Scam letter(s) from Olga Driga to Matthew (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Matt, it Olga. Thanks for such kind and fair letter for me. I had a lot of work, but in any case I thought of you Matt! I knew, that you will write to me and for me it was very interesting to receive Your letter. I would like to hope Matt, that also it is interesting to you to you to speak with me! Tell to me please, about your last attitude with the woman. I think Matt, what it not such personal question? Matt you understand, that I seriously have concern to you. And consequently it is interesting to me. What it is not pleasant to you in the woman? Matt That you assumes in the woman? What would you like, to have the wife in the future? It should be formed?
Clever? Cheerful? I consider, that between the man and the woman there should be a understanding. Also the trust and physical propensity follows! The man and the woman Should be first of all friends. The love begins with friendship. The friendship strong and mutual will be pure! I was not the spouse. Matt I wrote to YOU at me there was a man.
For a long time! I have no as the children. Can be in the future. I wish to have the children, but only after that when I will have a happy marriage and My husband will love me. I have got used to the work and have very much got used to dialogue with children. I thought of YOU Matt much, I think in the future we shall improve quality of our dialogue. I very much would like IT Matt! With pleasure I send you still photos. How at you business of the house Matt, how work? Write to me the letter. I shall wait for it. Your lady Olga
Letter 2
Hi mine Matt!!!!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. Matt as you? How your day? Matt your letters help me to represent the life better. I Write I to you because I for a long time wished to find the serious and clever person. Which understood me and would concern to me with kindness and tenderness. Matt your age for me has no value. It seems to me, that the the person, the it is more senior more cleverly and more seriously. In our city I did not meet such person. Matt you know, what country at us, at us the majority of men - malicious and dishonourable. I wish to find the person for serious attitudes. I wish to create happy marriage and to have children. In Russia there are no favorable conditions for this purpose... Russian people use many alcohol and to not care of family. I have collided with it already.
The person should be kind, gentle, capable to love. In Russia there Are no conditions for happiness as it - is not offensive... I have thought, that you the person reliable, saw in a life much and consequently have decided to write to you. I drink only good vino, and only on large holidays, I do not smoke, and very categorically I concern to drugs. For me who uses drugs - not people. I so was brought up by my mum, and it gave time to my education much. I do not understand your women, at our women on the first place - family, children and a cosiness in the house, But only then career, and at you On the contrary Matt, at us it is considered, that the man should do career, And the woman should be at the man good and reliable rear And to wait for its house with a tasty dinner. And what dishes are loved by you Matt? I very much like to prepare for new dishes. I wrote to you in the last letter that I like to prepare and I is favourite a dish - pies. With pleasure I receive your letters, I look forward to hearing, Olga
Letter 3
Hello My Matt!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive, that I cannot answer your letter now. I the colleague was ill, and I should replace it on work. I am not in time now To answer your letter. I hope, that you will not be offended. I shall be To answer your letter later or in the evening and I shall send you the photo. Matt forgive, I, the truth, should run. I hope, that you understand me. Sincerely, Olga
Letter 4

Hello My Dear Man Matt!!!!!!!!! Matt I hope, that you understand all and is not offended on me. At me such work and I should go. I hope, that you do not take offence at me for it. I am very tired today. Matt when I on work I think of you. I am happy, that have met You, and I wish more and to learn you more. I wish to be with you To thicket. I the first time meet such person as you, and you to me very much You like. I am not afraid of tests, but I want the true and reliable husband, Which could provide family, and I would be for it the good wife, Would wait for the house from work with it is tasty the prepared supper. My husband in me will be never disappointed, Because I love heat and a cosiness in the house and I wish it to create. Likely education which was given me by my mum, and it at me very strict woman affects. At us in the country of girls since the childhood bring up so that the good wife has grown from the girl. At you in what are engaged the house of the working woman is able each woman, But it on the contrary at us is considered plus. On our concepts, the good wife, is that, Which can make a tasty dinner and which will hold the house in cleanliness and the order. How you spend days Matt? Write to me more about your family Matt. Whether it is a lot of at you relatives Matt?
