Letter(s) from Mercy Thomas to Alvaro (USA)

Letter 1

How are you doing ?? Its so nice to hear from you on here.You sound interesting and intelligent , And i will like to get to know u more better and see where relationship leads to cos i want more than a friendship between you and i , i thought you are not interesting in me now i could seen the truthness and seriousness of you despite you didn't see me on flirtomatic site you still sached all over the site till you found me on facebook site thanks alot am so gratefull i can see that you are the kind of serious man around the world i give respect to you.You really does what i dont think that a man can do, i left online dating cos of unseriousness people that av meet on every site i just came to check my mail yesterday that was where i saw your mail from face book also the samething to day...You really do sound like a real man that knows what he wanted in a woman , And I am really interested in getting to know u more better .... I believe distance means nothing in a relationship when both heart and souls were together ,Well baby i just want you to know am a God fearing lady with Good heart, Am honest lady u can trust and believe in..i hope you dont mind abt the distances betweens us? I believe as times goes by and we get to know each other , If things can work out we can plan on how to meet each other in person and see where the relationship leads to .. And here is a little about me..........I'm Mercy by name My middle name is Gift.. MERCY was given to me by my Dad while Gift was given to me by my Mom just because am the only child.... Am 31years old ,I'm Single , Never married , no kids I am 5'8fit tall ... 125lbs.. I am simple, a good listener, Honest person, Caring heart,Loving mind, Intelligent woman, Loyal person, Kind person,Genuine, Hard Working Thoughtful,Faithful...I like to read, dance , swims , listen to musics watch movies .I am mixed born by white and black .My Dad is from HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA USA and my Mom is from NIGERIA, I am presently now in lLONDON with my Grandmother since i lost my parents, well i do hope u dont care abt the distance, because am not here for games , i have been hurt here and i dont want tht to happpen to me anymore, well u might be thinking some negative things abt me..but i want u to stop tht , am not here for games, or fooling me, and am not into head games.... ...I am a Graduate frm the Intercontinental University in South Florida in South Florida .. I major in nursing , But i am not working presently now in London . .coz all the people i meet here to help me were asking me for sex and i cannot do that .. Thats why things are alittle bit hard for me here ,And i hope to come back to the state soon ...I am an easy going lady who enjoys outdoor activities like basket ball,swimming, and walking. Indoors, I like to play pool, read books, watch TV, do some cooking such as Chinese or african, ballroom or swing dancing are my passion, but my true love are the latin rhythms. I exercise everyday but I'm not a fanatic...My favourite colour is Blue and White . I appreciate a good adventure movie once in a while. I like to see the sunset whenever I can and a nice long walk on the beach.so i will like to know if you are my ideal first date. so also We should have some things in common, the more the better. If I like you I will tell you and I would hope you can do the same for me. We must be able to carry on a good conversation and communicate with each other. I hope he likes to go out for a romantic dining experience and dancing afterwards. he must like to shop and find a good bargain.He must be Low maintenance man, deserving the prince label, not all quirked out, hopefully cute, loves children, may well have some of his own. His pictures are current and his mind is open to growth.He must be open and honest. The key to a flawless relationship is open communication and honesty on both sides,i need someone that can treat me the way they would want to be treated,and that is with honesty,care,and love..Someone who enjoys the outdoors,like a barn fire on a star lit night on a blanket,or to just cuddle up and watch a movie ...... E-mail me and tell me everything about yourself .. And also send me some more pics of you .. And tell me what you are looking for in a Woman..Hope to hear from u


Letter 2

i got your message thanks

Letter 3

Hi love here is how i lost my parent,we all traveled to Nigeria for welding ceremony of a friend of my daddy on our way coming robber was attack us while they shut them down i crying crying and crying may be my parent will be woke up but nothing like that my honey that how i lost my parents since then have been with my grandma in UK cos she based in UK but since then things is not getting better for me cos i always think about my parents cos i need there support ,that is why am looking for someone serious in relationship at list if am with him i will find a good job cos am old enough not getting younger any more and you the same way cos you are not getting younger too very soon my grandma will be back to Nigeria permanently but only me can not be staying in UK i love you

