Letter(s) from Anna Azamatova to Ramy (Egypt)

Letter 1

My love Ramy! Salam Aleukum!
I only now come and I went to the airport I have just returned from the airport and I have bad news, I in confusion now, I do not know that to me to do now!! I have tears in my eyes. I really dont know that to do now. now I'm cruing.
My dear Ramy when I have gone to the airport that I at once has approached in registry, and has shown them all my documents necessary for flight, my passport, and the ticket aboard the plane, the manager at once has seen these documents and has told that all well and that all documents well, and that I without any problem can use these documents for trip in Egypt.
But when I already began to leave that he have told me that he hopes that I have not overlooked cash money. and this money are nesessary for that trip.
I do not know, that to me to do now!
Workers have told me that for trip to such country as Egypt, I should have cash money in hands, it should be not less than 2100 US dollars, I am simple in a shock now, I have no this money now in my hands and I can not show them this money, they have told that without it they can not put me in the plane, they have told that this obligatory condition trip to Egypt, airport Workers have told me that my ticket will work only within 3 days and during this time I should register it (to put down in it date a start and number flight) and at a start to show airport Workers 2100 dollars, but I do not know where me take this huge sum money, I have no it now, and without it I can not arrive to you.. .........
Dinar also spoke with manager and explained all, but manager doesnt wish hear anything.
My dear Ramy the manager has explained to me, that this money are necessary personally for me because I should have a normal life on territory Egypt during a minimum of 30days, and I should provide myself in it, I should have 70 dollars in day it is alow, this money for residing, meal and others on territory of the country, I some times tried to speak that I do not need in it, that my dear Ramy there will be a care of all this, but I was told that it is the law and that I should not break it.
My dear Ramy I never in life to break the law, I think that it not correctly and now I should not do it, but I very much want to be with you as soon as possible.
My dear Ramy I tried to explain them some times that I do not need in this money and that I shall go to my dear Ramy I showed them again all documents.
But the worker the airport have told me that if I already was the wife citizen Egypt I would not require in this money and now I need in it, he has told me that the law Russia and Kazakhstan should preserve citizens Russia and Kazakhstan, and I should be in safety outside Russia and Kazakhstan, therefore I need in this money because without money to me will be difficult in such country as Egypt and besides that I have no the return ticket, my dear Ramy I explained some times to him that I DO NOT NEED In THIS MONEY And I SHALL GO To MY DEAR Ramy and I will marry with you! but he is guided by the law and has no rights to let out me for limits Russia. My dear Ramy I cried now, to me really am very sad from this situation, I did not think that I shall find myself in such a unpleasant situation.
Now when I write you the letter I already have slightly calmed down but nevertheless I have tears in my eyes!
I have now the bad and broken mood, for a way our love has appeared one more barrier, but I am sure, that we can overcome this barrier and we can be together, we can be happiest people in the world, together. our love very much and very big, this feeling simply huge, we are owners this feeling...... I am sure, that not looking on these unpleasant circumstances we shall be together and we shall be happy, I am sure in it!!!! My love Rany can you send me these 2100 dollars and when I shall come to you I will return to you this money at once, this money are necessary only show that workers in the airport, that I really have this money that I really have this money in hands, I hope that you understand it my love Ramy!!! it is only formality.
I so strongly want to be with you, what I for excitement have a shiver and I can not calm down, I very much wait our meeting, and I hope that you will not break my gentle heart and we shall be together, we shall be happiest people in the world both to this anybody and nothing can prevent, because we love each other, and love this most fair, sincere and pleasant feeling in this difficult world, do you understand it my love Ramy are you agree it??? I think that you agree with me!!!!
I need you !!! I need in yours gentle and tender hands!! I need in you my love Ramy! You my the most lovely, my most fine person in the world and I will give you all my love and all my feelings, please keep these feelings in me always and we shall be happiest people in the world!! I am sure, in it!! I wait it!!!!! I want to embrace and kiss you soon!!!
This very big desire now!!!
my love I really hope that you can send me this money. andthaen I recive it I at once show that money airport workers and I will sit in plane and I will come to you.
And as soon as I shall go out about a gangway the plane I shall return you this money at once, I am sure, that I shall not require in this money because I shall be with you my love, and you always can protect me in love of a situation and you never will leave me, I very much hope on you, I trust you completely!!! I am ready to give my life to your hands!!!
I really completely trust you!!
Remember that my love belongs only you!!! This biggest and fine feeling in the world!!!
Also it is all only for you my love Ramy!!!!
I love you!!!!
I miss you!!! But I shall be very glad that already soon I in yours gentle and tender hands!!!
Yours Anna

P.S. Dinar now went to see how u can send money and address of the nearest western union, i will wait news from u.

