Scam letter(s) from Natalia Tsareva to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Rick. I am glad to receive your letter. How you today? Today at job I thought of you. I thought that we are far apart, but the help of the computer have met, we communicate and we try to become closer to each other. I want to you to say Rick, that I very much would want in the future to see you and to talk. I hope, that sometime it to happen. Write, you would like it. Rick - you like sports? I visit 2 times per one week a sports hall what to support the body in norm. Rick, tell, what food you like? You are able itself to prepare meal? My mum speaks, I am good it I do. Rick You would like, that I have prepared for you your liked meal. Rick, write to me, what you would like to have family, what you are good family? It is interesting to me to learn it. I consider, that creation of family this important event in life and before to create family, man and woman should well and close learn each other. I heard about acquaintances under the Internet much. I consider, that it is possible to meet the help of the Internet with very interesting by the man. I a lot of time I spend at the work and consequently I have no enough free time to get acquainted and to develop the attitudes with the man not far from myself. Still it is very interesting to me to learn the man of other people and cultures. At you other life, other interests also are all to me very interestingly. I am glad, that we have got acquainted with you and I would like to continue our acquaintance. Rick Write to me please, why you have decided to get acquainted with the woman through the Internet. And I am glad, that has met you. Rick I want at you to ask, when you have addressed to a service of acquaintances, you believed, that can find that man, which to you is really necessary. Also that you think of it now. I very much would like to know, there were changes in your opinion concerning it whether or not, after our acquaintance. Write, I shall be glad to your letters and yours photos. I embrace, Natalia.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Richard. Thank for your letter and for your kind words to me. You very interesting the man and I want to know you better. To me of 29 years. I live in Russia. I was married, but I was very much afflicted with my former husbandI work as the teacher of gymnastics and ball dances for girls till 14 years. I love dances, music, a nature, children and all fine on the ground. I the romantic and sensual woman, like to prepare and a domestic cosine. I search which fine person I shall make happy. Write to me and ask any questions. Wish of fine mood of day. Natalya.
Letter 3

Hi my dear Rick ! I again am very glad to receive the letter from you. It is very interesting to me for learning about you and about your life more. Rick I have to you one question: How for a long time you have been married? At me the man for a long time with which I spent time was, but he with me has badly bypassed and now I am afraid of people such as he. People which deceive also it hurt the woman. Today I have lead good day at work, I all day thought of you. In free time from work I like to read books. As I in soul romantic, prefer love novels. From the Russian poets and writers to me to like A. Pushkin, M.Lermontov, V.Majakovsky, A.Chehov, L. Tolstoy. And you know somebody from Russian classics? As at leisure I go in for sports. Usually I run. It allows supporting health, a figure. To sports clubs to go there is no opportunity, therefore I train in-home. I want to learn to play tennis. To me to like to go to a campaign with friends, it is especial in the summer. It enables to bathe and sunbathe, but good weather usually it happens a little. I like to prepare for a meal, it will be especial to me pleasantly to do for loved the man. To like me such dishes as: the stewed hen, pel'menis, Russian pancakes, a borshch. I very much love animals, is especial cats. The black cat - Vasy at my place lives, to me to like to spend with him time. When I at home, he do not depart from me on a step and does not give to feel lonely. Rick I shall be very glad if you will answer all my questions. I wait for your letter and your photos. With love Natalia.
Letter 4

Dear Rick!!! In my life really there is no man in long last time. I have the fierce deposit on soul. I had bitter experience of a marriage alas. I shall tell about it later. I think what not all is lost in this life. I have understood that the life is fine! That is necessary to take from it the best. Never late to be happy. At all not looking on anything. I have decided for myself that I have the right to be happy. I want it and I meet the family. Which will be for me the most dear value on the ground. I shall give my family all myself. It is my dream road Rick! Probably our destinies were really crossed... If you think also of the future. I never was abroad. But I with pleasure would visit your country. Acquaintance to other country anaaa impressed me. But we precisely should know when we can meet. When we shall be ready to this. I think we should better know each other for this purpose. I hope that it probably! I would like to know about you much. Excuse if my words are not clear to you. I not perfectly know the English language. I wanted to ask you Rick, you are not disturbed with the big distance of our countries? Though I think for two in love hearts was not present what barrier. I wait for the letter from you with impatience. Yours Natalya.
Letter 5

