Scam Letter(s) from Arega Mkrtchyan to Ed (Canada)

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Letter 1

Greetings friend!

I am a single woman who wants to find the half!
I love the active lifestyle, sex and entertainment.
I can be a good housewife and wife, if you make me happy. I propose to start a dialogue, and wait for your message to my private e mail:

I'll wait for your letter, and be sure to respond to you immediately!
Your girlfriend passionately Arega!

Letter 2

Hello my new friend!

Thank you for what you have not disregarded my letter. I will say Honestly, I'm a bit worried and thought that you did not answer. But Now I see your answer and a smile on my face. I am glad that we can know each other closer.

Our city recently opened an Internet cafe. Earlier, I never been familiar with the Internet. Therefore, our dating I - this is the first Internet communication. To our continued relationship, I would like to tell you more about my story. As you already you know, my name is Arega. I was born on 02/14/1986. Now I am 26 years old. My height is 1.70 cm, my weight - 55 kg. I live with my dad and mom. I do not have brothers and sisters. I was born in one of the most interesting countries in the world under the name of Armenia. In the city of Armavir. Armenia - a country with huge history, with its own traditions and customs, which were created over the centuries and work to date. Armenia is a country of sun, beautiful mountains and many lakes. I believe that the main component of Armenia are the people who live here. The main feature nature - is the ability to appreciate the traditions and rules. Honesty and the ability to respect - it is something that every resident knows my country. Lies and betrayal is always very much punished. In ancient times, deceitful people driven from their family. Children are taught from early childhood to be fair. So, I got a very good education and most the main thing that I realized - you need to always be honest with people and then life will be a success. People never leave each other in trouble, always ready to help in difficult times. Armenians are very close people. The main motto - "One for all and all for one!"

I want to tell you a little about my parents. My dad, his name is Akim, driving a truck. Pope carries products Food shopping in our city. My dad likes the work, which he performs. Earlier, when I was little, I often rode Together with his father in the work car. I really liked the look of the car window. By the way, my dad is now 54 years old. Of course, I do not I can not tell you about my favorite mom. My mom works Marta physician-therapist. The work of my mom's a very demanding and complicated, so both from my mother's health depends largely on the people. I love and I respect my parents. As a child, I, like all children attend school. I really liked the school because I could learn something new. I graduated 11 classes with honors, receiving a gold medal for achievements in studies. After school, I went to university on a specialty "Accountant". The University is a very exciting time in everyone's life person. At university I learned a lot of friends, has mastered the skills my work. I tried very hard to learn because their parents raised me, and I could not disappoint them. After graduating from university, I faced with finding work. It turns out that it is very difficult to find the work of young people in our country. At first I did not work for specialty, which has received. I worked as a salesman in a grocery store. But recently opened is not a big organization Sales of home appliances, where I am now working as deputy chief accountant. I enjoy my job. I try to give all the best maximum.

My friend, you must think, why am I writing to you because I have all the well in life? In my life there is happiness, the most important thing - I do not have love! I'm looking for the man who could truly love and respect me. I want to find a man to whom I can trust in all things. I I want to find the person with whom I can share the joy and sorrow. I I want to find my soul mate, the one piece, which I so severely lacking! A friend of mine, maybe it was you? Please Tell me a story about you. Do you work? How is your life? What do you like to do? I am very interested to know you. I Internet communication is interesting, since it is to me the first time. I I look forward to your new email to me. Your new friend from the country Sun, Arega.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Ed!

I was looking forward to your letter. Thank you for what you did not leave without attention to my story. I am very pleased to learn you closer. As you sleep? How is your day today? What are you doing? As your weather? I think that everything is fine and your day goes saturated.

