Scam letter(s) from Taliya Hamid to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello again. How are you?
Now I came back in our Internet Cafe is located not far from my house. Approximately 5-7 minutes walk away. So after my work I go here. I am glad to see your new letter, thank you for it. I understand that now we can begin to know each other better. And as I understand it, that you really have serious intentions.
I understand that I do the right thing, when I went to the wedding agency, and they are there to give me your email address. I'm not a very good understanding of how it work, wedding agency. Manager wedding agency told me that they have agreements with many dating sites and those sites to provide this agency e-mail addresses of visitors and single men. And that's where I have to provide your email address, and as you can see, I now write to you.
In any case, I'm glad that now I can communicate with you. I beg you to write me often, and I will do as well. I'll be glad to learn about you and your life and tell about my life. I want our relationships are in constant development. Friendship should also be developed. Now I think we have to take the first step, I have an interest in you, and you have an interest in me. I am sure that at least - we can become good friends.
My hobbies. I go to gym, do running. I love the sport, as it keep my appearance, my health and my mood. Do you like sports?
I love to be photographed, and I'll send you my pictures often. But I will never send ***** pictures! And I want to tell you about it in advance. And if you ask, or wait just my ***** pictures, then you can just stop writing to me, or I will not answer you.
I know English and Italian, and I can say (not as good as I wish.) But to my writing, I'll use an interpreter. Since I do not own them perfectly well, but I love to learn! And maybe soon I will be able to speak it well. And I hope for your help (smile).
I would like to know, What are your hobbies? Tell me more about your work, do you like it?
I love my job. I work in a shop selling books. I love my job because I can learn, and so I can communicate with people who come to shop. But of course, I can tell you that I take care of yourself, your appearance, and clothing. because I do not like untidiness. Now no more of me!
My height is 166 cm and weight 54 kilograms. I am 27 years old already and my birthday is June 10th and I still live in a big city is not his! My country called Azerbaijan. And I beg you not to confuse it with any other. This is not Armenia, not Russia, it is Azerbaijan! This is a Muslim country, with the religion of Islam. I hope you are not afraid of it? And my religion is not an obstacle to the development of our relations? And I want you to know that I respect other religions. So I think that religion is very important for any person.
My city is called Goranboy. This is far from the capital Baku. My town is not big, quiet and calm. And only famous for its wines. He is very small. But, a very beautiful view of the wine field. I do not like big, noisy city. And in big cities, not so much of nature that surround us.
As you've probably heard in our country, all the girls are married off to men at a very early age (10 years), and my father always chooses a husband for her daughter. And, just to see what it would be advantageous to have a rich husband. Since the religion of Islam is the main one. Girls and women in our country have very little rights. And to be honest, we have none at all (smile).
And I have another ... I want a man to love him. So I can understand that with him I want to live my whole life. And give him the most precious thing I have ... his heart, and love. And so I would not want to stay longer in Azerbaijan in the future. So I have a conflict with parents. When I heard that my father to find me a new "bride".
I'll tell you more about this in the following letters! I want you to write me long letters and send your pictures, please do not forget. I hope not too tired you with my letter and questions? It would be very nice if you could find time to write me again soon. I want to receive from you a long letter.
Hoping for a quick response, now goodbye.
p.s. with this letter I will send you my pictures. This photo was taken last year. At home with a friend. I hope that you will like it.
Letter 2
Hello! Today is a good day, I was glad to see your reply and write you another letter. I think you're very much wanted to talk to me on the phone and just ask for my number. But I do not have my phone so sorry. But I think that soon I will be able to call you. Soon, I myself will ask you a phone number to call. But until that time I could not. I'm sorry.
When we are little better to know each other, then I'll find myself able to call you. I hope you do not mind? And you will not have to bother correspondence by e-mail? I want to ask you directly, so we do not hurry c ratios. I want to have the pleasure of the letters. I want you to know through the letters better. Recognize your life, all your interests, your thoughts. For me, it's really very interesting. I want to say that I'm looking for a serious relationship. Because here, in Azerbaijan, I can not get it. My father had already tried two times I find a husband. But I always told my father, I am against it. I do not want to live without love, because it's wrong. And so I have a conflict with my parents. I live separately from them, and I do not want to go back to their house.
I respect my parents, but I will not tolerate that climb into my life. I hope you understand it all. I would like to change my life and live in a country where there are no ****** laws. Where life and marriage - is free. To no one forced a woman to marry under duress. I will tell you that I have a sister, she now lives in Turkey. There is a strong Muslim tradition - and she married a man without love. And now it is hard to live. It's there as a servant of her husband, and always at home, and does all the hard work. I'm scared to even think about it. This is my only sister, and I wanted it to be a better life. But she wanted to stay with her parents, and so it happened! And I live here alone and would like to change everything. I work almost every day except Sunday - and then come home. In his spare time (my favorite thing) - I love to cook to eat and do cleaning. I love talking to people on various topics, and I can not just sit at home. For example, I like my bed when the house filled up perfectly, the floors are always clean and the air is always clean. I grow flowers at home, and I love it. Clean air is just to give them! Also in his spare time after work, I try to visit the gym. I love running track, gymnastics. Also, I often do jogging. It all helps to keep my body in shape, and keep the beautiful shape. I believe that every woman should take care of it. A girl should be a girl - feminine, beautiful, emotional and exciting. A man must be morally strong, true to his word. A man should give the girl a sense of security, tranquility and confidence in the future. Do you agree with me? Tell me please, you like to clean? I - very much. And now I meet with you better, and I want it also continued. That you tried to write me every day and never forget about me. I think then we can talk about more important things? What do you think? Also in my spare time I listen to pop and dance music. Since this creates a light mood. Sometimes romantic. I do not have any favorite singers or songs. I can listen to any song in which I find meaningful. But also, there is the music of Azerbaijan, and they have a quiet tune. Under that you can have fun dancing. Can you dance? It is a pity that I also have no other contact, such as MSN, or Facebook. In an Internet cafe said that it is better to have only e-mail. so, therefore I am! I would like to know what matters most to you in your future lover? What qualities it should have? I will also try to describe themselves and their quality, so you can better understand me. For me it is very important. And then we'll see how well we are the same, different, and whether we have a good chance of a shared future. I'll look forward to your reply ... I'll miss your letter and wait for it to look ...
Letter 3
Hello again, my dear!
Now I read your letter, and I'm glad that you write to me today. Since I was confident that I can see from your response. This woman's intuition, and I'm glad that it works well. (Smile)
I am very pleased to read your letter. And first I want to ask, how are you? As the mood, as was your day?
I am glad that you continue to write to me, and I promise - I will not stop. Since this is such a nice feeling ... learn more about you, your life and general internal qualities ..
I do love to talk, and even on different topics, it gives me pleasure. I think that through communication can learn a lot about a person. About all that interests him, worried. I also think that communication helps to develop relationships. Do you agree with me?
I am cheerful and happy almost always. More precisely - I'm trying to be like that. I think that a person with a positive attitude towards life is living a lot easier. Positive make life easier and gives strength to the development. I find it hard to communicate with the pessimists. People who are constantly not happy with something that is happening around only see the negative side. When you communicate with people, then he becomes sad and happy life. So I avoid contact with such people.
I'll tell you what I have now a good mood, because last night with my girlfriend, we went to the movies now. I also went to work this morning, and had a break at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon to have lunch. Then again, I go to work until the evening.
The same evening I like to watch a good movie. I can say that I look like a melodrama, and the militants. it all depends on the actors, and also on my mood. I sometimes go to the cinema, and there on the big screen, you can also enjoy watching a good movie.
I have the actors, films that I really like. I can not say that all the films with their participation, but there are those pictures that I could watch more than once.
You know, I want to tell you that I was no more difficult to write. I am now once again use the translator, and writing to you on your tongue. Since I want to learn it anymore. I want to get more practice.
So I can just start to learn that I was then easier. I know a lot of words on your tongue, but I want to know more.
In our country, saying: "" lived a whole life, and learn all my life! "
By now I got the idea, and I would like to ask you. You write letters to other girls? Because I tell you honestly. Now I only write you a letter. You - the only man to whom I write letters and send my pictures. It is important to me, I do not want my photos were somewhere on the Internet. But I see that you're a good man. And do not do bad with it. I think you like my pictures! And I'll send it even more!
