Scam letter(s) from Anna Shabunina to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1

HI there!
Still single? Me too. Please please checkmy ad and if you find it interesting, please write me directly to I shall be wating for your reply impatiently and who knows...maybe we are really a goof match for each other.
Wanna try? I am waiting for you...
Bye for now
Letter 2

How are you? I am sorry if I didn't respond to you at once but you see I have no computer at home and I have to go to the Internet cafe which is located not far from my home.
I think that first of all I should say thank you that you responded back to me and I guess I need to explain to you at once that I live in Russia, in Totsk city. Totsk is a closed city and it is located in Orenburgskaya region.
It is a very nice and small city. I should say that I have never been to the USA but I think that USA is a good country with nice people and traditions. Actually in my profile it says that I am from the USA. I hope you are not very sad about it. When I was putting my ad I guess I have done a few mistakes because this is my first experience in Internet datings. I want to be honest from the whole beginning and that is why I want you to know that I am from Russia.
I think I have to tell you more about me and my life here.
It is pretty cold here today, it is about 5 centigrades above zero and what about your place? Is it cold there?
I decided to put my profile on yahoo because I a very lonely here in Russia and I just couldn't find that specila man for me here.
I know that many Russian women also found their love somewhere in other coutries and in the USA so I am here now also trying to find my love. By the way one of my friend used to find her husband on yahoo personals also and now they live happily in Germany in a small city not far from Berlin .
And I also want to be happy with someone special for me, and who will love me. And age doesn't matter for me at all, the main thing is to be happy and find love. I told my friends that I am going to write you and they support me because we all wish each other only happiness.
I think you want to know about my family, well I have never seen my mother because she died borning me. I was brought up by my father who has gone this summer, he was a good Policeman and he was shot. So I am alone now because I was the only child. As you see now nothing holds me now in this country anymore and I try to find my love.
You must be intersted in my likes and dislikes and etc. So here is some more information about me:
- I am a surgeon and I work in a city hospital ( I have a doctor diploma from the Medical Academy).
- I am a Christian
- I like white lilies
- My favourite color is blue
- My favourite music is classical
- I love pets and anymals
- I have no kids and I have never been married.
- I love cooking and my favourite food is Italian and Russian one. My best dish is lasagna.
- I have a driving license but I have no car
- I like to go to cinemas and theatres but I don't like disco because it is very noisy there and it is always overcrowded.
- I don't smoke and I drink socially ( for example a glass of red wine)
- I don't have tattoos or piercings exept for my ears.
- I don't like winters and it is very cold now in Russia.
I guess that is all for today and I hope you didn't get tired to read my email. Please write me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes...
Unfortunately I have to go home now since it is getting late here and I have a lot of work to do for today.
I very much hope that you will write me back today or tomorrow and I will try to reply to you at once...
Your friend from Russia,
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