My friend is, I think you might be interested to learn about what I like to do in your free time than I enjoy in life. As I told you before, I was born in the beautiful country of Armenia, set of cultural values ??and traditions of many centuries. Therefore, my hobbies are mainly focused on the study of culture, architecture and national life. I like painting, theater, and everything associated with the arts. I love listening to classical music. You know, when I was little, I read a lot of history books. I always like to recognize cultural values ??of Europe and Asia, as well as The United States. I think you need to know the history that surrounds our world. The most important thing is that we live in a time of peace. In each country, complied with the rules and culture of Armenia is no exception. How do you said earlier, people of my country are very honest and kind. This is a very important in my country. People who betrayed the religion and make the most difficult sin.

I want you to know, and my other hobbies. I love sports. I believe that the movement - this is life! I like run in the mornings before work. I try to go to the gym, because every girl has to maintain a good figure. In the summer, I like to ride a bike, swim, play volleyball and tan in the sun. In the summer, I love to meet the dawn and see the sunset on the lake. Perhaps in the future we will be able to meet sunrise together, my dear friend? In the winter I ski and skating. I always wanted to ski down from the mountains, but it's just my dream, which may in future become a reality! I love read books. I especially like the novels of romance and detective stories.
I I love listening to music. Particular preference is, I certainly am classical music - Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like some electronic and pop music, too. I have never traveled outside of my country, so one of the most cherished desires in life is journey. I would like to look at the culture and people from other the country. I am very interested to know you. I think that we will find a common language. All friends are telling me that I was cheerful girl. I really am an active lifestyle.
I like to communicate and to learn new people. I love the cheerful company. Now, for Unfortunately, I do not have much time to chat with friends, as I have a lot of work. I am very calm, romantic and intelligent girl. In soul, I am sensual and gentle. Sometimes I like to walk alone, in the City Park. I look at people's faces, I see a lot of emotion. Someone enjoys life, who then life is broken and there is more chance back. But people continue to live. I really painful to look at sad face. If I had the opportunity, I gave to each human happiness and a smile. I've always wanted to be near me was a man who will be able to truly love me. I'm looking for a real love. Are you looking for love, too, Ed? I think we are largely similar.

In relations I appreciate the confidence, understanding, and of course love for each other. I want a man with whom I will always understand me, never hurt and loved. I only want a serious relationship. I do not want any games. I think that you are looking for a serious relationship, too? I look forward to your new email to me.

Your friend Arega.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend!

Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am very pleased that you do not leave me no attention. I am pleased that we continue to communicate and know each other closer. Today is a very good weather.
On my face smile. I do not know why, but now I smile more often. I like to communicate with you Ed.

Today, I would like to talk to you about the relationship between man and woman. All of us, when we feel love, but not always the feelings we are experiencing the real thing. Someone like for the benefit of whom it money attracts riches. Very few people in this world love for real. Do you agree with me? I would like to build relationships without deceit and distrust. I think it's two main components. In Our country has customs that are respected for centuries. My dad, with childhood, I have chosen to groom. At age 18, I had marry a man that had never even seen. But I refused. Dad was a little angry at me. I told my father that I have their point of view and can not live with a man who never loved. Now, I'm completely free in choosing the people.
But, in our the country a lot of men who are trying to use a woman just for the sake sex and personal goals. A woman in our country has become a slave, which is 24 hours a day to work and take care of his family. Men virtually do nothing. I do not want to live with a man who does not will respect me. When I was 22 years old, I met with a man named Armen. First, our relations have developed very well. We walking in the park, looking at the sunrise, sunset, and saw off. I thought that found a man who will love me for life. But after 3 months our relationship, I learned that Armen wants to use me only for sex and personal needs. I learned that Armen argued with friends that will tighten me to bed after 3 months our relationship. I am very glad that they found out the details before He came into my confidence. I immediately stopped relations with the person. I'll never let me use.
I want to find true love, without deception and provocation. I want a man to love I, nor as a sexual object, but as a girl, for which you want live! I hope you're just such a man.

My friend, please tell me about your past relationships? What do you expect from our relationship? I want to know you more and develop our relationship. I look forward to your reply.

Your friend from Armenia Arega.

Letter 5

Hello my friend!

