Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Alekseeva to Henning (Norway)

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Letter 1

I'm very glad you wrote to me. I'm glad afashion you. My name is Larisa, I am 30 years old, I have never been for my husband and I have no children. I have never smoked and has no darlige habits. As I write this letter - I am a little worried because I do not know what to write about. I hope your understood. I have never had sexual intercourse with men on the Internet. You can correct me if I am doing something wrong. I wanta to know you better because you do not know about. I hope that was acquaintance will be pleasant. Oh yeah, I tried attaching a few pictures. I hope you could get them and say what you think about them. I told you a little about me. For me it is very important to have some idea about you either. Tell us a little about you. And as I wait on your photos. I hope the letter will not remain unnoticed, and you will answer on that soon. I wanta ask, why are you registered on this site? Also you can ask me the question whether what you want. I am waiting for your answer with impatience.
Best regards. Larisa.

Letter 2

Hi, Your
I am very happy to read a letter. I am very glad that you answered me. I do not know how to begin this letter. I just want to say that I felt a sense of joy when I said the letter in my emailbox.
I want a do the communication for the're honest, sincere and straightforward. So I would say at once that I'm looking for a serious relationship, not sex fun and entertainment. I want to find your soul mate, someone who will first me, let him first v're a good friend, and said, perhaps, between us, v're something more. Tell me what you're looking for? The same? This is probably the most important teams all that must respond. This will show us who we are and what relationship we want. We can not say today what we can do for each other, this takes time. And we need a to know each other better. I'm tired of the're single and I turned to the dating site. This is a good mate from home, find an interesting person in the world. By the way, how do you feel about the geographical position of interlocutor. It is important to you? For example, I live in Russia, Saransk. I do not know why, but I could not give a name on my city on the site. I had to write a fictional city. Maybe it had technical problems on the site. I hope it does not matter. Internet helps us to cut a few distance.
I did not need to write large letters saying on Swedish. Sorry, probably a lot wrong here? I work for the seller. I am in Economics, but it is hard to find a decent job in the profession. I am usually quiet girl, just and moderate emotional. I like order in everything. I have some hobbies, such as reading and listening to music. I - the only child in the family. I have no brothers and sisters. I think the most basic, that I could tell you right now. I am waiting for your tracks narrow eagerly. I want to know more of the following letter about you. Were you a serious relationship? What are you looking for online dating?
I send you my picture. I hope you like it? I think you're very nice people. I hope you will respond and we will continue the dialogue. I will wait for your letter.

Letter 3

Hello Din.
I am pleased to receive a letter. I waited utalmodighet for your letter. Where are you? What did you do today? I hope that when you receive my letter, it warms you and makes the day a success. I hope it is :). How has your mood when you father my letter? I hope that my picture you really liked it.
The first letter I wrote to you I want a serious relationship, create a happy family.
I know that when we can not make a serious relationship, saying how bad we know each other. I think we all Dad, you really like.
I will tell you a little about myself: My height - 170 sm. My weight - 55 kg. My favorite flowers are tulips. My favorite color is green. I appreciate on people kindness, sincerity, honest and positive attitudes to others!
Din, I do not think that age difference is an important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman. As men get older wiser and more experienced, and I would be happy to live with this man. Age is not important to me ... For example, I like men who are calm, honest and not cheat. The man, who I can love.The man who will love me with all my heart. Your, what do you think? You can be my man? Or is it? I think once we find out ...
Your, you probably think that it're on a great distance from each other, we can not build a good communication, but it is not. As my mother says, "for two purchase? Annual hearts, the distance is just a set of numbers." I think we can at least try a make a serious relationship. What do you think? I was very happy today to see a letter, and I am happy to write you an answer.
We can not talk on the phone because I do not have it, he broke down after she dropped him landing. I attribute it to master, but I was told that the phone is beyond repair. The new phone I do not have a row, since I have not yet paid for the old, who had bought on credit.
What if you was your day? Tell us about yourself, what is your character. I want to know more about you. You ask me, and I hope that we will continue a communication and try a make a serious relationship. I'm waiting for the letter and answer.
Your Larisa.

Letter 4

Hello Henning,
I am very glad that you answered on my letter and want to continuea black acquaintance. Each day we will know each other more and more. I wouldv're interested ia know more about you and it will certainly give me great joy. I also try a talk about his life.
I want a whore more about your life and family. Do you have a lot of relatives? How often do you do with them online? Who do you live? What do you do in your spare time? My friend, I just wanted to tell you about yourself and your family. I am alone. I live alone in their small apartment, which I inherited from my grandmother. My grandmother died a few years ago and left me her apartment. Of the parorende I had only my mother. My father left my mother in childhood, when I just came. I am very sorry that he did, but I have experienced this with my mother and now I do not think about it. I want you to know every thing about me. My friend, I am the only child in my family and I will never be brothers and sisters. My mother 60years. It is'repermanently retired and stays home. Previously she worked as a cleaner on the hospital. I used to visit her and help her with housework. Only together can we visit the shops.
I also want to tell you about his relationship with other men. The last man I was, left me. I loved him very much. And he just wanted to play with me. Here in Russia, many darlige men and they often drop out of women. I am very disappointed with Russian men. I'mon the hunt for a purchase? R ora friendship. I decided a try a find a relationship outside of Russia and the most important thing for me a first man and woman, not whent here is no cheating. I do not care the welfare men. The most important thing in man is his soul. My dream is afinally have my family and fachild. I'llv're much easier to Writers in English. My friend, I hope that you were interested, my story, and I expect manyb rave on the answer.

Letter 5

Thank you very much for your letter, Henning, I was very pleased to receive it.
I offended that you do not carefully read my letter. In previous Pismo I have already said that I live in the city of Saransk. I'm not a nice attitude towards yourself and ask you the next time more carefully read my letter.
Henning, I would like to ask you. This is very interesting and important for me to know. You communicate to other women? As for me, I would like to say that I do not want any misunderstanding in our relations, so I'll be honest with you and tell you that there are no such men, which would correspond to me. Only in your letters I feel is serious to me and our relationship. I like it a lot. I love to read your letters very much, you always answer all my questions in detail, I feel your concern and warm attitude to me. And I also feel that you have many qualities, I would like to see in my future soul mate. I want it to be decent and right above all, and I think that you - such a man.
I love that you are a direct and honest with me, Henning. I think it is - very good quality of your character, you care, you always care about what you write me, you try not to insult me. I am very pleased, it's very nice to me, I feel that you open your soul to me, and I'm doing the same thing for you. This is - a great feeling. I am very excited about this, but I'm also a little afraid. I have never experienced something like this. I end my letter, and I look forward to your next letter. Do not forget that I think of you, and I hope that everything will be just fine between us in the future!
Looking forward to your reply!
Your Larisa

Letter 6

Hello Henning.
Thank you very much for your letter and your sensitive and caring words. I am very pleased to read your letters. You know, Henning, I do not think that external beauty - the most important thing you can be beautiful for some time, even the most beautiful, but after a few years, this beauty is gone, there will be other people who are going to look better. I think the real beauty - in your soul, that which stay forever. The person must be beautiful inside, in my opinion. Would not you agree with me, Henning?
Adam, I see you as a person with whom I can talk easily, who is interesting for me, someone who makes me want to know you more.
I would like to know your soul, I would like to know all about you. I see that you do not play with me or joking, many of our thoughts are the same, our values ??are very close, and we are looking for the same things we are looking for a special. I see that I can establish an emotional connection with you,
I can talk to you on any subject, it is very easy for me, it's like I know you for a long time. I love your thoughts on life and the relationship between a man and a woman. Your letters, I can tell you - a decent man with serious intentions. I love it in you. I think we're a little bit like this.
I am also serious about our correspondence. I love reading your letters, and I think that I would really love to talk to you in person, you seem intelligent and well educated man.
I am finishing my letter now, and I hope that you will have a nice day!
I think about you, and I'm really happy that we met! This thought makes me smile:)
Hope to hear from you soon!

