Letter(s) from Alina Butina to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1

Hey, my name is Milana I live in Azerbaijan.
I'm kind, caring and interesting girl. I'm very lonely in my life. I want to find good man to spend all my life.
You can see my picture with this message. If you free and don't have relations with other woman and you also lonely then send me the answer.
I hope you will like my appearance and I will get the answer from you. Then I would tell you more about me and will learn more about you.
Please answer to me at my private email: mhuyase@yahoo.com
I'm looking forward to your answer.

Letter 2

Hi. Now my mood is better, I see your response to my first letter. And I hope you are interested in further relations with me. I think that you liked my picture. I want to believe that you're a serious person, and you will give serious consideration to the correspondence with me! I really want this this! I do not want to waste time on a variety of games by the internet. I never play such games. I'm serious, lonely girl, and I want to have only a serious relationship in the future. I live in a Muslim country Azerbaijan, my country has borders with countries such as Armenia, Iran. I got your e-mail address from the agency of dating service. Correspondence by e-mail for me the best option. I do not have MSN, Yahoo mess. or Skype or FaceBook. For me the age difference does not matter. I'll write you in next letter more information about me. I will write you about my life and I am sure you will be much clearer. In the next letter, I expect that you will tell me more about you. Now, I'll check my email constantly, and when I see your answer, then I'll write you back. Milana p.s. I love black and white photography, and I'm sending you my most favorite. So you can better see my face.

Letter 3

Hello again. How are you? Now I came back in our Internet Cafe is located not far from my house. So after my work I go here. I am glad to see your new letter, thank you for it. I understand that now we can begin to know each other better. I understand that I do the right thing, when I went to the wedding agency, and they are there gave me your email address. I'm not a very good understanding of how it work, wedding agency. Manager wedding agency told me that they have agreements with many dating sites and those sites provide this agency with e-mail addresses of visitors and single men. In any case, I'm glad that now I can communicate with you. I beg you to write me often, and I will do as well. I'll be glad to learn about you and your life and tell about my life. I want our relationships are in constant development. Friendship should also be developed. Now I think we have to take the first step, I have an interest in you, and you have an interest in me. I am sure that at least - we can become good friends. My hobbies. I go to gym, do jogging. Do you like sports? I love to be photographed, and I'll send you my pictures often. But I will never send naked pictures! If you're going to ask this, I will not write to you all. I know English and can speak. But to write to you, I'll use an interpreter. I would like to know, What are your hobbies? Tell me more about your work, do you like it? I love my job. I work as a cosmetics salesman for women. I find my work interesting, as always communicate with people. Also, I should always have a beautiful appearance. I always try to put in quality stuff, so that buyers can see it. My height is 165 cm and weight 52 kilograms. I am 27 years old already and my birthday is June 1 and I still live alone in the city! My country called Azerbaijan. This is a Muslim country, with the religion of Islam. I hope you are not afraid of it? And my religion is not an obstacle to the development of our relations? My city name is Shirvan. It is not very far from the capital Baku. My town is small, quiet and calm. I do not like big, noisy city. In our country, all the girls are married off to men at a very early age, and my father always chooses a husband for her daughter. Since the religion of Islam is the main one. Girls and women in our country have very little rights. And I’m another ...I want a man to love him. And so I would not want to stay longer in Azerbaijan in the future. So I have a conflict with parents. I'll tell you more about this in the following letters! I want you to write me long letters and send your pictures, please do not forget. I hope not too tired you with my letter and questions? I hope you can find time to write me again soon. I want to receive from you a long letter. Hoping for a quick response, now goodbye.