Thank you for what you called for me. It is very important that thread between us is trust. I am very glad to receive your new letter. How is your day? What are you doing today? I hope you in order.
Today, I want to tell you more about the work I fulfilling. But first, I wanted you to know how I get to work. My work is about 50 minutes from home. Me have to get up at about 5:00 am, so as not to be late. I I go into the shower, cook breakfast and going. I must get to work on the bus. In the morning, so many people and all the pushing. Usually, before you go to work, I'm getting to the Internet cafe and write a letter to you. My working day starts at 8.00 pm and lasts until 18.00.
I enjoy the work that I do. I work in a excellent team. Psychologists say that first need to choose psychological atmosphere in the team, and then only occupied office. Most important is the psychological climate. As you already know I am working as deputy chief accountant at the firm, the sale of home technology. Our firm has opened recently, but now with confidence goes to market products. Our team of 25 workers. Quite a bit, but still friendly folks. I am very glad that was able to get into this organization. The essence of my job is to calculating the profit and loss organization, preparation of financial reports for certain periods of time. My job is very important. I think that working with the finance organization is always difficult, as there a big responsibility. Perhaps in the future, I can get increase, but as our organization is quite new, early to think. Usually after work I go to the gym or pool. I I love to play sports. I'm trying to keep in good shape my figure. I think every girl should monitor their looks like and beloved man. My friend, I attended as a child volleyball section. The team held a leading position in city. But I was not much injured finger, so I had to volleyball players to finish his career. But even now, I love to play with ball in the summer at the beach. In the summer, I love to swim in the lake. I I remember how my father taught me to swim. This is so cool.

My friend, you know how to swim? Do you like swimming? Do you love sports? Which sport do you like more? Please do not be shy and tell me all about you. I want to know you closer and develop our relationship.
I feel that we are very similar. Please tell me more about your work.
What are you doing? Do you like the work that you are doing?
Unfortunately, my time in the Internet cafe is over. I must go. I look forward to your a new letter to me.

Your friend Arega.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend!
Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am very pleased that you never leave me no attention.

Today in Armenia, beautiful weather, I really wanted to walk. It is a pity you're not around. I would like to walk with you in the park. How does your the weather today? Do you feel well? I very much missed you.
When I saw your letter on my face a smile, my heart beat faster. Thank you for what you give me happiness. I woke up very early because the work has to make a many reports and prepare a paper for the Chief Accountant. As I woke up, I immediately started thinking about you. I thought about our relationship, because you became my very good friend. Every day I want to write you letters. Thank you for what you came to my of life. Without your appearance, my life would be as gray and boring. But now everything is different. I rejoice in life for each time. Today, on my way to work, I saw a man who was bad. All the people just passed by and no one wanted to lend a a helping hand. But I am a very kind man and can not be indifferent in such situations. I helped the woman up. It turned out that she sprained his leg and could not get up. The woman I was very thanked.

Since childhood, my parents put me in kindness and honesty, so I am ready to help people in any situation. I am educated people and I value the way I was brought up Mom and Dad. Sometimes, I close my eyes and dip into childhood, in those days, when I was a little girl. Even if my father had already told me about what you need to help your neighbor and you can never deceive the people. The most important thing to know three vital Rule - "Do not kill, do not deceive and steal." By following these rules life would be fair. I think we should respect their parents. My parents helped us in childhood. They were building our future, did all so that we become good people. But now, we have to choose our path for yourself. Please tell me about your family. You you love your parents? Now, at least for one day, I would like to become a little girl and make a most beautiful desire. If in my hands was a magic wand, then I guessed would be peace and love in the world. I do not want people to cheat each other. Me want to live in each house true love. My mother always told me - "Do not stop there. Look ahead, and all get "I always try to adhere to this concept. People in our country say, "The one who searches always finds" I believe in my life, I'll find someone who will love and respect me. Perhaps this person will be you! I believe in our future. The main thing to look forward and never give up. It is necessary to forget all the bad, the past and live only the present.
Do you agree with me?