Letter 2

idont plan back to home. when u will be able send money?

Letter 3

i will able change my ticket for another day, what do u think?

Letter 4

for what money i will pay bribe? idont have this money. really i dont have. im sorry.
im not rich too. i also dont have any cash with myself. 100$.it's not enough that back to home.
im in shok now.
u can borrow this moiney. i will come and back all money to you.

Letter 5

i will change my ticket.

Letter 6

my plan change ticket and wait when u will able send money that not back to samara

Letter 7

salamaleukumRamy. how are you? I'm at the airport in Moscow today. Yes, I believe and expect that you did not quit. I did not understand what kind of site you sent me. What is it? about money. I told you a million times to say that this is only a formality! I will not spend the money! I will not pay the money to anybody. the money will stay with me and be with me until the end of the flight. Then, when I get out of the plane, I'll give you the money. These funds are needed as a formality and not more than that. that you are told on the phone.
You probably explained it wrong, because such a law exists. just all the people have bank cards on which they have the money. but there are people who do not have bank cards (such as me). for these people have come up with a system of cash. Of course, if I had a bank account, then I had to have a bank statement that I have $ 2,100 in my account. but I do not have a bank account, so I need to have cash! but I repeat that I will not spend the money. I will come and will restore thee all the money. because it is only a formality.
I swear by Allah that I have never deceived you, and did not want to harm you, because I love you and you're everything to me. I want to be with you and marry you.
now my heart speaks to you. I love you. I swear by Allah that he would never deceive you, and never wanted to take possession of your money. I a Muslim girl, I'm afraid of wrath of Allah.
I will never deceive you. but I am very offended that you left me. I love you. I did this the way to Moscow for the 2000km not to hear what you do not believe me

Letter 8

salamaleukumRamy. how are u my love? i hope that u are fine. im tired very much. i wish to come to u and rest. :(
my habibi...
I offered a bribe to airport workers. He said that the bribe should be $ 500. I'm sorry, but I do not have the money. 50 dollars is not enough. I love you and want to come to you as soon as possible. I do not want to go back to Samara. and I can not get a refund for the ticket, can I change my ticket only. because I had an electronic ticket. money for it does not return. I can only change the ticket and no more. so we now need to decide at the meeting, so I changed the ticket and do not lose this opportunity.
I'm not sure that I can generally find the money, because it is a huge amount for me and my family.
Dear Eoui you said you kopish at home now and tell me that you have no money. I know you're not a rich man. but can you send me the money. I'll come and give all at once. I do not spend a penny, nor dollara.ya come and give you everything at once. I do not want your money. I only need your support and help. I love you and I do not want to lose you. I understand that banks are not working. but on Sunday everything will be opened and will work. Why do not you send on Sunday, I come to you on the same day or on Monday.why do not you understand that I am here in Moscow. I'm hungry, I want to sleep, I want to take a shower. but you are going through because of the bills.
I am sure that if you wanted, you could help me. Insha Allah. I love you and want to be with you. but I look like you're not really strive to ensure that I come to you. I await your response. I love you, your Anna

Letter 9

salamaleukumym love Ramy! I sympathize with you. but for some reason you do not want to sympathize with me, too. you know, I do not need your gifts. I do not need any material wealth. I want to be with you and it's the only thing I want. You know, I sympathize with you. but I do not see one, if you have money, then why can not you send them. I told you a million times to say that I will not spend the money. because I do not need the money. I do not know what site you yadolzhna to send? I ordered a ticket through a travel agency, and they, in turn, ordered through a website, but I do not know what.
I do not understand why you are so negative about me. I can also ask you, you are not Muslim? You do not isptyvaesh compassion to me. You do not understand that I have no money left even to go back. you do not want to understand. you only think about money. it is only paper. I am very sorry that you treat me so.
I do not understand why are you telling me that I should understand you. but you totally do not understand me. I swore to you, but you did not pay attention to it. you think my words mean nothing. Why are you so schiatesh? why you put sebch above me? I'm tired, but you do not want to understand this. all your letters from the position of the prosecution. You did not tell me at what date should I change my ticket?
I'm waiting for an answer. Anna

Letter 10

salamaleukumRamy. how are u? i have never lied to u, and i have never wished lie to you and i never wished ur money, i swear name of Allah. i love u and wish only u. im very sad that u dont trust me, bczi'mmuslima. and u should believe me, but u believe not me. so u never love me. im very sad about this.

Letter 11

salmaaleukumRamy. how are u? i hope that u are fine.
im sad that we are not together.
i understand all ur hate. good luck. live with ur hate.
i will save 1000$ and will back all for cent. good luck, bye