Letter 4

Hello! Today is a good day, I'm glad to see your reply and write you another letter. I would like to have a phone. But I do not have my phone so sorry. But I think that soon I will be able to call you. Soon I will ask myself you have a phone number to call. But until then I can not. I'm sorry. When we are little better to know each other, then I'll look for myself the opportunity to call you. I hope you do not mind? And you will not bother correspondence e-mail? I want to ask you directly, so we do not hurry c ratios. I want to have pleasure with letters. I want to know you through writing better. Recognize your life, all your interests, your thoughts. For me it is really very interesting. I mean, I'm looking for a serious relationship. Because here, in Azerbaijan, I can not get it. My father had already tried two times I look for her husband. But I always told my father, I am against it. I do not want to live without love, because it's wrong. And so I have a conflict with my parents. I live on them alone, and I do not want to go back to their house. I respect my parents but I will not tolerate that climb into my life. I hope you understand it all. I would like to change my life and live in a country where there are no vulgar laws. Where life and marriage - is free. To no one forced a woman to marry under duress. I will tell you that I have a sister, she lives in Turkey now. There's a strong Muslim tradition - and she married a man without love. And now it is hard to live. It's there as a slave to her husband, and always at home, and does all the hard work. I'm scared to even think about it. This is my only sister and I would wish her a better life. But she wanted to stay with her parents, and so it happened! And here I live alone and would like to change everything. I work almost every day except Sunday - and then come home. In his spare time (my favorite thing) - I love to cook and eat to make cleanup. I love talking to people on various topics, and I can not just sit at home. For example, I like it when my bed at home tucked perfectly floors are always clean and always clean the air. I grow flowers at home, and I love it. Clean air is just to give them! Also in his spare time after work, I try to visit a gym. I love running track, gymnastics. Also, I often do jogging. It all helps to keep my body toned and maintain beautiful forms. I believe that every woman should take care of it. A girl should be a girl - feminine, beautiful, emotional and exciting. A man must be morally strong, true to his word. A man should give the girl a sense of security, peace and confidence in the future. Do you agree with me? Tell me please, you like to clean? I - very. And now I get acquainted with you better, and I want it also continued. That you tried to write me every day and never forget about me. I think that then we can talk about more important things? What do you think? Also in my spare time I listen to pop and dance music. Since this creates a light mood. Sometimes romantic. I have some favorite singers or songs. I can listen to any song in which I find meaningful. But also, there are Azerbaijani music, and they have a quiet tune. Under which you can have fun dancing. Can you dance? It is a pity that I also do not have any other contact, such as MSN, or Facebook. In an Internet cafe say that it is better to have only e-mail. so, therefore I am! I would like to know what matters most to you in your future beloved? What qualities should it have? I will also try to describe themselves and their quality, so you can better understand me. For me it is very important. And then we'll see how well we are the same, different, and whether we have a good chance of sharing future. I look forward to your reply ... I'll miss your letter and wait for it eagerly ...

P.s. with this letter I am sending you one my photo. This is done in the past year, in summer. I really love to smile and have a good mood always, I am a positive person.