I look forward to your new, beautiful letter, with the story. You a wonderful man. Know that somewhere far away is the girl who thinks about you. I'm sending you the warmest and gentle kiss.

Your friend from Armenia Arega.

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend!

I very much missed you. Now I was able to get to Internet cafe and I am very pleased to see your letter. Thank you for As always you did not leave me without attention. I am very pleased that we continue to communicate and develop our relations. Today, once again perfect weather. The sun is shining. In the morning, I got to thinking about you. You became for me a very dear friend! How is your weather, my friend Ed? What is your mood?

My friend, today I would like to talk to you about religion, about how to what people believe and what can be built upon. Armenia is distinguished by a special religion and faith. Religion and faith in our country is one of the most important components of the Armenian people. Since childhood, I attended church with his mother. Therefore, since childhood, I realized that I never deceive and betray the people. As I told you before, I always adhere to this rule. My dad believes in God, but because work, Dad could not go to church with us.
I believe that faith is in every person, regardless of gender or nationality. You can not go to church and pray, above all believe in the soul. You agree with me Ed? Every church in our country is not only a place where people pray, but also certain architectural and cultural value, which was created for centuries. The church is mainly visited by woman. After visiting the church, I feel much better. Me it seems that God gives me strength. On weekdays, I can not attend church, but I try to do it almost every weekend. Men do not like going to church. Most men live to an old customs and traditions of Armenia.
The men in our country cherish all those traditions that have been built for thousands of years - to love and respect children, never cheat and be honest. It is unfortunate that now, in the this harsh world, men only need sex and women for personal purposes. But I'm sure that the world is a man who is looking for a really serious relationship and true love. I think that this is you, Ed!

My dear friend, please tell me you believe in God? You know, during the time that we talk, I realized that you are very interesting, a caring and intelligent man. I am very happy that we met. You became for me a very good friend. Thank you for what you appeared in my life.
I felt a sense of life. My dear friend, please tell me how was your date. Are you bored? I'm very bored! Unfortunately, now I must finish my letter. I I will eagerly wait for your new letter to me.

Your best friend from Armenia Arega.

Letter 8

Hello my dear!

As always I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for that you never forget me not. Today I am again very soon I woke up. At work, a lot of cases. The chief accountant was ill, Now I have to perform very responsible job, which I instructed. How is your weather?
In Armenia today is good weather. I I hope that in your country and everything is fine, my dear!

I am extremely glad that you came into my life. From your appearance I began to feel cheerful girl. I see the meaning of life, I I understand that not all is lost and it turns out the world there is still a man, who knows how to respect and understand woman. This man is you Ed! I am very thankful for the fact that you came into my of life. More and more I realize that you can see all the qualities of my ideal. During our conversation, I knew you very well. You're smart, a beautiful soul, intelligent and open person. I nice to chat with you! I see that we are very similar, we have the same outlook on life. Do you agree with me? All employees at work feel the change in me, and indeed it is. I was smile more often, longer care for themselves, to visit almost every day, a gym and swimming pool. I saw the light in this dark and gray world, I realized that I need to live and move on. I am very glad that You told me to my very first letter.
We are now very good friends and maybe have more than just friends.
You became for me a very dear man. I know that you always help me in difficult times and share my happiness. I believe in you 100! You have become for my best friend, and I'm proud of it! I am ready to open your all my secrets. During our conversation, we very well know each other. I think that the past relationship was a mistake for us.
We're very similar, as we have never felt true love. But it was all in the past. Now we need to continue to live and to look only forward, not stopping for a step.

My dear friend, I always dreamed of the perfect family. I believe that my dad and my mom is an ideal family. I've never seen that parents are cursed. My dad loved, and loves his mother. My parents respected, valued, loved and will never cheat each other. I want to my future family was exactly the same! I want to feel in man support, which can always rely on. I will give all warm my heart and soul of only one man. Sometimes I close eyes and see you next to me. My dear friend, I'm glad you're next to me and our relationship does not end there. Perhaps it is You'll be my man? Now we need to communicate and develop our relationship, to understand whether we are approaching each other? But I I feel and believe in my heart that everything will be fine!

