Letter(s) from Irina Nett to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my the darling Mike! I am very glad, that you have written to me. You know, that it for me means much. I speak you about it each time as soon as I see your letter and I start to write to you. Dear my person how you feel yourself? How your health? All it is very interesting to me, because I very much value you, because you my significant other. I should care of you because I want that you were healthy. I want, that you were happy. If with you something happens, know, that I will always come to you to the aid. Because I love you very strongly and I will not allow any illness to take away you from me. The darling, how your affairs on your work? I hope, that all is good. The darling Mike I have woken up today very sad. But I do not know why. I tried to answer myself this question, but and could not. Because it was simply the grief which quite often finds on me. From it at me the mood spoils, but then I start to think of you, and all passes. You my ray of light in the most dark place. You for me a conductor on a life. I hope for it. The darling, as though I wanted, that now you were near to me that all was as in my dreams. Love, and you like my dreams? I cannot tell, whether they like me. It is simply wonderful, that I can dream, because if I could not do it you probably would not grow fond of me and would not began me to write. I such what is and for it you love me. The darling Mike, maybe, you will name our love artificial, but only not I because I trust in our love. You know, that women so are sensitive, and that all of them perceive very close to heart. It they also are good. For this reason you, men, love us women because we bring to you happiness. Because we give you that without us to you never to receive. That is why we are created such sensual and vulnerable. But to these we only give pleasure to you because we do you by the strongest and the most invincible. You give us protection. If I with you anything will never disturb me because you will be near to me. Because you my man, and I your woman. Love Mike here again I have fallen into a reverie, but I should go home. I promise to you, that you always will be in my thoughts because I very much love you and I want, that we with you were very happy. Believe to me, we will be necessarily happy, because we will be together. Love washing, I cannot so to live more, knowing, that you so are far from me. But I will wait, because I know, that you do everything that I was happy. I very much love you and I wait for your answer.
Yours for ever Diana.

Letter 2

Hello my love Mike.
How are you? I hope at you all well. My love, I is again happy to see from you the letter. Your letters to me bring every day pleasure. I wish again and to receive them again. I wish again and to speak to you again. That I very strongly love you. I do not have not enough only your letters. I want more. I wish to be with you. I very much would like to be with you nearby. I cannot transfer you the desire words. Simply I love you Mike. I love you, and I cannot live without you day. My love very strong to you. I love you very strongly. I all time think of you. I all time represent ours with you meetings. As though I would like to be near to you. I would like, that you have felt all my love to you. I want, that you as strongly loved me, as well as I love you. I think of you always. In the morning when I wake up, I think of that, you have written me the letter or not. And I would like to read more likely it. When I sleep, in a dream I wish to be with you. And in a dream I always with you. Because I love you. And all my dreams it is my big love to you. Only I think of you, only with you I wish to be. Only with you I wish to be a number. Only you are necessary to me. I more wish to see nobody near to you. Because my heart belongs only to you. Only you can make so that I was happy. At the same time and I will do all. That you were happy with me. Only you my love. All my thoughts only about you. They only for you. All my love is intended you. I cannot live without you. Because I cannot store such love in myself. I wish to share the love with you. I love only you, and only you in my heart. Anybody is more and never can live in my heart. My heart is literally pulled out from a breast when I read your letters. I hope, that we with you soon will together. I very strongly would like it. I want, that you have understood me. I want, that you have presented to yourself, how much strongly I love you. My heart always says to me that I should be only with you. Because my heart will simply break without you. It will simply die without you. Because it completely belongs to you. My love to you present and it does not know limits. If I had wings I necessarily would arrive to you. But I not a bird, I cannot fly. But I above all wish to be with you. You - the most expensive, that at me are in this life. Because I love you. I love you simply to madness. I cannot tell to you words that occurs now to me. I all burn from desire to be with you. I burn from passion to you. It so. I wish to be yours and only yours. I wish to appear in your hands. I want, that would press me to myself. I wish to feel, how your heart near to me fights. I wish to fall in your embraces. I wish to sink in your eyes. I wish to fall asleep in pleasure from ours with you of love. I will love you very gently. I want, that you loved me as. I will be with you always. I will do everything that to you it was better. Because I love you Mike. And I want, that you had all the best that to you it was good. I want, that we with you have felt together the big passion to each other. I wish to wake up because, that you gently kiss me. I wish to be with you. You understand it? When we with you already will be together? I wish to be yours. I want it. My love, I love you for ever. You for ever in my thoughts, my memory. I simply go mad about you. I cannot live so long. Because my love to you does not give me rest. I cannot easy sleep, because you always with me. I cannot sleep, because I think of you. Thoughts go one for another, and I cannot stop them. I already represent, as I with you will be gentle. I think of it. I think, as you too think of it. You want with me a meeting? You wish to appear in my embraces? You wish me to kiss? If you want it, why we with you yet together? I consider, that there is nothing above love. The love decorates the person. I wish to receive from you a kiss. I wish to feel, that you with me nearby. My darling, I on it should finish the letter. I very much wish to receive from you the letter tomorrow. Because I love you. I miss you. I do not have not enough you. I would give much what to be with you nearby. I love you. I wait for your letter.
With love yours Diana.