Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Kovaleva to John (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello, I returned home only yesterday evening, so, I'm writing you just now and not earlier. Thanks for the pics, most of all I liked the last one.:-) I like your attitude to life. I'm writing and smiling now when I imagine your joyful life:-) Of course, I'd like to meet with you, I can't miss the chance to get acquainted with such an optimistic man:-)
I see you did some work about the house on a weekend, but did you celebrate Halloween with kids? Did you have much fun with your brother? It's not in Ukrainian traditions to do this, but this time I did:-) While visiting granny I met with my friends from childhood with which I played every summer when I was a pupil girl. Some of the live there and other came for a weekend. There were 5 of us. So, we met at one girl's flat, cooked a pie from pumpkin, made several cold snacks, disguised ourselves as different scary personages ( I was a mummy:-). After having fun at home we went to visit neighbours with words:"Treat or trick!". WE gathered many candies and a bout 150 hrivnas (it's about 15 euro):-). I felt myself like a child and I even didn't feel ashamed:-) it was the first time in my life that I celebrated Halloween like Americans do:-) I wish anybody could took photos of us, but there was no photo camera with that day:-( Ok, enough about that:-) I wish you to have a successful week and don't forget to write me:-)
Some pics for you in return:-) Kisses, Vika.

Letter 2

Hello my dear,
It seems I didn't write you for ages! I really missed you during this weekend. Thanks for sending me a hug. We will know if we're each other's love only when we meet. Some chemistry can be felt only in real. no words can tell us if it's love.
Monday is always rather stressful, but I had a great weekend. As I told you I met with our distant relatives who left for Yakutsk 5 years ago and returned to Ukraine about 1 month ago. Me and my Mom visited them for a weekend. It's a family: a man, a woman and their 22 year old daughter. They changed greatly! They became very confident people, because life in Yakutsk wasn't simple and it made them stronger. The story started when they lost everything in 2006: flat, car, some other property after Oleg's firm (a head of the family) bankrupted. His business failed and his family was in despair. I don't know what did they exactly do in Yakutsk, but during this 5 years they earned enough money to buy a flat, a car and give education to their daughter. It's a good example how people can build their life with their own hands. As we say here:"One who wants finds opportunity and one who doesn't want finds excuses". Did you or any people from your environment have such experience? Anyway, I was really inspired by their experience and I believe everything is possible if there is enough willing and efforts. Do you agree?
Thanks for those lyrics, you have a good taste and I like all the songs you're sending me!
Your story about going to a business trip with your Dad is very funny! I never did such things in my childhood, but I did many other. Like swimming in a fountain, eating the cake my Mom prepared for her birthday, taking a foot trip to another part of the town when I was 6, throwing balloons with water from a balcony and some other things like that:-)
As for the money, I still don't think sending it in a parcel is not good.
I'm a law-abiding citizen and I avoid taking part in things that I forbidden. Sunday evening I had a tea with my neighbor and I told her about us a little. I wanted to boast for knowing a nice man from Canada:-) I told her we're planning to meet, but don't know how to transfer money from Canada to Ukraine. And she told me she used a express system for money transfers Western Union or Money Gram when she got money from her sister from the USA.
She said it's fast and safe. It'll take 15 mins for you to send them and in 30 mins I'll be able to get them with my photo ID. I didn't understand the whole process, but she said there are many offices in all countries of the world. Can you check it? Maybe you'll look in Internet to find this offices in your city?
I will resend you the letters to which I attached those two pis.
Ok, I can't wait to meet you. All your stories made me present in your life and it seems I already started to miss you. Do you feel the same?
Kisses, Vika.

Letter 3

Hello my dear,
I hope you had opportunity to sleep a little more than last night. Your letter was rather intriguing and it seems I understand what you tried to tell me. I'm also very spontaneous when I write to you. I don't think anything over. I don't know what will be the next sentence. It's just as if we were speaking to each other. I agree to try this experiment. But let you be the first one who writes this letter, because I just need an example. Do you agree?
I didn't understand what you meant about picking up the money with my ID.
When I got the money you sent me through Western Union I did this the same way: showed them my photo ID and control number of the transfer.Anyway, we should decide something urgently on this issue. I'm sending you a copy of my passport, I seem to be too strict on it:-)
I'm leaving on December 28 to see our relatives in another town (it's more a village than a town) and will return on January,3. I'm going with my Mom, aunt and cousin. If you send my present in the nearest days from now I will get it in about 2 weeks. So, send it to my Lugansk address.
Before I leave you should know I think of you at least 1 time per hour, so, I make it 24 times a day. I guess my mind thinks of you when I'm sleeping too:-)
Kisses, Vika.

Letter 4

It seems ages passed seems our last talk and it seems I lived the whole life during these two weeks...Many things change in me. Now I get my brains fried with medicines, other wise I will get into hysterics. I had several sessions with psychologist, that's why I feel a little better than 1 week before. The matter is that on January,2 I was mugged, beat and happened during my visit to Russia, there were 3 of them... It was 10 pm and we were returning home with my cousin. A car stopped beside us... Lena was lucky to run away and I was pushed into the car...I don't want to talk about what happened after that. I spent 3 days in the hospital and today is the first day I'm in Ukraine and at home. It seems the whole world changed. I have no thoughts, wishes, feelings. I don't know what to do and where to go...
My head is blowing up. If I don' take medicine I cry all the time. It was hard for me to tell you everything and I would never tell you the details.
Now it seems I will never have any intimacy with a man. I'm trying to forget everything. But too little time passed. Doctor says I will feel totally ok soon if I work with psychologist and take medicines. I want to fall asleep and wake up when everything will go away.
Sean, please, be patient with me. I don't want to loose you, but now I'm at the point where I don't know what I want and don't know what will be in future.
It took me much efforts to write this letter and as usual I re-read it to see if there are any mistakes in it. I still remain a teacher of English...But in all other aspects I don't know who I'm after what happened and if there is still the same "Vika" you talked with last year.

Letter 5

My dear,
Your letters never bore me! Just opposite - your support is very important for me! I'm glad you're not angry about the tickets.
I read your letter yesterday and had opportunity to talk with the agency.
They said if I apply now I will be in time by March,8. But I will need to buy the ticket beforehand and do everything fast with the docs. I will have to get a grip on myself and distract myself from sad thoughts. Now I believe my coming to you will close this sad page in my life. I'd need about 500 USD more to solve this problem with my ticket.
I will never stop saying "thank you". I don't know how deep would I fall in my depression if there was no you in my life.
I know your life is not a paradise and you have to face many every day problems at work, with kids, etc. And among all this mess you found forces to write me right words and be patient. Thank you.
How's your daughter doing? Is it still difficult for you to understand what's going on in her mind and soul?
I know that during this month I totally forgot about all things and people around me. And I was not interested in your life as I was before. But I hope this period is ending and I will become the Vika you knew soon. I continue to work with psychologist and I'm sure in a month when I come to meet you I will feel totally ok.
Many kisses, Vika.

Letter 6

Sorry I didn't write earlier. I'm in stupor since Friday. I already visited psychologist on Friday and today, because I wasn't able to cope with the news I've got to know by myself. On Friday I've got to know I was refused in visa... I will not write much and I will not show my emotions, because I know you're crashed now. I'm at the top of desperation too. Today I told my boss I'm delaying my expected vacation...What will we do now?!
Write me what you think about all this.
Yours Vika.



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