My parents consider, that too it is time to me to arrange private life, But I concern to it very cautiously, As many men are very artful and not all can be trusted, But by your letters I have understood, that you the person serious. Write more about itself. Send a photo. I wait for your letter, Yours faithfully Olga
Letter 5
Hi my friend Matt, it again Olga. Why you write nothing to me (((( You like my photos? I like you? What in me it is pleasant to you? I wish to ask you Matt, very important questions for us. I want To learn from you about your last attitudes with other girls. If To you painfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I any more You I shall ask about it. But I very much would wish to know. Matt I I shall tell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that they want it Only *** what then to tell to the friends, that it was engaged with Me love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. In University I was friends of the guy who very much liked me. I to it too Liked. But it with parents had to leave and I could not find in any way It. Its father militarians and they have left for other part of the country and did not write and Did not inform anything on itself. It loves money and more nothing is necessary for it. Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted ***, and I Has decided to wait for the the man. Now I communicate only with you, and you to me You like. I cannot touch to you, but I can to feel you Under your letter.
You can tell in detail about the attitudes Matt? Matt I wish to speak by with you to phone. Write the phone number and a code of the country and city that I could phone to you. I shall tell precisely when I shall call to you. You Sometime looked at stars? Matt, you walked at night? I would like To go along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under night Stars. I send you a photo, I with impatience wait for your letter. I send you the gentle kisses, and I hope, that they give you The feeling of tenderness, caress and you is good. Up to a new meeting, Write Matt, Yours faithfully Olga
Letter 6
Hello my dear Matt! I ADORE YOU AND I WISH TO FEEL YOU!!!!!! I ADORE TO READ YOUR LETTERS!!!!!! You know, I at all do not wish to think, as well as of what, I shall write. It as if in a dream. I am completely given the sensations and slow movement of own fingers on the keyboard.
They will write everything, that I feel, and that I wish to transfer you Matt. So it is interesting … Matt I miss you, and I wish to be with you and only with you. You Looked yesterday at stars? You have received my kisses? I have recollected history about The volume, that when the person is born, there is a new star, and when Dies, one star falls. One star - one life. I looked On the sky also searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, that occurs, When two persons, enamoured one in another become together? Matt how you think? I think, that they are united. Also become It is more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and You understand my feelings. I simply print that occurs …. In a ****** such fluffy feeling, because, that somewhere beside, or far is the native person.
Sometimes I even almost physically feel your presence. Today I went on home and for some reason it seemed to me, that I shall come, and there you Matt …. This idea became such pleasant, that I at all did not begin to dissuade myself, and on the contrary, Began to represent, that I would make, it appear you actually at me … I have recollected your smile and at me in a ****** have intercepted breath and there was a sensation of inexpressible happiness, It completely fills me … I would throw the arms round to your a neck from a threshold, you would embrace me strong and gently as soon as you one are able, Also would kiss so quiveringly as soon as it can be. Even for an instant I cannot present, that I shall begin to do, if I shall lose you Matt. You for me are more, than all my life. Sometimes to me to become terribly, Because up to a meeting with you I did not think, that the person can SO TO FEEL! So fine feeling grows in me, that sometimes it ceases to seem a reality. And, nevertheless, the reality is severe to us. The truth in that the human world is rough and ruthless to tenderness, It cannot admit existence fine without its contrast, And then I appear as if in a sticky dense fog from which at times to not get out … But you, you so magnanimous, that, not deliberating, give me the boundless heat and breadth of soul, Such about which shoot a film and write books, you give me tenderness which people store and preserve from another's.
