Scam Letter(s) from Alvina Nelson to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Am Alvina Nelson , I am new to FACEBOOK site , Was checking on profile while i came across ur profile and liked your pic...well am on there to meet a soul mate someone to spend the rest of my life with..someone with no past baggage someone to call my love my husband my one and only my friend my everything..not just looking for someone to talk to, i am looking for a man who is ready for true love someone who is ready to give his heart away for true love to flow in there. someone who can make me happy and make him happy too for the rest of our live. i want a man whom i can rely on trust believe give my heart and body with soul to..i would really love to know more about you and see if we are both looking for the same thing in a relationship. please send me about yourself in full with some pics if you can and i will do the same asap. i am ready to give it a try and make it work between us if your what am looking for your response will let me know ....i know FACEBOOK site seems not to be for straight people but i know no matter what i can still find my own man even in the midst of the bad once there must be a good one so am giving this a try am not here for games am a straight woman who is new to this dating thing but i can make the very best out of it so please get back to me via my email address or IM me on alvina_nelson and i will reply asap

God Bless You

Alvina Cares...

Letter 2

Good Day ,

How are you doing? This is Alvina . I am interested in knowing more about you. How are you doing today? Here are a little about me and i Hope you will Enjoy to communicate more with me and see where it will lead us too......

Thanks for the e-mail and i think you are cute. I would love to build a relationship with you,So i decided to tell you more about me.We know what we want, but how do we know if that is what we need?:) No idea here, just wondering.:) No need on the photographs, I'm more concerned with who you are. Although you live a far way from me, for that special person, it wouldn't matter.


I was born in BALTIMORE MARYLAND. Do you know the area?, in the year 1977 on the 19th of June which makes me 34yrs of age single with no kids and searching for a man of my own but I am not new to serious relationship though. I lived most of my life in SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA United State where I had most of my educational Background before moving to the University Of CALIFORNIA in the year 1996 to study for 3-4 years. My Dad work in an Gold firm Before he Pass Away as well....I like it in the state its cool hope to be there someday ...What makes me stand out from the crowd, except my good looks? My openness, sincerity, eagerness to learn something new, ability to work hard and master my skills, I am a woman from a Christian home. I am always patient and easy-going. Creativity is another strong point of mine. I am not just a someone with interest and just fun loving, but someone with feelings also looking for someone I can share my feelings with and it has to be someone meant for me cause my feelings was toyed with once before so I wouldn't Love that to occur again. But am in UNITED KINGDOM right now i hope the distance does not bother you ? when i find the right man of my life i will relocate to him and spend the rest of my life with him, Grandma has been taking care of me since when i lost my father and this is the time for me to take care of her and look after Her. Beginning to think the chances of finding the right person make the odds of winning the lottery seem like a dead cert. But it's one of the reasons If I like the profile that is written, I reply regardless. Please send me some more pictures of you too and let me know the things you like in a woman,so are you married before?do you have kids?how old are you?do you like my picture? I am not claiming to be your Mrs Right (but I could be and would love to be), all I know is I am someone's Mrs Right. I don't know if you are him, but really liked what you wrote in your profile.I believe that love doesn't read forms, like we fill in on this site but follows it's own agenda. (Oh yeah and I would really like to get my hands on whoever designed the form. I mean if ever anything should be user friendly, this is it.) Every time I tick a box, expressing preference I could be taking one step further away from that perfect (for me) person.
How about good conversation, relaxed, spirited discussions about a variety of subjects? Of course I will try to make you laugh, most likely at me, and I will join in too.:)


I wrote this poem a while ago about talking and listening. It describes a bit about me, but also a bit about the person (subtly) I am looking for.