I would like you to anyone, and never showed my pictures. It is very important to me. Can you promise that?
Azerbaijan will never be a stranger to show her body to men. Never bare feet, and full face. Since all the girls are trying to close a special dark cloth .. This is one of the highlights of my religion!
But I think we'll get acquainted with you, if I'm not going to show my photos. I want to show myself to you, and I would like us to know each other better. So all those photos that I send - you never have to leave your hands. Do you understand me?
And as long as I am in Azerbaijan, - I fear it. And if one day I'll go from here - then only will I feel safe.
I think you're a real man, and never do anything bad with it.
I'm looking for just such a man to whom I could trust. And who never would tell me bad words. And no difference in age, or other similar things, can not stop me. For me, the most important thing - that is a good man who will love me, trust that I will have an understanding in communication. So I want to start a relationship with friendship, to know you better. And I think that e-mail message - is the best option for this.
I'm looking for a man who is affectionate with me, which I could go!
In my heart I feel that one could come to you. But I do not want to hurry. I just do not want to lose all hope at once, and those beautiful moments of communication. Since the still poorly known you, and I just like your word to me. If I feel it every time more and more that you like that man I want - we will meet and share life. But it will be later. Above this is also a lot to think and work! How do you think?
Also there is another reason - it is once again religion. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
Up until I was in Azerbaijan, - I can not come into contact with a man, and have a relationship. So I have never had a man. I want to marry only once. AND FOR THE LOVE! But I do not want a man here. Since then I can not ever leave, and life will be here with these laws and traditions, which I do not like! I do not want to. And so was looking for a man on the Internet!
Although it is too early to talk about it with you. Maybe I'll tell you later about this in more detail!
In order for me to become the other. I have to get to know you better, from all sides! Must understand the seriousness of your acquaintance!!! Should understand what you people?
So I want to know more your character?
I think that I will not lose contact with you. I am afraid of this! Keep writing to me about anything that you think would be interesting to me. About how you spend your day. About your upcoming plans for your life. For me really it's all very interesting. I will do as well.
I would very much like that every day to talk to you on the phone to hear your voice. I think your voice is sweet? But I'm so sorry that I have no phone. I will definitely look for an opportunity to call you. I think after 2-3 weeks I will be able to do so. Now we can also continue to communicate by e-mail, to learn more about us and then we'll have more to talk about, and I'm sure my knowledge of your language will become perfect. And so that night I could only think about - to see your next letter. I am very interested to get your answer ...
Well, I'll say goodbye and wish you all the best.
Letter 4

Hello! Very glad to see your letter again!!
Today is the day I was at work, now when I finish this I come to internet cafe and see your letter. Today was a normal working day, nothing interesting. I think these days it is most everyone. So I do not know what interesting things to tell.
I want to meet you, and you know it. Because I know that you'll wait for my answer. So now I come after work and I will answer thee. I very much like to write you a letter and tell about my day! So how do you know how to properly read and understand! Correctly and honestly answer my questions! Because you're an interesting person, and I know a lot about you. Today I got up early, around 5:30 the morning. I wanted to do a haircut. I think that she should always look good, take care of your body, hair and face. But I rarely use makeup in large quantities. Although I sell cosmetics, but I'm trying to get my beauty was natural. In addition, even the most expensive cosmetics can cause some harm to the skin. I know very well, so try to use cosmetic products is rare. For many years to have a beautiful appearance.
I also had to cook to eat this morning! Because at night I sometimes do not happen the forces constant communication with customers and consuming enough moral strength. I sometimes cook in the morning, so I have enough for 2 days of future immediately. And then I can just relax after work. you know? I have an important question. What exactly is your food from the food you like? What kind of food? Do you cook to eat himself?
Also, tell me how the weather you have today? Now we have a good enough cool weather, I have long waited for this to come, it creates a good mood. This is not too hot, not too cold. I get a good feeling - and that brings me warmth in my body! I want to be happy and do not want to be tired and frustrated, I want your mood and smile were always fun!
Now there is joy in my every day, as you write and do not forget about it! I understand that we are familiar with only a few letters, but I feel that I can really open up to you! But I want from you reciprocity, I want you to be sincere with me! And never lie to me, as this will only spoil the relationship, right? Do you also think?
Trust - is the foundation of a strong friendship, and good long relationship! I try to always tell the whole truth, frankly and with people. And also I can not really lie, why not do it! Since even a small lie and then goes into a serious growth in a lie! In life there are various good and bad situations, but I have never turned their backs to my friends and they will never betray me. I always try to help my friends, sometimes it is enough just to talk with them, listen to them. They also help me in difficult times and they always support me and I tell them in return is always and in every situation. I have often heard the phrase that their friendship does not exist. I do not agree with that. I've never had a betrayal by friends. Therefore, I believe in women's friendships. In Azerbaijan, friendship - it's worth and all the friends support each other, and they go to visit all the time, make each other gifts and surprises.
And how did you get this going? Do you have close friends who you can trust completely, who are always ready to help you? I think you and I have a lot in common. I want to tell you about my character, but I find it hard to write about it because I never wrote about it. I think that first of all, I am always honest and fair. I really trust people and I hate betrayal! But as soon as I can see that the man told me a lie, and I can feel it! Then I just understand it and already I can not believe this man. I will be able to communicate with him. But to believe more than ever. Do you understand? About this course I have my own principles. I have a few friends, but they are real and can always help me. My parents ... I also can not believe them. But I left them for another reason, and you have said. Because they wanted me to be reduced with another man! And when I found out - I was gone from my father. I'm sure my father is very angry with me. Since I disobey him. But in our country it is not correct. I really feel like people and I can just see the bad and good people. I am very happy and I love humor, how to listen, so she and I say funny things, and telling funny stories! I should mention to you that I love kids. Several of my friends have children, both boys and girls. And if they come to visit me or I see them somewhere, then I will play with them. And if we go shopping together. Then I'd better not buy anything myself, but they need a toy. To make them happy as often as possible and said the word "Thanks." I have many different interests and can be a different woman, I love to wear beautiful things, I like to look beautiful. I am happy to wear jeans, I have a favorite color is blue. I can even wear it under her shoes, high heels!
If you go into the woods in summer or winter, to breathe fresh air - all the same sports clothes to wear! But in a city I never go there, because I do not like sports stuff on the girls! As for food: I like meat fish fillets in general, and fish - in general, like, very tasty. Especially red meat, trout and salmon., And a few salads. Since it is light and healthy food! I love to eat a useful and healthy food and drink are always just tea. Even this morning I do not drink coffee because I think it's bad for your heart! I hope you read my letter carefully, and you like a little description of what I love?
I think you know me a little bit better and if you like, ask me and I'll tell you more. I want you, too, told me about your character. What are you people? What do you think me, I do not aspire to be the perfect girl, and I do not try to find the perfect man, I believe that there are no perfect people on what you pay attention at first when you get acquainted with the girl? I think the main thing in any girl to be herself, to be a natural and unique! Every woman has her secrets! I hope that you are not exhausted by it and that you have read it really carefully. Tell me the following letter, which was good for you today? I'll finish this letter, I think that you were interested to read my letter, I want you to understand me better, I think that our letters do us closer to each other and I was very happy! I think that this is your day ends as well! And my mood is fun never disappears! I hope that in future I'll still know you more! At this point I will finish my letter, I want to wish you a good mood, I am sending you a gentle kiss.
Letter 5
Hello my dear! Now I'm back in an Internet cafe, I come here and wait for your letter. I am very glad that I get it and read! I READ EVERY LETTER OF YOUR CAREFULLY!! I try to answer you as I can, and often in detail. Do you see? Maybe sometimes I miss some of your questions. Just when I read your letter in my head to be your main idea, and I try to answer it first. So I always look forward to your new email, and I hope to get to this your new photos. Because each picture, a moment of life captured on camera. And if I can see your new photos, then it makes it more interesting to read your letter. Do you understand that? In any case, I'm glad to see any your letter as a photo or without.