Matt You open to me eyes on that, That I could not see and notice earlier in any way, In spite of the fact that it was beside. I am grateful to you for it Matt. And let by parting I shall feel the strongest pain and disappointment, For me it is not so important in fact at me there is you Matt. I hope, you too will accept all tenderness which I can give you, everything, without the rest … Your lady Olga
Letter 7
Hello my dear Matt! Matt I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that We are familiar with you also to steel so are close to one another. I wish to write To you that that at me to feel my heart: whether I love you … and I I think that it something more, than love …
Any The word will not reflect depth of my feeling to you Matt. We We speak, that we love so a lot of prophetic … But in fact this word means More valuable... « I love ice-cream », « I love a new song » …
as I I can describe such word what I feel to you Matt? Whether I trust, That you a part of my soul … and I think, no, I do not trust …
belief is subjective … When I was the child, I trusted in the Easter Rabbit … I trusted, that The family is for ever … I trusted, that mum always speaks the truth. As I I can speak - I "trust", if this word is not final, not certainly. We with you is for ever Matt … and I think, no, it not for ever … "For ever" comes to an end. Matt as your relatives concern to me? What do they speak about me? That Think of us with you? As you think they will well concern to To that that we shall be together? They will not be against? I do not know your country and People. I know only you, and you very much like me. I spoke mine The first love « I love you for ever » and to the best friend - « we friends For ever ». And I did not speak with that first love many years. Where mine The friend - I do not know even longer. The life has defined a word meaning "For ever" as the empty promise. As I can give you this promise Matt? My life - for you … my soul - belongs to you. I know, What is the showers are connected by love. And that at us is is Infinitely. I have not answered you how you expected … but my answers Are true and simple … You you ask me, whence I can know... I I ask you how I can not know? " I shall wait your letter and Inform me that speaks your heart. Your lady. Olga
Letter 8
Hi my dear Matt, it Olga. Matt I miss and I wait for your letter, I am happy, to receive your letter. I would be very upset, if you have not written to me. Now after YOUR letter I feel rest in my heart.
Certainly excuse for my persistence. Whether I as soon as come to school at once I look there is from YOU a letter. Matt YOU why that have quickly hooked on my heart of the sincerity and honesty. I write to YOU and is glad that YOU Matt, will soon read my letter. The recognition obtains in very good friendship as though. I understand YOU Matt, crossing this present disaster and the disorder! The main thing to remember for WHAT this ALL it is necessary ;). Matt my friends and relatives speak all, that I have very much changed. They Are surprised to me and my happiness. And I wish to thank to you that You do me happy. Thanks you Matt. When I read yours Sincere letters, I feel perfectly within day and to me to see Fine dreams. We run towards to one another, I see flowers in your hands. I I approach, and you give them to me. I already in your embraces, we enjoy Our kisses. You take me on hands, and we continue to kiss. What news at me Matt!? At me on work in school collective know that I Has grown fond of the person from abroad. EVERYONE react on a miscellaneous. I do not know why. I have told to Director about my correspondence with you. It has told: " a school computer for use in personal To life it is forbidden ". My heart has failed Matt!!! I thought and seriously spoke with director. Has told that I shall pay the Internet Independently. I shall pay any money to write to you Matt. That it has given me the sanction to write a little Letters to YOU Matt. A lot of interesting and unusual I have learned in conversation With director. There is in its opinion I is very beautiful, I can To itself to find the husband in Russia and a lot of uninteresting for me Compliments. I have explained to it that have grown fond of the person from Borders.
Director has started to frighten me of histories about unsuccessful Attempts TO FIND love in your country. It was a little opposite to me to listen to it as it abused your men. Director the person the communist, very difficult or old rules. I never argue with a swearing person. I have listened completely to its reasons. HAVING listened And HAVING told! I the adult woman, I I understand and THINK that well I understand in people. Director long Was silent and thought, I to not die nearly of break of heart. " The computer at school is accessible to YOU " - words of director have returned to me Life. Now I speak thanks, we have found each other. I from this idea am happy, but it is a lot of to us TOGETHER necessary to think. With such the man as you, we shall be beautiful pair Matt. I cannot wait that time when I shall brag of YOU before The friends. I shall wait for your letter Matt.
YOURS Olga P.S. Kiss YOU Love through space and time (!!!
