Scam letter(s) from Khadeeja Obeidi to Ibro (Jordan)

Letter 1
My name is Khadeeja Obeidi From LIBYA am single, i am contacting you base on trust, I want propose to you to be the love of my life, I took my time to communicate with you on line still remains the fastest way of communication so i do not have a choice rather than trying with this medium am presently in United Nations Camp at this moments, Am seeking for the true love of my life . The right man that will get back my life and be with me forever,Tell me more about yourself, I better stop here until i receive your positive response.
Khadeeja Ati Obeidi.
Letter 2
Dear ,
Am very excited and happy to read from you today , I need true love and care in my life . I tell you am presently in United Nation Camp , Because of war in Libya.... Muammar Gaddafi ex - president of Libya killed all my family 1 year ago am the only survived the attack because i was not with my family on that very day.i want to get my life back to normal start a new life with you because i don't want to go back to Libya , I can be killed too .... I don't want to die. I want to start a good relationship and want to start my life with you, I want you to protect and love me , Please tell me more about yourself and about your work . I want to know if you are ready to have me in your life. i want to be with you .Insha Allah .here in the camp we are not allow to have a phone , i can use the united nation phone place to call you because i have 5 minutes to call every week , I dont know the UN camp address because of security reason , am here for them to protect my life..... I want you to help me receive my family valuables in Safe House which contain sum of $10 millions US Dollars, Safe House dont know my valuables contain money.. i tell you this because i trust and want to be with you forever , this is a top secret , You know am in refugee camp i cant receive all my valuables myself because i dont have a house now and i cant afford to pay for the shipments cost to you. I want to know if you capable to received the Valuables for me and you capable to pay the charges to deliver to your house.. I will be very happy . I will come over to start my life with you.... My love you are my only hope in life and my joy insha allah.. Please help me .... Am waiting for your message my love.
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