Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Gadzhimagomedova to Jo (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Joe!

How are you?! What there weather? Here already enough coldly snow also drops out. I hoped that today having come for work I will find your letter but was nothing in mine e-mail. Probably you are very occupied on your work. Probably I have offended by something or have offended you in my last letter. I hope that it not so. I only wish to tell that I wait for your letter. I hope that our dialogue will proceed. I wish to communicate with you, you are very interesting to me. I very much hope to receive from you the letter in the near future.

With impatience I wait your answer!

Your friend from Russia Ludmila.
Letter 2
Hello Joe!!!

I'm very glad to get your letter today! I want to say that I'm quite happy that you decided to write me to know each other better. I thought you would never write me back... so now I am confused and don't know how to start this letter to you! I'll tell you a few words about myself and if you get some interest you could ask me questions.
I should confess, I'm not a beginner in the Internet so -called ,,dating sphere''. But I've met so many bad people there who were ready just to play with the girls and to ask them to send their ***** pictures. If you are among such men and want to play only, please, don’t write me anymore. I will never send you my ***** photos. I hope you'll remember it. I don't want you to play with me, please, understand me as well. I just write this all, because I really want to find my real love and to meet a serious man, with whom I could build a family. So, if you have another aims for now, I don't think it is worth while spending our time and energy. I hope you’re not offended by these words, but I just follow my views on this life, Joe!
Look, I'm honest in each my word, I'll tell the whole truth about myself and I hope you'll be honest with me as well. Well, to begin with I should tell you I can speak English quite well, I mastered it while my trip to the USA , I've been to state Florida in a nice city, called Miami. I came there because I was in love with one man, but unfortunately that relations were not quite good. I’ve arrived to his place and spent there about two weeks with him, and then just went back home. But anyway a friend of mine, who lives in the A now says that people in the Australia, USA and Europe seem to her more pleasant and tactful than Russians. She also noticed that there were more romantic and caring men there than in my country. So, maybe she is right, but that very man I told you about before, was definitely not of that kind. We've broken off quite tragically. The thing is that he told me lots of romantic words before my flight to him, he promised me a happy life, so I felt like in the fairy tale, but that fairy tale became a total disaster from the very beginning: in reality everything turned out to be just the other way round. That's why I ask you to be honest in your letters. I guess you realize it's quite hard to find an honest guy in the Internet, and what is harder is to build normal relations with him. So, now I'm quite cautious. I probably will tell you more about everything in my letters if we correspond further, my friend Joe!!!
I know that today in your country great holiday Thanksgiving Day. We in Russia do not have such holiday and consequently it is the usual working day. But at you in the country this holiday celebrate all!
Each family has a dinner with the covered celebratory table! And in the table centre there is a main symbol of this holiday the baked turkey! It is valid so at you? It is very lovely family holiday! Tell to me as you celebrate today this holiday?
I hope you will trust me, I know this is also a problem for you. I guess you've heard there are lots of girls in Russia and in the other countries, who are looking for men with money, and such girls are called scammers. I hope you or your friends were not tricked by such bad people. But these mean things which girls do to foreigners were the ground for a total change of the opinion of all the other Russian ladies. I mean, probably you think that here all the girls are looking for money and tricking men. It's a pity, because there are still women in my country, who are looking for a man to build a good family and to be loved. Just like me, honestly!
OK, let's give up sad things, I'd better tell you some things about me. So, I was born in 1976. My birthday is on the 25 November . I'm 168 centimeters high (5 foots and 6 inches), my weigh is 50 kilos (110 pounds). So, I live in Seversk, Tomsk area. Have you ever heard about this city? Tell me about your city as well, that’s quite interesting!
As for my character…well, it’s hard to say about myself, but I think I'm quite a communicative woman, open-minded. I like to talk to different people to know something new. My friends say I I’m able to bring smiles on their faces. It's also flattering to hear, but they say it's boring when I'm not there:) Speaking about previous relations, I should confess, I've already been married for 10 years.
My ex-husband died in the road accident. I didn't want to build new relations for a long time, but later I realized my life was going on and I shouldn't stay in black depression, but just be open for new people and events. So, I was trying to find a man in my town, you know, dating with some guys, nothing serious, so I didn't find anyone actually. I just felt some of that men I was trying to date with were not for me at all. The other men wanted to drag me into their bed, you know what I mean. So, I decided to find a man in the internet and I told you earlier how that all finished up. You probably want to ask me why I search in the Internet again then. Look, I was pondering over it and realized, that the Internet gives you a kind of protection: you may communicate with people there and to know them quite completely and only then to meet in the flesh and to confirm your theories about this or that. Naturally, chatting in the Internet has a lot of disadvantages, but I like it anyway. How about you?
As for my work, I am a tour agent in the tourist agency. My duty is to prepare documents for different for my customers. I am following my specialization I studied in the University: my faculty is that of Service and Tourism. Frankly speaking I’ve worked not always according to my specialization-it was hard to find something like this in my city. Well, I worked as a shop-assistant, a waitress, a cooker in the cafe as well-so what not! Now I'm pretty glad with my job. I can use the Internet at work to write you, but only when the computer is free and I’m free from work:) My working week starts on Monday and finishes on Friday, so I could write you only these days. I’ve got no laptop of my own, so you see I am not able to write you on weekends. I guess, Joe, that won’t be a great problem for our communication. When it’s more comfortable for you to write? Well, as for my daily routine...after work I like to visit a belly-dancing club. Probably one day I’ll show you the way I dance;) I also like to walk around a lot and after working day I try to be on foot. Well, all right, I am finishing up this letter for today, and I'll wait for your answer with the greatest impatience, Joe!!!
I hope my letter isn't too long and it was interesting for you at least a bit;) In turn I should say I am quite interested in you as well. I would be glad to get your letter soon, to know you better. If you have some questions, don't feel shy to ask me.
Wish you a good day; take care of yourself, Joe!

Sincerely yours
Letter 3
Hi my friend Joe!