Hello dear Rick, thank you for that letter. I was expecting to receive a letter from you and now I'm happy because I've got one! You know from all that I know about you I understand that you are nice man and maybe we could know each other better and create something more from our correspondence. I would like to get more pics from you, please send if it's possible. And of course as a woman I "like" handsome and good-looking men. It would be a lie to deny that. I'm a woman and you are a good man, which again makes me dream, but it's a long way from dream to reality. I want to tell to you about the nature not much. I love a sunset. It very much grasps. In it romanticism time of day is possible to have beautiful dreams. I the realist but I dream.... I romanticism the woman..... I really miss.... Though we are familiar so not for a long time. You trust in love at first sight? I did not trust yet have not met you. I want that you Is gentle to touch my hair.... Then I shall have sensation of protection..... It so is necessary for me now. It seems to me that I am very lonely in this world.... I want caress of tenderness and love..... I like kisses everywhere.... It is pleasant only then when a kiss the loved and necessary person. I believe you and I believe that it not simply words. Rick, It is really good idea dialogue in real time. BUT.... I do not know wrote to you whether or not. I have no house a personal computer, therefore I go to cafe the Internet. I still badly use it. I do not know as it to do. Now I have service a parcel and acceptance of mail..... But I shall shall find the information as it is possible to leave for a chat. If can an explanation to me it please. I never used the Internet earlier. It for the present is poorly known to me. I just trying to find nice man, I do not know why but I was not able to found the one here. And when one friend told me about Internet dating I decided to try it. I am afraid to search through the Internet, I am afraid that the person will be unreal, but I believe and I am not handed over. Also I ask you to trust me. Only then we can be together and to be happy. Please excuse me if I'm using too many words, or " unclear phrases ", but it's difficult to find the " right words ". And just ask if something is unclear. I wait for letters from you. My name in Russian it Natalia. In English it Natalya (it is more correct) A kiss and embraces. Natalya
Letter 6

It again I my honey Rick!!! I have made a photo with my family specially for you. I want that you had acquaintance to it. They My loved sisters and the senior brother. I the second in left. I hope, that you have learned me. My younger sister Elena (to the left of Me) studies on economy at University the last year. Second sister Katerina Is the professional photographer. Almost all my photos were made She. My brother Konstantin the manager on sale of real estate. We Very friendly family though they live in the following city from me. Natalya.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Rick!!!! Is glad to receive from you the letter. Thanks for your kind words in my address. I too think of you much. I cannot explain that that I feel in relation to you. I shall tell to you that it is very kind and tender feelings. I understand your opinion concerning trust of two people which never saw each other. Really I heard that the Internet is artful game and necessary to be care in it. Believe I too I have be careful in it... But if we shall not trust even in that that we write... We cannot have continuation of our attitudes.... And I very much would like it. I believe that you not a myth and not Virtual the swindler. I believe your words and I want to trust in Sincerity and the truth of it. I hate lie. I believe that we never learn it from each other. We need to be fair the friend for the friend. I trust you and it seems to me that I know you many years. It is difficult for me to speak about it, but my former husband has changed in a bed with other woman. I do not bear changes and treachery. he begged to forgive him, but in my heart there was a wound. it hurts till now. You see this woman was my girlfriend. Rick you take offence long? How quickly you forgive mistakes? I am angry not long. I can forgive. I do not hold insults on persons long. All of us make acts for which we regret then. But I can not forgive treachery doubly. If we in the future will have attitudes, to me would like, that we were sincere to each other. Us should connect, the truth. There should not be secrets between us. Our joint life should not be monotonous. We should find out the world which surrounds us more. We should not get tired from each other. We should love each other. Love it is a long way. To this feeling it is possible to go long. Each time, testing it. But if the woman and the man like each other they will bear all tests which will be at them on a life. In mutual relation important that we understood each other. Attitudes should be equal. We should give each other councils listen to them. We should not bear each other a malice. I wait for your answer.
With love Natalia.
Letter 8