What do you think about it, my dear friend? Please Tell me the thought of our friendship? What do you see your ideal family?
Please do not hide anything from me. I want to know what you think on this occasion. You are really very expensive for me, man! I do not I want to lose you! You make me happy every day! To Unfortunately, now I must finish my letter. But I'll think about you, and wait for your answer! In this letter, I opened my soul to you. My these thoughts.

With best wishes, your Arega.

Letter 9

Hello my dear and beloved!

Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I very much miss you. All night I could not sleep. I am very worried about our relationship. I want to build only true love with you! Thank you for that you answer me in return! It is very important to me!

At night I had a very nice, sweet dream. I was in the an unfamiliar place to me, on the banks of the river. I sat in a beautiful, white dress, I was waiting for you. The sun was already rising over the horizon, warm the wind was blowing in my face. I was looking forward to your appearance. You came to me suddenly, closing my eyes with his hand. I felt the heat of your hands, your gentle touch. I said "this is you, my dear, "and turned to you. You're standing in a black tuxedo. You helped me up, I hugged your body is strong and you kissed to me. I thought the kiss was the most sweet and tender for my whole life. You told me that he ordered for us a table at one of the restaurants. We walked along the streets of unknown to me, nature and architecture I seemed very nice and unusual. Then I realized that we are in your country. You took my hand and kissed her again. When we got to the restaurant, there is almost nobody there. We were a polite waiter approached and invited to sit at the table ordered. You ordered a bottle of red wine. I looked into your beautiful eyes. I enjoyed your heart and soul of society. You asked me to bend over to you, you whispered in my ear that you adore me love. I was very pleased. Then you wanted to kiss me, but, Unfortunately, my dream was over, I woke up. I am very upset that Now you're not next to me. You became for me a very close person. I am extremely glad that you came into my life! I love you! I want to be between us was just the confidence and real love relationship. I believe that trust is one of the the main criteria for the construction of true love! I trust you at all 100!
I'm sure you'll help me in any situation, no looking, no matter what!
I know I can rely on you, and you always do everything what you can!
During our conversation you proved to me that you really respect and appreciate our relationship. Now, I'm sure in the 100 that you are the person that I dreamed all my life! Thank you for what you came into my life!

Please tell me you trust me 100? Please, answer I honestly, I want to be among us there were no secrets! Tell me how you feel towards me? Is it love? I I look forward to your new email to me.

Your child Arega

Letter 10

Hello my dear and beloved!

How are you? What are you doing? How is your weather? In Armenia today is very good weather. All night I again thought only of you, our the future.

My love, today I'm completely open to you my heart! I a little embarrassed to tell you this phrase, but I plucked up the courage to ready. I want to confess to you, my prince I LOVE YOU! I fell in love you with the very first letter. I felt that we can build a serious relationship. Every day, I paid you my time. After our acquaintance, I thought only of you. I love you for what you kind, gentle, caring and affectionate man. I know that I can rely on you in the most difficult moment! You'll never be fooled and do not deliver me. I knew that somewhere in the world is just the man, which I can fall in love for real. And I found you! My love for you is the pure and gentle. I kept my feelings to you in heart, but today I decided to open my soul to you. I hope you will accept my feelings and reciprocated! I want to tell you Thank you very much for the fact that you never leave without my attention letter and walked with me to the main goal - to build serious relations. Now you and I as a whole, as an inseparable chain! I I want to develop our relationship further. My Prince, for me the word love is more than just a word. For me love is feeling, which I now live and breathe. When I see your letters, in I wake up a new breath in my soul the birds sing, I want to live and smile! My love, I'll tell you my heart and soul and I hope that you do not reject me! Please tell me how you feel? You willing to tell me that you love me? Are you ready for a really serious relationship with me? Today I decided to tell about our relationship Dad and Mom. My parents were surprised, but happy with what I found my love. My dad, though good, but a very strict man. He asked where you live and how long we communicate. I told parents that you are very interesting, caring and most importantly to kindness in his heart a man. My parents supported my choice, and wished our happiness.

