Letter(s) from Dela Pomary to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Jerry,
Thank you also for sending me a lovely mail with your compliments,pictures,telling me a bit about your profession and willing to start a serious relationship with me,i think its a good thing you have done and we can proceed from here.

You also have a nice profile and i will likr to see the video tht you are talking about one day,for now lets begin this way.How are you?I hope you are doing fine.My name is Dela.

Let me tell you something short about me,am a young lady who was raised in a decent home.I come from a highly reputable home with good caliber of good moral training,I was taught many things which I think have well prepared me for relationship, I am a lady who is pretty down to earth,the most important thing about me is am very honest,faithful to people around me.

I am very friendly and like to share time with love ones,I know am very pretty but what matters most is the pretty of my character.

My main reason of coming to this site is to find my better half that will complete my life,I want to enter into a suitable and stable relationship which will take me somewhere, I want a man who is family oriented, faithful, honest and most of all loving,am not here for any drama.

If you are serious and really want to know more about me let's get talking.

Letter 2

Hello Dearest Jerry,
Thank you for sending me another lovely mail with the compliments,telling me about your profession,family etc and willing to establish serious contact with me,you have taking your time to write this mail and i love everything you stated.

I think you mails was well written and it is a beautiful beginning lets just be honest to each other.How are you?I hope you are doing very well.

There is something more i will also like to tell you about me, I am caring, sensitive and supportive partner who really appreciates the smaller things in a relationship like cooking for each other, washing and ironing, just going for walks and having coffee at a pleasant cafe.

I believe I'm a loyal friend and partner through both the good and bad times and am looking for a partner to share all this with.

I am going to handle my man in a loving and a caring way to let him know he is being loved by a woman who wants to give love and receive love. I have very strong morals and values that I uphold.
I’m a very loving, selfless person and over the years have developed a "how may I help you" type attitude. You know, taking the focus off of myself and instead focusing on helping others.

I do this not because of an underlying agenda, but because I love seeing people happy and that is pretty much the way I am in a relationship.

Mostly, you can find me by myself or hanging out with my neighbors on occasion, I am very sociable, I am far from boring, quite energetic, a bit of a clown, and always try to stay positive.

I am ending here and I hope to hear more from you again.Take care and stay blessed.

Letter 3

Hello Jerry,
How are you?Thank you very much for your beautiful and lovely mails,i think we have written to each other enough on this site i will like to move to our private addresses and maybe exchange pictures and talk privately.
this is my e-mail address(delapomary@yahoo.com)i will like you to direct your questions and pictures to me there,take care and hear from you soon bye for now.

Letter 4

Hello Jerry,
Thank you once again for sending me another warm letter with your details and telling me a bit about your future plan,that sounds lovely and you are right right guy who is willing to share everything about you with your lady.My week has been so good because i read good message s from you.How are you?hearing from you tells me you are in the state of good health,we have a lot in common to share.

Dear,I will like to tell you something about my personal life and family,which most people wouldn't like to discuss at a starting stage but i will like to straight and honest.I have graduated as a Nurse last year in Ghana,Africa and yet to work,i went Japan probably to get a job but haven't got one before returning to Ghana,i am mixed races my mother an African,Ghana and my father is a Japanese but i was born in Ghana,i went to Japan immediately i graduate from My Nursing Course to visit my father's families because some of them were affected with the current earth quake and also to get a job.I returned to Ghana because my mother had a short illness.

My Father was a Business Merchant,he was a famous and prosperous business man in Ghana,but he got involved in a serious drug scandal which prompted the attention of the government and he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison which led to his death while in the prison,so you can see I was raised by my mother alone.I have 2 siblings here in Ghana,I like to make new friend and like new discovery,i want to see my self with an honest man where i can start a new family life with,in good and bad times,i am willing to live with him in any part of the world in any situation.I also want to become a good Nurse who can save lives in anywhere i found my self.

Dear,i am very understanding,respectful,and most of all very honest and always stand with the truth, I know am beautiful but to tell you a secret am more beautiful inside and very down to earth, not forgetting I like dancing, listening to music,swimming,singing and cooking so you don’t have to think of what to eat if we happen to meet in person.
I like all kind of sports,Tennis,Volley ball, basket ball,Gulf,water sports,hockey etc.

Dear,what is your profession,what are your experiences about internet dating do you move from one internet dating site to another and how many ladies are you contacting?i am looking for a man to spend the rest of my life with, I mean a man who has good character, honest and very caring.

My dear i hope you are serious like I am, please let’s be honest to ourselves that is all I want from you for starters.I have attached my pictures to this mail and hoping to get the same response from you.I will leave you now and hope to hear from you again.
Please also continue telling more about you and i wish you all the best,bye and lots of love to you.Kisses and hugs.
Yours Truly,

Letter 5

Hello Jerry,
How are you Jerry?I hope you are doing just fine enjoying your working day.I am happy to receive your brief response with the pictures,these pictures are nice and beautiful.

Both of us have the love for sports,i play volley,Tennis and some other games.Dear i could see you are a singer wow i will like to watch your performance on stage one day.

Thank you also for showing appreciation for my mail,i will be very glad to read more from you as you stated,i wish you all the best of your day and a happy weekends,My regards to your mother,siblings and friends.