Hello my love Rick!!!! I with impatience waited the letter from you. When I have received it on my person the smile has appeared. It is good when people can give each other pleasure. You ask to tell not much about yourselves. Well, I shall be the story about myself in each letter on hardly hardly for you. I want to tell to you about the work. When I Was the little girl my parents named me Nata. My mum played on a piano at children's school the teacher. I since the childhood began to have hobby for music. My native rose in a circle, and I put a chair on the middle... Rose on this chair and danced dance the gipsy. It was amusing also my relatives knocked in Palms and cheerfully a praise of me. I remember that I felt during that moment. I was very proud and happy. Time went, and I loved dances all more. Now it not only my work but also my life. Now I the teacher of professional dances for girls. It is gymnastics, dances on water and ball dances. I have some awards including medals in the field of professional dances. I am proud of that that I can teach children. Who becomes possible ieaoau from my girls the professional known ballerina. I dream of it. I very much love the girls! We as one amicable family. I teach this group of 5 years and I know their families. Now our club of dances has no sponsoring. And I should work for very small money. We sew suits the general efforts parents and girls. I am very proud of the work. And if we shall meet and we shall live probably in your country... I very much would want to teach in your country of children too. I have the diploma of university and the ending of professional Academy of dances. Now I should go for work to my girls! I think of you Rick! I dream of a meeting with you! I wait for the letter. Yours Nata. I send you a photo. I executed dance in pool on water the last year. I shall do for you the children's photos. I shall send to you it in the following letter.
Letter 9

Hi mine dear RICK. I thank you for fine words concerning me. I for a long time did not feel like the happy woman! You give to me this happiness! How you today? I hope, that at you that's all right. Forgive that I have kept you waiting my answer. I try to write frequently but now I have preparation for the big competition of dances at work. I finish work late when the cafe the Internet is already closed. I promise that I shall not keep more you waiting. Very heavy day for me today was. Children in my group were, very whimsical and me it was very difficult to calm them. One boy from them has fallen and has struck to itself a hand. It has very much afflicted me also to me it was necessary to calm all day of him because his parents might not take away him home. I so am tired, what even wanted to go at once home. But, having recollected about that that, you should write to me, the letter have gone in Internet-cafe. RICK, lovely, I want to you to say, that I seriously treat our acquaintance and for me important, what I shall be our attitudes and whether there will be a future at our acquaintance. Last days I often run from job in Internet Cafe what to check up your letters, it is good, that near to my job. I dream to be with you together! It is chance will meet to look each other in eyes and to talk. But it is only my dream. RICK, fine, write please, that you think it we anyhow would meet in some weeks when we study about the friend the friend more. You love music? I like all kinds music. Well I guess I should say that there might be one or two songs of Rap or Country that I like. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood. Basically to like me slow music. She very much calms me and weakens! What music of you weakens? We have many clubs, theaters, museums and many other kinds of entertainment in Cheboksary. And of course here a lot of cinemas and I with my friends like to go there as much as possible and I usually go to see nice movie something about two or three times at month. These are really American films. I like historical films such as "Gladiator" or a fantasy for example "Matrix" . RICK, I want to ask, that you wrote a small history about parents and as you carry spend your free time also. I very much like that you perceive our relations seriously. I dream of that at us all has turned out, and we have found the happiness together with you. I am very tired today and want to finish the letter. I wait answer from you tomorrow! With love, Natalya! I send you a photo of the childhood. I think it will like you.
Letter 10

Hello my love Rick!!!! How you? In Russia last three days passed holidays. It is the international women's day on March, 8. This day to all women give gifts and flowers. All women this day feel like the most favourite and desired. I thought you heard about it. The cafe the Internet have been closed and consequently I could not write to you at once. I'm fine. Today I have the working day. In the days off we with girlfriends went on picnic to a wood on a ski. It was wonderful!!! A wood such beautiful at this time year. We took hot tea and many sandwiches. We went for a drive from high mountain. We so have got tired that I have lain in a bed and at once in dream. My love Rick I very much dream of you. You seem to me that now my part. You on always in my heart. You the most gentle kind and which sensitive the man I met. I want to love you! I want to give you happiness! I hope my dreams will come true. Both of us want it also we should have aspiration to this my love! Certainly I want to arrive to you as it is possible soon. I could arrive to you for some days that we could find out each other better. Probably we shall not want to leave never and we shall decide to be together for ever! I am very glad that you want to meet me... But unfortunately I have some problem. It is very a shame to me, but my wages very small. I never can save such big money to visit your country. So it is a pity to me about it. Believe if I could... I have arrived by the first plane to you my love. But we should have aspiration to this... Because only then we can be happy. I love you my honey!!! I wait for the letter from you. Your princess Natalya.
Letter 11