Letter 7

Hello, Henning.
I waited for that time when I can come to the cafe Internet what to read your letter. I already knew that you have written to me. I rejoice, each time as the small child when I see your name in mine inbox. For me huge pleasure to communicate with you.You very much the handsome man. I feel that dialogue with me also is interesting to you. As to your question I think that to us still early to speak about a trip in Norway. But if between us will be what or feelings I by all means will arrive to you. But for this purpose we need to wait and is better to learn each other.
Imagine, this morning I have found out that I have overslept. My alarm clock has not worked or I have forgotten it to include! I do not know. But it was very unpleasant. I have not had time to have breakfast at all, I have run for work. I have stumbled and have broken a heel … ouch. I was afraid that have received a stretching of muscles of foot, but like all is good. Though my foot aches a bit now and it is necessary to buy new shoes. Ohh … my working day has begun with an explanation of the reasons of delay. I had to deceive and tell that the bus has not arrived in time. But it seems to me that he has understood that I have simply overslept. But patients was a little. And I could calm down and make toilet a little.
In the end of the working day to me the girlfriend has come, and has brought things. Then we with it have decided to walk a little. Today weather favoured to it. Walk on autumn park has helped to relax and forget about daily cares. And your letter has cheered me up. I am very grateful to you that you are on this this world. Do not forget about me and continue to write to me. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you, I start to become attached to you more and more.
How has passed your day? Than was engaged?
Unfortunately, I stop to write this letter, time to the cafe Internet on an outcome.
I look forward your following letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 8

Hello, Henning!
I'm so glad to read your letter. Every day I realize that you are my very dear. I am so glad that you write to me. I am glad that your daughter all right. A swelling soon pass and everything will link well. And I think that your daughter should take part in competitions. It will be just fine. It also improves health.
Yesterday day I was fine as usual, quietly. But it seemed to me that he had never ended. At work yesterday, it was all good ....
After work I came home, rested a little. Then he cleaned, cooked dinner. I had dinner as usual one, so lacking a loved one. I want to cook him breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or when I'm busy, he prepared it for me. Hunting is simple, but very strong love. I wish that he would wake me with kisses every morning, wearing my coffee, breakfast in bed. I very much want, what would this person was you. I like you every day more and more like you. Now I can not imagine my life without you. You have such a good, kind, caring. I'm so glad that you came into my life. Oh, I went a little bit from the topic, well, I will continue. After I had dinner, I went to her friend, we sat with her, talked. Then I went home and went to bed. And so goes my day.
How do you was your day?
I hope soon to see your letter, Henning.
Your Larisa

Letter 9

Hello, lovely mine Henning!
I very much like to read your letters. To me it is pleasant that you give, to me of attention reciprocate. With each new day I become attached to you more and more, and I can do nothing with myself. I so want that you would be a number. I did not meet such kind and understanding man. I can always share with you my thoughts. And you never disregard them. It very much pleases me. From ours with you of dialogue, I have noticed that you concern me as to the woman, instead of as to a beautiful doll! You are able to tell pleasant words and are able to understand me. I dream of that I waited for the house my husband and children. I often see a loving couple and I envy them. I see, how they smile, embrace, kiss. I rejoice to that they are happy. But me it is sad, because I have no such happiness.
It is not so a pity that you did not manage to learn to skate.
As to your question, yes I work in shop. At me the day off only Sunday.
After work I have met the girlfriend. We spoke again about you, I have told, what you attentive, careful. She has told that I have changed after acquaintance to self. On my person there was a smile, my mood always good, she says that never saw me such. I too notice it, with you I became happier. I had a meaning of the life. I want to tell to you thanks, that you do my life such bright. I do not represent that I now would do without you, you very much are pleasant to me. Unfortunately, I need to finish. Tomorrow I again will come here to read and answer your letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 10

Hello my dear Henning.
I so am happy that you have written to me. Every day from the date of our acquaintance I think of you and day and night. You have definitively lodged in my heart. You are pleasant to me every day more and more, I do not represent the life without you. With you I look at this world other eyes.
Yes I heard about such cartoon film. It too was pleasant to me. I work in shop of souvenirs.
As it is interesting to me to know, what you does happy? What forces you to smile? What it not to be pleasant to you? I want to know about you everything, I want that you with me would be happy, you will be with me the happiest man in the world. I think, we are created for each other, it is destiny that we have got acquainted. You trust in destiny? I believe that our acquaintance is not casual.
When you conduct, my photos of what you think? I am pleasant to you? How you concern me? It is interesting to me, during ours with you of the dialogue, what impression at you, about me has developed.
Day at me has passed today, well. To me my favourite mum came. I to it have told that have got acquainted with the remarkable person. That that, even being on distance, it does me happy. I at all will not present, when we will be together, to what degree I will be happy. Mum is very glad to see me such happy.
After I has seen off mum to a stop, and it has left home, and I have gone to the Cafe Internet what to read your message.
Now I stop to write the letter because it is time to me to go. Tomorrow, I will wait yours sincere and the gentle letter. With each your letter, I would like to see your letters more and more! They as though bewitch me! But me to become pleasantly on a shower. Everything, me is time to go. I will wait for your letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 11

Hello Henning!!!
I wanted to thank you for your letter, for your gentle words which warm up and cheer me up.
As it at me today not so good as I had a conflict on work to one woman who works together with me. She has asked to replace it as she has told to me that at it mum was ill. And I have replaced it. But later I have learnt from other woman who also works together with me that she has deceived me and instead of visiting the mum, she has gone for a walk with the future husband. And now she has again asked me to change it because she did not know that I know truth. This time I have refused to it. After that I have heard many unpleasant things from it. But, when I have told that I know all truth, it was simply developed and has left. It is very unpleasant to me to speak about it to you, but we after all do not have from each other secrets? And I have decided to express. I needed for someone to tell all it. I hope you you understand me. In itself I do not like to enter with someone the conflict. But I do not love injustice, and is always ready to defend the opinion. And how you would arrive on my place?
I will wait for your letter and your answer.
Yours Larisa

Letter 12

Hello my friend Henning!!
It was very pleasant to me to see your letter again. I am very glad that I have a person with whom I can speak sincerely and which understands me. And it is very pleasant to receive for me your letters. I am very glad that we continue our dialogue and we speak about us
Henning, I want to tell to you that when I write to you, I am as though in other world. In the world where is not present that or, except us. I am glad that we have found each other, is glad that has decided to write each other. Probably, it will seem strange as we are familiar not enough time. But I will be glad to continue our dialogue, and to learn more about you and your life. Probably, it is immodest for asking now, but I want to ask you about questions which now so interest me. What do you think about me when you receive my letter? What will you do for the woman whom you will love?
You want to establish a family? What is for you "love"? On what you are ready to go for the sake of love?
I hope that not so it is difficult to tell it for you to me.
I think that to you will be better than a fur-tree you lodge in hotel on Krasnaya 4. Now I am compelled to finish this letter. I with impatience to wait for your following letter, and your answer. I also will be glad to see more than your new photos