I really like that one with another country, quite different from the country of Azerbaijan, is thinking about me and take the time to write letters for me. it is very nice. I choose how much time to tell you about myself. And talk to you about different topics, I'd like to communicate with you, because you are a very interesting person! And I'm VERY, VERY glad that you like and my pictures. I want you to enjoy. Can you bring me joy! I would hope that we will not disappoint each other, I want our relationship grew into something more than just letters .. I do not know why, but I feel to you the warmth and tenderness!
I think that we are familiar with for a long time, and write letters, as friends who are familiar with for many years. Yesterday I was thinking about you a lot and realized that I look at you and you write letters, not only as a friend! I - a lone girl, now I live alone and I find it hard to talk about my feelings and emotions to you, because we only write letters, but my heart tells me that I can reveal to you that you are very kind and good person! I need a serious man. Now my heart is getting warmer and warmer!
And I feel that my heart soon after a long sleep at all will gain heat from you! And they will fight harder and harder. I think about it a good day when I met her beloved man who will give me pleasure and good mood every day! And once I was able to forget everything that I did not give me a normal life, and also religion. I want to start life again from scratch. Maybe when we get to know each other better, then we can talk about meeting in real life. Because any relationship should be developed, and correspondence on the Internet one day run its course. But now I'm trying to learn as you, to make the final image of you in my head. For then, if we meet, I have an idea about you. Of course my idea, and you are in reality - it will be slightly different. But I think that until this moment, I can find out all your good qualities. And the real meeting will only confirm it all. So now I do not want to rush it. I told you earlier, I do not like the rapid development of a serious relationship. I want everything to be natural that the development of the relationship to go step by step. I hope you want too? I have a childhood dream - to travel. But this is so and remain a dream. And if we can meet one day, then I will definitely prepare you for the meal. So that you can evaluate my cooking skills. I'm sure you would have loved it! Now I can not say for sure, something concrete I could cook you a meal out, but I'm confident it would be something original and very tasty.
I am - a girl and I'm harder than men in this world. I think that the world's very few good and reliable men! Of course, in Azerbaijan, a lot of good men. But they are rare! Many men, after my father asked me. I told my father that she will choose life! But as I already said - it was just a bad experience. I'm still single, never married. Now, I have another!!! I wish I had another life!
I think I'll be in the future to have children, still being a mom or a beloved child. But I want to live where there is a favorite and call it love and happiness! I think that a good man will care for the girl to give her affection and love, and many wonderful moments! And if you speak the truth, I dream that my man will be just like that! I think any girl would be happy with this man! Please do not be afraid of frank words, because I'm telling you about their desires and dreams in life. In life, I want to find love, happiness! I want to be with my loved one, always together, support and support in all things, a family and live happily ever after!
I know what to do really, but love - a feeling which can not be bought or sold, which comes from the heart, and it is difficult to explain in words, it must feel! Love - the most wonderful feeling that nature gives us!
A person who has this feeling - a happy man! What do you think about love and family? in severity .. What is most important to you in a relationship? How do you imagine the future of collaborative and family life? I think you are very good and the right man. And you are very interesting for me, I really want to develop a relationship with you and get to know you more better. Please tell me honestly, do you want anything? You look at my photos and what do you think?I hope I'm not asking you so many questions. And I want to hear from you sincere answers, because I really want to build a relationshipwith you! I want you to look at our correspondence, as to the actual building of a serious relationship and I want to be closer to you and hope that you too want it! If we seek each other, we are waiting for a good future! Today I will go to the gym too! I have to keep your figure all the same. I think doing some training on a treadmill, as well as exercises for the abdomen. Then a little bit to drink tea and watch TV at home, and again one! I like to watch different programs, news of the day, and more. I will finish my letter and I will be thinking of you! I am waiting for your new letter, and the next time I go to a cafe with great hope to see a letter from thee! I wish you all the best and a smile on your face! With a warm heart,Taliya
And now I give you my kiss.
Letter 6
Hello! Thank you very much for your letter, I read it now and very happy! I have a delightful mood, I can read again the letter from you. As Your letters make me very happy and cheerful! This creates a good mood for me for the rest of the day, and even when I wake up the next day, my mood is also excellent. And I think that my smile is always on my face, and there's my good mood will never go away! I am more and more desire to know you better, absolutely anything is possible. I can not explain it, but it's true! I hope that my letters, too, give you a cheerful mood and more willing to receive news from me? Yesterday I told my friend about you and our correspondence, and it's a bit jealous of me. My friend name is Alin, I give you our picture with her. I told her that you are a very good person and a very interesting man, and my girlfriend wished us luck in our relationship! She sends you a "hello" and says that if you're such a good person, then I should not disappoint you! I told her that he'll never make you feel bad, because you opened up to me and your soul is clean and your heart is great!
I'm really happy that I got acquainted with you, it's the good things that happened to me in my life.
Also, we're already talking about serious, like a family, kids and husband! So far, I've never had a husband and children. But I really want it. This is the most important thing. It seems to me that the question of the family, we can not with you to discuss the letters. you need to watch each other's eyes, to speak on this. Right?
Last night I went home alone. I very much imagine that I'm going with you and I have not bored! I would like to go with you on the street and talk about different topics. I very much like romance. And my great wish - is of course to go with someone you love to be outdoors, to relax! There. Where the late afternoon sun was setting can be looking at! Where is the star you can watch different moments - a "bucket", "Big Dipper", "little bear". And the other constellations! Do you like this holiday? This is a romance, I think. I - a very romantic girl. While the other girls in Azerbaijan, - very few people have such a character. What is your idea of romance, you think you are a romantic man?
I would also like to stay at home with you for a very delicious and romantic dinner. I have used all of his cooking skills, and prepared a wonderful dinner, so we can enjoy it to loved it as you and me! Would put the candles around, and I think the situation would be changed immediately! As for the people loving each other is also playing a role, the situation! I must tell you! If I like a man, then I'm doing it for absolutely everything! And of course I am looking for a such a man, who for the sake of his girlfriend was able to do anything, absolutely! Would look at me and we would be happy together. Also, he could confess his love as often as possible. Speak very kind words to me so I'm just inspired by these words and could not hold back from the big smiles and joy.
I would just tears of joy from it! Maybe I'm a little hurry, but I want to write to you not only a friendly letter, because I feel that you become my close friend! I think a lot about you, how about my man, and if you do not mind, I'll write to you as my man, and not just a friend! It will be good for you? I do not know how to explain it, but I already want to call your favorite! As you look at it? Already, I want you to know more what you are inside, what you have in mind?
Not just for me, but in general. Your desires may secret. What do you like in love? that I write like you? I think, and just want you to be well on my letters. That you could forget your past and to dream again about the future. For the future it soon, and you could be happy. If you are looking for a serious relationship yet, and I'll come to that! Then you have to be sure. That will do it, and I do everything for it. I know and confident that I'm young and I still have yet to come. I would like to see - that the age difference to me really does not matter in our country there is a saying "for the love of all ages are good!" Since I believe that life with a more experienced man would seem to me better. For me the important thing is not the age difference, but life experience. Even a man of 20 years, may have more experience than a mature man.
But this is rare. Usually, the older man's life was in many different situations, and the accumulated experience! You can teach the girl he loved. What do you think? I think I'm right l think, and so it is in life. A lot of good moments that make a person happy. Meet with you - this example! I am really very happy every day! I noticed this, my friends noticed it and they say that I changed much! Still, this is my email today I think is quite another. Here I begin to tell you about my inner world and my desires! I think you have much to learn about it. I have to accumulate a lot of words for you. But I want to see it at all like this to you? Can you trust me all that in your heart? I'm curious to know about it. I'm just so sorry that I have no phone. And I have no way to call you. I would like to hear your voice. I'll try to go to the post office and find out there, how can I call in the country. I think after 2 weeks I'll buy a phone card for international calls and call your own.
I have the most amazing feeling now, I hope all this will also grow well, and eventually we will be very happy. I put a maximum effort to do this, I promise you.