How are you? I'm so glad to you get your letter! You know, it really makes me happy to read what you wrote there and to learn something new about you! I have bought yours e-mail in Inernational Wedding Agency.
There to me have informed that you lonely man and you wish to find love. After that the agent has sent you my first letter. So our correspondence was fastened! I am also glad that you understood what I've mentioned in my first letter.I hope you don't mind me asking you some questions. So, I would like you tell me more about your job. Like what exactly do you do there and which duties fulfill? What do you usually do after work? What are your hobbies? Generally, what are your aims in this life, my Joe. Through these questions I could better understand you as a person. By the way , I use the Internet translator sometimes. Well, my knowledge of English is quite normal, but I still don't know much and that’s easier to use that. That's why there could be mistakes in my letters, sorry for it, really! You can ask me if you don’t understand something. One more thing is that sometimes I could miss this or that question you’ve asked me before, so don't be shy to ask it one more time.
To receive the visa it is necessary to fill at first the form under the form, to pass medical examination, to give photos and other documents. To direct all it to embassy to Moscow. In 10-15 days the embassy causes to itself for interview passage. On interview in embassy set various questions and decide to give out the visa or not.
I hope that this information will help you to find out that you wanted.
Excuse that I did not write to you on Friday. It is very very loaded day. It was also my birthday. To me 35 years were executed. After work we with colleagues celebrated it at office a little. They congratulated me and we drank a little red wine. Then I have gone to cafe with my friends. There we had a celebratory supper. We danced and sang a karaoke! It was cheerful enough and pleasant evening. On Saturday I have gone to my parents and there we had a pleasant family evening.
Thanks for your photos. You very attractive and nice man! At you very lovely both beautiful house and the car.
So, now I would like to tell more about my job. First of all I have to say there's much work during the touristic seasons. Ah, I need much attention and patience to my clients. As I told you before, I'm a tour agent and work in the tourist agency.
So, among my duties there is preparation of the advertisement and the organization of different tours. From time to time I have good discounts for some tours, it’s about 15. Good enough, isn’t it? Well, the main thing in my work is to make my clients be glad and feel happy. I love my staff, my co-workers are nice people, we made really a good team. I also want to tell you more about my family. I am the only child in my family and had quite a lot of parents' attention. My parents live in the countryside, 40 km from my city. On weekends I try to visit them, they are old and need help about the house. My mom's name is Lyubov, and my dad's name is Victor.
I live alone in my one-room apartment. I still have to pay for this flat, because I've got a mortgage for it. There is one year more to pay for it and the flat finally it will be mine. I love my flat and try to make it look cozy and modern. Home is associated with comfort and the smell of something delicious being cooked in the oven. I love to cook and spend quite much time on the kitchen. I know how to cook lots of delicious dishes, like Pekin-style duck. I also like to spend my free time outdoors- in the forest or in the garden. I always enjoy beautiful landscapes and fresh air. Especially picturesque our nature is in autumn, ah if you just could see it! It's very nice to do some jogging in the autumn forest. Speaking about sport I can consider myself to be quite a sporty person. I visit the belly-dance club, enjoy swimming and skating, in winter I like skiing. I'm a Christian and do believe in God. I go to the church once a month, sometimes with my mother. On the whole, I'm quite close with my mom, we are just like good friends, I'm not shy to talk about my private life with her, because she always gives good pieces of advice. So, I'm going to tell her about you, because you seem to me quite an interesting man, Joe, she would burn with curiosity, I swear! She always complains that I work too much and don’t think about myself. Frankly speaking, Joe, I have to be very responsible, serious at work, like each professional. But when I come home, I realize I just want to get some tenderness and care from a person that I like. But for now I'm alone, that's why I have a lot of free time that I can spend cooking ,doing sport, reading books, f.e. different novels. Some of the brightest moments of that books are still in my mind, while I'm quite romantic anyway and in a way I hope something like that could happen to me one day as well, though it sounds quite silly, while I'm not a young girl=) (Though my favorite color is pink, very girlish;) I don't have a big library at home, that's why I prefer to take books in the local library. In this way I'm a bit old-fashioned, you know, nowadays everybody reads books from the screen of the laptop or their phones.
I'm also old-fashioned about music: classic music and old songs are adorable, but there are lot of modern ones which I enjoy a well. What else should I say about myself...I'm always trying to be busy. Boredom makes people feel bad, corrupts minds and brains, though rest is very essential, for sure. What is also important for me is to show respect the other people. I mean, I am not that person who like quarrels at all. I try to listen to the opinion of the others than to make them obey my will. The best thing is to come to a common decision, which will satisfy both sides. Critic is very good as well, but it should be definitely constructive one. I always feel well when people criticize me on the ground of envy or jealousy And I try to avoid contacts with that people, because it's a waste of time. All right, I told you something about myself, now probably get a better idea of me as a personality. I hope you'll write me in your next letter something about yourself as well. You know, I found out to myself that I'm very interested in you. So, thank you for your letters and attention to me, you seem to be quite a nice person, Joe.
OK, I'm finishing up here and hope to get your response soon! Yours faithfully Ludmila.
Letter 4

Hello my dear, Joe!!

How are you doing? I hope, you are all right! I was so happy to receive your letter! You know, I couldn't wait to come to my work to read it! Actually the first thing I do when I come to my agency is checking my mailbox. And if there's a letter from you, I'm very excited all day long, Joe. So, now I'm writing this letter and smile, even my co-workers notice that=) The weather here is very nice right now. It's rather it is cold, fresh, and the sun shines. Snow flickers and shines on the sun, it is very beautiful! That’s why I’m excited to enjoy this weather! It’s so pleasant to pick a nice day and to make a picnic in the forest, you know, to grill meet and play games. Though it is now cold enough, but it is possible to play snowballs and to go for a drive on sledge, as in the childhood!
Sometimes My co-workers or just friends and me go there to pick some mushrooms and berries, there are a lot in autumn and summer.
We in Russia do not have such holiday Thanksgiving Day. Therefore on Thursday there was a working day and it is probable that the embassy works. Really to receive the visa it is necessary to wait about 2 weeks. And the price for air tickets quite real. Therefore it is probable that she speaks you the truth. Though I cannot tell precisely. But on terms and the price all is truthful. You have already sent her money for air ticket payment? When she is going to arrive to you? In what city she lives?
At you very profitable work. I earn all nearby 300$ in a month. It so is not enough in comparison with you. What skills are necessary to make such work as you? You simply intermediary between the seller and the buyer of actions? To make such work probably it is necessary to possess analytical thinking in the field of the finance?!
When I was a child, I adored autumn and was spending all day long outdoors! As I told you before, I am the only child in my family, my parents tried to give me all their care, but anyway we couldn't spend much time together, because they had to work a lot. My mother worked in the kindergarten till she was pensioned off. She was a cooker there and she's still a master. She started teaching me how to cook when I was a little girl, from the simplest dishes to very difficult ones, like multistoried cakes or something from foreign cuisine, Italian, Japanese. My mom says even now that I should have been a cooker, because she thinks I'm progressing in this business from day to day and she likes to come to me to try something delicious I've cooked;)
But I think every woman has to cook well, because she is to feed her family. The better she cooks- the better atmosphere is in the family.
Joking, naturally, but still! So, you see, I'm still not a cooker, but a tourist agent. Going back to my mom, I should say she works as a janitor in that kindergarten. She says it's better than to sit at home. I know the pensioners in Europe and the USA start travelling a lot, but people in my country mostly don't have a chance to travel, lack of money or health problems, so that's why they continue working on any job they could find. But my mom isn't against of this job, because she' s kind of still in ,,her nest''. My father works as a mechanist in the collective farm, he's so hard-working! Well, well, well, Joe! Aren’t you bored by this long biography?=) So, at least now you know more about my family, my dear Joe! Now you'd better have a rest, because I'm going to continue it, hah=)) Probably I should tell you how I have a rest? So, for example when I wake up, I switch on my radio, my favorite radio station and start my morning with dancing and singing, while cooking or taking a shower. Probably it looks funny, and thanks God nobody sees it=)
I would like to start my every morning writing to you, Joe, but unfortunately I don't have my own computer at home. I can do that only at work. If I just had a phone to call you sometimes, that would be nice, but it's totally dead for now;(( I was taking a bath, and my phone was in the bathroom as well. One of my friends called me, I took the phone and dropped it in the water somehow. After that it doesn't work and I took that to the repair. They don't call me from there, I guess it's impossible to bring the phone to life and I probably have to buy another one, but I don't have extra money for it for now, because all the money goes to my flat. So, it's a pity of course, because sometimes it's very uncomfortable to live without a self phone. You know, Joe, I would really love to talk to you one day, and then I think I'll go to the post office to order a call to you. As far as I get free money, I'll call you from there, because I really would like the way you sound, to hear your voice! So, give me, please, your full number with the code of your country. ( I hope I don't sound too annoying!) So, I think I'll finish up writing, my Joe. I feel very pleased that you answered me, so I hope for your quickest response! Take care of yourself, Joe!
Your friend,
Letter 5
Hello, my dear friend Joe!