Letter 13

Hello my Henning!
I want to begin my letter with words «excuse me». There were intense days on work, I did not have a possibility to reach to the Internet of cafe and to write you the letter. Forgive that has kept you waiting and worry. It is a shame to me before you. Thanks for a new photo, I without mind from it! You cannot present at all that I test, when I see your new photo. I cannot tear off an eye on an extent of long time. Henning, you to me could not leave the phone number? I will try to call to you from public telephone booth as soon as I will have such possibility. It will be very pleasant to me to talk to you and to hear your voice. This night I could not fall asleep for the first time, I thought of you. I would like to see you, at least some minutes. That my soul has calmed down. Now I start to feel attachment to you, and me pulls to you, as a magnet. I start something to test to you. But what? I yet do not know. I cannot tell that I love you, but I can tell that you are pleasant to me, and I begin, something to feel. It to be pleasant to me that you pay me attention, answer me reciprocity, you understand me. From it to me to become pleasantly on a shower. I am very glad that have got acquainted with you, I think that at us all will be good, and we can create serious relations. I as will use the best efforts to be pleasant to you and to win your heart. Because I want, that all our feelings, our opinions, our sights were identical. But I as understand that there is no ideal person, at each person is negative and positive sides. It is possible to perceive the person such what it to eat or try to do the utmost that all relations were mutual. How you think?
Today I had a remarkable day. I have decided to drive on skis, to breathe fresh air. I hope to you my today's photos will be pleasant? Now not so good weather for walks in the street, because cold. But I am not afraid of a cold because I am put on warmly, and I watch over the health not to be ill. What at you now weather? You put on warmly? I ask you that you were put on warmly and watched over the health. Because I do not want, that you were ill. I want to communicate with you every day, I want to create with you serious relations. When I skied and enjoyed the nature and fresh air. The guy has approached to me, he wanted to get acquainted with me, but I have refused to it and did not begin to talk to it. Because I do not want to create any relations in Russia. Besides, I have you! And who another, is not necessary to me. I want to communicate only with you and only with you, I want to create serious relations! I hope that you as communicate only with me and only with me want to create serious relations. Because I do not want to be wounded, I want to be assured that I at you one and unique. You will be mine the guy? It can a silly question, but for me this question is very important.
Now my time in the cafe Internet comes to an end also to me it is time to go. If it is fair, I would not like to go for work, I would like to write and write you the letter. Because when I read your letters and I write you the letter I feel easily and cosy. But I nevertheless need to go for work, I do not want, that to me have reprimanded on work. I stop to write the letter, and I will wait from you for the answer. I kiss you on a cheek. Yours Larisa

Letter 14

Hello Henning!!! How are you?
So it is pleasant to me to read your letters. I am glad that you liked my photos. Yesterday I had a loaded day. I was tired on work, after work I have called the girlfriend to me home. At first I have decided to tidy up at home. Has then prepared to eat, having eaten, I have decided to make to myself a hairdress and to make manicure. Certainly, I that could not make and I in it was helped by my friend. At first I it have wound to me on hair hair curlers, and to me some time was necessary so to go. Then the girlfriend has begun potters with my nails, it was the longest process. At first it has levelled nails, has then corrected all a nail file, then began to delete to me agnails and only after that, it has painted to me nails. But besides, having painted me, nails I that did not do because I waited that they have dried up.
I do not know, it is necessary to you to write it all, I think that to you it is all not interesting. But I nevertheless have written to you and I have written by what I have been occupied. Certainly, I have written you only a part of my day. But if to start to describe all the day on it too much time will leave.
Then we have gone home. And before going to bed I has decided to re-read your letters. I like to read your letters, I even have unpacked them what to read houses in the evenings. Henning send to me still photos, I so want to see you.
On it I stop to write, it is time to me to go for work. I would sit hours wrote to you, but my time is limited. Tomorrow I will necessarily come what to read your letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 15

Hello my Henning!
I am very happy that I have got acquainted with you. We have begun not so long ago the correspondence, but I have got used to you and yours to letters how it is possible in real life.
Road Henning to me it is very pleasant that you want to see me for Easter holiday. As I already spoke to you I is very glad to it. But till a holiday still it is a lot of time. I think that we can learn each other very well.
My dear Henning, I think that there is something between us that forces me
To trust you and to open my heart for you. I completely trust you, because I see in your letters what you the sincere and serious person.
I cannot describe to you all my feelings, thought that the person like you has appeared in my life, forces me to feel so joyful!!! I hope, what at you also???
We be widely spaced, but I feel that my happiness about me. Reading your letters to me it seems that we are familiar very long time.
I speak to you... All it is sincere, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope that you too will be fair under the relation to me.
Now I stop to write the letter because it is time to me to go. Tomorrow, I will wait yours sincere and the gentle letter. With each your letter, I would like to see your letters more and more! They as though bewitch me! But me to become pleasantly on a shower. Unfortunately I cannot send you my photos today, at me it is impossible to send them on what that to the technical reasons. But tomorrow I again will try to send you a photo. Everything, me is time to go. I will wait for your letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 16

Hello my dear Henning! I am very upset that you have not answered me. Today I have checked up mail but have not seen your letter. To me it became very sad. There can be at you something happens? I very much worry.... I hope that all well and shortly you will answer me..

Letter 17

Hello my dear Henning! How are you? As has passed your day? Many thanks for your letter. You know that your letters bring to me the big pleasure and good mood.
I very much miss you, Henning! I also think of you much. To me it is very pleasant that you have appeared in my life, and I want to tell that you constantly are at me in heart. Every day I wait, when I can check up mail and see your letter. Your letters are very important for me, I grieve without you.
It seems to me that you that person whom I so long searched. I very seriously concern our correspondence, I value our relations. In you I see the person with whom I can speak about something very easily, and is opened.
When I sleep, in the sleep I want to be with you. And in the sleep I always with you.Because I love you. And all my dreams it is my big love to you. Only I think of you, only with you I want to be. Only with you I want to be a number. Only you are necessary to me. I more want to see nobody near to you. Because my heart belongs only to you. Only you can make so that I would be happy. At the same time and I will do all. That you would be happy with me. I hope that we with you soon will together. I very strongly would like it. I want that you would understand me. I want that you would present to yourself, how much strongly I love you. I want to appear in your hands. I want that would press me to myself. I want to feel, how your heart near to me fights. I want to fall in your embraces. I think, as you too think of it. You want with me a meeting? You want to appear in my embraces? You want me to kiss? If you want it, why we with you yet together? I consider that there is nothing above love. The love decorates the person. I want to receive from you a kiss. I want to feel that you with me nearby.
My darling, I on it should finish the letter. I very much want to receive from you the letter tomorrow. Because I miss you.I do not have not enough you.
I wait your letter. Larisa

Letter 18

Hello my dear Henning!
How are you? I hope that all is good. Every day I with impatience wait for your letter. Your letters always bring to me pleasure and good mood. I am happy that have got acquainted with you. You are similar to my dream which has entered into my life. I constantly think of you.
You have interested me. It would be pleasant to me to continue our dialogue.
Road Henning I would not like to hide feelings. You to me are very nice. I consider that you that person with whom I would like to continue the relations. I hope that you understand me. I hope that my feelings are mutual. You feel the same feelings, as I?
The big distance is a pity to me that between us. But I hope that there will come that day when we can meet and see each other.
Yes, I spoke with the girlfriend about it. It not against that that I a replaited white bread, now is a lot of means what to communicate at a great distance. As to travel I never was abroad. The passport at me is, only there is no international passport. Certainly I very much would like to visit the different countries, in different cities.
As to a question on my surname, my surname Alekneva.
Road Henning, I would not like it to do, but I should go, I finish this letter. Tomorrow I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Yours Larisa

Letter 19

Greetings my dear Henning!
It is pleasant to me to see your letters, they warm my soul. I am very glad to see your letter, but I have not absolutely understood it. To me it is very pleasant that you want to arrive to me, but I have not understood when. You can tell to me exact date when you want to arrive to me? That I could talk to the mum about your arrival.
Today since the morning I had a good mood because I dreamt about you. Also it is the most remarkable dream which I when or saw. It was the dream about that as we with you walked on boundless seacoast. When you have approached to me and have looked at me. At me has intercepted breath, heart has stood. I have sunk in a sight of the finest eyes in the world. We went with you nearby, kept for hands and talked about any nonsense. Heart strongly fought, the soul sang, and thoughts soared somewhere in clouds. I was happy. It is rather happy. I so would not like to wake up, after all you there were with me, and in a reality we in thousand kilometres from each other. But my dream has broken an alarm clock call.
Day at me has passed today perfectly, I weigh day thought of you my dear Henning!
All round me see that, I have strongly changed, I very often smile. Because it you do me such happy. Now I cannot present as could live before without you, without your warm words. You at all do not represent as I is happy from that that you are in my life.
My birthday on June, 12th. I speak after English, but for transfers of some offers I use the pocket translator.
It is a pity to me, but me to have to finish the letter. I will wait very much for your letter.
Yours Larisa..

