Scam Letter(s) from Milena to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

Wow!! You are an exquisite looking man. So stunning. I was Browsing the site (flirtbox.) and you captured my attention. But then I imagine you have that affect on all women. Would you be interested in corresponding? If you would like to know more about me, please reply to my email. Sincerely, Milena.

Letter 2

Good morningg my dear Frank.

I am always thrilled to receive your e-mail. ;-) I really enjoyed your answer. every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting.
I share your thoughts and i hope that i have the qualities you are searching for in a woman. I believe that love, marriage and family are very important.
I have a few pictures to send you I hope you like them. One photo is made in a photographic studio, second photo by my girlfriend, at my home.

I search for the adult person. I do not search for the young man.
young wish to find only sex and entertainments. I to want to connect destiny with the man of such age as you.
I yearn for the day that I meet someone that has the same desire to build a happy life together. I want a love that is all consuming.
Where the mere though of your mate puts a smile on your face. That each moment away from each other is a bitter-sweet pain that also gives you comfort that you know whatever happened during the day will want to be experienced by the other.
Children deserve a happy home one that is built upon love and respect of the parents for each other, and one that is built upon experiencing all of lifes wonders through and with the children. I know that it is possible to have such a life with the right person.
That person must want the same thing. You appear to be a sincere man who can devote the time and energy in making such a life a reality.
I think that all the happiness and contentment I need in life is to make sure that a special someone in my life is happy.
But I have yet to meet this person. Could it be you? Yes, I believe it could be.
I am a true romantic, and as long as I am treated with dignity and respect, remain so.
I have a pain in my heart from past relationship. I do not want to ever experience that again either.
That is why it is most important to have a relationship built on respect and friendship.
I feel ours is growing more everyday. I feel closer to you with each letter we write.
I know that we are from different countries and have different style of life.
but I think nothing must be allowed to interfere with our plans for the happy future together!
But I would like to learn your opinion as for about it. Why are you seeking for your beloved woman abroad?
Haw much time do you search of pair? What do you not like in a partner? What do you want most from a partner?

I have informed the agent that I will fly at first to you. Only after that I will move for work.
Certainly all expenses on my route. I should pay itself. My agent will help to make a route only.
If all is good. Then i will arrive to you approximately in 13-15 days. Where that in beginning of may.
Today my agent has confirmed my work! I will work for you as the dentist! As soon as I will arrive.
My company where I will work: Is obliged to me to give advance payment. At the rate from 300- to 700 euro. That i could rent apartment.
Probably you know how many rent a room in your city? After that I will start to work. Then I can inform you the address and the name of my company where I will work! Therefore I think with my work and residing of problems will not be.

You will be first my client! You have prepared your teeth. I will check you. :))) (Only not to be afraid) ;-)))) with it also finishes I this letter and will write an other letter to you later.
Ok....Today tuesday. It is my day for occupations in fitness club. Therefore I will write to you later.
Waiting for your reply.
Take care.

Yours Milena.

Letter 3

Hi again my Frank.

Dear i still have some questions! I hope, that you not against. Frank, tell me more about your family? Do you have many relatives?
How often do you visit each other how often do you gather? I have very good family. In my family very much close relations.
As i already wrote i live in an apartment belonging to my mom. I love mum and loved daddy, i one child in family i always wanted to have the younger brother or the sister that them to look after. My parents very good, careful and kind people, they always understood me, and never brought me.
They very much love me, and i even more... My daddy's name is Aleksey.
He is strict, but fair man. He is 49 old.
It is not far from ours and we meet frequently. He works as the manager. The firm in which he works is engaged in manufacturing of ceramics.
In our region a lot of natural raw material for this manufacture. My mum's name is Lidiya, she is very sensual and kind woman. She is 46 years old, earlier she worked as the children's doctor but now she does not work. My grandfather,who was a war veteran, taught me to be honorable and truthful.
But he has died not so long ago. Now about my grandmother. My favourite grandmother! I so love her! She is 65 years old.
She lives nearby in suburb. I often visit her!My grandmother very kind and fair! I love my family very much we frequently spend time together.
Do you like evenings with your family? I love very much to spend holidays with my parents when we gather together at the table.
It would be interesting to know how you spend your holiday. Where do you usually go on holiday? Where are you going on vacation?
And what are you doing in may? Tell me please about it, i am very curious!!

Well... Now about my visa.. Probably tomorrow i cannot write to you.
Because I will have a trip to capital russia - the city of Moscow. In Moscow the Visa Center is located.
I should visit personally the Visa Center what to receive the visa.
And in our city there is not the international airport, the nearest is in Moscow.
Therefore my flight too will be from Moscow. I will try to make all as soon as possible.
But i will wait for your letter with the big impatience.
You will miss) me? Necessarily write to me. I'll be waiting for your reply!