Your Taliya
Letter 7
Hello, my beloved! Today is a very great weather, just cool enough and not too cold. As the weather is yours? You know, I admire your writing. So much joy, it was granted to me now. I am very pleased that we have with you all well on its way, and you will understand and support me! I have a feeling that we are writing letters to each other for a long time! I've already told you this, but I really have a feeling and I was not to leave. It's hard to describe in words, as if we are familiar with you for many years. I fully understand you. Everything that you write, everything is absolutely! But in my letter are born each new issues and topics of conversation! I hope that you are interested to read my letter! I see that you're not afraid to tell me everything that's in your soul and all your thoughts! I never thought that the letter can be a lot of feelings and emotions transmitted to humans. But when I see your letter - then again, all the tenderness there is in me, as if after a long sleep in me. It's as if I had slept for years, and then I met you, and I suddenly woke up. All my affection and warmth back to freedom. And it only gets you! Our letters to make us very close to each other every day, with each letter of my more interesting! I have a very big emotion now, I would like to kiss you even now! I must tell you - that I can understand people! I see - that all your words are sincere, and you're telling me a lot of your life. I understand - that we know only through the Internet, but if we trust each other in these letters, then we have much work. Do you agree with me? I wish we had the confidence between us, and always a lot! I think - that just trust - the basis of relationship, without trust our relationship will not develop. I believe you, I can say!
I feel that you're a good man, and I can trust you completely! As long as I can see that I am not mistaken, and I am glad, if you believe me! I wrote to you that I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. I try it with you and I write all that in my head. I know you better! And I want you to recognize just me, and more than any other girl. I want you to be always with me, frankly, was telling the truth and never lied! I promise you that I will never tell you lies! I'm old enough girl, you know, my age - in '27, it's not young people. Besides, I have a birthday soon - June 10. I think my age - no time for mistakes and lies. I try to be as frank and honest. Because I know this will depend on my future, my happy life. So I want to be honest from the beginning of our relationship. I also wanted to tell you again, I do not have a serious relationship with a man at all, since it contradicts my religion.
Can I ask you - do you write a letter just me, or do you have any other girls? I was just curious to know this! I just do not write letters, nobody else. And I would not want you, I was not alone. I wrote to you that I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. I can not forbid you to write them, but if you write me a letter such, it is better to give up other girls, you know? I always want to know and speak the truth. So the best way is to tell the truth, and be clean at heart. What a lie, and then at home in bed and think - what I said is a lie! And always ask - and if he finds out the truth, then I would be bad! You see it also, I think? Just was at work one day, and I forgot to tell you! Today I sold a set of one girl makeup - it is my regular customer and she always goes to buy fresh food! I help her in this course. Yet it was the fact that she feels - that her man is cheating on her. He started coming home from work late, not like before. Constantly delayed, and she does not know where he is still working after about 2 hours lost every day. She asked him: Tell me the truth, you have another girl or not? He replied to her: how could you think so?! I am loyal only to you and the more I do not need anyone, I just have a lot of work! And then I go home on foot. To walk around and relieve tension! That's how he talked to his wife.
Then I said to this woman - if you love it - you have to believe him, and if he really said all those words, then your good fortune continues. You can not live in disbelief! We have very strict in the country with lies. These people are punished. From early childhood, children are taught to be honest and correct. To be honest the whole life and have no problems in the future. I believe that is correct!
But you're with me, I think, will agree - that any one truth out into the light. And then if you cheat all the time - then it will be very bad for both loved ones! And so the confidence is almost the most important thing in a relationship after the love! That's why I write to you immediately, please feel free to tell the truth and only! So I'm better than you could first find, and second - to be in trust, and hope for the best! The only way I can know your inner peace and a habit for you, and I can fall in love. I already have the feeling that I'm in love! You are my very close friend, my favorite!! I would like to write to you at all times and know you better. but my job takes a lot of time and effort! It is a pity, I would have written to you for days on end is what I think I feel. In this letter you get in an abbreviated form, but you must know - now I think of you always. And always imagine, what you do and how you spend your day! What do you think of sleep the night before! Can you share with me about it??
I would like to create a profile on social networks such as Face Book. Or use the messenger (MSN, Yahoo). But I can not do that. Because these things take much time. I do not really have much free time. I can not always be the Internet cafe. First, I work hard and have a passion for sports, and many household chores. Therefore, the amount of my free time is limited. Secondly, I do not have extra money to spend it on long hours spent in Internet cafes. I try to be frugal and spend the money efficiently and wisely. That's why I prefer to communicate with you by e-mail. Because I say so to you, much more thought at one time. I hope you to arrange a chat with me?
I will now finish my letter and will soon see your answer! Then I say to you and write you a longer letter of course! I already want you to write about more valuable in life. So as my feelings for you have a big increase! I would like you to answer me every day! When did you go, then I'll be very anxious and upset! I would not want to. So, a lot of kisses ... 100000000000000000000000000!
Your are here, Taliya!!!
Letter 8
Hello my favorite! Thank you again, write me another letter! I was glad when he saw, and my eyes just sparkle, and I myself - to shine! But I'm a little afraid. What can you do not want to have to write me a letter with such sensual openness? If you think so, do not be afraid to tell me about it! We must be sincere with each other! I want to be sure that you want to build me a real serious relationship! Do you want to do this?? I tell you about my life, the whole truth. And I have to reveal itself from within! My character, my feelings and my desires, my love for you!
I'm sure you agree with me in my arguments with respect to credibility, which I wrote in my last letter. This makes me much joy. This means that we'll have the same thoughts. For me it was very important.
I'm not telling you a lie, because sooner or later the truth to know. Maybe some people are trying to show the letters at their best, and they hide their negative qualities, perhaps so. But you have to be sure, I write to you very seriously, and there is no exaggeration! I think about you every day, and you for me my man, whom I want to know all the way! Today I was at work, and my head was part of the thought of you. I do not know, as I continue to work and my hands were shaking a little bit of excitement. I do not know what it was, but it tells me, and I tell you, you're important to me! I would like to with you a wonderful future to achieve! I have a lot of good thoughts about the future! I can present it to you. Last night I went to one, about 11:00 pm, in my cold bed! And I was thinking about us and wanted to lay next to you! Since I no longer want to live alone. When in my life you came from the letters, then I think the relationship has changed. I have already started to submit, if you and I were together! I think that if you are going with me, then we can talk to you all day and night! And we can tell each other the most wonderful words in the eye. If you were next to me - then I would hold your hand, and would look in your eyes! And do not be missed thy sight!
I would look at you and trying to understand what you're thinking about me. In your eyes I immediately knew it would. I think your eyes would be shining, and you would be smiling. We have more fall in love with each other. You're a very good man, with an open mind and big heart. Only a part of your heart you must give your favorite girl, I think! I know already - you're a real man and strong. And you can always caring about me. I think you're a man who could me the joy of a lifetime offer and just be together forever. Always love and respect, always support and help. Never to disappoint, and never cheat. As I - as a girl need care and affection. Every time I dream at night, when I get tired very much, then I can just put my head to you on the shoulder or chest, and just be close to you. To then go to sleep and after sleep - and you're back there. And you have to protect me and defend!
I very much love to dream about it, because it is what I strive for! And tell me please, what are you gonna do when you come home very tired? We live in the real world and realize all our actions! I think we'll have a lot in common interests and outlooks on life, and we combine the loneliness! I am confident that we will be very interesting together! Now I really want to ask you - yet what do you prefer a vacation with his girlfriend?? I hope you answer me that! Yet so many thoughts in my mind now about the future course with you! But if you think that we have to hurry up, please tell me. But if in your heart as I have - a very serious and great feelings and a lot of thought. So I am writing to you is true. I imagine our lives! But I think it should be!
I have a feeling that I fall in love with you strongly. And this feeling is becoming stronger every day. With each new letter, I begin to understand that I love you. And I want that feeling to grow. I understand if you say - it's too early for such a feeling. We have fellowship only a short period of time. But I really feel the love. And I want to treat you as my beloved man. I want to have complete love relationship. My words of love to you - these are my feelings. I already know you enough, and I love you. I love all your qualities. I believe that after a long time been able to find true love. Obviously, you have some time to completely convinced of this. Because it's all very seriously, and I'm afraid wrong with that. But now, I really feel that I love you. I'm not afraid to say it. I hope you will understand me correctly, and you'll be able to reciprocate. Maybe you need more time to determine your feelings to me. I am willing to wait. But I really want to hear in response to this letter - that you love me too In the letters we know each other figuratively - but even these letters can create a start! The beginning of love and relationships. Start a new life, where you can forget the past! Where you can start a bright future. And the ability to create a family! If we both want it - then it's possible! To do this, to this endeavor. And it would be the best moment in my life, an unforgettable feeling of joy and responsibility! Now, I finish my letter and I will be exciting to wait for your answer! It would be nice if your thoughts were similar to mine. Here, I am sending you a 999 999 999 999 kisses. Please take them!
