Letter(s) from Natalia Tsareva to Dave (Australia)

Letter 1

Dear Dave!
I am really very glad to hear from you, and I want to know you better, I am very interested in you. I know that we have the common wishes and dreams, and I hope to know you closer, maybe we will prolong our relations in this way...
I like reading your letters! Your style of writing tells me a lot about you!!!)))) We have a lot of in common!!!
The only thing we differ is that you thing in English and I do in Russian! I do not speak English! I know only some simple phrases, but I am goign to start learning seriously.... Does my translator good for understanding??????))))
I will start from the very beginning... I was born in Krasnodon, in Luhansk region, Ukraine, on the 10-th of November, I ve told you.. My parents treated me very kind, though I know that they always wanted to have a son.... There are two of us: my sister (she is five years younger of me) and me.. Her name is Olga.... Now she lives with my parents and I think does not feel very happy... I used to be her protector... and if my work goes well I want to take her to my place, Luhansk.....
I live alone in Luhansk and study in University... I am going to be a designer, because I do not really like my main profession... I am a teacher.... You know it is very difficult in our country to work as a teacher... I love children very much but, but I cannot stay at school for almost 10 hours every day, as the situation in Ukraine claims... You know nowdays teaching is the most difficult profession in Ukraine: teacher must stay with children all the day long, suffer from their terrible behaviour and make everything they want, because their parents pay money for education.... And teacher's salary is minimal.... I used to work at a school for half of a year, but I desided to change my profession and stard diong my favourite things..... I like decorating everything: I make new covers for the old books, different bookmarks and picture-cards. I am fond of changing the style of my room (I rent a little one in a flat not far away from my university): I mean mooving the furniture, exchanging counterpanes, curtains and cushions. From this love the idea of a new profession was born in me.... Now being a student again I fell so happy and I realise that now I do the wery thing I like and I really engoy my life....... But at the same time at heart I feel the lack of something important or even main in my being. And I know what is it - as you do I miss the sincere and cordial relationship with man I love and I'm looking for my love! I think near you must be a person whom you can open your heart and soul without fear to encounter a incomprehension. That's why I'm looking for a man that to be together at all times, I mean any good and bad days, somebody loving to live every usual day in the atmosphere warmth and care without lonely nights anymore.
Sorry for such a long letter,
Have a nice day.

Letter 2

Dear Dave!
I am glad to hear that you are Ok!!!!
As for me, I am trying to be strong...
I told you about my sister, Olga, but I have not told you yet about our relations with parents... it is very sad story... and very personal... they always wanted to have a son... I wonder, how one can not to love his own child!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am rather strong lady, even some kind of force. My parents were kind with me, because I was not afraid of them and I always could protect myself, though I enered pedagogical University, as they wished... But it was their desision and their money... I was wery lucky to left my ome oneday... I felt really free then... I could me happy hare lining alone, if not Olga... After I left, my folks started scolding her after every event, after every word, because they feel that he differs from me... she is so tender, shy and timid... Now her life is terrible, because whatever she does is wrong and just terrible... she is not allowed to go out, to invite her friends for her birthday, because they inflience her bad, and so on.... She have to hide the letters she write me, because once parents have found one and it was terrible scandal at home.. Even me was not allowed to come home for the Easter.. I stayed in Luhansk for such a big holiday!!!!!... Now I try to do my best to take her here, Luhansk, she could find a very good job here in a model agency, she was proposed not once, she is really beauty, but it is still impossible, because, you know, I live in a little rented room and I cannot afford even having a telephone in it.. and of course, even the most little flat is impossible now.. Yesterday I phoned home.. you know, we have to arrange the call than both Mom and Dad are at absent, and it happens very often... she were crying again... I do not know what to do now... my land lady will never let us to live togeher in the room, and it is so difficult now to find a room for renting... and a money again... Javier, dear, I am so sorry that I tell you this, but I have nobody exept you, who can do something, who will listen to me and will tell me that to do now... you are the only who can understand and support me.. I really feel ashamed, but now you see that my life is not ideal .... Now I feel that I am a little girl, who afraids of her difficulties and can do nothing for overcome everything....

Letter 3

Dear Dave!
Actually I had a terrible scandal with the landlady, and Olga is not permitted to stay here, but we are trying to find a new flat now.... though this is very difficult I am afraid that we can stay outdoors on the New year night.... Maybe we will try to manage this somehow.... I am not sure.... flats sre terriblle expencive now, because a lot of men are trying to find a flat for celebrating the new year.... I do not really know what to do now.... first I was so happy that Olga is with me now.... but I fell horrible now... and we cannot back home.. I know, I am not allowed to ask,I have not right for this... but maybe you can help us with this???? The landlady claims 180$ for we could stay here together...
I do not really know what you are thinking about me now... Bt please, I really need your help, you are the nly person who can do this....