Letter 4

honey am very glad to heard from you my love how is work today hope it ok by you,how are your younger ones hope their all fine.I just want you to know that am totally missed you everyday,feel like to be with you to give you everything that god give to me to make you know that you are kindly to me ,you are mothan love in my heart I dream of you everyday, it happened to me the way it happened to you, the exact it happened to me here the decision is with you honey but I want to make a sujection while I want you to think about it.I have been discuss this with my grand mother since three days now by telling her that i can wait to see you while I want to come to you,but I want you to give me permision to make an enquiry for the plane ticket,I have passport I will like to hear back reply soon from you love you

Letter 5

I miss you my darling, as I always do. I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter, and I can smell the scent of you alway when i look iing into your eyes,picture always atttract me it given me the inspiration of been with you always honey who will be the man if you are not, your handsomeness always make me proud of you and your trusted in me made everything easy for me ,my love for you is endless love.I went to the plane agent while they let me know that the amount for the ticket is $120,000 please honey I know it does not easy but just try all your possible best,am not saying now but if you can be keep the money for ticket for me whenever it complete you should tell me and send it for me and I will be prepared as soon as you alert me love you forever and ever

Letter 6

Hello honey it is when you fulfil your promise by making me be there with you paid the fund to my agent and let me out of thinking every day if you know you really love me true your heart. You are there doing some other things which are neccesary to you than me ? while am not important to you? if you know that am very very important to you send the flight fund to my agent by next week wednesday if you do not make it i will do any thing I want from my self because I have nobody except you many people from the site we meet mail me direct from the site but since I have seen someone that I need to spend the rest of my life with which is you that is why i mail the site operator that I don't want to received any message from their site any more why the site was blocked since then I have no grace of recieced any message from any body because of you am gething older not gething younger and you also so, why are you wasting my time? when you know you don't want me and you are not yet ready i told you what you can do to make me be there with you go to bank and take loan there to join the one you have with you then you send it to my agent when i be there with you I will give support to you to pay off every thing.I know you have no fault its my parent that I lost that is the reason, all the money is nothing to me i swear how much is $1200 if you lost me it is going to pain you I swear better find some things to do before then,am tired of loneliness.

Letter 7

Honey Good morning how you doing ,how was your night hope you have wonderful dream with me? because i do so My Love, i went to the air port yesterday because it was the day they told me to come for the all details, I asked them How much it will cost to these , but I was told both the Terminal Fees and Vaccination Certificate is going to cost the sum of 800usd .....honey mine , as soon as I pay this , I will get on Plane and be in your arms ,and here is the Flight details and you can know what time to Pick me up at the Airport .. I really can't wait to be with you and hold you in my arms and never let you go .. Honey , do try and get this send it to my agent as soon as Possible , so that I can finally secure the Flight for Friday. Alright ... I love u so much with all my heart and am so much appreciate all you have done for me, I promise I will never let you down and you will never regret a day of having me in your life .. Do take good care of yourself for me and have a wonderful day ahead.. I will hope to hear from you as soon as possible ...love you so much honey mine
Stay Blessed

Love always

Letter 8

hello honey mine i love you all the time i look onto your pics in my room because i print them out ,l love you am about to go to the airport now and i will ,let you know when am going to be there with you i will send it to you honey mine i cant wait to see you

Letter 9

Hello mr alvaro how you doing hope your day is good with you I got your reply in my mail box , mercy is not in good condition to the extent that you can talk to her through communication , here is our hospitals name New victorial hospital uk but we do use online call which SIP relay ,her best friend said she doesn't want any brake up between her best friend because they don't give out there phone number to any others except her own boy friend she is sorry to say that to you. I hope you understand what the girl is trying to saying please try to understand please because I was upset with her when I had that from her but when the girl finished talking I go back to my office and think about it but don't worry your self ok mercy will soon be alright I will have say that you should talk to her grandmother but she is not feeling fine since when she had that mercy got an accident only thing that can solve this is to get the money which the balance is 2000usdl
mr alvaro if I were you I will try all I can do to make sure that this girl is back to normal position.your love is your love mercy is pretty lady which has god fearing according to what I had from her best friend that mercy realy love you than her that is why,this girl has try all she can do any thing because of mercy staying with mercy always I don't know may be you will prefared her email address hope I can tell her to mail you through her email address for you to know how your lovers health it is