Take good care of yourself and hear from you soon bye for now.
Stay Blessed,

Letter 6

Hello Dearest Jerry,
How are you Jerry?Thank you also for your lengthy mail,sharing with me about your parents and all i will like to know about you.Well death is for all of us but it is very painful sometimes when you lose a love one untimely,we both lost our father may their souls rest in perfect peace.Dear my mother is doing very well now and i am happy to see her healthy again.
Jerry,you are very right we have much in common,I congratulate you for conveying your mother's belongings to her in Florida its a good job done,you don't need to worry so much about your mother current situation concerning arguing,you have to use diplomacy to control her because she is aging and you don't expect her attitude to be like when she was in her 30s.
Sometimes my mother also get upset with little things and i see that to be menopause,so i treat her the way it should be.We are young people but we will also get there one day i hope you understood my point.Thank you for showing your appreciation for my profession,i am really honored.

I am the elder of the 3,a boy after and a girl as the baby last as we call them here,they are still in school and hopefully 3 years from now they will complete.i went to Filipino and Asian friend finder but suspended my account some months ago because i am not getting any response but on Korean they are few people who sent me mails but i think you are the only person who is showing much interested sharing everything about you with me,i think that is enough for me to continue with you.

Dear,I will continue telling you something about me again and what my heart desires most, I am looking for my lifetime partner, a man that I can give my all to.I am an open book for the man who is meant for me and is ready to read my heart and my desires. If you are that man, then I will become yours AND ONLY YOURS if you choose to have me and keep me.

So if you are interested in a woman you know will be honest with you then please let me know. I am also not interested in games or getting hurt anymore. I am sincere and I am looking for my one and only true love.

I'm pretty easy going and relaxed and I love meeting all sorts of people from all walks of life and learning from them about their life experiences and views, and I am very much hoping to eventually meet someone really nice who may become special in my life.

That is why I am reaching out to you, to see if indeed you could become that person for me and me for you but who knows what will happen.

All we can do at the moment is try to tell each other as much about ourselves and see what happens as time goes on.I am ending here and I hope this mail finds you in good health and all the best in life you could ever wish for.
Yours Lovely,

Letter 7

Hello My Jerry,
Thank you for your mail and your youtube videos,its unfortunate my computer does have speakers in other for me to listen to your music.How are you?i hope you are doing perfectly fine.I think you mail was well written,i can have broad insight about your family background,you have a great family as you been a man you have to take good care of your siblings,nieces,nephews and cousins,do this in collaboration with Jeff,let you guys forget about the past and let bygones be bygones,think about the image and integrity of your late father,i will like to be part of your family one day if i am giving the chance.

Dear i want our love will be built upon,honesty,loyalty and faithfulness to me it is the best foundation.I want us to be opened to each other and please don’t hesitate to tell me anything that bothers you or asked me anything that you want to know about me, if you don’t ask me questions there is no way you will get to know me better and so do I.

I am always good to my man and I want to love and to beloved and it feel good this way than to love and you will not be loved, I just need your love, a little and I will give you more than what you will expect from me. I am also not going to let you down in anyway and this I promise you for sure.

Jerry,i have thought of talking to you over the phone and hear your voice it is a giant step that will take to knowing each other much more and feel closer but it is unfortunate I don’t have a cell phone to make this happen,I would very much appreciate it if you can get me one so that we can talk and stay in touch all the time, I don’t even have my personal computer that I use.

I have to go to a cafe all the time to check my mail and send mails because the place is too small with just few computers I have to wait for a long time before I get access to the computer and sometimes too I return home for waiting for so long and this takes much of my time and money,so I think the phone will do me some good if you can get me one.
What do you say to this idea or suggestion?

I wish you a happy vacation in Illinois and also all the best for the search of a new apartment,I have to end here and I wish you all the best that you could ever wish for in this life. Stay blessed my dear Jerry.
Yours Truly,

Letter 8

Hello Jerry
How are you My dear?I hope you are doing fine by God's grace.Thank you for your questions,yes of course i asked you for a cell phone in other for us to enhance our communication,well if you can buy a nice iPhone from your end and get it posted to me here that will be better.

Dear i don't think it will be a line that will be added to your account,we call in here pay as you go,a phone that has sim card and can be use outside America,i will get the sim here my self and will just send my number to you in other for you to call.Yes you can ship it through FeDex, or DHL.

Jerry yes of course i talked about honesty are you have any doubt about what i said or something?I am here to meet someone,i mean to start a serious relationship that will take us somewhere,i think i have stated it all in my mails and i stand by my words,i am too old to play any kind of games,lets leave that for children to play.Dear if i am looking for money i know the genuine way to do that but not to take from you,if you can be positive and will put all doubts behind you it will be better for both of us.

God is actually listening to us and know i am having a clear intention,i am just looking for the better way we can get closer to each other,is that too much to ask?gush

Anyway if you think it is not important for us to talk on the phone we can just live it there.
I just ask for 2 thing either you get me a cell phone or a laptop,i am very positive and hurt negative people okay?if you really want us to go on well lets have the same mind and move forward,take care and hear from you soon bye for now,
Stay Blessed,