Letter 5

Hello again, my dear! Now I read your letter, and my eyes light up with joy and delight. Since I was confident that I can see from your response. This woman's intuition, and I'm glad that it works well. I am very pleased to read your letter. And first I want to ask, how are you? how was your day? I am glad that you continue to write me, and I promise - I will not stop. Since this is such a nice feeling ... learn more about you, your life and general internal qualities .. I do love to speak on different topics, it gives me pleasure. I think that through communication can learn a lot about a person. About all it’s interests, worried. I also think that communication helps develop relationships. Do you agree with me? I am cheerful and happy almost always. To be more precise - I'm trying to be like that. I think that people with a positive attitude towards life is living a lot easier.
Positive makes life easier and gives strength to develop. for me hard to communicate with the pessimists. People are always not satisfied with something that and in all what happens they only see the negative side. When you communicate with such people, then you become sad and not happy in life. So I try to avoid contact with such people. I'll tell you that I have now a good mood, because last night with my girlfriend, we went to the movies now. I also went to work this morning, and had a break around 1pm to have lunch. Then again, I go to work until the evening. The movie theater was the movie "Mission Impossible, phantom record." And well has been translated into Azerbaijani. So it was very interesting and I liked the story. I love to watch these movies in which there is constant change of scenery, places, and develop the plot is not predictable. I like in the movies all mixed up and the events connected with each other. I also think Tom Kruise is a very good actor. I also like his earlier film "Vanilla Sky", it was a very romantic film in which Penelopa Kruise also play a very plausible, and it looked like it feminine. Among the other films I love watching romantic movies also, drama and comedy. Such as "American Beauty", "A Walk to Remember," "Thank you for your love" and "American Pie." Now I want to ask you, how often do you go to the movies? And what kind of movies do you like? Do you prefer going to the movies with a friend or with your favorite girl? I am now again use a translator, and I am writing to you in your language. Since I want to learn it more. I want to get more practice. So I can just start to learn that I was then easier. I know a lot of words in your language, but I want to know more. In our country, saying: "" lived a whole life, whole life learn "! I have andea, and I would like to ask you. You write letters to other girls? Because I tell you honestly. Now I only write you letters. You - the only man to whom I write letters and send my pictures. It is important to me, I do not want my picture was somewhere on the Internet. But I see that you're a good man. And do not do bad with it. I think you like my photos! And I'll send it even more! I would like you never showed my pictures to anybody. It is very important to me. Can you promise that? Here in Azerbaijan girls can’t show their body to man . Never bare feet, and face completely. Since all the girls are trying to close a special dark cloth .This is one of the highlights of my religion! But I thought, how we meet with you, how can you see the person who speak to you if I'm not going to show my photos. I want to show you myself, and I would like us to know each other better. So all of those photos that I send - should never go out of your hands. Do you understand me? And as long as I am in Azerbaijan - I'm afraid so. And if one day I'll go from here - then only will I feel safe. I think you're a real man, and never do anything bad with it. I'm looking for myself just such a man to whom I could trust. And who never would tell me bad words. And no difference in age, or other such things, can not stop me. For me the main thing - that is a good man who will love me, trust that I will have an understanding in conversation. So I want to start a relationship with friendship, to know you better. And I think that e-mail message - is the best option for this. I'm looking for a man who is affectionate with me, to such man I could go! In my heart I feel that once could come to you. But I do not want to rush. I just do not want to lose all hope at once, and those beautiful moments of communication. Since you do not know much yet about me, and I just like your words to me. If I feel it each time more and more that you like that man I want - we will meet and will share life. But it will be later. Above this is also a lot to think about and work! How do you think? Also there is another reason - it's again a religion. IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!! As long as I'm in Azerbaijan - I can not come into contact with a man, and have a relationship. So I have had a men. I want to marry only once. AND WITH LOVE! But I do not want to imagine a man here. Since then I can not ever go away, and life will be here with these laws and traditions, which I did not like! I do not want it. And so was looking for a man on the Internet! Although it is too early to talk about it with you. Maybe I'll tell you later about this in more detail! In order for me to be different. I must get to know you better, on all sides! Must understand the seriousness of your acquaintance !!!!!!! Must understand what you are in person? So I want to know more your character? I think that I will not lose contact with you. I am afraid of this! Keep writing to me about anything that you think would be interesting to me. About how you spend your day. About your upcoming plans for your life. For me really it's all very interesting. I will do as well. I would very much like that every day, talk to you on the phone to hear your voice. I think that your voice sweet? But I am so sorry that I have no phone. I will definitely look for an opportunity to call you. I think 2-3 weeks I will be able to do so. Now we can also continue to communicate by e-mail, find out more about us and then we'll have more to talk about, and I'm sure my knowledge of language will become perfect. And so this night I could only think about - to see your next letter. I am very interested to get your answer ... Okay, I'll say goodbye and wish you all the best.

P.s. I send you another picture today. This is done in the autumn of 2011. This is done in the park, which is located not very far from my home where I live. We walk with a girl friend there. I love nature and fresh air