Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Rybakova to Edward (Canada)
Letter 1
Good day! My name Maria. I look for the man for the serious relations. Be not surprised to mine the letter as I your mailbox to me gave in agency of acquaintances. I and honest say at once to you that it not fraud.
I really look for the serious man for the serious relations and creation a family. I would like to begin with you communication and I will be glad, if you write on my mail box. But I should warn at once you that the serious real man who will love me is necessary to me and we can establish a family.
I will a little tell about myself: I am 31 years old and I lonely, I very simple and consequently with me easy to communicate. We will recognize each other in the following the letter if certainly you answer me.
I hope soon to receive from you the answer. My e mail:
Bay. Maria.
Letter 2
My full name Maria Rybakova. I live in Russia.
Russia it so is far from you, but presently, the distance doesn't exist.
For me the pleasure will get acquainted with the person from other country.
I always dreamed to get acquainted the foreigner. Tell to me about itself, I will be glad to know about you. If you can, send me the photo, for me it will be pleasant to look at your photo, I send you the photo, and I think that it to be pleasant to you.
You want to know why I write to you, many girls from Russia found the happiness in other country, and get acquainted with foreigners through the Internet, and find happiness. And I have decided to find the person abroad. I thought of it much, and have resolutely written you the letter. I studied English language, and I have chosen your country.
I make some mistakes, I apologize, I will try to write without errors.
I to you will tell a little bit about myself, I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke and I do not drink.
I didn't have many men.
My dear I was born and I live in city Kazan, it is a republic Tatarstan city.
This very beautiful place. To us to a city often there come tourists. Now our city has strongly changed, the city became more beautiful and better. We have many beautiful places.
What your city? I have asked you questions, and I think that at you time we will answer them.
I will be glad see your following letter. I think that my friendship to you will interest, and we will communicate.
I hope for it. I will wait the letter.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend!!
It to see how are you? very pleasant for me your letter. I even thought that you won't answer me my letter, but I am glad that you have written to me. Thanks for the letter. Today I have received the letter and as soon as I had a free time, I write to you to the answer. I to you want to tell more about myself.
You already know that to me of 31 years. On july, 23th 1980. Mine of the zodiac a scorpion.
When you were born, tell to me. It is very interesting to me. My growth of 169 centimeters if I am not mistaken at you other system of measures, but I don't know how many will be in foots. I think that you can translate it. My weight of 56 kg.
My nationality - Russian. My religion the Christian. What religion at you? I wasn't married, I didn't have children.
I speak to you that I want to find the husband in your country, but we should learn each other better.
Write to me more about itself, for me it will be pleasant to learn about you. We should learn more in each letter.
I think that you agree with me!
I the romantic person, and I searched always for the romantic person. But searches haven't justified me, I haven't found such person. Possibly we will once together, I hope for it.
I always wanted to have the child, I dreamed to have the boy and the girl. From darling. But such important both partners should solve the decision.
I in a family one, at me wasn't present sisters or brothers. I always dreamed to have the brother or the sister.
I studied at institute. On the bookkeeper.
Now I work in small firm on the bookkeeper. My dear Ed I write to you from the house at me there is a house computer, he has bought very old, this computer from me still my father. My dear as today your day?
My dear I to you will tell about the parents, my father call Victor, it works as the driver in the public bus.
My mum, her name Olga. We don't have many relatives, I have a grandmother which lives in the country, we go to it, I very much love it.
Tell to me about the family, what your hobbies? You have pets? I have a cat. You were in other country?
I wasn't outside of Russia. My dream to visit Europe or your country. What you like to do? We with girlfriends go on a disco. But it occurs not often. I like to prepare very much, I prepare is very tasty, I always do a house supper.
I think that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I wait your letter.
Transfer mine a congratulation and the best a wish to a family.
Your new Russian girlfriend Maria.
Letter 4

Hello my friend.
Thanks for your letter. It for me very much that our relations proceed, and we learn each other more and more.
I am glad to read your letter. How are you?
Ed, you know, I have met yesterday the good girlfriend, and we with it sat in cafe and talked to it, and I have told that have got acquainted with you. It is glad for me very much, she wishes me with you friendship and long relations.
I to you will tell about the favourite things, I hope it it will be interesting. You like to go to the cinema?
I very much like to go to the cinema, I often want at cinema to watch interesting films. Often I watch house film, it to be pleasant to me as "the Lord of rings". I looked all parts of a film. These are very interesting and fascinating cinema. What to be pleasant to you films? I like to listen to music and Russian and English. From the Russian groups it to be pleasant to me ' Splin ', ' Ariya ", you heard about such groups? It was in your country. You know about what Russian groups, can at us there will be identical favorite bands. Sometimes I listen to classical music.