How are you? I hope you are fine! Today is a very good morning, because I see your letter again! It's really a pleasure to get it, because you are such an interesting person, Joe. So, I think that today I'll have a very quick day, because I feel so good now, and as it's well-known when your mood is good, you work better. Well, today I was going to my work and pondering over relations with men. I don't know why I didn't succeed with local men. A lot of men seemed so nice for the first time, but later they started to change strongly, and the only their side I saw that time was a bad side.
I am very glad to find your lovely letters! It makes me very happy and it is joyful! Excuse that I have not written to you earlier. At me very tiresome and long working days. I very much got tired as was a lot of work. Basically it is paper work which very much tyres me. I like to work communicating with people much more.
You very interesting interlocutor and you very interestingly and fascinatingly tell about your work! I was married within 10 years. But my husband tragically was lost in accident. I wrote about it earlier.
That girl from Nizhni Novgorod demands now from you money? 1190$ you should pay for that that she has spent her money for registration of papers and a trip to Moscow? You promised to her that you will refund her expenses? I think that it is a deceit. This girl simply wants any ways to extort from you money. This my opinion.
Thanks for your new photos. You very attractive and interesting man!
Very beautiful photos Monte Carlo! And I very much liked presentation with snow! I enjoyed it!
Some of men here ( and everywhere actually) are ready for only one-night relationships, and to have steady relations with such men means to suffer from their unfaithfulness. Moreover Russian men have some problems with alcohol and even drugs. I swear, you've heard of it a lot. Men in such condition could be very dangerous for the other, to say nothing of his girlfriend or wife. Such people are kind of lost for me. I feel sorry for that ladies whose second halves are drug -addicted or drunkards. As for me, I drink very rare, only in the company of my close friends, for example on their birthdays, and the only kind of alcohol I use is red vine. I also don't smoke, because it's extremely harmful. But if you smoke, it's OK, I'm not against.
The most important thing in every relations is trust and mutual understanding. Probably it's quite common to say these words, but it's just the truth. I do hope I'll find my second half to build strong relations with him. I told you before I had relations with a man from the USA. His name was Tony. The last time we talked to was probably one year ago. So, I've met him in the Internet on the dating site. He seemed nice and interesting. We had a kind of romantic relations; we were talking for some time and then decided we need to meet in the flesh. Frankly speaking I was in love with him, I was blind with that feeling and didn't see obvious things. I trust his every word like a 15-year old girl who was in love for the first time.
That was him who told me about scammers, I mean that girls or guys who are tricking foreigners and taking all their money for their own needs. Once Tony told me he wouldn't help me with money before our first meeting. He told me that time that if I loved him, I should find money to visit him myself. I realized he just didn't trust me, because there were many scammers that time, and mostly from Russia. So, he told me that he would give me the money back when I come, because he wanted to be a gentleman and to pay for his lady. So, that was quite reasonable and I got his position, found some money ( which was not a small sum, you know) and came to him. The money questions were the last thing I could think about that time. Money has never played a great role in my life, it's just the base to support your being.
So, just imagine, when I came I found out that he lied a lot about himself, his job, his house. Generally I just came to someone else but not that guy we were corresponding with. We had some conflicts on this ground and as you see, these relations had a tragic ending, because they were based on his lie from the very beginning. That's why, my Joe, I ask you to be honest with me and to tell the truth only, even if it's bitter.
I decided we should break off, Tony was so angry and didn't understand the reason for my decision. Funny, isn’t it? I just asked him to give me some money back to go home, because I didn't have enough, as far as you remember we make a deal that he would help me. And as you could guess he didn't give me anything and moreover he drove me out from his house like a dog… I called the director of my agency and asked him to order me a ticket to go back for the money of the agency. Oh, I lost so much money, energy and tears that time! The most painful was that Tony had a wife. He was just playing with me, he wanted to spend a good time with me- that was the only thing he wished, though he knew it was not easy to come to him, to organize visa, my vacation and the other documents. I was a kind of ****** toy for him. Well, naturally I was frustrated and broken totally, because I was in love with that cruel man. Nowadays after this experience, which I could consider to be useful as well, though very unpleasant, I' m very cautious with men, and with you as well. Don’t be offended. No, just believe, I trust you generally, but if you invite me once, I probably would never do the trip with my own money. This is my position and I'll follow it, Joe. I hope you understand me in this way and you're not suspicious and displeased with it, Joe. Look, I just hate that people who trick men through the Internet, I'm sure they 've broken real feelings of many of men. So, I would never ask you to send me money, sweet Joe, don't worry. That should be only your wish to help me. I think this is reasonable.
I earn some money, that's not much, but enough for living. I don't think money is so important and doesn't deserve too much attention to it. Also I want to tell you that I would be glad to meet you also here! I would show you my city, we could meet with my friends and have fun. I think that will be nice. well, probably it's too early to talk about it, you know, but you should just know my position from the very beginning, my Joe. I think that I'm up with all men here in Russia. I am not interested in Russian men, because I saw some of my female friends' example of unhappy families, where husbands drink and do horrible things to their wives. I had a boyfriend in Russia, we were dating for 2 years after my ex-husband death. Well, he used my kindness and the fact I trust him a lot. So, once I had to make a working trip for a couple of days. When I went beck, I found out that he had *** with a ******* our bed. I didn't tell anything, just packed my stuff and left our flat. How could he?? After that I couldn't trust Russian men anymore and I decided to find a man in the Internet.
Well, now I think I'm a quite happy to find you, my dear Joe. Our correspondence is very important for me, just know it! It's so cool that we understand each other. You know, I just want to write you some features I appreciate in men mostly : 1 Nobleness.2 Fidelity.3 Bravery.4 Honesty.5 Erudition.6 Propensity to romanticism.7 Care.8 Mercy.9 Sense of humour. My dear Joe, well, I perfectly realize it's so hard to meet a man who could have all these features, but I just start to realize you have some of them;) Taking into account I still don't know you well enough, it's very good for me to make these conclusions. Yeah, that's silly enough, I mean, all these lists of features and thoughts about an ideal man, but still! You know, it will be pleasant if I could find all of these features in you, I would be a surprise, frankly speaking, and I’ll tell everyone you're ideal=)
Joe, I swear you have the same a list of the features of an ideal woman. Or you can make it, because it'll be interesting to know it for me. Who knows, may be our values are similar!
All right, Joe, I've written too much already about this stuff Ok, Joe, sorry for this philosophical thoughts in this letter and sorry if I said something offensive to you. I'm honest in everything I say. Now I think I'll finish up my letter to you, my dear Joe.
Thank you for reading it a lot! Waiting for your answer, hope to get it soon! Yours Ludmila.
Letter 6
Hi my dear Joe!
I am so happy to receive your letter! I really start getting addicted to your letters, my dear Joe. I perfectly realize you live 1000 miles away, which is quite sad because we can’t meet easily, and that is why it's r twice pleasant to get your letters! Well, I should confess I find you a very attractive and interesting person. Joe , you know, sometimes you don't know someone not long, but you definitely have a feeling,that you are familiar for years already! So, that kind of feelings I've got to you, my dear Joe. This is very nice, because it's very essential to feel that it's easy to be with someone.
I completely correspond to first three points of your list. If I feel that the man worthy and fair that I will try to be for him the best woman. I will be the best friend, the most gentle and careful girl and only between us the most passionate and hot! Very important that between the man and the woman there were confidential relations. I can tell to you that you can trust me completely and which you will tell all your secrets to me remain only between us. And I hope for the same relation to me!! I am very sociable. I can find the general themes with any people, I can speak on absolutely various themes. I have a sense of humour, I cheerful enough!
I think that a man and a woman should be equal in their relations, I can't allow a man to perceive me as someone worse or not so important, you see, Joe? It will sound so obvious, but I am sure when a man chooses his partner, he should love her and take care of her, respect on that way to make her feel protected and easy. I'll never allow a man to offend me like so many men here in Russia do! It's natural, Joe, that if you decided to built relations, that shouldn't be any suffering for her. People give a promise to each other to solve all the problems together and to grow the tree of the relations with love, trust, faith and respect. You know, that I continue this list further, but all these things are too obvious, though important,.
Look, Joe, I just think that this meeting is not something usual.
Probably, it could change our lives. It's hard to say exactly right now. I want to ask you one question, whether you want to have any relations with me or not? Answer honestly, no matter what the answer will be. I just wanted to know whether our aims and wishes similar or not. Well, if you say that you don't, naturally that will be quite unpleasant, but at least I will know the truth. On the whole, I really would like to know you better! I'm quite interested in everything concerning you!
For example, I won't be against to know something of your childhood.
Since my childhood I have been trying to know this world better, so in a way it's hard to dothis completely, because life is so unpredictable! Though I like this fact, otherwise it could be really boring to live=) So, that's why I don't know what could happen to you and me next week or next month, but I'm very curious about it, dear Joe! All right, I 'm finishing up here. And I hope you'll answer me soon, my Joe! I really don't know what your next letter will be, but I hope it will bring good news for me! With all sincerity,
Yours Ludmila!
Letter 7
Hi, my dear Joe!