Letter 9
Hi Matt, my the best, the most good, the most favourite, the most native. Matt I wish to be with you, I am madly glad to receive your letter. I want To be with you, every minute and every second I wish to be with you. I I want, that we with you would be happy, what our happiness never Came to an end. I cannot live without you, I wish to be with you Matt, I want, that our dreams would become a reality for ever. Know, that me all overflows from love to you Matt. If earlier I wrote to you about the feelings it was only from that I wished to understand the feelings and ideas a little. I needed time what to learn you more and to look as you to me will concern. I like your attitude to me Matt. Addressing in service of acquaintances, I trusted a little, that that can that to turn out. That I to find such person who will like me and in what I did not trust absolutely, So it that I in general can to grow fond of whom that. But the miracle has come to pass, the Lord has sent me you Matt. Matt I shall make all, that we with you would be happy. What ours The happiness was with us for ever.
Matt I wish to feel your hands, your kisses, warmly your lips and Sweet of a kiss. I wish to feel your breath. You my prince and I shall make all, that we with you would be happy For ever. I wish to be only with you. Matt I shall be with you. With you for ever. I shall be with you, we shall be together, we shall be happy. I WISH TO BE WITH YOU AND ONLY WITH YOU FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you, that very soon I shall in your embraces, and I I promise, that I shall be with you for ever. You unique Matt who could kindle a fire of love in my heart.
This hot, storming flame which burns me from legs up to a head and gets into all my particles of a body. I did not feel heat of man's hands two years and I am simple all in impatience, to feel your strong, man's hands. I simply already want you as the man. Forgive to me my female feelings, but it is valid so Matt. I conceal from each your letter and it is the truth! I me already was not present the words, one emotions after I see your again come letter. Every night I fall asleep with ideas on you Matt. To me it is removed fine dreams in which we we walk at night, on coast of the river, we hold each other for hands and speaking each other tender words. I with impatience shall wait for this moment when it will occur. I likely soon to go mad of such dreams. I now think, That after all that time, That we with you wrote each other I could understand that you that person with Which I can live the life further Here such to me occurs. Write, I love you. Yours Olga
Letter 10
Hi my favourite and the most good Matt, I had good mood when read your letter. Matt I think only of you and about which as it will be good us Together. I very much would like that our life, will be, it is fine.
That You would like it, I have made, when we shall be together? I think of you Very much. Thanks for YOUR compliments Matt. I consider myself as the usual woman, as ALL. I think that to me very much has carried that we have found each other Matt. I very much understand and I accept YOUR idea positively. I think that my future it YOU Matt!!!
Write to me your day, what you have made Matt? I am very interested by you. Matt you know soon I have holiday on work and we could meet. I, possibly, would like to come to you and to remain with you some time.
I never travelled for limits of Russia. I had rest in children's camp at coast of Black sea, now it is territory From Ukraina then it was Soviet Union. I would like to travel once only To look at the world. I was not somewhere, therefore I do not know Where I would like to travel. There are many places on which I can see The TV also would like to visit all this! Unfortunately I want possibly also It is a lot of:)) It only dreams... Please Matt, tell to me in detail, what you think of our meeting? Matt as you think, how there will be our meeting? How it will be? That we Let's do? I very much wish to learn your opinion. I am afraid to go to other country. I I shall be assured, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of me. It is very interesting to me to see, how to you to live. I read your letters and I To understand much about itself and the life, but in any case, that I am better to learn each other would like to meet you. I wish to tell to you, that I understand, that any, the man, met on my way, Any could not give so much hope, How many you have presented me for some short weeks Matt. Only you could take a place in my heart. I never felt anything similar after tragedy with my groom earlier, Never was so it is keen by the man, that all world has ceased to exist for me. I test inexpressible feeling which covers the person when its most treasured desire is carried out. There can be I dream little bit more, but I cannot give up to myself. At me in a shower any emptiness always reigned. And then I have met you Matt and emptiness was replaced by set of the most different feelings and sensations. I feel to YOU an inclination and very much I want that the friendship and love between us has incorporated. Matt you have woken in me feelings which as I considered for a long time have died. I love YOU Matt simply that you are. I write to YOU the letter, My heart will soon burst. SOON I WISH TO BE IN YOUR EMBRACES!!!. Write, My letters about love to YOU, Yours Olga

Letter 11
Hi my favourite Matt, She is yours Olga. I today have printed your photo which you sent me earlier. I have put it on a little table so that to see you Matt, Hardly only I shall open eyes in the morning.
