Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Panos (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hello from me again, dear Giannis!!! I am writing from my E-mail address!!! This is Elena!!!
Thanks for the interest!!! This is my direct e-mail address so please e-mail me only here. I live in Ukraine. I'm looking for a life partner and if you interested and liked my photos I want to start correspondence with you. I think you would like to learn something about me…
If you don’t, then you may stop reading here, but if you are still interested I am glad to tell you more about me.
Well I'm 27 y.o., hot brunette, never been married and have no children.
I live in Ukraine in small town Gorlovka near by big city Donetsk and if you will open a map you can find me near the border with Russia.
Currently not working because my boss fired me and 5 more people from our organization few months ago because his company got broken and bancrupt.
I worked there after University which I graduated from 6 year ago. And now I am in the search of a new job. I was looking for work through the Internet, and occasionally passed through the dating site, so I decided to try my luck here! To get acquainted with a nice man! And if not to find a work, but to find my soul mate, for I am single!
I'm single and open for relations and would like to meet a guy to fall in love or just spend free time with during this period of time.
I really do not know what you're looking for, but if you interested and can introduce new country for me and help me to start and move forward with you, I'll be very pleased you!!!
I speak English as well as I write, so I don't think we will have problems with communication. I'm separated from my parents from 20 y.o, but I keep good relations with my dad and especially my mom.
They are good and hard working people and they gave me good start, but now economic is very bad here and they do not mind that I want to try something new. I clearly see my future and I think I'm lost here.
I'm looking for someone who is ready to help lonely lady like me, for someone to share each other's dreams and most importantly to share future together, someone who will respect me. I don't care about your past, but more interested in who you are right now and the future.
I'm very tender, romantic and easygoing and not afraid to take chances in my life. I'm full of life and energy.
I do hope to get your reply and than I will write more about myself and send more photos. I can't tell you everything right now, I would like to be sure that I have a guy who waits for me there and If you have any interests to meet me I'll be more than happy to meet you too.
I really hope to get back from you ASAP! Included some photos.
My height - 5'5''. I will send more photos next time.
Sincerely, Elena.

Letter 2

Hi, my dear Panos!!! How are you, dear Panos???
Thank you so much for the nice message, and dear, as for skype, I come there from time to time, but at the moment I have almost no time to stay there online with them, dear :(. So, I Am on skype very seldom...
I have wonderful, just perfect mood!!! And you know why? Guess where I have been today, dear Panos???
I was today on the interview and I found the job, I will be working as a journalist in a little advertising company, and so I will be writing about different sport and fitness appliances that are very good for women And then I will go to the fitness clubs and to the beauty salons and ask their opinion about certain things that they use in their work That is pretty sweet , at least better then nothing And my dear, you already brought me good luck! I could find job for 2 months and since I met you, now I have luck to find work I Am glad, and I want to continue our relations What about you? Do you like your job? Do you have a chance to relax after a hard working day?
I like to go somewhere for the holidays, I like the seaside and the skiing Also I like diving! And I like hiking and spending time on the loan of nature, do you like that also? And dear, also I like flowers and plants very much and I dream to have a cozy home with a big garden That would be something special, dear!!! I like romantic evenings, I like cooking tasty dinners, I like sports and active way of life And you??? I don t know why, but I feel that we have much in common And I like that Will be waiting for your next mail.
Sincerely, Elena.

Letter 3

Hello, my sweetheart Panos!!! Thank you very much for your nice letter…it’s like your gift for me….I’m so happy when I see that you wrote me, and also I understand that I miss you very much….I had never seen you in real life, you are like mister X for me, but maybe because of that our relations become much more romantic and exciting… you agree with me??? I hope we will continue and after we will see maybe this story will have happy end??? :))))) How are you, dear Panos?? How was your day??? I’m fine, but only got cold a little bit, today was rainy and I forgot the umbrella at home, and I came at work totally wet and disappointed!!! So, only what I’m afraid now it’s to catch cold, I don’t like to lie in the bed with high temperature and eat the pills! I would like that now it would be summer, warm, with a lot of sun!!! I want go to the sea, to have a rest on the beach, to swim, to go to the mountains of Crimea…I like it very, very much! There is so wonderful view, when I was here I had impression that I’m in the sky and watch on the Earth from there…..maybe we will have opportunity to go there together one day!
We will see!! Tonight I had dream as I’m on some unknown island, I walked between exotic flowers, there were river and waterfall with transparent water…but I was alone here, in such romantic place I was alone, and when I wake up and thought that it would be really wonderful, but it’s not full happiness without beloved person…do you agree with me, dear Panos? You can be anywhere, but you will not totally happy if are not in love….do you see the night dreams often??? Do you believe in dreams??? Me – yes, but of course if it’s something good :)))) So, honey Panos, maybe soon, I will be your dream…Would you like it? Kisses….your Elena.