Hello my honey Rick! When I receive your letters I understand that... I have the person which thinks of me and requires me. When we shall meet.... We shall be the happiest pair on light. You will feel softness of my hands, tenderness of my lips.... I shall do to you massage of a body, and you will have a condition of weightlessness..... You will groan from pleasure when I shall caress you. I shall gently knead all your outstanding and secret places. I so want to touch your cheek the warm lips..... Then to go down on your body.... And we shall have pleasure from each other indefinitely. Then you will tell to me.... " I never want to release you mine the kid! Only with you I feel happy the man.... " I think of it constantly. Ideas about you do not give me to sleep, eat and work.... In my head only you you you..... I want to see you, to hear your words about love, to look in your eyes and to see in them a lot of passion. Even some days. I cannot without you my love! I love you Rick!!!!! It is fine idea to go on Ski together. Then to hold each other in hands and to feel heat of fire. It will raise us even more strongly. We shall be heated from bodies each other. Today my girlfriend has invited me to take part in sports game baseball. It will be two commands of girls from her work. It will be cheerful I think. Then we shall go to float to pool. I so a long time did not float. And I very much love it. You like to float? How frequently you do it? Certainly I very much want to meet you in your country. But you should not spend money if at you now not the best period. We shall well wait for our meeting. Probably till the autumn I can save some money for travel. You should build this house. I understand all well you. I want to inform you that I have no passport for travel abroad. But mum of my girlfriend works in travel agency. She speaks that to make the passport and the visa.. It will not borrow a lot of time. The most nearest airport to me... It is airport Sheremetevo in the city of Moscow. I only wanted to inform you about it. Tomorrow we shall have again preparation for competition on work. We shall sew again suits for girls. I feel you as a line always my love Rick. I shall wait for news from you! The most passionate kiss and gentle embraces. Your princess Natalya.
Letter 12

I hope at you all perfectly my love Rick! Today I have early come to cafe the Internet faster to read your letter. You force me to smile. Yesterday we played baseball with girls. Certainly our command has won! Then we floated in pool. We have very much got tired. I for a long time so did not get tired. I have come home, have ***** kefir for the night. Has lain in a bed and at once has fallen asleep. Certainly you dreamed me again asking love. We were floating by a boat on lake. Water was transparent and pure. Except for us there were only white swans. It was the pair the in love swans. You looked at me the in love eyes... And only from your sight in me there was a passion... We were silent... But it only meant that we understand each other without words. We understand as we like each other. When we shall meet I shall allow you to love me entirely. I want that you have shown me as you can love.... Yes I want that you loved me from my hair up to fingers. I shall be the happiest woman only spending all time in your embraces. We shall make love for a long time and passionately. I hope it will be indefinite my honey Rick!!!!! If it is interesting to you... I want to admit to you that I very much for a long time did not have man. Last time it was my former husband. I did not want to give in charge of myself already for a long time. Now when I have met you... I only also think of love with you... I do not find out myself. The passion to you has seized me. We shall always like. We will have happy family!!!! We shall be very amicable with your daughter... I promise you it. We shall live in your house and to create together a pleasant cosiness. Now you should have diligence to build it. I want to arrive to you. Certainly I am ready to risk to remain with you for ever!!!!! We shall go to a wood, on the nature. It will be family picnics with conversations on all. It will be cheerful laughter of children... And games on the nature. I so dream of it my love. I think it will be fast. Our destinies will incorporate during one long and happy life... In it never there will be lie, a disappointment and frustration. In our life there will be a understanding, trust and love for ever! I wait for our meeting very much!!! I love you my honey Rick! I love you passionately, gently, all soul....... Your princess Natalya.
Letter 13

Hello my love Rick!!!! I very much like your picture. Because on it there are you what you in a reality. You as though look at me... I feel it.... I have dreams when I look at you. You know about it my honey!!!! It seems to me that you absolutely beside... It is necessary to extend only a hand forward... And my warm palm will touch yours a cheek. I feel a pleasant shiver on a body... When I think of it. Dear mine I am glad that you have care of my visiting you. I very much want it... But believe me... So it is not convenient for me. Now I have no money even to pay my documents unfortunately. I give all my wages now on tailoring of suits for girls. Because we have no sponsor. We to employees need to do many efforts to take part in republican competition of dances. I do not know when I shall have money to start to do my documents. You understand me Rick? Today I have free day from work. Now I shall go in a sports hall. I should hold the body in the sports form. On work I only show girls rehearsal of dance... But it is not enough to train the body good. I should my prince is pleasant to you. In fact so? Tomorrow I shall visit my mum. She lives in the next city from me. But it is not so far. I want to tell to her about you. You not against? We with mum always were as the girlfriend. I want to tell to her as I love you. My mum sick is a lot of, at her it is bad with heart. I think she will be madly happy when finds out that at me has appeared kind, reliable, true the man. Mum always wanted that I have met the fine person which will love, appreciate and respect me. After divorce with the former husband.. Mum Always asks me... Well why men are not interesting to you? She speaks that I should live all interior, I am capable to make the person happy. Due to a meeting with you I have understood... That I want to love and be loved. I want to smile and give people pleasure. I want fine happy family... People most dear and loved in the world... It is my dream. I dream of you!!! I miss about you!!! I love you Rick!!!
Yours Natalya.
Letter 14