Letter 20

Hello my dear Henning.
Again, I am happy as a little girl when I see your letter. I'm so happy when I bought a new dress or something tasty :) But it was so long ago, and now I feel the same pleasure as a unique 20 years ago! But now the object of my joy - it's you. I can not live without your letters. You make me happy just beautiful letters. I do not know what will happen to me when we meet. I guess I'll go crazy with joy and euphoria. I am pleased to know that you're just thinking about our first meeting! :)
Today, my boss said that some time in the building, where our shop will be renovated, from March 5 to April 15. At this time, all personnel will be sent on vacation, because it will not be able to work in this building. If I am not mistaken, repairers will bear some of the walls, and make alterations. Our shop will be more. Now I have to think about an unplanned vacation. But now I have no plans to leave. I do not know when it will be accurate. I would like to relax in the summer, but now I have no choice. Need to come up with something ... I do not want this to be the time lost in vain. Henning, And maybe we should think about our meeting, and spend time together? It would be great to meet and talk about us. But I think I am entitled to write about what I think and what I want. We have agreed with you, to be frank. I'm so sorry that you're so far away ... Now I must finish this letter at this minor note. I still think about the news, which said the boss. I'llwait for youranswer.

Letter 21

Hello my dear,
I am very happy to see your letter. It is pleasant to me to read your beautiful words about us, about our meeting. Yes I believe in fate. Yes, we never saw each other, we are in different points of our planet on distance of several thousand kilometres. But something special has occurred between us. I feel that I never tested to other man. We should not be afraid of our feelings, we should not hide it. I see that your feelings to me very strong. I am happy that in my life there was such man as you. You became for me sense of my life. Days pass, but my feelings grow and become stronger. And now both of us understand that we need to pass to other level of our relations, differently we never learn that it actually. We should return from the virtual world of our letters to the real world of our feelings. It seems to me that this not planned holiday it not accident. It is destiny. And we should use such gift of destiny. But I do not want so to hurry up. I prefer also all to learn in detail how I can arrive to you. Thanks for your desire to pay my tickets and other. I am assured that many documents, such as the passport, the visa and something else are required to me. Tomorrow I will try to learn about it in travel agency, ok? And then we will think together of that as as we will do. I think, this right decision for us. Now I can think only of our meeting. Also it seems, I will not calm down, while I will not see you :) Henning now I stop to write my letter. I willlook forward youranswer.
Yours Larisa

Letter 22

Hello my dear, Henning
I have not forgotten about you! As you could think the such. I could not write to you earlier because these days off were very hard, and I had a lot of work. I tided up the house, erased much, and have carried my some my things in a dry-cleaner. By the way, I need to take away them tomorrow. Do not forget to remind me ok my dear? :) Weather was very bad in weekends. The strong wind, is a lot of snow, and it is visible nothing in the street. It seems, now weather becomes much better.
And now about the most important. On Friday I could visit travel agency and learn in detail how I can arrive to you. I have learnt that I need to issue the international passport and a tourist visa. As it is necessary to buy the ticket aboard the plane. At first I should make the international passport, it costs 84 euros. International passport registration occupies till 42 days. But there is a variant to make the passport quickly though it costs much more expensively, 220 euro. In this case the passport will be ready within 7-10 days. I do not cease to be surprised with the law in Russia, money solves all. And it afflicts me. The following that I should make is to pass medical inspection, for that acknowledgement that I am ill nothing, and that I can leave for limits of Russia. That is I should bring the medical inquiry in travel agency. Here about 12 different doctors, and all it is not free. For passage of medical inspection I should pay nearby 90 euro. It can be made for one day if there are no big turns in hospital, on reception at the doctor. For registration of my visa I should buy the ticket in advance. I have asked, whether it that you have reserved it for me is possible. It is possible also you can buy the ticket for me. I think, for you it will be cheaper and easier, because I know, here like to wind the prices for tickets and to sell several times more expensively. Then when you will send me copies of tickets, I will carry it in travel agency. They will check up them everything, then will send all my documents to Moscow in visa service. Cost of the visa 160 euro. Then I should go to Moscow for visa reception. As only in Moscow give out the visa. There I will pass interview and I will receive the visa. Then I can take off. All seems very difficult, but actually all is very simple. The travel agency gives guarantees of that I necessarily leave in the appointed day. As a result official registration of papers will occupy from 10 till 14 days. Total definitive cost of all documents is equal 470 euro. You spoke that we should a few hurry and have time to buy tickets. Therefore that it is necessary to do documents quickly, we are compelled to pay more. If not to hurry up and legalise papers independently it will occupy from 6 till 9 months. Money solves many problems, and we can buy time for this money. And now we should decide what to do. Now I do not have such big money simply to take and pay. I am compelled to pay municipal expenses, payment for an electricity and heat in the house. I could raise this money within several months. But I understand that time presses us. You said that will help to pay to me a trip. I do not know that you will write after that letters. If you agree, we should start to legalise papers, and to appoint day of a departure. I want, that you have thought and have solved, what day for you the most convenient to meet me. I hope, you can meet me, differently I am afraid to lose the way and be lost. My darling, now we are in one step with our happiness. Now we should solve, whether we are ready to spend this money for our meeting or not. This serious decision in our life. And your answer will let to me know that I mean for you.
I will wait your answer with the big impatience. I love you.

Letter 23

Hello my dear, Henning
I was very pleased to hear your voice. Let us was not very good and constant interference in the conversation. But I was able to saddle up for a few conclusions. Your voice was exactly as I had imagined looking at your pictures. My dear, now we have moved to a new level of our relations. And we both know that in our communication comes an important point of our meeting. Our acquaintance on the Internet was not accidental. This is a gift of fate, given to us by heaven. We get a gift every day, and now we must seize this chance. A month ago I could not even imagine what my life would change so dramatically. I am skeptical about this online dating, I thought it was just fun, or something like that, people need only to pass the time. I never wanted to find a man like you. Previously, all my thoughts were scattered randomly in my head. I knew that I was a woman, I want family and kids ... but there was no such person with whom I could share these thoughts and to tell all my desires. But now everything has changed, and I know exactly what I want. Our conversation on the phone just added me confidence in my intentions. You know, I had not told you about this, but our family has a tradition. This is an old superstition that a man can not go into the first girl's house. This is considered a humiliation for the girl's parents and say that man is not configured for a serious relationship with a girl. I realize this sounds very silly. But I can not go across the traditions of our family. I do not want my parents evolved a bad impression of you. Because my parents blindly believe in these traditions. So, I'm sorry, but this is impossible, that you first came to me, especially in the holy feast of Easter. I see that we have a problem at every step. But we can overcome this and to meet. I want to start preparing for the trip and registration of all necessary documents to come to you. But you know that there is a small problem that stops me and makes us doubt. This is a huge amount of money that are needed for travel. Yes I remember you say me don't worry, I remember you said that you will help me. I remember that when I find myself in a difficult situation, I can hope for your understanding and support. In any case, I was very uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about money. But if you're willing to spend it on your flights to Saransk, I think that there is no difference in the fact that if you help me and I will spend on buying a ticket for you. You know what I mean? Just get me right and do not be offended, but I can not do anything stupid with this tradition. I look forward to your reply soon. I think I wrote too much. I do not want to bore you with my long letters. I just want you to understand how serious my intentions. With love, Larisa nvoya