Your Taliya
Letter 9
Hello my favorite! Today, my life and my day is filled with joy, so great to see your letter! When I read your letter, my heart skips a beat. I felt as much at the time of our correspondence, I very much changed, I became a different woman. Now when I look at this whole world through different eyes. I feel it is clear that to live well. What appeared in my life happy. My life is filled with meaning. Once again I just want to fly from happiness, it is nice to know that I am to someone very much needed, I think I really need you and it's great. I always think about what you wrote about each word. I think about every word of his as well, and am afraid of mistakes! When the end of the letter I read - and say to yourself, I should write a decent answer as you! God help us, I am confident that everything will be fine! If you choose your words now, I still see in them is very great care and love! how are you dear? You know - have more and more desire to be together. Really make all our words! Yet last night I thought about the good. I can tell you what - I imagined how we meet already. Still life with you I liked in my mind and my imagination. I certainly understand that not everyone will be like in my imagination, but I thought about the possible life which can not be! I started by saying that I am leaving Azerbaijan and say goodbye to my friends. Then all the same right to sit on a plane and fly to you! And you buy a little red roses, and stand at the airport with you, and wait for me! I really would like, if you meet me at the airport - or in any way :) Otherwise I'll just get lost and I would be unpleasant! What do you think? Then we meet, I run to you with open arms and hug you. You raise me in your strong, masculine hands! And make a few turns of joy. Hug and kiss me! You invite me to the transport. I know that you're a real gentleman. And I can see your concern for me from the first minutes of our meeting. And then we go to your house and we can talk, we will go quietly, so were able to enjoy the first sight of each other. I was able to touch you a little bit! To feel you, and also your touch! My smile is a big and exciting at the same time - but have no fear, if I see you. I'm sure those first few minutes until we're together, we will remember for a long time. This will be one of the most vivid impressions. This will give us both a lot of fun. Do you agree with me?
And when we come to your home, then you can show me your house. Still, I very much want to see it! Since then I can see how you live! And what do you have room. I want to keep your home clean and cozy. Take care of it. Yet no small part for me to play kitchen! I hope you give me allows you to cook to eat each day to you. For me, it will be only joy! I will always want to ensure that you always wore a well-fed! And I hope that this will be your only love, everything that I cook! I would also like. That you sometimes helped me with this. If, for example, I do not have the strength to carve the meat - then you hug my arm with his hand. And just helping to put pressure on the knife! So that we can together and quickly cook us dinner! Every dish I want to try to decorate with greenery to give it more flavor. You know, I have a lot on the cooking secrets that you will learn gradually, I'll tell you! Since we can prepare various dishes, and east, the Caucasus! You can write about it very much, I just want you to know! I'll try to do so. That you never went hungry! And the rest of the homework should not make much difference. Since we make your house much more comfortable and cleaner. That even if the guests have come to you, have a sense of caring! You like it?
I told you earlier, I really love nature. I love to admire the beauty of nature, beautiful natural places. It makes me calmer, you can relax and be distracted by other thoughts. Sometimes, I have caused consternation people's attitude towards nature. People do not appreciate what nature give us. People pollute the river, water, air and cause great harm to nature. It really is a terrible picture. I do not understand this attitude of people towards nature. Once the nature will punish people for such a harsh attitude towards this. I really love going on nature, away from the city. And I also imagine our journey together. I tell you earlier that a childhood dream - to travel. But this is not done yet. So our journey together with you - this is another dream of mine. The place of such a journey - not so important, any country or any other exotic. The main thing that we could make this journey together, and enjoy it. But this is not my main dream. Home - this is my first visit to you. And then we could discuss the option of joint travel plans. I hope you do not mind?
Now I very much miss you every day, as you would like to see better today than tomorrow and after tomorrow!! Since so much sadness in my heart and my heart aches to have these dreams! I want this in reality some day!! I think you are all fine - and can you write that, as you would have done, if you see me? I now want to call you my prince - because you're a man, I dream about!! And I looked for you all my life and why only now found? But I know that happiness comes unexpectedly!! Darling, tell me happened in your life if something like this? Or is our relationship with you this example? I love you, I have many desires concerning you. Believe me always! Please write me in your next letter about what you think! And perhaps you'll tell me also about your dreams. I think you love to dream about a beautiful, but a feasible, as I do. I'll look forward to your letter, here, your good Taliya!!!
Letter 10
Hello, my big love most in this world! I'm very happy now to come to the internet cafe to see your new letter. Of course I believe I'm a happy girl, because I always in my heart have you, my prince! Sometimes after work I'm tired, even if sometimes I have bad mood, but after reading your letter my mood gets better, I see a lot of care and affection. Continued support for me, I get it from you, and I appreciate it! Then again awakened in me a sense of vitality, and do not feel any fatigue and muscle pain! I am very much happy to read your letter, and again the smile back to me. Can you imagine a joyful expression on my face.
And this feeling of joy to me very much. Since I'm in love with you. And getting the word of love from a loved one. And to see you - I dream of meeting you and I have every day and night! I already know that you also thought about it, about our meeting. In your head, are also these wonderful letters. I believe that when I come to you, we spend a great time.
Every day I dream about it! And every day, I remember the day when I come to the marriage agency. And they give me your email address. I've already told you about it earlier. That is a very good marriage agency, which have good connections with many dating sites. Now I am very happy that then go to a dating agency. Because now we have the most beautiful, gentle and loving. I apologize for the fact that many of my letters, I tell you my thoughts are the same. I do so, because I constantly think about it. I am writing to you all what to think. I ask you to not be offended if I mention some of the topics many times. For example, the theme of my photos, or theme of trust - a topic very important to me. Because I believe this is an important part of relationships. The same proportion as the mutual respect and understanding. And I keep thinking about it. I really want to end up, you and I have the best relationship. In order for us to do a minimum of mistakes in our relationship. I think in any relationship there are difficult situations. I want to make so many things to avoid.
You talk as this, our possible meeting. We will do everything. Dance together. laugh and cry. Smile at each other and even more in love. Almost to the point where our hearts will burst with happiness and great love! ! I want to be with you the maximum possible time. I understand that my first visit to you will have a time limit, according to my visa. I will try to use every day when we're together - to have good memories after this, because this is our first meeting, it is our first and most vivid emotions. But I hope soon to see your house, I'm sure it's very beautiful. Also, maybe I'll decorate a little bit in this situation. Later, we will be able to buy something new, electronic equipment, or furnishings. But it's only in my dreams. Of course, before doing this, you and I will work together to solve every solution. Only then, our house will have the most beautiful and charming appearance. Do you agree with me?
You also, I hope you will help me in all cases of female? Since I'm a do everything I can not - I will need your help! I am a friend of my friend - her husband to help her a lot of home affairs, I believe it is very important. I understand that the majority of household chores should a woman do, but I still hope to receive your help in some cases. To me less tired and have more energy at the end of the day, especially at night! You just have to know what I always say. I am very loyal girl. and if I love you, I always will I be with you! To do this, and there is a love relationship. Do you know this of course, I'm not going to explain it to you! Because you're my most intelligent and faithful as a man in this world. I must tell you - that if I come to your house? You invite me? I still do not know much, but can you help me find a job? Since I do not want you constantly create problems! I want to help you in all things, also in financial straits. For if we worked together, at least some part, I brought into our home! I am writing about it for the first time - but I want to work! In recent years I became very independent woman. Since all of these years I lived alone. I fully support themselves, their needs. That's why I want to also work when I come to you.
Then I could make you a gift, which for the earlier you know you will not! And then everything falls into place, I want it!