I was so glad to get your letter! How are you, I wonder? I really hope you are fine. I'm OK as well. Hey I was talking to my parents about you, I just told them about our correspondence. They were happy to hear I was interested in you. They wish me all good things and worry a bit , like all the parents, especially after not quite a good experience, I told you about earlier. The ground of their worry is that I couldn’t find a man for a long time and now I'm corresponding with you, such a nice and trustful man! How is your day, Joe?
How's the weather there? Here it's so nice! I will go back home through the park, to breathe fresh air and to walk a bit, because I'm already so tired to do this paper stuff. My dear Joe, I'm so glad to find out that you are such a good person. A far as I get from our correspondence, we even are quite similar in our desires and aims, which is incredibly important for me. Probably, Joe, you are that person I was looking for all my life! Sounds pompously, but who knows, who knows....The thing I like about you is that I could trust you and tell more then to somebody else. At least I feel this way. For me it's quite hard to find such a person even in a real life, because people couldn't keep what I said to them in secret, and some time later my private secrets could easily become well-known. My Joe, I start feeling that we are becoming closer and closer with each letter. I'm very happy of it, really! I wake up in the morning, and smile at once, because I realize I could get a letter from you today. This hope brings me energy and good mood, Joe. I'm so happy that I've found you!
After destruction of my husband I long did not want any men. But there has then passed time it about 2 years and has met the man. We met and there lived together 2 years. Then he has changed to me with other woman and we have left. At me was *** only with 2 men and it was only on love. I really loved these men.
I wrote earlier my growth and weight. You were inattentive! 168 sm are my growth.
I think with such a man like you I could probably be a happy woman. I see the harmony in our letters and that what I really love. I think we should send our relations on the right way to take the yield. Well, I hope you don't take me for an annoying girl, but I just want to express my feelings, and I don't care it's too early for it. I'm just already involved with you, Joe. I can't say I love you, you know, love is such a strong feeling and these three words are very important for me, but I think if our correspondence will continue, I could probably say it once;) Such feelings could give so much energy, make the blood run quicker and heart beat harder. It's a pleasure to experience such feelings, I can tell you. Some words in your letters make me experience these sweet emotions over and over, as far as I recollecting them after reading the letter! I do not whether love is real or not, what is real is that emotions which it brings. Now I am not really sure that I love that men before. As for that American man I told you earlier, well, I think I loved him in my dreams only, not in reality. I made a dream of his being, and when my dream left me finally, the feelings disappeared as well. Love is a difficult thing and it is worth while discussing, dear Joe! The most terrible thing is to lose a person you loved so much. But I am definitely proud of that who experienced real love in their life.
I told about you to my friend. Look, we’ve been friends for such a long time, that I could tell her about everything! Earlier we lived in a house where were lots of families with kids. We were all good friends with that children, boys and girls, so we spent much time dreaming about out future. We definitely were sure that time that everything will be as we wished, but later we realized that's not so easy. So, there were lots of problems later, like how to get a good education and how to find a good job, how to build a strong family and to find a real love. Some of that guys have chosen the wrong way and start a criminal life. So, I've just hear some news from them, but naturally I'm not going to stay in touch with them. So but I have a friend of mine, her name is Ekaterina, we've been familiar since our childhood. So, she could be considered to be my real friend. I guess you have your steady friends as well, so you know what friendship means. So, tell me about them as well, that's interesting!
My Joe, you know, it's easy to tell you about my life, for sure, because I feel response in your letters, feel that that all is not nonsense and useless information for you. I am just start thinking more and more about you and feel more open writing to you. Look, Joe, you are very important for me now and I don't know how to tell it exactly, but I feel you are a very good person with a wide soul. I will never be able to make harm to you, so trust me, please.
I wish you all best things in the world, with my open heart, my Joe! I feel a deep sympathy with you, Joe? All right, I will wait for your letter with the greatest impatience, and hope for your soon and honest answer! Sincerely yours, Ludmila.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Joe!

How are you today? I hope you are all right and doing well. I was glad to receive your letter, you know! And what is even more pleasant is that you are waiting for my letters as well, as far as I am waiting for your letters. You know, that you, my Joe, give me so much energy and positive emotions with each your letter!
Excuse that I did not write to you these days. On Friday and on Monday I have passed my work and remained at home. As I have caught cold and was strenuously treated. Today I much better also have almost recovered. I very strongly did not have you and our remarkable dialogue. I missed on you your lovely letters these days! It is very a pity that I do not have computer and Internet house. If it was that we could communicate every day!
I wrote to you earlier about my weight and growth. My weight of 50 kg and my growth 168 see I do not smoke and never used drugs. I not the millionaire. I do not understand this question. The woman the millionaire is necessary to you? My salary only 300$ in a month. I am completely not rich. You are disappointed by it? If you search for money from me that do not write to me more. I hope that it not so.
I do not have personal computer, I communicate with you from the working computer. My boss strictly forbids us to use on the working computer any social networks or something similar. I cannot communicate with you through the messenger yahoo. It is not a pity to me that I can. It would be very interesting to see it each other in real time and to speak with each other. I do not know what is the time between us a difference.
I very much love children and I dream to become mum. I want a minimum of two children. I can leave Russia to live in other country. But my family probably will not go. My parents love that place where they live also they will not want to leave for ever Russia. Though I do not know it precisely, I did not speak with parents about it.
I looked cost of a trip to Las Vegas for me. It will cost 2300$. It will be amusing if you represent me as your niece! For me the main thing that we could be together and have well spent time! I understand a situation with your wife. And all is very a pity to me that so.