Please open your heart to me. Say you you feel toward me?
You're telling someone about our relationship? I look forward to your new email to me. I love you!

Your princess of Armenia Arega.

Letter 11

Hello my dear angel!
Thank you for your gentle, beautiful letter. I very much miss without you! I want to now I was with you. I want feel the warmth of your gentle hands, your touch. I am very glad that you came into my life.
More I can not imagine my life without you.

Today at work a very hard day. I had to make a many reports to tax authorities. Our company is gaining momentum and becoming more popular in the city. There are more customers. Now our organization can be called fully functioning. As is your day today? What are you doing my prince? By the way in Armenia Today is a very good weather. How is your weather? My Prince of, I constantly think only of you.
Every second of my life, I feel your love. My parents send you greetings. My mom is very happy I have found true love. My mother told me that she sees in my the eyes of true happiness! I am very glad that my mother saw me positive changes. I am very glad that I could open for you my the heart. All my life I dreamed of such a man as you - about the same caring, gentle and loving. God has not left my requests ignored. I believe that in this life, nothing happens for a reason. If we Together, that means it is the will of fate, which gave us each other. Now, I really appreciate you and cherish our relationship. Very nice get up in the morning and feel that there are people far away, who thinks about you and loves. Each your letter to me like a ray of the sun among the many clouds!

My Prince, sometimes I close my eyes and think about our future. You Ever thought about our future life together? I think we could be the perfect couple. Please tell me your thoughts and feelings! I really appreciate you! I love you, Please write to me a sweet letter.

Your Princess Arega.

Please, in the following letter to let me know your full mobile number Phone with country code. I very much want to talk to you on the phone and hear your voice. I think that Telephone conversation will be even stronger brings us.

Letter 12

Hello my love!

How are you today? How is your weather?
In my mind the birds sing. Today I got a good mood, knowing that you're next to me and love me! I miss you very much. As When I wake up, I immediately want to go to Internet cafe and write you a letter.
You know, now I am more and more think about our future meeting. I really want to be with you. I close my eyes and I see the day when you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet beautiful flowers. I can not express my relationship to you in words. I love you very much. All night I was thinking how to tell you about I want to be with you in real life. Now, I gathered all the will and I want to tell you that I am ready to meet you in real life. I want to dedicate my life to you alone. I want to give you my heart and soul! During our conversation, I very strongly love you! Thank you for what you came into my life!
When we meet, I I will be the happiest girl in the world. I can prove to you all my love, but now a real and not just in words! I want wake up with you on the morning and go to bed together. I want make you coffee in the morning, to meet you from work. I want to do our lives are 100 happy! My angel, please, tell me, you ready to meet me in real life? What are your thoughts on this about? Today I decided to tell his parents about what I want to meet you. My parents Mom and Dad, of course, gave consent, because I said that you're the best man in the this vast and evil world! But as you know, I live in Armenia, a country rich in special customs and cultural values. According to the old customs she must first learn a family man (future husband) and only after meeting a family man, a girl may invite a man in his family. If you are not observing these customs girl expelled from the family and receives the status of a traitor customs. This is the most a great sin, which only maybe. My parents gave me life and raised me, so I must respect and appreciate the customs of my country. So my dad told me that if we want to meet, then I I will first have to get acquainted with your family and come to you in guests. My dad is a very good man, but he can not go against the customs. I very much hope for your understanding my angel and I am sure that this is will not be a barrier for us and certainly not be a barrier to our love. I love you very much and I want to be with you!

My favorite Prince, please write me a letter and your thoughts about our meeting. Unfortunately, now I must finish my letter. Know that I love you! I am sending you a million kisses!