Hello my love Rick. I so am happy!!!!!! I have for you fine news. I have told about you to my mum. She was madly glad. I did not know that she so will apprehend this news. She began to cry with happiness. She has told to me.... Really I have waited my dream.... That you will meet fine the man. I showed her your photo. You very much have liked her. I have told to her that we very much want to meet. My mum has decided to help us. She will order tickets for my travel on the pension. You can meet me in April? I think that it will be fine time for our meeting. Now I should order documents. Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency and to find out the information concerning it. I think it not so dearly. To me very much not dexterously. But it is possible to me your help will be necessary. Really my dream will be executed??? I cannot believe in it that I shall see you!!!!!! We shall be dipped into ocean of fine strong feeling. We shall enjoy the friend the friend indefinitely. I love you Rick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We soon shall together!!! You could not write to me to what airport I should arrive? Your in love girl Natalya.
Letter 15

My love Rick!!! I have some frustration. I thought that it is necessary to make small of that to arrive to you. Well, I understand your situation. Unfortunately my financial situation is not better. Unfortunately I cannot pay my documents independently. I shall go to bank tomorrow. It will be possible to give out bank to me the loan in a loan. I shall write to you about it tomorrow my love. I hope that all will be good. Your princess.
Letter 16

Hello my love Rick !!! It again I my fine prince. I understand your desire to know about me more. I also would like to know all about you. Certainly, to find out all about the friend the friend it, it is not possible... But we shall have diligence in it. Our meeting will give us more information concerning the friend the friend. We really shall understand very much about us. I thought, what you have received my first letter where I in detail speak about me directly???? I shall well make it again on hardly hardly in each letter for you. To me of 29 years, I have been given birth on December, 24. I live in the city of Sheboksary in Russia. It - very beautiful city on river Volga. I hope that I shall show you the sights my city in the future. I have a small apartment. My mum is very old, also she lives in the following city, my father has died, when to me there were 9 years. I work as the teacher for girls till 14 years. It - Gymnastics and ball dances in pair. Sometimes I teach gymnastics in reservoir. I have been married, but I have been very much broken with my former husband. I was for the husband 2 years, but I have no any children. The official Divorce was constrained 2 years. Since then I have no any the man. I want, will create fine friendly family with The person that to me we love also roads. The main criteria in attitudes For me it is Honesty and trust . I want to admit you, that I am afraid From attitudes with the man, I am afraid a deceit and treachery. I love dances, music, nature, children and all fine on the ground. I the romantic and sensual woman, like to prepare and an internal cosiness. I have many hobby. I very much love sports hobbies (baseball, navigation, skiing, and - it it is a lot of others). I very much similarly to floriculture. I raise flowers. Certainly I love books and films. I love historical films... Such as "Gladiator", imagination such as "Matrix". I saw a lot of the American cinema because in Russia it shows more. I very much like to be prepared for various dishes. I want it, you have estimated my cuisine. I shall be prepared to you soon for very tasty food. What do you prefer Rick? Salads, meat, a bird or can you the amateur a sweet...? I really would like to arrive to you Rick. It is interesting to detection About you it is more, about your country and about your life. I have interest you very much. You the good person also will be, seem to me We in beautiful pair. I can have adaptation to the American culture. I am ready on all for the sake of happiness of my future family. I would like to have also work if I shall stay in your country in the future. As you think my honey Rick... It is valid to have work in your country? I would like to teach children to dances also. I have the diploma of university on historical faculty and education of higher school of dances. I think, that it can be necessary. I also want to take part in creation of the basis for our future family. Now I leave in travel agency. I should find out the information concerning my travel. I think that our meeting very close. I write to you a home address. You can exploit it if want. My address:
Republic Chuvashia
City of Cheboksary
Street Universitetskaya 23-119
Tsareva Natalya.
I wait for your letters very much
Very much. I miss... I dream from you. Yours kitten Natalya.
Letter 17