Well,well,well. Love is such a strange thing, I can tell you. Do you agree, Joe? I don't know the only man who doesn’t want to love and to be loved. I do believe in love and as they say this feeling could break the mountains and dry the rivers. But on the other hand love can be very dangerous. So often people lose their heads and can even suicide because of the quarrel or breaking off with his second half. What a pity when it happens like this! I know for sure what pain is, but I am sure this is not the reason to die. Oh, this is a very sad thing to discuss, so let’s speak of something more pleasant. Or somebody!=) Dear Joe, I feel a deep sympathy to you, but I need time to make this sympathy stronger, you know! Time makes us stronger, so we are more and more sophisticated in this or that possible cases.
So, that's why I just want you to be very careful in my words and actions about you not to offend you. I apologize if I said something wrong or offensive, dear Joe.
You know, visited to the USA was a great experience. I've noticed that the culture of our countries are absolutely different. It took me time to get used to this new surrounding, culture, language, people. And that was not so easy, but so interesting! I hope if once I find myself in your country, you'll help me to feel more comfortable. And I promise to do the same, if you come here, Joe! It's hard for many people to leave their country and to live somewhere else. And I'm sure that love is the best reason to overcome such difficulties- the best and the most pleasant reason. So, mutual support could make getting used to easier. So, I hope you understand what I mean, and now I think I'll go:)) I'll wait for your letter with the greatest impatience, dear Joe. Wish you a good day and good mood!! Your angel Ludmila is waiting for your letter!
Letter 9
Hi my dear my Joe!

How are you? I really hope you are doing well, my Joe. Today weather was solar but temperature with a sign a minus. Pools have frozen and became very much slides in the street. Already very coldly to go without gloves and a cap. And how's the weather there at your place? Our spirit so often depends on the weather. My mood now depends also on you and your letters..I just wanted to ask you, what do you feel to me. It is very important to know your opinion, and I will tell you why later.
2300$ it is cost of air tickets from Moscow to Las Vegas and back.
To me it is pleasant that you like my photos. I spoke earlier that my favourite colour is pink.
So, now I could tell you, Joe about my daily routine. Probably it's not so interesting to you, but you can get an idea of my life. I wake up at 6.30 a.m., do some working out, take a shower, take care of myself. Sometimes I use cosmetics, but not always, I think I look good even without it. Then at 7.25 I have a breakfast, usually it's just some coffee with toasts. My working day starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 17.00. I told you before where I work, so my duties are to prepare the documents, to give recommendations and to consult the clients. My main aim is to make people be interested in a tour and to find the best variant for them. It's very essential to hear later that that the trip was something they really wished, it’s such a pleasure to see their shining eyes. I also have a rest for a lunch, somehow from 12.30 till 13.30. Sometimes instead of having a lunch I go to the Internet cafe to write you, if all the computers are occupied. You know, my work takes so much time, but I always try to find a minute to you, Joe. After work sometimes we go with my co-workers to the cafe to have a dinner and to have fun there, to chat, something relaxing. I really adore my working team as well as my job on the whole, in spite of the fact it takes me much energy and moral power. Soon I'll have my vacation and have a little rest. Actually I'm waiting for this vacation strongly. I have a chance to go to any county I'll choose with a discount 20 . It's a great advantage of my work=)
Dear Joe, I’m shy but I want to tell you some about my feelings to you and something which is going on between us. I don't know how to explain it exactly, but I'm kind of addicted to your letters and you.
All the time I'm waiting for your letters and when I get them I become so happy! You are such a pleasant person, it's so interesting to talk to you. I swear you must be even more attractive in a real life. I think I'll never will be able to get rid of such a pleasure as corresponding with you. We've been known each other for quite a long time, and I've learned already a lot of you, as well as you about me.
Though I won't tell you that I love you, because these words should be told in a very private atmosphere, and almost in a quiet voice, Joe, but my attitude to you is really very good, trust me! I feel something warm to you, it seems to me we've been known each other for ages! What is important that we trust each other, at least I do, and how about you, my dear Joe? In this letter I've almost opened my heart you, it was not hard, because there's noting shameful in what I feel, dear Joe. I will wait for your letter with the greatest impatience! Take care of yourself, please! With a tender kiss
Letter 10
Hello my dear Joe!

How are you, honey?
Thank you for your letter, Joe! I was as usual so excited when I saw on my mail box that you've written me! Your letters are probably something magic for me, I don't care it sounds silly. They just bring me energy and I feel all day long satisfied ad happy! Moreover, my co-workers say me that I work better if I got your letter that day;)
Can you imagine? On the other hand I work worse sometimes, as far as I daydreaming of you, flying in the clouds=)
How's the weather there now? Weather at us very cold and in the street already lays snow. That's another thing I like, moreover I don't have many clients today and have some free time to dream of you;) Moreover, I saw you today in my dream at night! It was gorgeous! We were having dinner in a restaurant, laughing, chatting. I woke up smiling, because all that seemed like a reality. Then I realized that was just a dream and felt a bite of sadness for a moment.
I've never could imagined, dear Joe, that you would be such a important part of my life! I really hope that I occupy the same position in your life. Look, that all what's going on is really unexpected for me, because I didn't see everything surrounding me in such bright colours! I really thought something like that is just a movie-trick or a stylistic device in the romantic novels, but now I see that all could happen in a real life and guess with whom? With me!
That fact makes me happy, because I constantly recollecting your words you write me in your letters s if it's a poem. Joe, analyzing this situation I could confess I probably already in love with you...
It possibly could seem strange, they may ask me how it is possible: to fell in love through the Internet, through the letters?
That's all me, that's how I perceive this world, where you appeared and changed it. I just want to tell you that love with you! I repeat this one more time and still can't believe I write this! The only thing I desire so much right now is to receive your letters to read these magic though simple words! I also would like to call you, if possible, to enjoy your voice and to spend time with you... Pity you are not here, and we can't easily go somewhere to have fun- to the cinema, to the park, to the cafe and what not, Joe. I want to believe you have the same feelings to me. If yes- that would be great, because mutual appeal is very fruitful! Like for everybody on this earth, I need to be loved and to love. It would be so painful to learn you don't feel the same to me, but at least that would be honest.
Please, don't hide the truth, tell me what's your attitude to me. I just want you to be totally honest with me. Probably I'm becoming more and more confident in the idea you are that very person I was looking for all my life. You are kind, interesting, attentive, Joe! I really don't care how old are you and I don't want to think about what were going on in your life before.
May be you are not ideal, but for me you are, Joe. I really appreciate what you do to me and I really try to be very careful not to break this fragile net of these words, feelings, emotions. This letter is a letter of confession. I'm totally open right now, confused and excited. I attached my heart and my soul with this letter and it's a pity it's not a really paper letter, where you could see how my words and letters jump on the list, just like my heart. My heart is totally in your hands, I do not pay attention to anybody else at all.
Don't play with it. Take care of it, Joe, I don't want to be broken. This is not me who's writing these lines, this is my soul and my heart who whisper it... Joe, you allowed me to love you, thank you for it. I think not all people are able to love, but I can. I am sure you can too! Thank you for reading this long letter, dear Joe, it's very essential for me to bring my thoughts right to your head and your heart. I think you are pleased to read this letter, where a girl from Russia confessed in love. but I hope you won't make fun of it, you won't tell your friends that you conquered a silly girl from far away Russia and you won't laugh at me, Joe. Well...I feel at ease now. I think I'll go working now, but the only thing will occupy my head now: what you'll answer me.... I'll wait for your letter! Wish you a good day!!! Write me soon!