Letter 24

Dear Henning,
Thank you for your letter. I am very pleased to read about what you really want to see me. And you're even ready to cancel your trip to Spain. Now we really have a good chance to meet. If we think a very long time and think of each letter, what to do, then we will not succeed. To be frank, your letter in my soul has left mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'm glad that very soon we meet, we can get to know each other better, to face each other much better and see if there is something special between us. But on the other hand, I do not like your argument about the secret meeting in Moscow. I will be forced not to talk about my mom. How will I feel after that? I'm going to cheat. She thinks even worse, that you just want to meet me at the hotel and sleep with me! My mother would think all the bad things that can. If their first impression will be so bad, what then. I'm sorry, but this is the worst-case scenario. Of course, now you will think that I and my family a little bit crazy. Can you think of anything. But believe me, I did not come up with these traditions. And I am very sorry that I have to say this, I am ashamed, and I feel like shit. As for the money, I've heard a lot about cheating on the Internet, especially African scammers who offer to send a few dollars a week promising to send back a few thousand dollars. I can not promise you anything but my own. This fooly stupid fool people this way, because the police and Interpol can not find the offender in a matter of hours! I value my freedom and I would never have dared such a crime because of what some damn money. Even I sometimes come strange messages on my emailbox with a request to pay some money to get a million dollars. But I understand that this is nonsense and these scammers will be caught someday. But we're serious people who really are going to meet. If you think I'm the same as they are, I'm sorry. I just had to ask for your help on the money. Now I realize that it was really stupid and wrong. Just try to understand me, if we do not trust each other, we must stop this correspondence. Why should meet the person, if you do not believe his letters, his voice and feelings? Why? I do not know whether we shall find a solution. And the transfer of money is really not a good option. But on the other hand, I'll give you my passport details, account number and so on. Rate this situation, unless the attacker will give anyone your personal information. After all, these data it is possible to calculate a few minutes! I do not know, I think I wrote too much. Just understand, I suggested that his version, but you decide to act we do or not. Unfortunately, while the other options do not work for us. I'm not forcing you to anything, I do not want to force things and be a burden to you. I just want a normal encounter, in a normal environment. And do not covert a few days in Moscow hotels. I learned a lot about you in the course of our correspondence. I know that you are strong, intelligent and common man. And I'm sure that you like and I want to love, understanding and nice fellings of our meeting. So I ask you to think again before you send me the following letter. I hope you understand the meaning of my letter and what I wanted to say. I wish you have a nice day.
With love,
Yours Larisa

Letter 25

Hello my dear Henning.
Yes, I have really misunderstood you in the last letter. I thought, you simply do not trust me and consequently speak about a problem of money. And now I understand that your idea consisted that I receive money when I arrive to you. But now answer me a question: what for to me your money if I can arrive to you independently? If I could make right now I would not began to ask you about the help, you understand? I would take your money never, and never would ask about them! Because I always was independently the girl, whether whose tips and the help are necessary to me! But at present I do not have such money. I thought to ask on credit my cousins who live more or less well. But unfortunately they have decided to buy the new car and cannot borrow me money. Other my relatives simply have no spare cash. And consequently your idea to give to me of money when I will arrive is sounds well, but unfortunately will not work. Because at first I should pay for travel. But how I to pay, if I have no the sufficient sum, and I can not borrow money at my relatives …? You understand now?
Forgive me, but I do not want to come back again to last theme about several days in Moscow. I already said that I do not want to deceive such way my parents. It will be unfair and dishonest for my part.
I have no experience of transfer of money in other countries, but I get my wages on my bank account. Money comes in time and each rouble on a place. I do not think that the world bank system differs from it. All banks operate by similar principles, and they guarantee accuracy, clearness, speed of transfer of money. I not the bank adviser, it only my assumptions. Therefore, I think, it will be better, if you independently learn about it in your bank.
Dear already which letter we discuss that we will do and we can not come to the general opinion in any way. Yes, a situation such that in no event it is impossible to hurry up and do rash decisions. But I think, we could make it faster. I cannot simply take my vacation when to me will take in head. Unfortunately, I should be arranged under the schedule set by a management of my employer. We are afraid, each of us has any preferences and any restrictions. But if to be afraid of all and always how to live further? What for then these big words that we want to see each other are necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to do mad things to change our life to the best. Give we will be defined that we will do. Otherwise confused discussion of plans of our meeting in what will not result. Sometimes it seems to me that I will receive from you the letter with words, “excuse Larisa, I do not want to meet you because on our way I am too much obstacles” … I do not know what to expect. But I want to hope that we will find the decision in the near future. My dear my letter has turned out very loud and unemotional. But I prefer to speak as is, without embellishing I exist conditions a superfluous set of letters and words. I always speak directly and that that I think. And I want, that you also have frankly answered my letter and the definite answer has told to me that we will do … I will look forward.
Yours Larisa

Letter 26

Hello my dear,
How are you? I am fine and I am very happy to see your letter! You do not represent, as much you mean for me. Yes, you are far, but I know that it will change soon. Yes, we should wait, it seems to me that days pass very long. But we will be rewarded. Now I cannot write much because I was very tired though it there were days off. I will write longer letter tomorrow and I will try to write all data which you ask. Simply now I do not remember an account number and SWIFT. Dear, as far as I know, Easter this year in the beginning of April? I think that all my documents will be ready to this time also I can arrive to you. Do not worry about it. Certainly, you should cancel a trip to Spain or to postpone for some time. But I think, you are not strongly disappointed in it? I think, what our meeting is more important for you, yeah? My darling I do not want, that our desires remained only dreams. I want to embody them in a reality. And I know that we will make it by common efforts very soon. Even it is a lot of millions words will not replace never our real meeting. We have identical feeling when we speak about each other. I feel in the seventh sky with happiness. But now I wish you and your baby good night. Miss you Henning …
Yours Larisa

Letter 27

Dear Henning,
I've just been in the bank and asked them to print me all the necessary data of my bank account to receive money. Here I am writing to you all necessary information:
1. Name of the Bank: VTB24
2. Address of the bank: Russia,430000, Mordovia, Saransk, Leninastreet, 10
3. Name of the account: Alekseeva Larisa Anatolevna
5. Account number or IBAN: 40817978210080000142
6. Account currency: euro
And also I give you my address here. Russia, 430000, Mordovia, Saransk, Rabochayastreet, 102.
I think it may also need you. I think it's all the formalities, which I had to write.
Dear, now we have started to do the first steps to our meeting. I know that this will be the most wonderful days in our lives. I love you and want to be with you as soon as possible. But I also know that we do not need a lot of patience, we will close, we enjoy each other, it will be the most unforgettable moments in life. I want to always be with you, enjoy your sight, your love for me, thy touch. I also want to get closer to your children. This is an important part of your life, and that means they are very important for me as well as for you. I think of us every day, every hour and every second. I can write about it for very long. But time is limited. I wish you good day. Kiss kiss ...
Only yours Larisa

Letter 28

Hello, my dear, Henning.
How are you?
I always look forward to your mail. They always go straight to my heart :) I miss you. We are drawn to each other like magnets. But now we must wait. I am very grateful to you for your help. And now we can only wait. I understand that these days seem very long and unbearable ... But soon we'll be happy. I want to start the paperwork right away as soon as I have all the necessary sum. With regard to the data, but they are correct. I want to tell you, it would be better if you zakazhesh tickets for the evening. But now I can not tell you the exact date. Can I call you an exact date after gather all the necessary documents. I hope you understand me and my writing.
I really want to be close to you as soon as possible. At night I could not sleep because I always imagine our first meeting. I so want to see you, I want to feel your presence. I miss you. I really want us to be together, side by side. I dream about our meeting, it would be so great. My dear, I'll look forward to your new messages as soon as possible.
Your Larisa