Letter 4

Hello, my sweet Panos! You know every your letter as a sweet pastry for me…so sweet, that I’m not able to refuse run to Internet cafe and write you again and again! Miss you very much…even if I will get your letters every day, anyway I will miss you…nice and strange feeling in the same time…it’s difficult to describe, but I like it very much…I want ask you one thing…do you believe in eternal love?
Maybe it’s strange question, I would like that it will be like that…Do you know the story about swans, dear Panos…when one finds his second half, he will not leave her never…in spite of everything, and if even one will die - other will get high into the sky and then he furls the wings and falls down as a stone…so strong is his life that he is not able to live without other…of course I don’t want the end of our love story was like this, but I think sometimes such examples can teach us what is to be devoted and sincere and what is love in general…I think for understand what we are able for, for to know something exact about it, for me and for you it’s necessary to meet….don’t you think so? I hope you are agree with me, dear Panos…you know I will have my holidays very soon, in April, and I will be very happy to spend this days with you…Would you like to meet? In my country or in yours? How you imagine it? For me it’s very important to know your idea about it…. it’s necessary to know each other better and better, to make our communication more close. Do you agree with me, dear Panos? How do you think the phone conversation will help us? …… I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience, my sweet Panos!!! Your Elena.

Letter 5

Good evening, my lovely Panos! Today I woke up with the thought that I am the happiest person in the world, as I met you, the most loving, caring and tender person, I have ever met. Yesterday, when I read your warm and at the same time striking words, I just started trembling so strong, that I thought I would be unable to pronounce a single word. I was so excited and happy and this feeling remains with me now. I wish I could be with you, I wish I could feel your warm and very safe embraces. You know, I really want to meet with you and I will be the happiest person if we have such a chance. Today I woke up with the thought about you and I thought, maybe you also think about me in the morning. If it is so, then maybe, I have found the person, I have been searching for, but I am still afraid to talk about love, as it is very, very serious for me, and I will say that I love, only if I am sure for 100% in my feeling, but if our relations continue in such a way, I suppose, that everything may lead to love.
But anyhow, I lack words to express everything that I really feel for you. I want to meet a person, who will take care of me. I am looking for a husband with intellect, as it is very unpleasant, when you have no topics for discussion. I just want my husband to be a real personality, whom I will respect, because cooking dinner, sex and doing around the house are not the only topics for discussion inside the family, I suppose. Do you agree with me? If I understand that I have met such a person, I will surely become his wife. Of course, I intend to have a job and to help my husband a lot in providing the family. I think this is the duty of every woman. But family is the most sacred thing that can ever be and if I have children, I'll do my best to bring them up and to make them worthy people and I will sacrifice my job and my ambitions if it will be needed. I don’t know why, but it seems to me now that I have already found this man. My dear Panos, do you want our relations to develop? Do you consider yourself a shy person, or are you sure in your self-confidence? What do you consider the best variant for yourself, to make the first step by yourself or to wait, till a girl makes the first step? You say, that you can imagine a romantic dinner with me, but have you ever had romantic dinners before, if you had, did you like them? I just want to know, whether you think that you are a romantic person? Dear Panos, what is your most favorite position while sleeping? If you don’t want, you may not answer this question, as for me, I am fond of sleeping on the warm chest of my beloved, and at the same time in his tender and masculine embraces, that make me feel absolutely safe and protected. Do you like to make coffee in the morning, or do you prefer to wait till your beloved makes it? I like it to make coffee for my beloved person and I think that it is one of the ways of caring about your beloved… Do you consider yourself to be a good cook? Do you like to cook in general?
If you do, what do you like to make most of all? If you can’t, what dish, do you want your beloved to cook you? Have you ever tasted Ukrainian borsch? If you have, did you like it? It is some kind of red soup with tomatoes and cabbage, and also much more… This is impossible to explain, better to taste :))))). And I hope that I will have a chance to cook it for you… My dear Panos, are you not tired of my questions, I just want to know everything about you, as I want to become the part of your life and what about you? Kissing you tenderly, and hoping to hear from you as soon, as possible, only yours Elena.

Letter 6

Panos, did you get my reply????????????????????
Here it comes:
"Hello, my dear and lovely Panos!
You know, I haven't heard from you just for some time, but it seemed to me that the eternity passed. And my dear I feel that our relations have already entered another level and we should continue them in reality, what will you say? My dear, if you agree with me, then I will be happy to go to the Travel Agency and to find out everything that is needed for our meeting, what will you say,. honey?
I know that you must be home this time and for that I hope that I can come to you, before, what will you say??? I will be very happy to come to you to help you with the exhibition, because I will have my holidays from the 5th till the 30th of April!
With every coming day I realize that I miss you more and more and I more vividly imagine our family life, I imagine us cooking together, working in the garden together, I imagine how you return from your work and I am asking you to repair something, for example to repair the lamp or something like that… I don't know why, but this frightens me a lot. I am frightened by the thought that you may change your mind, but I am that kind of a person, who is very choosy, and it is difficult to make me like or even love a person, but if a man manages to do this, I will be devoted and nothing will make me change my mind. So, now I understand that you are already becoming the part of my life. When I return home in the evening, I imagine, that you are sitting in the neighboring room and watching TV and if I call you, you will just come out of it and will come up to me to greet me. And I feel a bit sad, when I realize that all these are just dreams and I am not sure, whether all this will take place in reality, but I would like to. But at the same time I feel in the depth of my soul that your feeling to me are also sincere and that you are not one of those who betray or deceive, and this makes me feel better, this makes me calm… And at the same time this makes me missing you much more… And I will be patiently waiting for this day to come as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply, yours devoted Elena."



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