From your girl with love Ludmila!

Letter 11
Hi, my lovely Joe!

How are you, sweetheart? I really hope you are all right! Today I had such a hard day, you know, lots of clients, much work. I'm quite exhausted. So, the only thing that saves me now is thoughts about you, my dear! I told you before that if I see a letter from you when I come to my work, it is easier to work, Joe! I am always trying to find some minutes to write you, and there are always so many thoughts in my head, when I'm just on my way of writing. But as far as I open the new page to write you, all the ideas escape from my head;)
You know, I really appreciate what you do to me. You are a very important person in my life and I am very serious about you. I just want you to be serious as well, though I know I could arouse suspicious, like all the other girls from Russia, who corresponding to the foreigners, especially after what I told you, that I like you.
I've heard a lot of stories about scamming. Yeah, that terrible cases happened to poor men corresponding with the girls from Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Armenia. The Internet contains lots of such news that this or that man was deceived. As you see, I was scammed as well.
I went to the man in the USA, because I was terribly in love with him and I did it for my money as well, because I wanted to prove I'm not that person to cheat. Well, my noble ideas failed me and I lost lots of money, 3000-4000 dollars or more, trying somehow to go back from this country, when I was tricked. It was really hard, because this money is not small, and it took me so much time to earn them. As they say, money doesn't grow on trees. So now I perfectly understand men who are in such situation and never want you to experience it! My experience was useful for me as well, otherwise I would never know the feeling of tricked men. So, now just understand me, that I trust you, but on the other hand I don't want to be fooled again, and my new rule is not to go abroad, I mean to a man, by my money, Joe.
Naturally, I would be glad to meet you here, you probably just can't imagine how nice it is here right now! You would love it for sure! On the other hand, I won't be against to visit your place as well;) But I won't pay for it myself, so just know it. I think if decide to meet, we should find a compromise. May be something what I said sounds offensive and you could take it as distrust to your personality, but naturally it's not, I just won't ask you and be insistent and annoying about this question. Our meeting will happen if you want that. As for me-I want that for sure! Frankly speaking, that's what I am dreaming right now. I think if you are serious about me and your intentions are serious as well, we should meet! It's a difficult decision and it's probably hard to realize that, I think, because we live not in the nearby streets. You know, Joe, letters and telephone talks are good, I'm so addicted to that, but one meeting is thousand times better, of course! One thing I want to you to keep in mind is that I need only serious relations, and it's hard to build them with someone who's so far away, because we both need tenderness and warmth, care and spending time together. I think that one meeting will make us do the right decision: we match each other or not. For me now it for sure seems that yes, but a meeting will be a great proof, Joe. I probably sound really insistent right now, and these talks about soon meeting irritates you a lot, but I just don't like to waste time. I appreciate each minute of my life and I think you do as well,
I am very glad for you that you have made money and is happy with it.
I wish your of the big good luck! At me is not present webcam. And I do not have personal computer. My boss forbids and will not allow me to use the computer to communicate in a chat or through webcam from the working computer. Though I very much wish to communicate with you in a mode of real time. It is so interesting to me to see you and to hear your voice!
I am 100 sure our meeting will be incredibly romantic and nice! Do you sometimes imagine it? I do! I know we'll find the topics to discuss, if we need to talk;)) We will go to a cozy small cafe, eat sweet pastries, drink hot tea and watch each other eyes. Something in your letters and what you say makes me think you are very family-oriented man, and I'm mad of it, because so many men here are looking only for something for one night...this is sad, sad, Joe, because I want to have a family, to take care of my dear husband and kids, to make family holidays, to buy presents, to make surprises, to cook.. Ah, that's what each woman really needs, though she could not tell of it directly. If everything is OK with us, we'll definitely have the most united family, I am sure of it. I am finishing up here and hope for the quickest answer. I pray you not to be too strict about what is written in this letter. Waiting for your letter,
with tender kisses, yours true love Ludmila!

I love you such as you are
All the rest grows dim, into the background
My heart belongs to you and now you it
My heart is in your hands and I ask you not to break it
My love goes from my heart to yours
You have allowed me to love You
I wish to tell to you thanks for it
Letter 12
Hi my love Joe!

How are you today, Joe? I really hope you are OK and feeling good! I 'm so happy to write my beloved today! On my way to my work, I thought that the Snow on the ground whisper your name, Joe. And that minute I felt that I'm the happiest person in the world, because I have such a nice man, who conquered my heart! Well, I can't get rid of the idea of my coming to you.
Excuse that I did not write to you yesterday. We had problems with the Internet and consequently I was not in time. I very much missed on you and I very much did not have you and your lovely letters! I always very much do not have you nearby!
It is very a pity to me that have deceived you scammers. I hope that such never happens again. I hope that that woman will be punished. It is very insulting to lose so many money. But is much worse that your heart has been broken also you has been disappointed. It is very a pity to me. And I understand you and your feelings about it. I also have been deceived and I understand that you felt. But all it in the past. I think that we have a happy future together!
I do not have money to buy the computer and to connect the house Internet. At me small enough salary, it only 300$ in a month.
Therefore I cannot buy the computer for the house. While I cannot visit Internet cafe. But I very much wish to taste that from this will turn out, it is very interesting to me. I will inform you when I can.
My full name Ryzyanova Ludmila.
My full address:
Tomsk area,
city Seversk,
street of Kalinin,
the house 55,
apartment 27,
postal index 636036.
Today I was drinking coffee with my boss. We were discussing my forthcoming vacation. My boss is not against of that at all, moreover he is intrigued with the aim of my travel a lot! My boss is ready to give me a vacation even from the next week! I told my boss I was probably going to the black sea. But on the bottom of my soul I do hope for our meeting, Joe. That's definitely better than the Black Sea. But my boss also suggested me to get a new position in the company I work in, and to delay my vacation to work the new way. So I'm interested in this new work, but I was keeping in mind a possibility of our meeting. The new occupation is a top-manager in a new branch of our company, which is situated in one city in Siberia.
My boss told me I was pretty suitable for this vacancy, because I'm experienced in this field, I'm disciplined and hard- working. I have to organize a good work of a new agency there. They promise me a good salary and a new occupation here in my office, if I succeed in what I am supposed to do in Siberia. The thing is that I am supposed to live there for 5-7 months...It sounds quite frightening, because I’ve never been there, but I know it's cold there and it's not quite a developed area. There're lots of disadvantages in this offer. Naturally I'd rather go to you, my dear Joe. On the other hand I could suppose our meeting won't happen this vacation I will take, so that'll be a waste of time and loss of new work possibilities. So, I'm doubting now a lot. Why not build a new office in Siberia? What's better: a career or love? I think that it would be easy to meet, because it's easy to organize it and I have a sale for all the trips. Of course you could advise me to go to Siberia, but I know that it could be quite problematic to correspond with you from there, as far as to call you.
I'm afraid I could lose you if I go there. which is the most terrible... I'll be overloaded with work there, as a head of a new office, for sure. Look. I would never doubt about this offer if I knew for sure we would meet. My heart tells me we need to meet, I need to come to you! I'm sure if I do not go right now, I'll lose something so important, my angel. I call you this way because you probably are....
You take care of me through your letters, and I really feel a great support, even being so far. I am listening to your opinion concerning everything, that's why I discuss here this problem with you and want to know what you will tell me. I could write you thousands of letters, where I will express my thoughts, feelings, my love... My aspire to meet and to be with you is becoming stronger with each day. But only God knows whether we suit each other or not.
All right, I'm finishing up now and it's a pity I can't write you more, my prince Joe. Wish you a great day and good mood. Hope to receive your answer soon, Joe. Miss you a lot, sweetheart,with love Ludmila!
Letter 13
Hello, my love Joe!