Today I'll go to my friend yet, I want to spend some time with her. Trust her my thoughts. describe and discuss everything! I know she's happy for me and told me nothing about it. If she has something new to tell me - then she tells me! I will not tell her about what we're talking about in his letters, but I have to say about you a lot of good! And very much hope that you are the same in reality. What can I trust you are very important in my life! I want to be with you always, always kiss you!
And always look in your eyes a little bit confused by your own eyes! I would definitely like it. And all that I have written to you you get it in your head. Carefully think about and write my answers. I write to you are serious things that I want to! And you're with me and discuss any topic you can!
I certainly want to discuss with you all and I want to touch such a theme is like ***. I can talk to you about this if you want! If you're telling me that you like in ***? And maybe you think about it at night? Then do not hide it please tell me what you want! I know that I would be hard to talk about it. But I'll try. Since I have never had ****** *********** with a man. Do you understand?? Since ****** *********** with a man my religion forbids, until my wedding.
Then I'll be watching your answer! And maybe tell you. I think that night! What I dream, and I want to do with you, out of great love for you. This is of course the sweet moments that will never be forgotten. And there are more and more fancy, that I want to tell you! I think you know it will be interesting! Then I leave with you soon! I think that for a long time to wait for your answer I do not have to.
I love you darling, I want to hug you now and say these words in his eyes, and whisper softly in my ear! And they say that first love is remembered for a lifetime? Many kisses for my sweet prince!!!
Here, yours forever, and I think Taliya!!!
Letter 11
Hello, my biggest and strongest love!! I'm happy now because I see your letter, I can read it and respond to you right now. I have the time to do so again. I'm really happy - and my joy each day to get more! At the sight of your letter my heart is beating very strongly, more than one, and the feeling - it just jumps out soon! Then, if it is to jump on my body - it is only part of my heart. She will fly to thee in the sky to your house - and joins you. Thus, I want to tell you what to give part of my heart I want you. And give all my spirits and joy, all my love to you. Tell me what is your mood today? I think that all is well and you write like you spent day and night?
I'm still close last night and the night was already thinking about us again. Just I do not even watching TV, and what is not distracted! I suddenly thought that if all of what we write can happen in reality, as well as our words! That is so fast people can fall in love in each other's letters. I write you the truth about all my feelings and my love for you! Regarding my thoughts about ***, I just think a lot about us and fantasize. In the last letter I told you that I am still a ******, and it's true. Since, according to the Muslim religion she should not have *** before marriage. I have never been married, so I'm still a ******. Perhaps this is hard to believe but true.
What I think and I can not do is display the words! So much I want relations with you. Closer to you, I love your inner world - what's in your heart. And you're telling me about it, and I think that you are the just man I need. Yesterday I was thinking about us and a lot of planning. What is still not live without you. Letters - this one, and you understand it myself, that very well, we did not know each other. And if we meet one day - then it will be a moment that just shows that we have for each other. I did not drop no doubt - that if I see you really - is all very well between us. And if I told you in the eye can see, then I'll see everything, all their brilliance, which will come from your eyes to me. Then I just smile, then I'll understand everything at once, all your feelings and love for me. Yes, just by the look! And if I see all your actions that show concern for me, or courtship. It is necessary for me to know and see in you! I am confident that I present to you this is just who would like to see, and what you really are. I have a good intuition, and it is always confirmed in his life. My intuition tells me that you're the best man for me, I want to be with you. I would like to start a new life with you, which would allow me to completely forget all the past that happened! To then just do not remember it. I still do not think about it, just telling you. Now, all my desire to meet you. But if you're going to go with me? You have such a desire?
I think that this is not a good option. Because if one of my friends here in Azerbaijan recognizes me. They will immediately report this to my parents. And my father will see and know - I'm with you. I can not allow this. As the law then I will punish you! BUT!!! If I come to you dear. Then I have the right to leave Azerbaijan, and then build my life as I want. And also I can change the religion. I can take another faith, if you want to be!! you know what I do?? Here, in Azerbaijan, I can not be with you. This is a very important condition!!
In my head and I can not think of anything else. All of those things, house, parents, my family and my job - it's all you can leave! Although friends and parents forever in my heart and I will be able to visit them one day with you! If I come to you, then I can go to work in Azerbaijan and work with you. And I think that you are helping me with this! With a shop is not difficult to settle down in your town, and everywhere they are required. Professionals who know how to work with people. I already want to work with people to try. Which are not of our country. This for me will be very interesting and attractive, maybe I'll be able to change their style more than others! I can also sell products, or we think together about where I could work with. The first thing I'll be good to learn your language so that I can properly communicate with customers. yet - but first we will discuss this at the meeting. If we want, we create everything with good intentions.
That is, I want to tell you that at first we can meet for some time to learn - if we can be together or? What do you think???????? And if we see it, and already 100 sure we will approach each other, thus to live together. Then we'll talk about the wedding to go!
I love you very much and was happy to have you also seen. I'll wait for your answer to this darling!!!
Yet if we meet. I say - it is quite another, it is no longer writing. Letters to bring much joy and many desires, many dreams!! But they can not all of those feelings that I have to transfer to you. All those emotions and my mind! You can not look at my eyes. That's why I say all this to you now!
If we meet - then all that we write to each other can do, and we will be able to put into reality. We can make love in bed and can walk around the different streets and the most beautiful places. We can each night to bring each other pleasure, to be happy. I would like you to massage all the time, every time the form when you are tired. I would like to engage with you love, with each of our common desire and want. To all that you write as you could do! You write as you love me and want a great love. We can do it soon! I was thinking yesterday that it will be enough to dream, because it is more a desire to meet.
I am so much waiting for your answer! In general, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts and then we are dealing with!
I am eagerly waiting for your letter, I will! And I want to say again that I love you Taliya!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 12
Hello, my biggest love in this world! I am very glad that I can now write your response to your letter! I am full of energy and strength, a cheerful mood. This is what I need! How are you doing, how your mood, the weather with you? I have here the weather is cool now, I love this weather! In such weather I love not quickly walk down the street and enjoy this weather. Now I'm very happy, and yet I would like to visit you, and therefore the knowledge of your very important to me! But the letters do not see it all - you need to watch it through your eyes. Always better to see everything in person, instead of reading about it! . I think that all the most important thing I know! I seriously want to see you now. This is my only desire, and I would very much like this today! If I knew how everything was magic skills, then I fly to you myself in the sky, and come directly to your house. Already have stood in the doorway, and you would have seen me. Or, if I knew how I can travel to you - then there would be planned in the near future. But I still do not know!
I want to tell you today - it's important that I'll go over these days in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in a travel agency. I will go there, and of course I choose for this time. It will take me all day. . For me the important thing is that the price of my trip was not great, and that all documents (visa and passport) were made in the shortest possible time. All the information that I know I will report you! I understand that if I have to agree to this step - then I have to spend a lot of energy!
There is a good agency, called Star Travel. They have all the necessary connections c consulate in Baku, and c at the airport by airlines. And they can easily arrange my trip to you. And as in any country. I talked to my friends who have used the services of this agency. I've cprashivat them about this agency. And all of my friends gave me the best reviews. They noted that in this agency are professionals who do what is necessary. I trust my friends and I'm sure if I will also use the services of this agency, then everything will be done best way.
When I'm coming back, then I will find out their email address. That you could also write them a letter and find out everything you need.
I'll go to them and learn all about the trip. ok? Now I want you to call my closest international airport to you so that I could say it in the agency. Please tell me this in my next letter, do not forget!
I understand you, that our acquaintance not continue very long time and maybe you have some doubts. So I ask you to ask me anything you wondering. If I miss an important fact when your question, please ask it again. And I'm sure I will answer it!
I do not doubt that our future relations of doubt and distrust for each other will not. I'm sure our love will live long, it will be able to pass any tests. When two people love each other, they can overcome any obstacles. Do you agree with me? You're telling me that I am outspoken and a beautiful girl. I know if I'll love you, then you also will love me and never give up. I believe you, I believe in every word. I do not consider myself naive, but my heart tells me that you are sincere! What do you really want only the best to me! My heart is not wrong! I know this for sure!