Very much to be pleasant to me Beethoven. Tell to me about your inclinations for music.
If you tell to me it will be very pleasant to know about it what to you to be pleasant music.
My friend, I want to ask you about your phone number and your address if I have a possibility I I will call to you, but now I don't have phone.
I will send you the address: City Kazan, Republic Tatarstan,street builders, the house 11, apartment 25. Write me the address and the phone of number, I will be glad to it. I want to send you a photo. I hope to you this photo pleasantly. I want to finish the letter, today I have set to you many questions, I think you can answer my questions. We should learn more about the friend the friend. In my head there are many questions. I transfer you the a congratulation.
I wish your of good luck. I look forward to hearing from you.
Your Russian girlfriend Maria!!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!
Thanks for the answer. How are you? For me it is always very pleasant to receive from you the letter, to me it is pleasant that you answer me. We I with you friendship proceeds, and your letters are necessary for me.
My friend, yesterday I has told to parents that I have a friend, they have been surprised, but they are glad that I have such friend as you. They have asked about you, I it have told that very worthy and decent person. My parents love me and worry for me.
They have transferred you a congratulation. I am glad that all proceeds well, and we learn each other.
I think that we will learn each other e-mail. And all will be as it should be. I to you will tell about myself as, I want that you knew about me. I to you will tell the hobbies: To me to be pleasant to look female magazines.
I like to read about a fashion. I have some collection of magazines.
What hobby at you?
I have a big dream, my friends have cars and they go by the car, I never drove the car. Also I want to drive the car, I think that at me is dream once to be executed. You drive the car?
My favourite color dark green. It reminds me summer. In the summer I often go on the river.
I like to swim, to you to be pleasant to swim?
My dear tell to me about your work? I work 6 days in a week.
My dear on it I will finish the letter.
I will wait for your letters. Sincere your Maria
Letter 6
Hello my dear!!!
I have received your answer and as always was glad to it, I am happy to your words.
I want to tell to you that your letters of a steel for me an important part in lives, your letters to me help me to live, I rejoice when I see your letter. When to me it is bad and I don't have mood, I re-read your letter, and to me to become more joyfully. When I receive your warm letters, I on the person have a smile.
Now I can't without your letters. we learn each other all better, and you for me became closer.
Very much to be pleasant to me our relations.
I love summer, you love summer? At this time I try to take vacation and to have rest.
In the summer I happen in village at the grandmother. There it is very beautiful, there very much it is pleasant to me.
I spend all the day, having rest, I sunbathe. I like to bathe, as nearby is small river and I want there.
Here there are many birches, you saw birches? Our country and our wood it is connected with birches and bears.
Tell to me as you have a rest? How you spend the days off?
We the relation for me become more than friendship, I feel that your letters and words which are necessary for me.
I so dream that we the relation proceeded. You are pleasant to me very much. My friends and parents wish me happiness with you, and I am grateful to them for it.
My dear friend, I will look forward your letter. For me it will be very pleasant to receive yours the letter.
I think of you! I send you warm kisses.
Letter 7
Hello my dear!!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter again. I wait your letter every day.
And when I see your letter I rejoice to it. As it is pleasant to me to read your letter.
I am very glad that in my life there were you, you became necessary for me.
You for me became necessary as the breath of life. How are you? As at you there weather?
I want to learn from you, I was never in other country, you were in other countries? I was only in Moscow.
It is very beautiful city. There there are many museums and monuments. For me was pleasure to be in Moscow, there it is very beautiful. I saw some foreigners there. I wasn't in other countries, and necessarily I want to visit other country, I want and I dream to see other country, to see as they there live also what traditions at them and cultures. Tell to me what cultures at you? Ed it will be interesting to me to learn about it, it is interesting to me to learn in other countries about their traditions.
How today there was your day? Ask me any questions, I will answer you them.
I wish you successful day and evening.
My dear on it my letter will be ended.
I with impatience will wait your letter.
With kisses Ia?ey.
Letter 8
Hello my most dear man! I in the seventh sky from Happiness, from your warm words in your last letter! I feel, that we are not indifferent also my heart is pleased.
After your last letter I long time reflected above our acquaintance through the Internet, on you, about your letters and on us. And I have understood, that I I can not live without your letters, and certainly without you, mine! At a leisure all my ideas only about you. I feel, that we Are created the friend for the friend! Probably, it - love? But as still It is possible to name my feelings to you! Yes, yes my dear! You have correctly understood me ,I have fallen in love with you Very strongly! This feeling has come to me so quickly and Unexpectedly, that I cannot trust in it. I want to tell To you, that I love you, my dear!