Simply understand, that for me your love - as a morning and evening star, That, never coming, eternally alive bouquet knits above our heads. I ask gods that they have not forced it to die out on my vital way. And it is joyful to me to tell to you after this time Matt, that I saw nothing on light better you. Yes glory you the God one thousand times! I ask it about it on knees and having combined hands. You write for other women, except for me? Only inform me enough. I to not write to anybody, except for you. Matt, I would like to be now in your city with you! It seems to you, what meeting to face necessary for us? I very much would like to meet you on behalf of. So both of us could solve many things for us! I wish to solve this problem for me. You would invite me to yourselves? We could is better learn each other. If you want, that I have come to you inform me Matt. Matt I hope, that you not against I would arrive. I love you Matt!!!!!!!!!! For the sake of you I shall make all, and our love will be with us for ever. We are divided only a trip of a plane! I, possibly, should learn more as it is possible to visit. I am ready to change the life to the best. I wish to start to build my happiness. Be probably, we can are together very glad. I think, that my family wishs my only good luck, and they will not be against. You - everything, that are the best, noble and nice in this world. My love Matt as I do not have not enough you. I feel such weight on heart. Also there is no at me a big pleasure, than a fast meeting with you Matt. When you love how I love you - nothing in forces to take away your treasure. I kiss you so much time, how much will suffice my forces, and to press to heart with infinite love and tenderness. As I am passionate you I love Matt as if the flame burns and absorbs me, And suddenly you feel, that this love is mutual.
Whether there can be more pleasure? And when it so, also separation, a pain in heart, experiences and ideas on a meeting, It also is not that other, as our mutual love: yours to me, and mine to you. Perhaps, this my love to you also gives such ideas, philosophy of a life which I and state in the letter. I madly love you Matt, but my character, judiciousness not always give a full output of these feelings, Constrain to not spend them at once for you, and to store and give them to you during all life. Anybody, except for you, is not necessary to me Matt. You, except for the sun, close to me and road, Most dearly on light. And nobody is necessary, though, maybe, and can have any advantages. Matt Write to me your ideas in occasion of our meeting in the following letter I love you yours Olga
Letter 12
Mine Matt, I am glad to receive from you the letter. I am even more glad, that you have understood me. I think, that between us there should be a trust and understanding. You will be capable to help me some sum 560 $? Now our meeting takes place very soon. Today I shall go to my parents. I have already accepted holiday on work and tomorrow I shall work no more. I should collect also some things. I love you, and I know, that you very much to wait for me!!! We shall be together happy families and me there and then ours happiness! Wait for me, my love!!! I hasten for our happiness. Our love will be only in our hands. I shall spend our love and care!!! I should tell, that I now understand, that between us there is a trust. It is very important to feel for me your support. Write to me. With love for ever, Yours Olga
Letter 13
Hi my love Matt. The sweet smile appears in my person, I addressing around, but am so a warm internal part me with, everyone thought of you. Similarly to a small heater in my heart. You only have made me happy, I never felt me so happy through all my life. I do not know, that things will happen with us in the future, but I truly believe, that we very important for each other, and very much need the friend the friend, and we love each other. And it will do our way on road of a life, easier, and we only shall be happy all together. I wish to see your person right now, I grieve without you so much and so strong.
Favourite, I can give you exact date after I shall legalize papers.
First it is necessary for me to pay 560 $ that to me have started to legalize papers. They will be made out with 7-14 days. Then to me will tell exact date when documents will be ready and will tell date of my start. I will be glad that you to help me and to send a remittance.
Here my data on which you will send a remittance: The central office:
107078, Moscow, street Kalanchevskaja, 27
+7 495 620-91-91
412089 ALFA RU
Bank name: Alfa bank: IBAN: - ALFARUMM (044525593)
Acouunt: 40817840604410010182
Beneficiary's Name: Olga Driga Vasilevna
US dollars
60 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, USA 04415617 SWIFT code BKTRUS3 Favourite, the more likely you will send a remittance, the more likely I shall go to agency and to legalize papers. Tell in what day you you will send a remittance? It is very important. I should know it to speak it in agency. I shall wait your letter soon. Kisses You love Olga
Letter 14
My day was remarkable. I smile much when I think about You. I feel all warm inside of reflection about you. My dreams from My heart - thus.