Dear Mister
When people try to communicate
Perhaps they should pause not hesitate,
To try and ensure that they are understood
Because it is our responsibility and we should!
So think about what was said
Do not mouth platitudes and nod your head.
Instead, listen and give due consideration
To the thoughts expressed or hypothecation.
For to stand there pointlessly talking at a person
About issues of import or maybe just fashion.
When all the time they stand there too
Just as busily talking back at you.
This seems such a waste of effort and time expended.
When nothing was learnt and everything depended
On an understanding being achieved
And the views expressed to be sympathetically received.
Finally, remembering to pause for a listen and a think is a must!
It gives an important chance to build friendship and trust!
Otherwise you are like ships that pass in the night
Or like two planes passing within the others sight!***


Hope you liked it???, but no matter if not, what I write will not appeal to everyone, nor will some people like all my poetry. I am honest ,loving,truthful,faithful,loyal,decent,trustful,God fearing, caring and have good sense of humor love to meet a man that is honest,loyal,decent,handsome,God fearing,caring and have good sense of humor.I enjoy cooking most of the time, washing up is a necessary evil lol, snuggled up with a DVD, alternatively going out to the cinema a meal be it casual or somewhere chic with nice food, wine, and that special person; and meeting new people. My friends are all married and seldom go out, so I just drop in on them and create havoc.: P...Am a girl that love going to outing like fishing,camping,going to movies shows,love going to party and have some fun,love to reading novels, dancing and i love traveling and meeting real people. e.t.c. I like to keep busy, not necessarily physically, but my writing takes up quite a lot of time. Sitting in front of the TV letting my brains dribble out of my ears (i haven't got any to spare lol) is not something I'm suited too.I love the countryside, it brings a calmness of spirit that is hard to equal in any other setting.Started taking more exercise again, after getting out of the habit for a couple of years, badminton and tennis used to be what I liked.Would like to take dancing lessons, ever since I watched strictly come dancing, looks great fun, plus will have the benefit of improving my atrocious dancing...I will be waiting for you to write back and tell me all i need to know about you, kisses to you and have a great day....bye for now...Will like to chat more... I will like you to tell me more about yourself, Cos I really want to know everything about you and Start getting to know each Other.


Here is a Version of the Bible where i want you to read......1st Corinthians Chapter 13 vs 1 TO THE END. Waiting to hear from you about you and pics of you. Have a nice time and God Bless you..Your Number 1 Fan.


Letter 3

i composed the note for you Michael... take your time to read and reply me back with more about yourself..

Letter 4

Hi Michael,

How i want our home to be like together as one family and one soul. Thanks so much for your kinda response. I sat down and think about all you said in your email and it really make me understand the facts that there is still more good man out there hidden somewhere under the planet. I so much have a strong believe that my own man will be my man and not someone else's man because we will so much understand each other believe in one another trust each other love one another regardless whatever anyone says or do to depart us. Although truly they might be the bad ones out there but my man would take me as part of his body and soul believe in my words and take my word as strong as rock love me undiluted pamper me like a new born baby . All i have just said here i am giving more than this to my man. I have read your email and it really make me feel like am missing someone like you in my life. I was born and brought up from a Christian home before the demise of my parents and i know and value my man as my mother thought me to be. I believe in God so much that i know that whenever he is ready to make one happy he does it without listening to human being. He has his plans and wish for us in life same happens to you too. I will always adore my man and believe in him as the word says two heads are better than one. which means two lovers, couples are better than a single person. i do believe that there are a lot of people under this universe whom are bad and same as the ones whom are good so i pray for the caring one good one loving one sincere one understanding one. a man who will be my hero who will be beside me now and ever who will cherish me and love me countless. who will never let me think of not having parents or shed tears for no reason.

About My Marital Home

I want to have a good marital Home. I want to give my man what he wants morning ,noon , and night. I want us to be happy together live in peace and harmony. i will always be a good wife i want my man to be a reasonable and listening type someone who would call me whenever he is tensed and weak and needs my advice. i will always show my man respect in our home. i will never let him regret having me as a wife I love children and never will let them go astray or waywardly. will always make my home clean and make everyone happy till the end of our time. I would give our children best of education in life and make them becos someone important in life. I would love to always go to the beach holding hands with my husband kissing in the public. i would like to take children out to movies weekend and do gathering in the house have a table for us as one family . I will make sure my home is in peace love and harmony.

I will like you to reply me too and tell me how u want your family to be like and if am the kind of woman you like and want to settle down with . then we can move further also it would be nice to chat with you so we can keep talking and get intimate.

Alvina Sincerely Cares

Letter 5

happy easter to you too, really would love to chat with you better, give me your yahoo messenger address so ii can add you then we chat better and see how it goes between us



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