Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Manne (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear stranger Manne!

How are you doing? How is your mood and your health? Have you been expecting that one beautiful Ukrainian woman will send you a letter today? I guess, you haven't, so I can imagine how surprised you are now, reading what I have written to you and looking at my photo. And I am sure that you would like to know something about me, wouldn't you?
So, I won't make you wait and will tell you a little bit about myself.

So, my name is Tat'jana, but you can call me Tanya, Tanyusha, Tanechka- in short, any name you like. I am a native Ukrainian. All my life I have been living in a small town, called Yenakievo, which is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine.

I am 31 years old. I was born on a warm spring day, namely, on the 14th of April, 1981. On this day it was raining, but there was the sun in my mother's heart. She was waiting for the day of my birth with great impatience, and at last I appeared in this world.

As for my character, I consider myself to be an amiable, easy-going, flexible, kind, gentle, romantic and caring woman, who always reaches all her goals despite all the problems she faces. Besides, I am responsible, persistent and optimistic: no matter what happens, I always hope for the best. And what kind of a person are you? What are the main traits of your character?

Well, I guess it's enough to tell you about myself in this letter, so I will stop here and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Please, tell me something about yourself and don't hesitate to ask any questions you have. And please attach your photos to your letter, Ok?



Letter 2

Hello, my new friend Manne!!!

First of all, I am honest, but I don't like when people doubt in me.

How are you? Is everything Ok with you? I hope so. As for me, I am fine, and my mood is excellent. And I am ready to share my perfect mood with you!!

My dear, I must confess that I am very interested in knowing you better, and I am sure that you are interested in me too. That's why today I am going to tell you about my family, my work and some other things.

So, speaking about my family.... I have only got my mother whom I love very much. My mother's name is Nadejda. It is translated into the English language as Hope, and that's why my mother taught me always hope for the best. She has had a very hard life, because she had to bring me up alone, without the help and support of her beloved man, namely without my father. One day he got in a very terrible car accident, when he was coming back home after his work. I was a little girl then( only three years old), so I don't remember my father at all. Very often, when my mother is not at home, I look at his photos and wonder why life is so unfair sometimes... But I hope that the destiny will not bring many unpleasant surprises to me in future. And I believe that registering on a dating web site will help me to find that man whom I will be living happily all my life with. By the way, I think that you want to know why a girl like me hasn't got a boyfriend now. So, I will tell you that I had some serious relationships in my life, but they didn't end up with the marrriage, because the men, whom I was dating with, preferred drinking alcohol and having fun with their friends to having a loving and caring wife and several children.
But I sincerely hope that you are here because you want to create a family, aren't you?

As for my job, I work as a doctor( a physician) at a local hospital, and as for my hobbies, I will tell you about them in my next letter, because I don't want to make you feel bored, Ok?

Have a nice day and a wonderful mood!!!

Your friend Tanyusha

Letter 3

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you, dear Manne!!

Sorry for such introduction, but unfortunately I don't know what time is now in your country. Well, any way, it doesn't matter, right? The main thing is that we continue getting to know each other better and better...

And today, as I promised you, I will tell you about my hobbies and interests. Well, frankly speaking, I have got many of them.. So, since my childhood, I have been fond of skating. I like it very much, although at first I was afraid of going to the skating-rink, but I am not a child any more, that's why I skate very often now. And what about you? Can you skate? If not, then I can teach you.. if you want :-))).

Then, when the weather is fine, I like going for a walk alone or with my friends, but more often we go the cinema in order to watch a nice, relaxing and interesting film and to eat pop-corn. And what about you?
Do you like going to the cinema? Or do you prefer to watch films at home?

But when I don't have an appropriate mood for going for a walk or to the cinema, I adore staying at home, reading novels or listening to music...
different music, depending on my mood. And music do you like to listen to?

Besides, I enjoy cooking very much, so I can promise you that you will never be hungry while you are with me :-)))).

Honey, there is one more thing which I wanted to tell you. You see, unfortunately I am not good at English, I know some widely-spread words and phrases, but I can't speak it :-((. That's why I go to the internet-club where one girl, a professional translator, helps me to read your letters and write a reply to them.

Of course, I am going to start learning the English language in order to talk to you without anyone's help, but unfortunately I haven't got much time for doing this now. I hope that this thing won't stop you from corresponding with me, will it?

Well, I guess that this is quite enough to tell you about myself in this letter, so I will put a full stop now and will be waiting for your reply.

Cordially yours,


P.s. Unfortunately I haven't got a computer and therefore Skype and a mobile phone :-((((.



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