Yours Milena.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Frank!

I want to say that i think of you and i am always glad to receive your emails.
I only have returned from Moscow. Yesterday and today Friday,i have had a very intense day. I am very tired :( But during too time i am very happy! My trip had good luck. I have received working visa.
The visa to me has managed in 175 euros. It is cost together with a trip to Moscow.
But, now i can work in your country. In a half a year current. (Six months). Tomorrow i will transmit my visa in agency.
My agent will make last registration of all documents.
Then i can all will be ready for travel to you.

It is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in messages. Usually i do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written to you, because i has felt desire to open it to you.I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which i can to open and trust - sometimes it happens hardly to reflect all these things. Now I should say that I am so glad that I has found you.
Because you understand me and I understand you. :-)

Thank Frank, that you have written to me some details about you and your life, I closely studied it. It helps me to understand you and your life more. I should confess that you became closer to me.nd you. :-)

And i again want to ask you what is main values in your life: family, work, money or something another?
What do you appreciate in relationship? What do you have plans for the future?
I in relations appreciate honesty, understanding and absolute trust each other! I do not accept lie!
Therefore I am a very honest and sincere person.

I think even if we have a lot of different views on life, it`s normal and very interesting.
Because I think Love is the most important thing in this world and I will do everything for love!
I think even if you have an expensive car, a modern house or may be two, a big white yacht it will never bring you a happiness if you haven`t a beloved person with whom you can share all this!
Do you agree with me? Of course I wish to have a nice house, car and much money for my own needs...
It would be great. But I think my happiness is more important and I don`t want to be safer for all my life with man who can give me money but can`t give me love! I don`t need money, I don`t need great house or material things, all I wish is love, happiness and passion with my beloved man who will always support me and understand.

You know, I`m looking for a man who will love me the way I am...
Who will understand me from half a word and sometimes from half a thought.
I`m ready to give the whole me to my man. He has to be strong and sensitive at the same time.
He has to accept all my weaknesses because I`m a woman and I`m the most tender creation which needs him.
I do think that you are the same! I hope you are not against of me being so opened with you.

Frank, it is time to me to go to do some businesses.I still need to be informed to the father's friend about my visa.
and then i need to have a rest. Soon i will inform in detail on my plans.
Write me your ideas, i'll wait your letter.

Best wishes,yours Milena.

Letter 5

Hi again, Frank.
Today I am full of energy. I have made already, house cleaning :-)

It will be wonderful to plan some dishes, go shopping for all the ingredients and prepare the dishes.
I would like Frank to speak you, that i to like to prepare and as.
Who knows, can once you will try my meal :)

I love many dishes and to select something concrete at once difficultly (but it is possible).
Since the childhood i love mother's cutlets with a mashed potatoes, the stuffed pepper.
I love salads such as "Winter salad" is very popular salad in Russia, there are always on any celebrating.
Also i very much love salad "Relish": tomatoes and cucumbers it is finely - finely equal to cut.
The onions, are better dark blue, too. In very deep salad dish to spread all over again cucumbers a layer, then tomatoes, then an onions.
Then a brynza to cut fine squares and from above. To submit separately sauce "Elefaim" is a mayonnaise mixed with orange juice and something else.
Salad can be salted a little from above, but it is unessential. I very much love salads with fresh vegetables, I love a chicken - grill and a potato fried, muesli and every possible nuts, yoghurt a pie and chocolate, ice-cream, bananas and ...
Meat - fried, baked, as shashlick (barbecue) and as different meat delicacies, chops.I like most foods, but fish is my favorite - especially tuna.

I guess i like italian food but i also like many other kinds too.I love a fish red, white, everyone.
In any kind, but not crude. The society of protection of animals would chain me to a pillory. (

I love a pizza, all from the puff test very much I love - both sweet, and unsweet.
Still i love a water-melon, any apples sweet or sour-sweet apples, a strawberry, and others fruit.
And still i adore sweets every possible. But, i always control myself because from sweet it is possible to collect excess weight.

I love natural juices, and Coca-cola, Pepsi. In general i like to try new dishes, for example national dishes. Only do not think, that I the glutton, simply very much was lost in day-dreams (joke!), I always hold myself in norm and i do not allow to prevail to the food instincts over me.

For general idea, I send to you, some photos, from my cookery.
I think, you lick already lips after viewing of photos :-) Mmmm... well i think i must to stop, now i shall give an opportunity to you :) By the way, we in russia have proverb:"the way to heart of the man - passes through his stomach!"
I was many times convinced of it when observed of my father.

Yours Milena.



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