to her, allowing her to feel the warmth of his love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you because I personally knew how difficult it was to found a genuine and honest man like you online... I think I have no need to stress myself over time to time that I will forever be the most open minded woman you would ever find on earth... Most times I have been trying to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my feelings for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to feel anybody as much as I feel you right now. Yet, my feelings for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence. I just have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. I have to go and sit at the corner of my room as usual, thinking of you with the hope that when I wake up you will be lying next to me on bed and and see my dreams coming true.
Just always remember that I really treasure your love and cares for me. and I really like you so much. And do you remember that today is mother's day so let me tell you little about my Mom..She is a very kind mother, so lovely, friendly and accommodating but very difficult to deceive.. So, I've been telling her about you and I'm having this feeling that she is willing to meet you in flesh and study you by herself. She is not scary nor harsh with words.. She is a very wonderful mother and also very very intellect. I really love my Mom, she is very dear to my heart and she also loves animals too. She can gives out her eyes only if we see someone in needs of them.. I always pray to God to make me as wonderful as she is... I'm not saying she is a perfect woman but the almost a woman could be.. I will like you to meet her one day and wait for you to tell me more about her then. she has just been very sick,suffering from ****** cancer and cant perform her daily functions again,she is just lucky to be alive with the use of chemo. Hope to hear from you as soon as you can write me. Forever Yours,
Letter 11
Dear Kenny, How was your night? I do hope you had a good sound sleep and that you are in good mood this morning. I'was xo xo much thrilled and excited with you poem and I like you with all my heart and soul. Thank you, my King, for loving me and for giving me a chance to show you how much I like you and how much you mean the world to me. I know we're just a thousand miles apart right now, but now I'm coming back home and that's why I'm xo xo much happy. I just want you to know that I will be back tomorrow Tuesday and I dont know if you will be able to pick me up at the airport. I will forward my flight details to you as soon as I get it confirmed. I'm now over-due on getting back to take care of my sick mother so I can help regain her health fitness and put her in normal life back,yeah,I will also admit that the thoughts of meeting you in person as captivated me and I'm very anxious to meet you in person,bcos of this big feeling that we are going to see in flesh to know how things will unfold in the soonest time. I wont be writing you a long letter today but will be looking forward to read your letter and can you kindly tell me your idea for a perfect date? as for me; my perfect date would be anywhere with the man I love regardless it was in a subway or on the beach ..being with him is the ultimate happiness i can need to shower money or have candles..My idea of a perfect date is something that proves to me that he is actually listening to what i say when I talk to him. find out what he likes and cater the date accordingly, personally I would be freaked if a seriously romantic date happened the first date, im a bit of a commitment phobe, but personally I would enjoy going on a walk or somewhere where i could talk. otherwise how do you like - candlelight , long drive , or something else? and dont forget to drop me your contact details. My Regards,
Letter 12
Dear Kenny,
I just wanted you to know that i've been busy packing and getting my tickets sorted..i am not having much luggage than my handbag and a briefcase size bag so you can come pick me up at heathrow with taxi and i will responsible for the fare....i am also having it on mind that we will have to plan a visit to my mum together i know she will be very happy for us at least this will be a cause of joy to her as she has been using chemo to survive..I have just sent the flight info so you will need to check the arrival time to pick me up right away at the airport and one more thing Kenny i want you to hold a jacket for me while coming to pick me at the airport(terminal 5).
Letter 13
Kenny I am here My Love I am not upset with you, and I won't ever want to. I do understand your busy schedule. Just have faith in me and our fate will be in our hands, and the future controlled by us. our dreams will be,and I know we will soon be happy together I am deeply sorry about your state of mind at the moment because I know you will have been seriously worried and troubled not hearing from me it happened on my way to the airport I was stopped by a local patrol team and invited to their station on a directive by the guest inn management that I was reported for trying to escape without paying their bills while they tried to withdraw from my card and it declined by my bank the police are trying to investigate before I will be allowed to fly off from Dubai I am sorry you will have been so troubled as I have also been sorry honey presently I am not myself and confused for now just waiting for the police report now and get back on the next plane. All I can think of and say to you I am deeply sorry for your state of mind and I'm sorry about the taxi too. I am in sober mood now but I know I will soon join the next plane as soon as everything is sorted right here. I got your number again now and here is my own personal number to reach me when I land. (07888936598). Your Worried Friend,
Letter 14
Kenny My Dear, Thanks for caring so much about me in such a beautiful way that no one has ever done to me I know it's just a matter of time that our hearts will find each other. I cant wait with all my heart. I made up my mind about you and nothing will ever stop our future home together. No matter what, you are for me and I will love you regardless the situation now at hand. I hope to grow old with you for the rest of my life. To celebrate good times with you and support each other through the bad and good times. Things seem to just be a big blurry mess with the reports from the police in the statement they have for me my card was rejected and maxed out because its a visa verified card and when the guest inn tried to withdraw their funds on several attempts and visa did not accredit the transfer after the attempts that was why they blocked my card awaiting me to get to the bank before i can do any other thing with the card and this is rendering me useless and hopeless at the moment,now the conversion of the bill was calculated to 1400pounds leaving me in a big trouble now because the police now have all my traveling documents till I can sort out the bill and ask me to report at their police station in the evening again.

I am depressed and feeling ill now but I know that the future holds in store for us, one thing is never going to change; my feelings for you,please be strong for cause if you are not there for me I am afraid I can hurt myself. Your waiting friend, Julie.
Letter 15
Dear Kenny

Hmmm I know their is a lot of bad people online these days but I want to correct something you getting wrong being in Dubai or in a trouble which happened that I must beg you for the first time despite we never met before Does that means or makes me a bad person or scammer? Cause I dont understand why you should admitted/concluded to that Better free your mind from doubt and fear if you really cared for me you would have been worried Anyway I believe so much that anybody could find himself in similar case It was just mere a coincidence Even you yourself might need my help in the future so I dont think asking you for help should let into bad impressions that I'm a bad person I'm never what ever you might be taking me for Sometimes life leads you to where you dont just expect to be but I thought it was truly problem shared problem solved Nevertheless I dont regret sharing my problem with you Kenny if not that my mom sickness is too dangerous to get her involved I would really hate to discuss my issues with you Sensibly you decided to play with my emotions perhaps jus to **** me off so that I can go away Obviously you are looking down on me but I pray we should get more time to get to know each other Just give our time the chance to be togther in flesh Then you shall realize this not a scam Please dont let me down because I'm already torn and I'm really shedding tears as I'm typing this letter to you Save my soul I really want to live and meet you in real life I'm willing to repay you gladly and eternally I just need someone to trust and make him mine I'm not a stranger to the ongoing scam experience on internet I was once a victim and never prayed such thing to happen again to whosoever around me Not to talk of nice guy like you But I want you to know that human being are not all the same I've been frequently honest and sincere with you from the day one and I've already made up my mind to start a new life with you for the rest of my life So stop doubting my feelings for you and dont let such fear occupy your mind with ***** thoughts I shall be so glad if you assist me and and save my soul bcos I'm really afraid to hurt myself causeI'm totally fed-up with this trouble Try understand that I have no other choice than begging you simply because I'm so much desperate to get out of here to see my sick mom pleeeeeease I'm crying here for real Im really counting on u,
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