My love Rick!!!!! I every day go to cafe the Internet in hope that I shall receive from you the letter. Now I have it... And I am madly happy. As it is poorly necessary for the in love woman to be happy. My dear Rick, I have sad news. Today I went to bank. But the bank has given up to me in delivery of the loan. They have told that I have no sufficient minimal wages. I am very very much upset. Now we cannot meet soon. To me not where to ask such money. The manager in travel agency has told that documents (the passport and the visa) has cost of 370 dollars. It is expensive for me. Probably we can meet in the summer when I shall be saves enough money for travel. Now I have arrived on a visit to my mum. We speak about you much. My mum knits for you a scarf and mittens for cold weather. I want to give a gift to you when we shall meet. We very pleasantly spend time. We prepare for a tasty meal, Furnace pies and pancakes. I am glad that you can to help me with work in your country in the future. When I shall arrive to you... If we shall decide to remain together for ever. I should return to Russia... To finish some paper affairs with work. Also I shall be sale of my apartment. These are not so big money, but I think it will help us not much. I like your big appetite!!! I shall have a maximum of imagination that you enjoyed my meal. I already know that will like you. I frequently go with girlfriends to cinema. The American films show in Russian, but I would think I had interest in your language also. I estimate good shootings, tricks and effects. Americans are able to do good cinema!!!! What your favourite genres and films? Now I need to go to work. I think of you Rick !!! I believe that we shall be together for ever!!! We only should trust and have aspiration to this! Your princess Natalya.
Letter 18

Hello dear Rick!!!! How you? I hope you have good day! You know for me your letter was more than the letter. It has entailed huge surprise and frustration. I only tried to understand that you write to me. My girlfriend is more informed than I... Therefore she has explained to me that you have in view of. In the first I want to thank you for trust to me. It is really important for me and for our future attitudes. I really have a shock. And I understand you!!!! I did not know that there are such sites on the Internet. I do not know as my photos could get in it????? I only can think above it and guess. I shall explain it for you. But not because I want to justify myself. I have no mistake and a sin behind myself. I make it because YOU TRUST me Rick! I corresponded with one man from California. We wrote each other 3 months. First he has liked me. he was fair with me and open. Then he began to ask me a photo where I am ***** completely. I have told that I have no it and even if would have.. Never would began to send it by mail. But he began to insist that I was photographed only for his eyes. I have understood that it he needs only my body. My girlfriend has told to me... That on the Internet there are many men which have ****** care only. And that I was cautious with it. I at once wrote to him... That I cannot have correspondence with him more. he continued to write to me persistently. Then he has written " If you do not want attitudes with me you never will find the man through the Internet. I shall have care of it.!!! " I have not understood that he had in view of then and at once has overlooked about these words. Only now I understand that he wanted to tell to me. he the mean and malicious person. He could make so that you had doubts in me. For me it very sadly to lose your trust. I shall tell to you fairly... That I wrote to all men of an apology that I have found the good person. I have offered them friendship and asked a pardon. You for me the unique and special person Rick!!! To me very dearly your trust! Please answer me questions which I shall set. 1) About me it is really written as about the swindler?
2) It can entail what or consequences? For example at crossing your border?
3) My data are specified in it (a surname, a name, a home address) or only photos?
4) What it scammer??? What does it mean? The swindler?
5) It is really serious? Your answers will help me to understand with it. I again thank you for trust. Also I ask to trust me. Your money are not necessary for me. I have got used to work much and to work at it. I hope that our meeting will take place soon! I dream and I wait for it!!! It of anything that we shall meet in the summer. The scarf will be necessary when we shall ski in the winter! One more question. It for mum. Rick what color your liked? I wait for your letter. A kiss and embraces! Your princess. Natalya.
Letter 19

Forgive to me! I never deceived people. I do not know as my photos have come into the hands to these people. I do not want to have the justification because I have no fault for myself. Forgive that I cannot write to you more. I in frustration after that. I do not want to come more in cafe the Internet. I have the passport but I do not want to prove that I am real. I hope for your understanding. Forgive that I cannot write to you more. Because mistrust to me remain with you. And attitudes are not necessary for me where there is a mistrust. I wish you to find the fine wife and to be happy. And me not the destiny to be happy. This my last letter through the Internet. Forgive.
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