Scam Letter(s) from Kerry Ayo to Ron (USA)

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Letter 1

Pantheon Boulevard,
PB. Local 6 / PO Box 5156,
Carmelites 1010-A, Caracas, Venezuela
Tel: +584142894366

I am sending you this massage with due respect to who it may concern about a lady called miss kerryayo, who was suppose to be on the a flight (united airline ) heading out from Caracas, Venezuela (CCS) to Dallas - Love Field, TX (DAL) this morning a lady on a seat number 1045 , name Kerry ayo , was ask to move down from the flight due to lack of BASIC Travel allowance, which the Federal Government of Venezuela note down for any one who is using a venezuela passport that anyone that is going out of country to another country using the country passport most have a balance traveler allowance on them due to the fact that most country citizenship are moving to United State and Canada to declare them-self as a refugee , and most people in the country today in venezuela the earth quake that take place in Haiti few years back while most of the citizen of Haiti was move to difference kind of country while some re move here and some where move to Canada and united state, and most country are having a over population of people declaring themselves as a refugee that the major fact while most country as declare a basic traveler allowance should be in-case you don't know the meaning of the (B.TA.) it called a basic traveler allowance so out of the total passenger on the flight this morning we have about total passenger of 210 passengers on the flight and about 56 peoples where ask to move down from the flight due the the fact that they didn't ave the BTA on them which the bta is not money they are going to spend or paying it out, bet we as a supervisor of the federal government where kept over to all the airport and all the airline to make sure we ave every passenger on the flight to record them with the balance Travel allowance that every passenger is take out of the country other wise they will be ask to move down from the plan if we find out that any passenger didn't have the B.T.A on them as we have explain to Miss Kerry , which she refuse and she started crying at the airport and refuse to go and off load are suitcase,because the government as place a law down on every airport that anyone leaving the country at list most ave the maximum and minimum of 5000 us dollars on them in their hand bag , and if our supervisor that is checking the B.T.A ask for the B.T.A everyone inside the plan will show their B.T.A and our supervisor can count it and issued them a B.T.A. Slip .

The B.T.A is not meant for any payment or spending or for anything no body is collecting the money from is just the money that was ask that everyone as to show before leaving the country. and not we are not COLLECTING THE MONEY FROM ANY OF THE PASSENGER AND EITHER THE PASSENGER them self are spending it over here, because the money is not for spend or for any payment what they just want to see is that everyone is capable to go to another country without declaring them self as a refugee.i want you to know that when i spoke to miss Kerry Ayo she just crying and she wanted to make sure that if i can talk to someone who is expecting her which is you when she told me that she wanted to go and meet his husband which is Mr Ron, i had to ask for your full contact information that i could try and explain this to you myself, but she told me that you both have try alot so much to come up with all the fess to get her to the point where she suppose to leaver today so i had to feel her pain and her worried so i told her that is she can come up with (3000 dollars ) with her for the flight that i could make sure that i give her the B.T.A Slip and all she would just do is to keep that 3000 dollars in her handbag and if any one come inside the plan to tell her to show up her B.T.A money that she was going to state with she can just show up the B.T.A. and once you people get together in Dallas then you can collect the money back from her or leave it with her because the B.T.A is not for any spending over here and she most not spend it for any reason because that as to get to state with her, because it not possible for anyone to leave her country with an empty handed , and the government believe that if someone as at list 5000 dollars on them before the Travel out they will find it hard to go to the refugee camp to declare themselves as refugee .
Please find away to get in-contact with her and try to make her understand because from the way am seeing this lady she was deeply worried she was just crying at the airport and you have to talk to her to calm her down because we have try and she refuse and the flight as already left most of the passengers that where ask to move down some ave gone up to get the money together and they can be on the next flight.
Note : nobody will be ask for any missing flight charge because the airlines were doing some compensation for passengers and that will stop on January 10th of 2012.
Should be in-case you write back to me and i didn't get back to you on time you should know that we are very very busy but will write you back .
We are sorry for the inconvenient .

Isp Refugee.



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