Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Jo (USA)

Letter 1
I love you baby you are the real man i love and i hope that i will not miss you again baby i wish i could chat with you all day night baby and we will be chatting about *** baby *** is important. Love is outside and inside the bedroom. New things in bed help strengthen and renew the relationship. You make me feel your ****** desire with your eyes, and it usually takes only a few seconds. I love when you look at me in the right way, when you gently put your hand in my hair. I like those kisses with closed mouth, like in the movies. They are like a preliminary, and make me thirsty for what is going to follow.BABY this all things i like me and you to meet and and i will be in your arms my love and i wish i and you could have *** one day and i will love to **** you baby i will be ******* your **** while u will be licking my sweet *****...After that u will start to finger my sweet ***** for me u will finger it faster and faster and also harder and harder and also u will hold my ****** and start to be squeezing it for me and u will use teeth to hold my ******* and be playing with it..just to keep me hotter and hotter baby...i promise u that is going to be a great day for both of us.....i love u with all my heart and peace and love be with u always am just praying hard for this dream to come trough so we can feel each other touch for real........i love you with all my heart...
Letter 2
Am here honey it just that the day that i will come online u are not online lets hope to ,meet each other online hope to hear from you soon and dont forget to take good care of yourself for me ok
Letter 3
Thats really good and am very gald that u have come it will be a great pleasure to see u on online so that we can have our party
Letter 4

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