Scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Opare to Jonny (Norway)

Letter 1
Well jonny,i really do not understand what you are up about for and i really do not know what you went online to post about me,jonny you were only doing me a favour and am going to pay you back your money,i saw the messages at stop scam site and i never believed you would do that,listen jonny am in United state now,i will get your money across to you on a contrary,firstly you borrowed me money and don't count that as a scam of i forced you to do so,you were doing this behide your wife and i appreciate your help,i did not want to bring issues between you,your wife and your children,if i wanted to i would have done that long time ago,am for real and not a scammer,you will need to go back to that site and make the correction that it was a mistake,after that,i will need an account where i can send all your money to,i need this to be done in less time,so you can have your token money back,i really do care and love you,but you have really showed me the immaturity in you,well the picture thing on the internet,i hope you live to see what i will do about my pictures people has been using for all sort of ******* on the internet...take care till you hear from me again
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