I LOVE YOU and most importantly, I think so, and if I meet you and together we will - then I become the happiest ******* this planet. I will never give you up, my favorite man! I never think badly of you. I am a girl who knows how to forgive, and if there are errors, then I will not hurt - you're correct them! It will also be present in my side, and depend on me and from what do you know how to forgive. You can not doubt my words. Since I write to you just what I think and what I dream! And all my promises - it is not empty words! It is true, and if properly understood, then you can see the real me! I'm sure you already know me well. You know my feelings for you, you know my hobbies, and many of my thoughts! When I come to you, I'll talk much more! Can you see me, watch me. You will be able to see and feel all my feelings for you. I really want it! I want to give you my love, and also see and feel your love to me!
And if between us will be such feelings, and full confidence. Then we meet, no matter what. I would like to feel you soon, your pet and show all of my care and my love for you thoughtful prince. I understand that now my life depends on you! And I think that you look at it from the correct side! I want to see you, to be his girlfriend. So you can never leave me!
But is this possible? I will be able to recognize it!! And then I'll be able to see your answer, your beautiful words of love. Your feelings about me and what you think! AND REMEMBER - WHAT FOR LOVE, I am ready for anything! I would like to hear from you as the words. If you think so, then you write to me. It will be very difficult to meet, and we need to understand both. I've never flown anywhere else outside of Azerbaijan. It will be very difficult and not easy! I think - that our meeting will be spending all our efforts and endeavors, it will require assistance and care from you!! But we are ready and we will strive towards this, right? We will not give up!!!
I will finish my letter today! I would be glad to see from you the answer to my eyes sparkled with joy! I give you kisses 9999999999999999999999999!
I LOVE YOU, my gentle and caring man!
Your forever, Taliya!!!
Letter 13
Hi, My biggest love Friend!! I am very glad to see your letter now, I'm back in internet cafes. Every time I come here and see your letter, then my mood immediately improved to its highest level. Your letters really do wonders. The most important thing for me is that you continue to write to me. I am glad to receive any letter from you, how big or small. The most important thing is your attention to me, your attitude towards me. But still I love to receive a letter from you in which you write too much. Then I can learn more about all of your day on your mood. For me, it's very important!
I think many of us, as we will be together. What are we going to do to become closer with each passing day. dreamed last night about this and have thought that you meet me! That's all very simple and there is no problem. Then I was glad to escape back to your hand. So you can hug me! If you're going to have to hug me when they first met - then everything changes. I'll see your concern and your desire to be with me. Everything depends only on us. And if we want to be together, together we will certainly try. I also thought a lot about our love and realized that I can not wait for our meeting! And I see in your letter that you are also interested in it. This morning I followed a dream and you're back in my head. You should know this if you were with me now. Then I would not be alone. If I meet you - then I no longer needed in the rest of his life. I love you with all my heart. All my thoughts are only about you and about our meeting with you!
What if we now meet in the near future? Then we will have enough time to be together. Because that's what I learned in the travel agency has a lot to me great joy! Indeed, I can tell you - I went to the city of Baku and learned all there. I'll tell you a little bit lower than their conditions. Yet everything is wonderful and I am very glad news! I told them - that met a good man on the Internet, and now I want to it. TO YOU MY DEAR! Then they gave me many questions, here are a few of these questions:
- You ever traveled to another country? I answered "NO".
- Have your friends or relatives already abroad, and what are their impressions? I said that my uncle once went from Azerbaijan to Europe. He then traveled to other countries.
- If you really want to leave Azerbaijan, then you will need to have the following documents: visa and passport. And the round-trip tickets. Since I will have a tourist visa. And I have to buy a return ticket as well. Otherwise I can not let go back to your country. Such rules in this agency, and in general in our country.
- Have you ever flown on an airplane and how do you carry? I've never flown on an airplane, and for me it is the first time at all.
favorite, I would like to ask you - if you fly on an airplane, then there are side effects? Is it terrible to fly a plane? A lot of watching on TV, that the planes crash into the air? So I was hampered girl from the agency to answer this question!
- Then she asked again: Are you going alone or with someone from the support? I replied that I want to go alone, because I will be waiting for just one.
- You know that many women are flying over the border from Azerbaijan to Europe? Here IMPORTANT! The girls then did not return home. Because it still live there. I also asked how you can stay with you forever? They said - that if you're just going to have a wedding, then you can get citizenship in almost every country, it is the law worldwide. But they also told me that the girls will not be returned to Azerbaijan, because they are prostitutes. Because men are abroad, not all tender and honest. They forced the girls to work with his body, and so on. I was very surprised! Do you have a well? in your country? Please answer me! I'm a little upset by this!! BUT I think of a better.
I believe you 100! But I'm afraid. BUT I am ready to take risks for us. For the sake of our happiness for the sake of our love and our future!
So, on the documents: visa will be valid 3 months, and the passport will be valid six months. For this I must give a lot of documents to visit you! I'll have to do medical certificates, certificates of residence and information about my salary.
I have no problems with the release. Since 2 years I have been working without leave in the store. So my boss might let me go. No problem.
I summarize - that still have no problems with my arrival to you! I can get all the information and documents for approximately 2 to 3 days. Then, I'll give it to start preparing my passport.
BUT AGREE THAT I NEED TO KNOW YOUR OPINION? Do you agree that I flew to you as soon as possible? I think it's all right!
They showed me pictures of happy people who are now together. They showed me a lot of certificates for successful work. What kind of woman 3 months, and in general men find a pair. And to become happy. I thought it was a chance for us! Beloved, if we love each other and at the meeting very much, or even more. Then I would like to stay with you forever. FOREVER. But we'll talk more about it at the meeting. I'm ready for anything. Yet it is certainly a problem with payment. Since I am not a rich girl. And such a long trip would cost a large sum of money. I doubt that I can pay in full all of my trip.
I hope that you will not find a rich girl?
When I start looking for a man on the internet, then I could not imagine that everything would be so fast. What will I be able to find you, that our feelings are so strong. And I can not wait for our meeting. So I did not think about it. I could not imagine that our relationship with you will have a rapid and sensible development. And now I feel such a strong love for you, and a strong desire to come to you! Therefore, I find it hard to contain my feelings and my desires. I want to come to you soon and be with you and become the most happy people! I hope you understand it is my wish? I am now finishing my letter, and forced to leave! She wrote this letter a long time and my hands are a bit tired. But I'm not sorry I wrote it all to you. Since it is important for both of us. If you seriously think all of us, please tell me the answer.
But I do not want to wait a long time. So I must give my answer to the agency the next day. Tell me the answer. and then again I'll write them a letter. We can write letters to them via e-mail. As I and you. If you're really interested in meeting with me, then you can learn everything directly to the agency. I want you to be reported to the agency all information concerning my arrival to you. That is the nearest international airport, where you can meet me. To travel agent was able to find the best option with a plane ticket.
I give you their email address: You just write them a letter, call my name Taliya. To say that I have addressed in their agency. You can say that I come to them. I am confident they will remember me, and they will give you all the necessary information. I think you know more than me in all these cases related to travel. And you can find out everything very quickly. I hope you write to them. I love you, my dear! You're always with me in my heart.
I miss you, hug, kiss tight!
Only your Taliya!!!
Letter 14
Hello my dearest, darling, my sweet and caring man.
Once again, I come now to the internet cafe to see your letter. To be happy when I read it, as it always bring me much joy and happiness.
Every day, every minute, I think of you. every time I go to bed, I represent as you lie in bed, and my night will not be so lonely. And soon I'll fall asleep, and you'll hug me. I'm going to feel your warmth. And it will be the most beautiful days for you and me.
Every morning I wake up and cook you breakfast, so you feel my concern. What would your morning started well and just went on your day wonderful.
And every night I will meet you. You're going to come tired, and maybe even you will not have the mood, because you could be a tough day.
But when you come to my house, and there I'll wait for you. I'll cook you a delicious dinner. And I will try to do everything to make you change your mood, and be happy.
After you and I, we go on the sofa. Perhaps you find a very interesting film. And together we'll watch it. But if you want to go for a walk, go to your friends or just go to the movies, I'll gladly go with you. And I am confident that we'll be wonderful to spend time together.