Your Princess Arega.

Name and surname as well as a home address.

My dear, please, in the following letter write to me your full name and a surname, also your full home address closest to you the airport and city in which it to be. Inform me it necessarily.

Letter 13

Hello my prince!

Thank you for your gentle, sweet letter. I am extremely glad that you've always next to me. Every second you're in my thoughts. I can not longer live without you! I can not imagine my life without a real future your presence! I love you very much! You're the best man in the world. Closing your eyes, I see the day when I go out the airport, you will meet me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I I will run to you with a smile on his face. When I come to you, I will look into your eyes filled with love, I could hug you and feel the tenderness of your body heat of your breath. I can kiss your sweet lips, I'll talk your ear, how much I love you! My love, I hope that very soon our dream become a reality! I am very pleased that we were able to build a really strong, strong relationship. I know that our future family will be very happy. I want to do everything for you so that you was the happiest man in the world!

Last night, I again remembered our first encounter. I am very well remember the day when I received the very first letter from you. For me it was a bit unexpected. I thought you did not answer to me. But you said and now we are together. My love, today I woke up with the most positive mood. As usual I went into the shower, cooked breakfast.
My parents sends you a big hello. My Mom is very happy that I finally found true love. My mom she asked when we will meet with you? I have not been able to mom answer anything specific. Therefore, I want to visit tourist firm and think seriously about our future meeting. My love, Tomorrow I go to a travel agency in our city. Tourist company works in our city for a long time and got a good reputation. I know what documents are required to travel to your the country. After visiting a travel company, I'll tell you everything details. My angel, I hope that you will not mind? I am very strongly waiting for the day when we are together! My angel, I love you! Thank you for what you came into my life! Know that you are the best man in the world, and I'm fully confident that you are willing to do anything to our future.
I look forward to your new email to me. Tomorrow, after visiting a travel company, I'll tell you all the news.

Your princess of Armenia Arega.

Letter 14

Hello my dear and loved!

Thank you very much for your kind words to me. You are very dear person for me. I am ready to give to you my whole life! You do not even imagine how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My thoughts only about you and about our future life together. I'll give you all my the heart. I want to be with you. I love you! My dear, you are you know, today I decided to visit a travel agency in order to learn all about our meeting. I went to an excellent travel agency, that respect, many people in our city. I asked the manager firms and described the whole situation. I have learned, what documents do I need to ensure that I have officially been able to fly to you. Manager reported that for the flight to take you abroad passport, tourist visa, insurance and medical examination, tickets. The most important thing for me at this stage to make a passport and visa. I will buy tickets only after completing these documents. Tickets to me will also draw up a firm in which I order passport and visa. Preparation of a passport takes approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks. The cost of passports is 170 euro. But with all visa slightly more complicated. Visa is issued around, as well as passport and 1.5 - 2 weeks. This is the most important document without which I can not fly to you. The cost of visas, as shown in euro. Its value is 220 euro, the same medical examination costs 75 euro. And mandatory accident insurance 55 euro.
When I learned that I need 520 euro, I wanted to cry. All of my the dream of our meeting immediately collapsed. After all, I have no such a lot of money, my love. I do not know what to do. As My salary is 100 - 120 euro per month. As soon as we started with your communication, I started saving money for our meeting and now I I have 90 euro. How do you know what I miss the 430 euro, so that begin the process of registration of my documents. I very much want to be with you! You are the most dear and beloved people to me! You are all my lives. You're the air that I breathe every day. I was walking down the street and thought only about you. I wanted to write you a letter soon. Now I sit and go out of my eyes with tears. Tears of sadness and grief. I do not want live without you. After all, without your presence in my life now there is no sense! I still have only one hope, that your help, my love. I think that money is entirely in our non-principal of life. The most important thing that we found each other and we are happy. We love each other and more importantly there is nothing in this life! But now to meet, we need this amount of money. My love Ed, You are ready to help in our meeting, this sum of money? From that our future depends. I have full confidence in you.
I know that you help in any situation. You'll never leave me! You are my angel guardian, who sent me a god. You are my life. Without you there is no sense live! I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your strong hands. I know that you are the kind and honest man. I I see how you are going through, I can see how you really want to be with me and it's very important to me. I found my true love in the you. Now for me, a day without you is hell. And your letters to me is the sun that haunts me every day. I love you madly my dear! I am thankful for the fact that it allowed us to meet. Please answer me as soon as you will have opportunity. A million kisses to you.