My greatest dream To be with YOU and to grow old with YOU and have children With YOU. Your Smile is so beautiful, and your eyes So fascinating. A sight in to the evening sky not anything I dream of us preparing together and laughter, walking On coast on a decline and keeping hands. I dream about Cold winter nights with us nestling under warm Blanket observing a romantic film or only speaking up to The sun will approach. I dream about Our the first Children's being Born and me being there carrying out of your hand and I see Happiness in your eyes as you look at our child For the first time and I see Our children's smile back in Us when they see us for the first time and know them Will love. I dream of all these things From mine Heart. I wish to be with you. I believe, that my search On it I have found the person whom I wish to be with and That person - YOU. Every night I shall look at the evening sky and I find The brightest star and close my eyes also thinks of you. And When the wind blows, I imagine you speaking with me. And I address to you. I wish every day you and me to Be together. I would like to hear your voice. I would like to write to you the letter and to send it to you. I wish you, remarkable day speaks Hi to your friends and Family for me. Care I shall think From you. Favourite, I have given you the name of my data. The central office:
107078, Moscow, street Kalanchevskaja, 27
+7 495 620-91-91
412089 ALFA RU
Bank name: Alfa bank: IBAN: - ALFARUMM (044525593)
Acouunt: 40817840604410010182
Beneficiary's Name: Olga Driga Vasilevna
US dollars
60 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, USA 04415617 SWIFT code BKTRUS33 The bank is in my city. It is branch of bank from America, but only it is in my city. I think at you it will turn out to send a remittance.
In bank my aunt works. It understands in bank system much. If at you it will not turn out to send a remittance then you can send a remittance addressed to my aunt. It works in bank and can receive a remittance and transfer money to me. Here data of my aunt: name Janna
Surname Balabaeva
City Ryazan
Ryazanskaya oblast.
postal index 390000
country Russia
Street Lenina 45 If at you it will not turn out to send a remittance then go to bank and use system WESTERN UNION. There works washing you, you can come in bank and write data of my aunt. If you will use system WESTERN UNION.
Then it will be necessary for you to write to me your data. It: Your name, your country, your city from which you send Monetary translation, the sum and to you will tell code MTCN - 10 numbers. I shall wait your letter tomorrow. Kisses You love Olga
Letter 15
Hi my friend Matt, it Olga. I am happy, that YOU have written to me Matt. How are you doing? I should tell to you that I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. The woman should have natural beauty! I care of my body. I go to a sports hall. Well, I wish to tell to you, that your life is interesting to me much. Please, speak me, how much it is possible. Ok Matt? All we people and I understand you as the person, but we from different Cultures, and I, possibly, do not know some things. I shall be glad to hear from you about it! Your letters help me to represent the life better. I promised to speak you about my hobbies. Well: I like to do purchases in shops. To look and consider all in supermarkets, and to buy in simple shops (there fresh all and is cheaper much more). I like to listen to music. I like to listen pop to executors. I very much like to prepare for various dishes on kitchen. However, time for it leaves much. But it does not confuse me.
It is pleasant to me experiments. My most favourite dish is "Pelmeni".
This meat which has been wrapped up in the test. It so is tasty. Matt, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. Than you especially wish to be engaged Matt? You like to go to shops? I hope to you interestingly that I write to you Matt. I only wish to show you about my life and to tell, who I such. I can sometimes be very much Funny and, hence, be not surprised! Ok? I wish to feel the woman. I want serious attitudes, and I wish to create the family. You very much involve me and it is interesting to me to speak with you Matt! I hope, that you wish to speak with me, and it is interesting to you. Now my good friend Matt! wow! The Internet a fine thing! Matt it is probable, you the man of my dream? I with you always should be frank. I promise you Matt. Today in me an easy approach on a computer And I am glad, that I can to express YOU ideas freely. I send the photos. And as I promised and I shall send a photo of our city. I think to you it will be interesting to see it. I wish to write and to YOU and I want that you have answered me my letter. Your sincere friend to Lady Olga
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