This will be the most wonderful days on which you can only dream of in a dream.
And I understand that when I have to be in your country, it is to be very much new to me. New places, new faces. And of course I will be no more difficult to get used to it soon. But I know that you'll always be near. And of course, you will help me to feel comfortable in your country.
Now, I am waiting for the day when I will go out of the plane, you will stand with flowers, so even if you do not take them, it will not play a big role, because when I see you when I can touch the you. That to me any more then do not! At this point, I'll be very happy and joyful. Because it is my dream to meet you at this time will be real. And I see your eyes, and I'll tell you the words that I keep in my heart. That I can not describe in my letters. Since I can not find words to describe to you my feelings for you. And I can not describe to you all my joy, that I find you in this big world!
And of course, I want to say again thank you for what you have. And for what you show me that there is in the light of love. And you made me feel like such a caring, affection, and tenderness.
And I can only answer you in return.
Now I tell you "yet". And of course I'll wait for your answer.
I love you.
And remember that you are always with me in my heart.
Your Princess Taliya Hamid
Letter 15
Hi, my favorite. Today I am very rush at the cafe to see your letter and write to you, what would please himself, your words of love, warmth and caring. that soon we'll be together, and that we will be happy with you.
Yesterday when I go home, I really wanted you to come with me.
You know, I see many people who go along. They hold hands, and I see how happy they are. And earlier, before I met you. I dreamed about the same feeling. And I wanted to, just for a walk with her beloved man. Love it. Feel that he is with you.
Who understands me, and that will tell me honestly that he loves me. Not only for my beauty, but for my thoughts and feelings. And I liked it the way I am. And he will not see in me only ****** partner. He will see me, my favorite girl. Which for him is very much needed in his life.
And when I realized that you are the one man that I dreamed of. And at first I did not believe it. What do I found him of whom dream of.
But now I know you're just like that. Anyone who loves the one who understands, and he to whom I give my heart.
And I'll smile. Because I'm happy.
And I want to thank you for your love. What do you give me your feelings and show me that there is such a great feeling - the love and care.
And soon it will feel a hundred times stronger ....... When you take my hand, look into my eyes and tell me you love me.
These words are my heart will explode. And certainly, I cry. Because I could not believe what happens in life is happiness. And it happened to me.
Now we're together, and soon all of what we can dream now, in our letters, we will become a reality.
I love you, and it's true. And every day I think about you.
I be like you going to go to sleep with me, will you hug me. I'll feel your body heat, and to know that the man next to me, which I love. And sweetly to fall asleep in your arms.
And certainly when we're going for a walk and hold hands, another girl would see it and be jealous of me, as I did before.
my dear, now you're my dearest person in my life with whom I want to relate my life. And you make this soon.
And we have to wait quite a lot of that either.
Now I will finish my letter. I do not want to stop, but tomorrow I will write to you.
And I want you to know that I think about you every minute. And with my every breath, I will not stop loving you no where.
You're always with me in my heart.
Always with you, your Taliya
Letter 16
Hello, my dearest love **! I see your letter, thank you! I'm very happy again now write to you the answer! And I want to again tell you all what I think. But I'll be honest with you. Absolutely, because it's my human quality. And I tell you, I can not conceal from you that is! And if I want to tell you that what I do.
I really love your letters! VERY MUCH!! And if your letter is true, then when they met me will be easy with you. With you I have to be a woman! That you will love! And I will love you! Because your letters are very caring and warm! And so I'm honest with you! And would never betray you. As I already said that a little pain (you have to think so) can cause your mother, a friend, inhuman torments.
Since in our country, the word "honesty" is the main! And I was a child learning to speak only the truth (and as you probably listen to that for the deception that we have in some villages are severely punished). I see that you are sincere with me, I can feel it! I can understand that you do not want to do me a pain. Do you want me to be happy. But I'll be so, just next to you. And you do it to yourself to understand.
I believe you, in your every word. Because I love you much! That love for you makes me do it! To make big steps forward, and believe you. Yes, it is believed, since I already tell you that I have not a very good history in which to be treason, and nothing but a pain. And now, now, I feel again that I am not a ....... I have to live life like a fairy tale, but I did not know that there will be a sad end, where the main character (s) will not have a happy ending. A will only have a broken heart.
Now I'm starting to learn all about the trip for you, and cost. I really want to come to you soon, to be with you there. Look in your eyes, listen to your heart. And realize that you're next to me. Touch you.
But the more I learn all this, I realize that we can not be together. I'm not gonna lie, I will not lie to you. I can not pay for everything myself. I just can not afford it. As you probably realize that it is not cheap.
And even if I work, I will have to work a few months, neither eat nor sleep, and use energy, and do not pay rent, so I was able to save money to pay for everything myself. You understand that this is simply not possible.
Please do not think of anything bad, I just do not want to hide from you or anything. And I tell you now, as it is. And to tell you that I can not afford to come to you.
I just have to try to ask my friends to help, but I do not how it can help. Of course they would, but for them it's just a lot of money. And they're nothing more I can not help it.
I have to think about what you would come to me, that we met in Azerbaijan. But then, I think that we're not able to be together. Since all who will see me with you, will speak badly about me. I also very much afraid that you (the foreigner) will come to Azerbaijan. We have a Muslim country, I have to tell you about it. And here is not very much like foreign visitors. And I very much worry and fear for you.
By my letter, I want you to be treated seriously. I want you to believe me my dear!! What would you have to realize that I do everything I could. I would never deceive you not. And I can not do it.
Now realizing that we're not able to be together, I am very hurt. It hurts because I have to be happy all the time with you. I never will forget your love and your letters. I believe you and I know you not when I do not pain, doing so I have tears. And I was just happy to be with you.
And I have a very strong desire to visit you. I want it. I want to come to you right in your hands. To make you wait for me to meet a hug and kiss. And everything we dreamed about, and write in our letters, we are with you every day that were together carry into effect. I dream about it and want it to be, as soon as possible.
But as I tell you, it's unlikely that you and I receive. I tell you that I will not be able to pay for everything myself. And I would like to ask you to help me. But I think that you can not decide on this.
Of course I realize you're still not sure about me. I feel it in my heart. And maybe it would be painful, but I understand everything. And I would be very ashamed to ask you to help me, as it is, I decided to come to you. And yet, I see that you have just not very good the past. And I'm not sure exactly what you like and I started everything with a new sheet and a blank page. And what can you trust people.
And now we face the wall, the wall that make the boundaries of reality and the world, where we're able to be together.
I also do not think you're a rich man. I do not care how much money you have and how much income you have. The main thing is that you realize that money does not make a human person. And his actions. his life, his affairs.
I do not need it or anything, nor any values. They can not be taken when you're going to have a conversation with God. But, you will have peace of mind!
I was brought up in poverty, and the truth. For me, money has never been very significant. Money is only a tool, a resource needed for life. And therefore no wealth I do not care. I want you to understand this clearly. I'm concerned about is your only concern and love. I want you to protect me always. Since I want affection from you. Because for all his life did not feel anything. In your letters, I could understand what you are really gentle and caring. What do you really love me and want only the best for me. I believe in what you can make me happy! And I want it. In our case, money - it just means that we can meet! Do you understand that? That is not to interfere with our meeting today?
And I did not hurry at all. I'm just looking face. If you want to - we meet. If you do not want to meet now, for any reason. Then you must be aware that this is any good will not. I will be very upset. because I can not live without you. I'm going to cry, and this pain will not go away for a long time. But that's life.
We can write hundreds of letters, long time. We can share photos. But it will not bring us much pleasure and joy, like a living encounter. It does not give you that feeling when you see the eyes, hear the heart, have a conversation. And feel the warmth of each other. A meeting can give a lot more emotions, memories and joy. Letters can never replace it. Do you agree with me?
I always dream of you, I say to all of you. So I call this feeling - love!!! And this is the most pure and true love. This love has great power!
But if we wait - all this will disappear with time. you know? We're just going to become pen pals. And then no more.
I do not want it! I want a real relationship, living emotions and feelings. I'm so, I can not change it.
But if I meet you now, as I want. Then I'll be happy. I want to. you to think. thought a lot and gave me your answer tomorrow. Your forever Taliya!!!
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