How are you there? The weather is so nice here! How about your weather? I feel so good right now, there are not so many clients now and I can write you. And I'm glad to write you actually, and to read your wonderful letter. Look, today I realized I feel quite strange that you are not here with me, my Joe. You are so-oo far away from me. I'm in Russia, in a country you are probably afraid of. Life here is so unexpected, like the weather or woman's character;)
I know that this Sunday there will be a Catholic Christmas. At us in Russia Christmas celebrate on January, 7th. This orthodox Christmas.
It is not very a pity to me that I can be there near to you and celebrate it together! Probably next year we will be together for this holiday! How you will celebrate Christmas? Your family will gather behind a celebratory table?
I know that this Sunday there will be a Catholic Christmas. At us in Russia Christmas celebrate on January, 7th. This orthodox Christmas.
It is not very a pity to me that I can be there near to you and celebrate it together! Probably next year we will be together for this holiday! How you will celebrate Christmas? Your family will gather behind a celebratory table?
The distance from my city to a new place of work will be almost 4500 km. It is very far. I do not wish to go to Siberia. I wish to depart to you to begin our new happy joint life! My life also will change if we are together! I think that we can be very happy pair enamoured and then as the husband and the wife! We can have very amicable and loving family together! I very much wish to taste a new life with you! I very much wish to be near to you! I wish to arrive to you to start to be happy near to you and to do you very happy! I wish to give you all my tenderness, care, caress, passion, love and all me!
Dear, thank you for your advice you gave me in your last letter. But I feel that the last word should be said by me, no matter how much I respect you. One more thing is that I have never been dependent on men in material matter. I have some money for this trip, but it's just very principal not to do it with my cash. I just can't risk with my money, that's it, moreover I need to pay for my flat a lot, which is important as well. Anyway, I think that if man is serious about the girl, he'll try to help her with money, like a real gentleman.
There is something between us. Something that doesn't let me be quiet and something that makes my blood run quicker. When a man and a woman are in love with each other, it means they devote a body and soul to their second half. I think that my soul is almost dedicated you. When we meet, the same will happen to my body and your body as well... My question is very private. I just want to know whether you have ever thought about this point. I mean our ****** relationships..
I hope this question won t arouse any negative emotions, because it's a very actual question. The thing is that writing to you and reading your letters I got something like very intimate even ****** feelings.
Do you have something like this about me? Have you ever imagined us together? It's quite normal, I can tell you. You know, the thing is that I can't have *** if I don't love a person. It's too intimate process to share it with someone you do not know. I am sure that women and men nature is quite different in this point, and for ladies the main part plays psychological base, like emotions, feeling of being protected, love. For men this process mostly means just satisfaction of their natural needs. I think that both sides with their attitude to it are right and it would be unjust to judge them equally. So, Joe, I am really sure you probably have some ,, bed'' relations with the other girls. I have no rights to argue on it, but as far as I come, I don't want you to have something like that with the other women. I want to be the only and this is a normal desire. For now I naturally have no lover, but I will be tolerant if you have one.
Finally, it's good for health, right? Eh, just if come, I would realize all my dreams I have about you...;) I've found you and I'm ready t o give you all my attention, passion and love...Even writing these lines I feel that something is trembling inside me,I 'm so emotional... Like all the other women who don't have ****** relations with someone, I try to be busy a lot, working, keeping about the house. But that can't last long, I think. That all happened after I was in love with that man from the USA. Actually I hated all the other men after that, because I was sure they all were going to betray me. I really hope you won't play on my nerves and feelings. Last time you are the closest person to me, after my parents, Joe,...
When we meet, I'll be totally happy. Of course I want to believe this forthcoming meeting will grow into something more, because I think I'm really in love with you and now I can't find anybody better. So, Joe, I'm finishing up here and I hope for our quickest contact!
Write me soon, sweetheart!
Miss you a lot, darling! Yours and only yours
Ludmila !
Letter 14
Hello, my darling Joe!