I love you all my heart and soul! I very much during long time did not test similar feelings. And Hence I felt emptiness in my soul without love. But now my soul Sing with happiness, from love to you! It to not explain words! I hope, you understand me and test to me the same warm feelings, just as I!My life began similarly to a fairy tale, and I want, that this fairy tale did not come to an end!
Therefore for the sake of our love I am ready on all: to leave my family, girlfriends, to give up work and to arrive to you, the my dear friend. As I very much want to be with you, to feel your breath, your embraces! Ed, and I hope, that you also want it. I believe, that if very strongly to want that - that, it will necessarily be carried out! And if our desire is mutual, we necessarily shall together! It is the truth? But I would like to ask you one very important question for me: you have or write another To the woman, except for me? I hope, you will sincerely answer me this question because I do not want to be deceived again. I very much I love you, and to me it will be very bad, if you deceive me in ours relations. We should trust each other. It so, my dear? I want To tell to you, that many men try to get acquainted with me. But they Are not interesting to me and are not good, because all my ideas only About you. Now for me the most important in my life - you! And Nobody is necessary for me, if not you, my dear Ed. But unique a thing which connects us and our feelings - our electronic letters. And I so love you. And separation without you becomes for me intolerable. I very much suffer without you, my fine. Therefore I am ready to arrive to you, to your country what to be close to you and to love you. My dear, what you think of it? I have told to parents about my feelings To you, also that I want to be with you and to leave them, for the sake of you.
They have been a little surprised, that I want to leave all and to leave to you. But they see, how I am happy, as I want to to be with you, and it for them the most important. My parents want, that I was happy, for them this main thing. My parents hope, that I have made a correct choice. Also they understand what to live in Russia very difficultly, and that you do not want to move to our country.
Therefore they have no any objections, that I have left to you. Certainly they will miss me, but all the same they are glad, that I have such person as you.You too want, that I have arrived to you???
I cannot without you and you are necessary for me.
Today I meet Sveta. She more skilled in affairs of trip abroad. She will tell to me more and more in detail. She already went to Italy, and I think that she will help me with all documents which will be necessary for me. As soon as I learn all, I at once shall write to you. Well, my loved?
My dear, at me very unpleasant conversation on work yesterday was. You remember I wrote to you, what not everyone concern well to our love. We have one woman, her name Natasha. We yesterday have a little sworn with her. She has told, that all men promise women beautiful life and love in words. And actually all differently. And she has told, that you not exception. What is the words which you speak me, it is simple words. But I do not believe her. She I think, that she simply envies me. I very strongly was upset from her words. I have told to her, that her words dirty lie!!! In fact I am right my dear?
In fact all that you write to me the truth? You love me? I do not know, why Natasha so badly thinks of men.
But I do not believe her. We have sworn with Natasha and have told each other many mucks. I do not want to communicate with this person more. I know, that you love me and that I am necessary for you.
My love, on it I shall finish my letter to you. But in the conclusion of my love letter to you, I would like to write to you this remarkable poem of English poet R.Bernsa. O my love a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June: O my love is like the melodie That's sweetly play'd in tune. As fair art thou, my bonie lass, So deep in love am I: And I will love thee still, my dear, Till a ' the seas gang dry Till a ' the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt wi ' the sun. And I will love thee still, my dear While the sands o ' life shall run. And fare thee weel, my only love, And fare thee wee a while! And I will come again, my love Tho ' it ten thousand mile!
Good-bye, my dear and loved! I very strongly love you! Take care!
Letter 9
Hi once again my dear!
I am strongly glad to see your letter and as it is glad that you so have quickly answered me. I could arrive to you and would be very glad to see you. Yes than to write it is a lot of many letters, all the same very well not we will the nobility each other we will not meet yet. I learned through the Internet how many will be for me cost all documents to arrive to you, it will be there are 190 euros. My dear I will ask you directly you can help? If yes we precisely in the future together. Simply I don't want to waste time in vain and I want to live with whom as all life I will not live alone. I and to a smog to you to answer today houses immediately. Please write to me at once as will see my letter. Your Maria!
Letter 10
Hi my dear!
I to see glad again your letter and as it is glad that you liked my photos. My dear the total cost that will arrive to me to you to cost 670 euros, it together with the ticket and all. If there will be such sum I of 100 % to you will arrive. Tell please directly you can send that I have arrived? If yes all of us solve also I will tell to you when and in how many I will be at you. I will soon make many photo to you and I will send. I look forward to hearing from you. Your Maria!

Letter 11
Hi my dear!
I am again glad to see your letter! My love at me while isn't present new photos that I could send to you, but I promise that I will soon make and I will send you many photo. My love I think that soon we will meet, you will send 670 euros that I have arrived, tell please directly? As I should to start do documents, to reserve the ticket and to tell to you when and in how many I will be at you that you could meet me. I love you and I wait for your letter. Your true Maria!
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