Your favorite Arega

Letter 15

Hello my love!

I am very happy to receive your letter. My love, you do has not to do since I was very strong after travel agency happy. I was not found in itself is, I came home have not slept all night, I asked and I cried.
I WISH I very pleased to meet you as soon as possible. Much of Me It's too bad I can not pay any money for Documents washing. For me it is very shocking that I was in a Such impotence clock in these situations. I is very grateful, that you can not deny me this difficult and a few minutes need help for me, I never forget.
This person was very much more expensive for Me, I also love that our hearts are incorporated, and we were always together. I think we necessarily overcome all the difficulties as well as a way of each other, and nobody can separate us, and we are always happy. Tres Well, it is not zweckma? Ig me before you, that I never depended in this world, and all joints Himself asked. I'm really make our meeting about how much I want to be with you. I am very afraid of losing you, as what the person I wanted and I've waited so long in life. I request repeatedly, a meeting at the airport, if you hit me with bouquets, and I'll give you the most affectionate and kiss sweet. As you saw my letter in which I started to get my visa and the passport for travel to Des Foreign affairs for me, there is a need ? 430 if you can win the sum of our meeting with you to speed up the significant. I will go immediately to the tourist agency has Documents give money laundering. I do not want him is our precious Release the time for anything, I want to see your smile every day and make you feel close to yourself! Tomorrow I will travel agency to go in learning information on the way to a discount to agency has addressed Services for travel documents and pay all washing has the Once you provide information to all. I love you very much and I love being with you because it is probably possible. I will The messages you expect as soon as possible.

With your love Arega.

Letter 16

Hello my love!!!

I am very glad to receive your letter. My Love, thanks you huge, that you do not turn away from me difficult minutes and want the help to me, I never it will forget. If I had a possibility I would pay for my travel to you. Probably, when I together to you we will arrive to search to me for small work that I could give you money which you will help me. Today also I went travel agency to learn the information on a remittance. The tourist agent has told, that they do not accept for payment, bank moving of money for the account, from private persons.
They accept such payment only from the organisation at travel by groups. Therefore money for payment for wash documents to me it is necessary to do by cash. He has told, that in our city there is company Money Gram which is engaged in remittances from other countries. Today I also came into bank to learn the information on a remittance of the companies. In the companies to me have told, that they are engaged many years in remittances, and do it safely and quickly. It is necessary for you descends in office of companies Money Gram in the city to send me money. Also data will be necessary for you mine: my name and a surname and also the country in which I live. Here these data:

My name - Arega,
My surname - Mkrtchyan,
My country - Armenien,
My city - Gawar,
My address - Street Alabjana 41.

Here all information which will be necessary for you in companies Money Gram. After you make a remittance, the company to you will give a confidential code which you should inform me. Here all information which to me have informed in companies Money Gram, I still never used this the companies, but I think, that the best variant to take advantage of services of this of the companies as it is very easy, quickly and safely. On the companies you can learn more detailed information on its official site, on this site you can find the office closest to your house. Also in my city more known company, but one of these days Western Union worked, but it times is closed, from for the state problems and nobody knows, when it to renew the work. I once again wish to thank you, that you for me do. I very much wish to be with you in the near future and now is completely assured, that anybody and can will separate nothing us. I want, that you knew, that in this huge world, there is one young girl who loves you and its heart belongs to you. I will look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible.

With love your Arega.



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