Letter 29

Hello my tender and gentle! Yesterday I had a sad day. Yesterday there was a holiday, the international women's day. Their this day the favourite gave to all girls flowers and different gifts. But me it was sad that this day you were very far from me. And I could not embrace you. I thought all the day of us with you, I thought about distance which does not allow to us to meet. But I know that that day when I will appear in your embraces will soon come, and all our grieves will stop! The happiest life in our life also will come. And I know that this day will come very soon, and it cheers me up. Yesterday I have stayed all the day on a sofa, having hammered into a corner as though the little kitten which remained one in loneliness. But I know that I not one, at me am you! But we far apart and from it to me becomes even more sick and colder.
I would like, that has approached to me and has embraced me that I was warmed, and I did not have such feelings. I wait for day when we will meet you, I wait and I trust! I love you and I think that soon our experiences of grief will end!
My dear Henning as soon as money will come, I will inform at once you that you would not worry. On Monday I will go to travel agency and I will start to collect all necessary documents for travel to you. Earlier I cannot make it as in Russia in honour of a holiday the big days off have made and till Monday works nothing. I think that it is not necessary to risk and book tickets, it is necessary to wait a little. I precisely learn when my documents, and already will be ready after that it will be possible to book the ticket. I hope you you understand me.
I will wait for your new letter and your answer. I loveyou.
With love yours Larisa.

Letter 30

Hello my dear! To be honest, tired of sitting in the internet, I want reality. I want, I want to be with you and love you. I want to feel the touch of your gentle and strong hands. I want you to be petted and loved me, gave me all your love and affection that we have accumulated during this time! It is very difficult and hard without you. But I'll wait and wait for our meeting, it is patience that I have, thanks to you. And your love to me, because I love you and I can not live without you!
I know that when we meet with you, our feelings, all our energy, patience and love will merge into a single unit. And I even said that it would be a bomb of love, from the explosion that we will get with you in heaven, and will be in eternal bliss. And that day we will have a happy life, I would say the most happy life and happy family. We will be with you wonderful children, the most beautiful in the world, for which I also go to all!
Now as I write this letter, I began to have tears of love, emotion and anticipation of our future life. I so want to be close to you and hug and kiss and love you forever. And I know that soon we will be together. I love you! I do not want to finish writing a letter, but I must go home. My Sweet Henning, I'll wait for your letter, filled with love and kindness, which inspires me on my patience!
With love thy Larisa

Letter 31

Hello my dear
I am always in the euphoria when I read your letters. This is a great joy for me. Sorry I could not answer earlier. And now I say at once on your two letters. I was very touched by your words that your daughter learned to ride a bike. Surely this is a great pleasure to see how children grow as they learn to do something new ... And I envy you. I told you this a hundred times, but I will repeat again and again, you're the best man in the world! There is no exaggeration. I am very happy to talk about us and about our meeting. Thank you for what you do for us. I could not have one to organize this trip. I was able to pay for travel, and now we can only wait. My documents are in the process, and this knowledge gives me great confidence. This trip does not seem just a dream, it is gradually becoming a reality. And I'm not afraid of a long-distance travel, because I am sure that you're a serious man. Thank you for what you're worried about me and even managed to find out about flights from Saransk in Moscow. It's not hard my dear, I will find a solution. Now the most important thing is to determine the tickets. I can not book tickets earlier than March 18, until my documents are not ready. And I plan to go to Moscow for a visa on March 19. But by the time I should have a copy of the ticket. You said you'll be able to book tickets. I do not know how it will be cheaper and easier. We need to discuss it again and set a date of departure. And now I will not bore you to my long letter and I'll finish. But I can not stop thinking and dreaming about you. I'm waiting for our first meeting ... My kisses just for you.
Yours Larisa

Letter 32

Hello my dear Henning.
I am sorry for my late reply. But it was really very tense days. I passed medical examination within the previous two days. But despite this I managed to get to the end of all the doctors and make a conclusion about my health. The final commission will be only on Monday, I left to visit a therapist and all. But I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm just tired of waiting in each room you want me to a doctor. You have no idea what a huge queue at the clinic. Each door is about 30-50 people. This is a great place, stuffy corridors, people do not stand up, insult each other. This is a horror. That through such difficulties I went through two days. I have not had any power to come in and write you. Excuse me, I kept you in ignorance of current events. By the way, I can not fly to Moscow on March 19. I warned about this travel agency. They contacted the embassy, and appointed me the other day of the interview in the middle of next week. This is so that I could guarantee to pass medical examination and have time to do all of the documents. I think that March 31 is a good date. It's Saturday, and I think you will be convenient to take me out of the airport. Can you book the tickets for 31 Match today? If you could send me a copy of the ticket by email today, I would have been able to print them tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday and it's not such a busy day. I do not want to postpone it to Monday. Because I do not know how much I have to stand in line. I want to do it in advance.
I hope you are well on the bike ride last time! Many children love to ride a bike. Especially when they have just learned how to skate. I think it is unfair to deny them this pleasure :)
Henning, I wish you a nice weekend. Tomorrow I'll be in an Internet cafe to read your letter. I hope you have time tonight to me and answer my question. We are getting closer to the coveted spot. I miss you very much. Hope to seeyouranswersoon.

Letter 33

My dear Henning,

I I am very happy to see your letter. You do a lot for our meeting. I tell you thank you very much. My passport number: 62 ? 5512112. Expiration Data is 16.03.2017. I can send you a copy of my passport. But I do not know whether this is useful? Do you need it? To me it makes no difference what the airline flight. But you should not buy expensive tickets. For me, quite the cheapest economy class. I'm sure you'll find the right solution.
Yesterday I went to bed early,for go in the morning to the hospital. Today I had to finish undergo a medical examination. Because it is necessary to be sure that I am healthy and ready to fly in an airplane. All is right, I am healthy, do not worry. But I have bad news. After a medical examination, I was asked if I had health insurance for the departure from Russia. At first I did not know what kind of insurance they say and then I asked about it. They explained to me that I should have a mandatory health insurance that has been formulated for the duration of the visa for I can able go outside from Russia. If I need to care when I'll be outside Russia, I will provide this assistance with the insurance. They told that this is a mandatory process, and that without insurance I will not continue to issue the visa. When I heard these words, then I was in shock.I am afraid that I will not give out visas. I can not get a visa without this insurance, and if I do not have a visa, then I can not fly to you. I also explained that when I come to Moscow, the embassy asked me to showed them my insurance. If I'm not going to show the insurance, then they will not give me a visa. Then I go to the insurance company. I thought that insurance can be obtained very quickly, and it will not cost very much. But the bad news waiting for me.An insurance agent asked me how many days I'll be in your country and about the time of my visa. I told my documents indicated that I would be found among you any one month, that is 30 days. An insurance agent told me that when visa is indicated for 30 days, then the insurance should always be framed in 30 days. And one day insurance costs 21 euro! When I heard it, I was shocked, I could not believe it! I did not expect that insurance will be so expensive. It turns out that the insurance I must to pay 630 euro! An insurance agent told me that this is an international insurance and because it is so expensive. With this insurance I can get medical care in all Schengen countries. I left very sad and distressed. The worst thing is that I can not arrange this insurance for a shorter period, because in my documents listed one month. If I make insurance less than 30 days, then I can not get my visa, because there were discrepancy of documents. My dear you know how everything is seriously now!? Now I can not change the validity of my visa. Because my visa application is already in Moscow. And now we have no other options, we'll have to make insurance for 30 days. But I do not have the money. All I had I gave to the documents and tickets. I do not know what to do now! I am in full panic! We have very little time now and I am afraid that my journey may fall. Then I will not have no ticket, no money for that ticket! It is terrible! But I do not want to think about it. I want to be with you. I want to see your eyes, I want to see a smile on your face. But all our dreams can be destroyed because of this damned insurance. I can only hope for your help. I'm sure you upset now as I did. It is very important to me to be with you. Only you can make me the happiest woman l in the world. Because you sense of my life. I did not want to disappoint you so, but I had to write you about it. I could not do it alone. I love you.
Yours Larisa