How are you there in your far away country? I feel so bad without you....I was so glad to receive your letter again! I should confess your letters are so full of tenderness and care, and I simply adore them, Joe. All the words you have been writing to me bring me moments of happiness and comfortless. I try to read your letters and to imagine that's not written, but said. I imagine your voice...Your words become closer and closer to me. It's all hard to explain, but I'm just in love like a silly girl...But this feelings inside me are definitely pleasant!
Our Christmas will be only on January, 7th. We celebrate New Year as you celebrate Christmas. We dress up a celebratory fur-tree and we put under it gifts. To us comes Ded Moroz (the Grandfather the Frost) as to you comes Santa Claus. And we also will have a big celebratory table.
I would like to talk about us. Look, how all this has happened to us?
I just remember me writing you the first letter. I didn't think it could lead to something exciting! It could sound so pompous, but we seemed to meet on this huge planet. There are millions of people on it, but you are definitely the only.
Fate gave us a chance to be loved, Joe. You are probably my gift from the heavens. You might have told me I speak too poetic, but I feel very lyric right now, frankly speaking! Again I feel like in the fairy tale, oh. I believe my inner intuition, which whispers me that you are that very prince. Are you, Joe? I trust this intuition, actually it has almost never betrayed me. She said to me that that man, you, was intelligent, caring and on the whole, a good person. You are with me, even if you are not. You are in my thoughts, my mind, my heart. You know, I think I am ready to build my future life with.
Earlier I thought my ideal man is a mixture of that 9 features, I wrote you before. Now I see and realize you are my ideal man. I think you could understand these words are coming from my very heart. So, so so, dear Joe, it's hard to predict the course of events in the future, but one could believe everything would be great! I am an optimist and believe that the glass is half full than empty...Ah, Joe, if only that future comes quicker;) I am perfectly sure we should meet. It's all so simple- you'll see me, I'll see you. Like all the dots i. I think, or I want to believe you are honest with me. And please, don't say something just to be polite. You tell me so nice compliments, that I melt like the last snow in spring under the hot sun. You are my sun, who warms me up....I'm bathing in the lights of your sprays like a cat...
Well, darling...Let's stop daydreaming...I can't still decide what to do with that job in Siberia. I told you that I wanted to go there, on the other hand my life dream is to meet you, my heart Joe!!! You know, this job seems to me attractive only because I will get a new position later and the salary I quite high there. There not much money in my life, but I've never cared. Now money became a bit more important because I have to pay for my flat. My boss is sure that tour agency work is just for me and he said he saw nobody but me on that vacancy. I think if I won't go there, he would be very angry at me. I may be mistaken, but still...
I just tell you it all, because I think this is the best moment to meet, Joe, and to learn what to do next. I think I won't have a chance to take a vacation next time, or soon at least, because my vacation is only once a year. It looks so cloudless for now, I mean, that I think our meeting will be very fruitful;) I am not afraid of different problems, but to avoid them would be nice. I am ready for this meeting, and how about you? There is a sparkle between us, so I want to make a fire, unless this sparkle is alive but not crashed into the Siberian snows. We need another level or our relationships, and I see a perfect decision- to meet, my sweetheart Joe . well, I think you got what I mean and have a thought of it once, my Joe.
I am afraid another beautiful lady could catch you there at your place, because you are quite a treasure! No, I am serious! There are so many trickers in the Internet, and you are like a pure star among all of them. Joe, I just still need to decide what to do and I think you should give an advise as well. I hope you'll help me to get rid of all the doubts in your next letter... The only thing I have now to dream of is our meeting;)))
Wish you a great day ,dear! Sweet kiss and strong hugs for you!
I'll wait for your letter! Miss you so much, Joe. With the thoughts of you,
Ludmila !
Letter 15
Hello, my lovely sweetheart Joe!
I'm so glad to get your letter! I'm full of tender emotions to you!
You know, I just read the lines and my heart is being filled with warmth. Today I do not have much work, and that probably makes me feel free to do everything. so, darling, I have news to you. Today I was drinking coffee with my boss, Joe. I was thinking a lot about that suggestion to go to Siberia. I think that if our meeting isn't going to happen, I'd rather go there to work. My boss gives me a chance to go there and to have an opportunity to get a good salary later, as well as a good social status. So, as you see, today I agreed to that suggestion about a new job. I'm quite excited to organize this trip there, you know, this is quite a long period of time- half a year or longer.... But on the other hand I can't believe we won't meet soon!
How you have spent Christmas?! Tell to me everything, it is very interesting to me! It is not a pity to me that we could be together this day! At us in Russia Christmas celebrate on January, 7th. We do not celebrate Christmas on December, 25th. Therefore at us it was usual day. How you have spent Christmas?! Tell to me, it is very interesting to me! How you will celebrate New Year?! It is not very a pity to me that we can be together! I wish you happy and cheerful New Year!!! I hope that next year we necessarily will together!
Today at us last working day this year. Tomorrow we will have a corporate party with colleagues and the boss. And after that we will have days off till January, 9th. And on January, 9th we again come to work. I can write to you only on January, 9th. I will madly miss you and our lovely correspondence! I hope that you will not forget about me for this time! I will meet New Year with my parents. And then I will celebrate with my girlfriends! I think that it will be very cheerful. Though I will not have not enough you! I wish you happy and pleasant New Year! I hope that you will be very joyful and cheerful!
I just fixed in my poor head that we would meet, that's it. I really didn't know which way is better for me. It is really a pity we don't have a chance to do that now. Well, I'm going to build a new branch of my career, and I hope I'll succeed in that. (I am 100 sure in my abilities and skills to be a good boss and to help a new agency make a good start. I think that it is all right that we didn't meet right now, probably, that's all that fate that doesn't let us meet now. I think she prepares a gift for a later time, Joe.
I do believe we'll meet after my job in Siberia is ended completely and I come back home. I got so many things to do before leaving, you know! But I will write you as far as I'm ready to let you know! You'll know the approximate time of mu arrival there, so I hope I will have a chance to write you from there.
Look, darling! I am so thankful to you and to what you did to me! Of course I'm not going to leave you or to forget about you! I just really hope everything is OK with the Internet there, my love Joe. I want to continue this correspondence, for sure, because I am strongly addicted on you! You gave me a hope for a light future. I still want to have a good family, lots of kids, a nice and cozy house.
And of course I think it is all possibly with you, honey, Joe.
It's a pleasure to realize I have got you in my life, I'm not alone now;)) This feeling is very comforting!! I definitely feel much better than that time I wrote you my first letter. I am happy there is such a trustful man as you in my life, Joe, a man who is in love with me and who trusts me.
I will hope for our happy future. Our common future. All right, I need to prepare for my travel to Siberia, you know, to buy warm clothes and some other stuff. Moreover I need to prepare some documents concerning my flat and the payment of it. I will take a plane to Siberia. Wow, there's so many things still to do and to buy. My heart Joe, I have one more question to you, if you have a possibility to do this.
Look, I think I need to ask you for some material support for my chance of living. Of course I won't be angry if you reject me, but it you agree it would be nice! Yeah, it's very shameful to ask you this, because I told you before that I would never ask you. But it just so happened that you are the only person I could ask this question. You know, during this time you became quite a close person to me, that's why I do this right now. I hope you won't be frustrated and disappointed by this my ask and letter. I hope you'll understand me, my heart Joe. I just want to be the happiest woman in the world.
I 'll busy with my new job for our future. Wish you a good day. Thinking you all day long
Waiting for your letter, when I'll be there in Siberia. Kiss and hugs.....
Letter 16
Hi again, my best man, my beloved Joe!!!
I was glad to receive and read your letter this afternoon. But I do have much time now, though I have lots of thoughts. Today the weather is so wonderful ! How about your place? I came to my work to pick up my stuff before leaving and to write you…. Look… I thought the whole night today about you and I even could not sleep. Actually I came here exactly because I wanted to write you. As far as you know I agreed to work in Siberia. The town is called Yakutsk. It’s a big town and very cold, probably you’ve never heard of it. I’m leaving today. I am very sad to leave my city, my friends and my flat. What’s more sad is that the plane will not fly direct to you my dear Joe. I would really like to do that instead of this trip to somewhere in Siberia,Joe.
It’s a pity meeting is not possible now. I would give anything in the world to spend that time instead with and to be the happiest woman in the world. As far as to make you happy as well.
At last I again have access to the computer and I can read your letter! I had big celebratory days off. And today I leave to Siberia!
I have come for work to write you the letter and to say goodbye to colleagues. We did not work since December, 29th and till January, 9th. These are New Year's Holidays! New Year I met with my parents behind a celebratory table. Then we have met friends and celebrated in the house of my girlfriend. It was cheerful enough! On January, 7th we had a Christmas! I had this holiday of the house with my parents. At first we went to church to pray. Then we had a lovely celebratory supper! For these days off I have very well had a rest and now full of forces is ready to work. I very often thought of you! And I very much did not have you nearby! I thought of that as you spend time, with whom you? It is not very a pity to me that we could be together this time. Almost all my girlfriends married also were with husbands. To me was a little sadly and melancholy that I not could be near to you. I hope that we will celebrate following holidays together! How you have spent New Year?!
I love you and you love me and this is the most important. I am happy that I got you in my…. We will communicate further if it’s possible.
We will never forget each other, be sure! We must keep our love and help each other while we're separated. I will definitely miss you. I need to do a lot of things today, both at home and at work and I should meet with my parents. Look! I know that our meeting is still possible in the future. I’ll come back from Siberia and we’ll organize that! We will do many nice things together and we will so happy! Fate helped us to meet each other, I am thankful to her! I'm not saying Goodbye forever. I will try to write you as soon as I have an opportunity, my love Joe. Just remember this and never lose contacts, we'll be together always, now in our thought and then in the flesh! I love you with all my heart and soul and miss you terribly. I will be working in Siberia, and only your love gives me the power for this work. I will work for my career and for our common future together. I'll wait for your letter! I can take holiday and visit you there anyway!! We’ll see, darling! Yours true love Ludmila!
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