Letter 34

Hello my dear Henning,
I am very happy to see your letter. I was in shock when has heard such figures. I have started to search at once for any decision. I had to write to you about it and to tell all. Then I have gone to the next city to my relatives to ask for them the help. But unfortunately they couldn't help me. And when I went here back, I thought that I will tell to you. Really our meeting won't take place because of any money … I has arrived recently, and at once has come to Internet cafe without mood and with huge desire to send all to hell, all these insurers and bureaucrats. But when I have read your letters, I was very much touched. I didn't expect that you so quickly and can make something for us. I don't know how to thank you. It is very inconvenient me. This trip becomes the expensive for us. Unfortunately, we live in the countries with a different standard of living. And in Russia each person to aspire to earn any money, pricing out and thinking out ridiculous rules. I tell you thanks. Forgive me that we have appeared in such situation. But I am not guilty, I don't have any experience of travel. Therefore there was such unpleasant situation. Dear, I think I can arrive to you on March, 31st. We still have time. Now it is necessary to wait money, to issue the insurance and only then to go to Moscow. I hope, it will occur within this week. Sorry, that I haven't answered last night. I have just arrived and was very tired. I in delight from your letters and I am madly happy. I can go to sleep easily now. Because my last night was sleepless. I wish you also kind night. My kisses for you.
Your Larisa

Letter 35

Hello my dear.
Yes, I did it! Finally it was over. Now I have all the necessary documents. I did this so necessary insurance. So small document, but stands as a piece of gold! Well, you're right. Now we need to consider how best to do it. I can once go to Moscow to receive visa and to stay there. Then wait for my flight. I could go to Moscow on Wednesday evening. In the morning of Thursday I'll be in Moscow. This day will be devoted to an interview in Moscow. And Friday will be like an extra day for us. We must insure and have at least one day in the stock. You can book tickets for Saturday. What do you think about it? I think this is the best option. Of course I can go to Moscow for a visa on Monday. But then have to go back and go again before leaving. I think it would be too wasteful to stay at the hotel a week. I am waiting for your letter. I'm sure you also have thought about this.
Now I sit alone in front of the monitor in the Internet cafe. And I think about you. Our meeting was a close one more day...
Miss you honey.
Only yours Larisa

Letter 36

Hello my darling,
Ohh my God. How do you think so? You thought it was a joke? I'm sorry. I was not able to respond as quickly as it was needed. My aunt died. We are with my parents went to the funeral. I am so sorry that I could not warn you about this. I'm sorry that you had to wait long for my answer. But I had to go with my parents, because it's always very hard to say goodbye to relatives. I arrived just now, and immediately went to an internet cafe to write to you. I hope you will understand and forgive me. And I hope we can all make it. Tomorrow I will fly to Moscow. I realized that Sunday more preferable for you. And I think we'll plan the tickets for Sunday. You're right, my visit should not be an emotional shock to your daughter. We'll tell her about it later, when the right moment comes. I would hope that the tickets available, and you can send me a copy. Write me an answer today. I will definitely come in the evening interent cafe and write you again. And once again I ask to forgive me. I am very ashamed and sorry. Miss you dear...
Love from Larisa

Letter 37

Hello my dear,
Last night I went to Moscow and stayed at the hotel. I printed copies of tickets, which you sent me. And this morning I went for an interview for a visa. At first I explained the laws and rules established in your country. I had read the document in which the rules were identified through customs and visa requirements. I also had to provide information about my salary for the last 3 months of work. The representative of the Embassy looked at very carefully it and told me that my salary for the last 3 months is very low and therefore he could not issue a visa. My income for the last three months shows that I can not fully provide for myself in your country. Then he asked me, maybe I can have some cash? But all the money I spent, I pay for travel and insurance. So I said I do not have any money. I tried to explain what are you waiting for me and I shall not want for anything. I said that I will live with you and I need nothing and no money. But he told me that it does not matter. Since according to the rules I have to carry cash or a bank statement, the fact that I have sufficient funds. I'll have to prove that I can live in your country, I have all the tools to do so. The government introduced a law for all citizens leaving the country, so we were not tramps, so have not gone abroad. Do you understand me darling? Each passing day is estimated at 84 euro! My visa is valid for 30 days. Thus I must have a minimum of 2460 euro, so they gave me a visa!!! I should just show the money to get a visa to prove that I can really live in Norway. If I do not have the money, then I can not come to you, I would not be allowed out of the country. This is an iron rule, and I can not violate those laws. I asked why no one warned me about this before? But they could not tell me anything. I began to argue with employees of the agency and screaming at them. They asked me to calm down. But I can not calm down until now, since my flight is scheduled for day after tomorrow! It has now become the number one problem for me. But I do not know where I would find the money. I have to show that money to get a visa. This precautionary measure was introduced, to a Russian citizen, arrived in another country, did not stay there without shelter and without food. Do you understand me, my dear? They explained to me that before, when not required cash or bank statement, there were many cases in which Russian women went to Europe and then could not afford even to rent a room in a hotel. They eat bad food from the street. Some were engaged in prostitution to earn money for a return ticket. Therefore the Russian government and imposed such rules. This is a very scary thing, and I understand now why such laws are needed. But this is a big problem for me to find such a sum of money, and I need your help. You know that all my money I spent on the trip. If you could really help me, I would return all the money as soon as we would meet at the airport. I can not even shoot it with my bank account, but only to give them an excerpt from my account. None cents will not be spent. I am in Moscow and there are no people to whom I know. I'm not one to turn to for help except you. I do not want to talk about my parents, so they'll be very nervous. I do not really know what to do. My dear, I know this letter will sound unbelievable things. But the laws of our country and the bureaucracy! I am an ordinary citizen, I can not do anything with it. My dear Henning I ask to understand this situation. The most terrible thing for me is losing you. I want to be with you! I believe that we have for each other and have to be together. Understand please I do not want nobody. I can not imagine my life without you. I am looking for my whole life such a man as you. And now I found you. I do not want this stupid situation to be an insurmountable obstacle in our path. I ask you to answer me as soon as possible. Now I need to find a hotel to spend the night here. I look forward to your prompt response.
Forever yours Larisa

Letter 38

Good evening dear,
Thanks for your letters. I do not know how to start writing. I was already mentally prepared for the return journey home. I was in the hotel and cried. I cried because I was tired of this stupid bureaucratic system. Everywhere there must be some documents and money. Why are our governmentscan not do this whole process easier for people? Why we have to deal with so many problems? Because of this, we get mad, we make mistakes, we cry and blame each other. We should try to maintain calm and mental clarity. We do not have to say rude and hurtful words to each other under the influence of emotions. Can you blame me for what happened. And I understand your words of another woman from Norway. Perhaps it would be easier for you to find somewhere in town. But if we are not met, will you regret it? I'll regret it forever if we do not currently meet. We must not give up. And I know tomorrow the embassy is working. But I'm not sure that banks is working. And I hope there is some way to exchange the purchased ticket. It is night here, and we do not find decide now. But tomorrow, we should try to find a solution. I hope this problem has not prevented enjoy going to the circus, and you've got a lot of fun. You're a wonderful father, you're doing a lot for your child. I'm proud of you. And I love you. Good night honey.

Letter 39

Hello my dear,
Thank you for your understanding and support. I really was in a very difficult situation. But I did as you asked. I opened the file that you sent me this morning, and again went to the embassy. They looked first at the paper, then at me and just smiled! They laughed at me! This does not apply! This is not a proof of my ability to pay in your country. I can not do anything to do with this stupid law! And I also know, even if you could help me now, somehow, the money will not reach for one day. But it is foolish to stop halfway! Today is a holiday, you sit in your house alone, with your daughter. And you say you feel bad and you have a bad mood. But imagine what my mood? I celebrate Passover in a hotel in a strange city. And you're telling me that I was going back home? Can you imagine what a blow to my parents? They had just buried our aunt. And now their daughter comes back, having lost a huge amount of money in the end nothing is achieved. Especially since the money was not mine, but yours! This is very stupid, it's unacceptable to me! Of course, I would have turned to these nitwits neck in a travel agency, do they not know about these rules, and did not warn me! If I knew that needed so much money, I would not be solved on such a trip, and never would ask for your help. And now you offer me to stay and ride back and then buy the shoes? It does not seem to you ridiculous and absurd. Forgive me, but I'm very nervous. Even though I'm going crazy now, I think there is any way to transfer booked tickets for a few days in advance. I just do not believe that there is no such possibility. And by the way, I learned that there is a system of instant money transfers, Western Union. It appears this is not so difficult, it is more expensive, but fast. Understand that we have spent about 1500 euros! I'll be very disappointed if it turns out that the money thrown into the air! Now, to prove my ability to pay need cash or a statement from a bank account! This money does not need to spend! I have to show them all! I'll bring them back and give you at the airport! Do you understand? And that means what you said "Maybe, I have to look after a another spoiled Norwegian woman, after all"? You refuse me or what? I do not understand anything. Please contact me as soon as possible. Or I lose my mind here is one.
Forever yours Larisa

Letter 40

Hello my dear.
I'm sorry I have not written you sooner. As soon as I read your letters that you tried to send money using online, I picked up a map of Moscow and went to the bank. I do not know much about Moscow, I was afraid of getting lost, it's a great city! I visited two nearest office of Western Union. But none of them worked. So I could not get your money. Tomorrow, banks will open at 10.00 and only at this time begins to run Western Union. I hope there will be no problems. Dear, I do not know what to say. Perhaps there is no difference, it's dollars or rubles. It can be converted into any bank upon receipt. And it will be proof of my ability to pay. Please write again your full address. It is to know if they ask me at the bank. And do not forget to specify the exact amount that you send. I think it is also important in obtaining money. My dear Henning, I do not know if we can arrange everything for tomorrow, and I do not know whether the money will have time to reach me. Airport nearby and if the money will go to 16.00 I will have time to get to the airport and quietly sit on my flight. I do not know how best to do it. I will listen to your advice. Tickets must be organized for tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning. But I think I have time to 18.45. By the way, now I know the hotel room at the reception, and I'll write you later. Miss you honey. I pray that all was well.
Yours Larisa

Letter 41

Hello Hennng.
Oh my God, I thought I sent you a letter yesterday! But my letter is left in the Drafts folder and not sent! I was so nervous that she forgot to send this letter. I had to move out from my hotel because the room was over the lease term. And I could not renew it because the hotel sports delegation has arrived and there was no availability. Now I found some cheap hotel. It does not even have a normal bath. But that's not the point. I am still in Moscow. I could not take off yesterday. I do not know. What will happen now with these tickets that you bought. I'm just very tired of fighting for what I have finally released to you. I can not stand it. It's as if something supernatural. I give up. I do not know how to write about it. Because it does not even seem to be true. It's a pun, and absurd! The fact is that before you go to Moscow, my mother gave me an icon, so she kept me throughout the long journey. I told her that I did not want this icon, I have a cross on his neck. But the mother said that I gave the icon you when I arrive. My mother insisted that I took the icon with him. In our family, an icon or other sacred things one gives only very close friends and relatives. My mom wants to have always been together, and this gesture she wanted to show you that we love and respect you. My mother insisted, and I had to take the icon with him. This is the gift, which I told you in previous letters. I filed my papers and cash, which you sent me. There were no problems. But when customs officials began to inspect my luggage, he found this icon that I was carrying you as a gift. It turns out that such a thing at customs when exporting abroad are considered contraband. When I found out about it, I almost fainted. I cried and cried, explaining to them that I absolutely must fly, explained to them that this is a gift! But they think I'm taking this icon to sell in Europe for big money. I realized that it was useless to argue with the police and customs control. I just now remembered that my grandmother has always been proud of this icon, because the icon of the 18th century. Now that's a rarity and is worth a fortune! I argued with the police that I am not by any smuggler. Then they started me to check my database of criminals. They saw that I was never prosecuted. And never stopped by the police. Then I told them that I want to see a lawyer, and I'll continue to talk without a lawyer. I was given free legal counsel, and he told me that I was seriously violated the law. I did not know what to declare the historic value and need special permissions. But I've never prosecuted. And to let me go, I have to pay a fine or bail. I do not remember what it's called. I just know that I have to pay 50,000 rubles. When I heard the price, then I started to resent. Since this is a very large sum of money for me. He explained to me that if I did not pay the fine, then I will keep the police before the court decision. And that was not the court, I must pay a penalty. I did not know what to do. I had the cash that you sent me. I wanted to talk with you and ask you permission for you to pay the fine of your money, but I was not allowed to contact you to contact. So I paid the fine of 50,000 Russian rubles from your money. Do not misunderstand me please, what if I had not paid the fine, then I could not even write you a letter. So I would sit in a prison cell. My dear, I hope you understand why I came, and thou shalt not judge me. Understand, I could not physically and emotionally to endure these humiliations and interrogations. 50,000 rubles a 1290 euro. I spent the money. Now I do not have enough money so that I showed at the customs. Henning now I do not know what to do. I am very sorry that this situation occurred. I beg you to understand my condition now. My love, I understand that you've spent a lot of money for my trip to you. But understand that now to be together I miss 1290 euro. I had to take it out of the amount of money that I was not supposed to touch. I have to say that when I arrive to you, then you can return them back. My love, I beg you not to leave me. I don't know, how you will react to it. It is a madness. But I love you very much. I do not want to lose you. I want to be with you in real life. I want you to feel every minute of his life. I do not lose anything, all my papers with me, I have a visa, I have a passport and a great desire to see you. But now I'm like a hostage in this cold gray town. I just spent the money to pay the fine. This icon remains in police custody. When I arrive, I have to prove that it really is an icon that belongs to my family. But now I'm not worried about it. I'll come to you without the most important gift. I hope you are not offended and I believe you're just the man to whom I am truly happy. I have to ask you, can you send me my 1290 euro? My love, I am very ashamed to ask for your money again. Since you've done a lot for our meeting. But I wanted to give you this icon. It was a very sincere desire and my desire to my mother. I also know that money is also bad for you, but maybe you can still help me? I do not know other options, as we do in this situation. I simply do not have the strength to fight it. I do not know what to do. My only hope is for you.
I love you and hope that we'll be together, just need to get around another obstacle, which gave us a destiny. Now I'm ready to die. I want it to be a nightmare. But I understand, it's crazy reality. I can not live without you.
With the hope

Letter 42

Hello dear Henning,
I just went to Western Union office. I called by it mobile transfer control number. But me told that it is the wrong number, and such money doesn't exist. They asked me to check once again correctness of all data. But I told them those data which you gave me. There can be you committed any mistake? Please recheck once again. I will wait your letter here in an Internet cafe. I will wait your early reply.



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